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									Remember, it’s important to be careful when you go to register the domain
name. After all, the domain name is your prospective clients/customers’
first impression of the website, you and your business. Thus, you need to
consider four things about your domain name.

A – Is the name relevant to your website’s content?
B – Is the name easy for folks to remember (is it catchy or eye-
C – Is the name short but descriptive?
D – Does it have the proper extension to it (.net, .com or .org)?

The domain name you choose will play a huge role in search engines. For
instance, if somebody types in “big fast cars” using Google or Yahoo, the
website that has a domain name that matches this phrase has a significant
chance of appearing in the results. Users tend to choose websites that
have URLs that are relevant to the phrase they’re looking for. Make

1) You must choose what will be your domain registrar. The world’s number
one domain registrar is

To begin, you’ll need to go to This should take you to a
page that allows you to look for domain names that are available for
purchase. Bear in mind that you’re only looking for extensions that end
in .com, .net or .org, as these tend to get the best ranking in the
search engines.

Once you get there your search box enquiry should look something like
Type your desired url into the search box and see if it is available.

2) If the domain name you want is available, you’ll need to click the add
button directly below and continue onto the registration. The website
will ask you if you’d like to buy more extensions and list them for you
to see or if the domain isn’t available it will list some other options
for you to consider. And, unless you really want to, just click on the
the one you want to add and continue on.

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