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					CC Cleveland Celtic
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow
I&CM Irish & Celtic Music
PB Pure Brilliant

                                                                      Celtic podcast playlists, 9/2007-12/2008
                                                                          -By tune, band/performer, date

Note: only the first airing of a tune is listed here.

Band/Performer                                          Tune                                                     Podcast   Date
Slainte Mhath                                           10 Grand                                                 CIAT      080127
Mahones, The                                            100 Bucks                                                CIAT      071028
Ockham’s Razor                                          10,000 miles to Bedlam                                   CC        080409
Shays Rebellion                                         3 gypsies                                                I&CM      081013
Brobdinagian Bards, The                                 7 drunken nights                                         I&CM      080105
Quagmyre                                                74                                                       CC        080726
Volee d'Castors, La                                     8E Cote                                                  CIAT      080113
Bodega                                                  9/8s                                                     CIAT      071208
Duhks, The                                              95 South                                                 CIAT      080831
Kennedy, Nuala                                          A Bhean Ud Thois                                         CIAT      080511
Arminta & Blaq Lily                                     A soulin’                                                CC        071021
Runrig                                                  Abhainn An T-Sluaigh                                     CIAT      080503
Mann, John                                              Acoustic Kitty                                           CIAT      080113
McCarthy, Eliza                                         Acres Of Ground                                          CIAT      080202
Black House Ceilidh                                     Adeste fidelis                                           I&CM      071216
Enya                                                    Adeste Fidelis                                           CIAT      081221
Saor Patrol                                             Aftermath (Blar Loch Lochy)                              CMP       081101
Morrison, Hugh                                          Aidan’s/Ali MacGregor's Jig/Made in Texas                PB        080601
Hackensaw Boys                                          Alabama Shamrock                                         CIAT      071125
Bennett, Martyn                                         Ale House                                                CIAT      080803
Real McKenzies, The                                     Ale Is Dear, The                                         CIAT      080119
Gentlemen, The:                                         All alone                                                I&CM      080827
Gunn, Marc                                              All for me grog                                          CC        080901
Brother                                                 All I know                                               CC        080409
MacLean, Dougie                                         All Together                                             CIAT      081005
Killdares, The                                          Along came you                                           CC        081015
Beoga                                                   Amsterdam Blue                                           CIAT      081019
Stevenson, Savourna                                     An Buachaille                                            CIAT      080531
Athas                                                   An Choisir/ Micho Russell's/ Rejected Suitor {slides}    I&CM      080128
Matheson, Karen                                         An Fhideag Airgid                                        CIAT      080628
Mac Adaim, Pol                                          An t-Idirnaisunta                                        I&CM      081023
Skye Consort & Mulhollanda, Miranda                     Anachie Gordon                                           CC        081112
Afro Celt Sound System       Anatomic                        CIAT   080209
Kelliana                     Ancestor’s song                 CMP    081108
MacIsaac, Ashley             Andy Renwick's Ferret           CIAT   081102
Hair of the Dog              Angel from Antrim               CC     080301
Fiamma Fumana                Angiolina                       CIAT   081019
Serras                       Anglaise                        CIAT   080217
Peatbog Faeries              Angus McKinnon                  CIAT   080127
Mohr, Angus                  Angus’ overture                 I&CM   080712
Slainte Mhath                Annie                           CIAT   070923
Almost Irish Band            Annie Laurie                    I&CM   080827
Spirit Of The West           Another Happy New Year          CIAT   081228
Daimh                        Anxo's                          CIAT   000000
Capercaillie                 Aphrodisiac, The                CIAT   080503
Enter the Haggis             Apothecary, The                 CIAT   071028
Enter The Haggis             Apothecary, The                 CIAT   081102
Smith, Steve & Ruth          Appalachian winter, An          I&CM   081217
Boiled in Lead               Apple Tree Wassail              CIAT   080412
Delhi 2 Dublin               Apples                          CIAT   080628
Dervish                      Apples in winter                CC     081129
Ivers, Eileen                Apples In Winter                CIAT   081221
Damanta                      Ar Mo Ghabhail 'na Chuan Domh   I&CM   081023
Tannahill Weavers, The       Arnish Light Set, The           CIAT   080628
Walsh, Jeremy                Arthur McBride                  CIAT   080303
van Schuerbeck, Cristian     Arthur’s seat                   I&CM   080222
Beggarmen, The               Arturo on the roof              I&CM   080520
Young Dubliners              Ashley Falls                    CIAT   071125
Miller, Ed                   At Home with the Exiles         PB     080615
Mac Talla Mor                Atholl highlanders, The         I&CM   081013
Real MacKenzies, The         Auld Lang Syne                  CIAT   081228
Patrick’s Head               Auld triangle                   I&CM   070925
O'Lionaird, Iarla            Aurora                          CIAT   071125
Donahue, Colin               Away in a manger                CC     081216
Morrison, Iain               Away With The Fairies           CIAT   080518
Browne, Ronan                Ay Eye Bee                      CC     081006
Simmons, Westside Steve      Back on Put In Bay              CC     070925
Finlay MacDonald Band, The   Back To Bergamo                 CIAT   080607
O'Connor, Sinead             Back Where You Belong           CIAT   080524
Bad Haggis                   Bad haggis                      I&CM   080311
Elders, The                  Bad Irish boy                   CC     080705
Mac Talla Mor                Bagpipe duet                    I&CM   080128
O'Rourke, Aidan              Bah Hamburg                     CIAT   080803
O'Connor, Sinead             Baidin Fheilimi                 CIAT   080810
Dalla                        Bal Maiden's Chant              CIAT   080217
Dirges, The                  Ballad of Shane MacGowan        I&CM   080921
Wolfstone                    Ballavanich                     CIAT   081221
Prodigals, The               Ballybay                        CC     080726
Flook                        Ballybrolly jigs                I&CM   080630
O’Malley, Ken                Ballydesmond polkas             I&CM   080630
Oryema, Geoffrey             Banc de John                    CIAT   080518
BibleCode Sundays, The       Bang Bang You're Dead           CIAT   081130
Bringers, The                  Banish misfortune                  I&CM   081013
Marum, Jed                     Banjos we have heard on high       I&CM   081217
Ripper, Eugene                 Banks Of Newfoundland              CIAT   071008
Young Dubliners                Banshee                            CIAT   080119
Larkin Brigade, The            Banshee went to outer space, The   I&CM   081104
Gaelic Storm                   Bare In The Basin                  CIAT   080113
Reader, Eddi                   Baron's Heir + Sadenia's Air       CIAT   080202
Capercaillie                   Barra Clapping Song                CIAT   080831
Shannon, Sharon                Bass Rock, The                     CIAT   080824
Wolfstone                      Battle                             CIAT   080209
3 Pints Gone                   Beaches of St Valery               I&CM   080921
Emerald Frequencey             Beada                              CC     080510
Nile, Wille                    Beautiful Wreck Of The World       CIAT   071208
Martineau, Danielle            Bedau Mignon, Le                   CIAT   080303
Talbot, Heidi                  Bedlam Boys                        CIAT   080223
Gunn, Marc                     Beer, beer, beer                   CC     081015
General Guinness Band          Beeswing                           CC     080901
Gaelic Storm                   Beggarman                          CIAT   070923
Gaelic Storm                   Beidh Anonach Amarach              CIAT   080712
Tannahill Weavers, The         Bell Rock Set, The                 CIAT   080831
MacIsaac, Ashley               Belle Cote                         CIAT   071104
Beolach                        Belle Lane                         CIAT   080621
Instinkt                       Ben                                CIAT   081011
Ffynnon                        Beth Yw'r Haf                      CIAT   081116
Clumsy Lovers, The             Better days                        CC     070925
Le Mottee, Shona               Better Place                       CIAT   071125
Flogging Molly                 Between A Man And A Woman          CIAT   080503
Boston Blackthorn              Big old city                       I&CM   080316
MacNeil, Ryan J.               Big Pipes, Big Guitar              CIAT   081123
Tartan Amoebas                 Big Sky                            CIAT   080705
Rathkeltair                    Big white van                      CC     080901
Black, Michael                 Billy O'Shea                       CIAT   071001
Siochain                       Billy Sullivan's                   CIAT   081130
Blackthorn                     Billy Wilson's Reel                CIAT   080419
Glengarry Bhoys                Birkin Tree, The                   CIAT   071028
Instinkt                       Bjerg 2                            CIAT   080824
Dead Beat Club, The            Black Black Heart                  PB     080601
Dale, Heather                  Black fox                          I&CM   080128
Martz, Stuart                  Black is the color                 CC     080301
Tolin, Jenneth                 Black is the color                 I&CM   080603
Luft, Cara                     Black Water Side                   CIAT   080119
Coquitlam Celtic Ensemble      Blackberry Blossom                 CIAT   081130
Bennett. Martyn                Blackbird                          CIAT   071001
Talbot, Heidi & Drever, Kris   Blackest Crow, The                 CIAT   080315
Murder the Stout               Blackthorn Stick/Saddle the Pony   PB     080615
Oysterband                     Blackwaterside                     CIAT   080524
Tollin, Jenneth                Blessed in red                     I&CM   070925
Rusby, Kate                    Blind Harper, The                  CIAT   081116
Proclaimers, The               Blood On Your Hands                CIAT   070916
Burns, Shaunna                 Bloom                              I&CM   080603
Lapp, Daniel                       Blue Ribbon Reel                                             CIAT   080712
Fowlis, Julie                      Bodaich Odhar Hoghaigearr                                    CIAT   080824
Jigheads                           Bogie's bonnie belle                                         I&CM   081013
Kennedy, Seamus                    Bold Fenian men                                              I&CM   070925
StoneRing                          Bold Thady Quil                                              I&CM   081104
Switchback                         Bolinree                                                     I&CM   080812
Instinkt                           Bollywood Express                                            CIAT   080308
Rowan                              Bouree/Dr O’Neill’s jig                                      I&CM   070925
Lunasa                             Boy in The Boat                                              CIAT   080628
BibleCode Sundays, The             Boys Of Queens                                               CIAT   081109
Baka Beyond                        Braighe Locheil                                              CIAT   080615
Morrison, Iain                     Breathing Space                                              CIAT   071020
Hoven Droven                       Brekken                                                      CIAT   080303
Kreellers, The                     Brigid Flynn                                                 CC     080901
Mrs Ferris’ Pighouse Collection    Britches full of stitches                                    I&CM   080421
Ceili Family                       Broad majestic Shannon                                       I&CM   080128
Dan Ar Braz                        Broken Prayer                                                CIAT   080511
Mighty Regis, The                  Brothers Rafferty, The                                       CC     080409
Brown, Mason                       Brownie's Lament                                             PB     080615
Slainte Mhath                      Bruce & The Troopers Set                                     CIAT   071028
Vampire Weekend                    Bryn                                                         CIAT   080503
Corrs, The                         Buachaill On Eirne                                           CIAT   080511
MacDonald, Roddy                   Bullet Train                                                 CIAT   080119
Connolly, James                    Bunch of thyme                                               I&CM   080630
Glackin, Paddy & Keenan, Paddy     Bunch Of Keys                                                CC     081006
Gryphon Carolers                   Bundle and Go/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Out on the Ocean   I&CM   071216
Budino, Xose Manuel                Burbullas a Grella                                           CIAT   071014
Lau                                Butcher Boy                                                  CIAT   071001
Box Triplets                       Butterfly, The/Fermoy lasses                                 I&CM   080630
Ivers, Eileen                      BX Style                                                     CIAT   081116
Finlayson, Cady Tuttle             Caislean an Oir                                              CMP    080703
Navan                              Caitlin Triall                                               I&CM   080128
Paperboys, The                     California                                                   CC     070925
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie   Calliope Meets Frank                                         CIAT   080113
Reader, Eddi                       Calton weaver, The                                           CC     081112
Spirit Of The West                 Canadian Skye                                                CIAT   080119
Great Big Sea                      Captain Kidd                                                 CIAT   071125
Kenny, Thomas Patrick              Captain O'Kane                                               I&CM   081013
Mohr, Angus                        Captain's song, The                                          I&CM   081203
Vasen                              Carl Linnaeus Polones                                        CIAT   070923
Celtic Stone & Friends             Carol of the bells                                           I&CM   081217
Seven Nations                      Carol of the bells                                           CC     081216
Raleigh, Darren                    Carolan’s quarrel with the landlady                          I&CM   080316
Tyler, Kevin                       Carrickfergus                                                I&CM   080712
Real McKenzies, The                Catalpa                                                      CIAT   080209
Talbot, Heidi                      Cathedrals                                                   CIAT   080303
Damh the Bard                      Cauldron born, The                                           CMP    081108
Nile, Willie                       Cell Phones Ringing (in the pockets of the dead)             CIAT   000000
MacIsaac, Ashley                   Cello Song                                                   CIAT   080202
Dharmakasa                         Celtic Raga                                                  CIAT   080119
MacConnell, Jacie                   Celtic stomp                               CC     080120
Sabir Sisters                       Celtic Thunder                             CIAT   080217
Sherman, Gennady                    Celtic tunes                               I&CM   080520
Clumsy Lovers, The                  Centerfold                                 CIAT   080113
Stivell, Alan                       Ceux Qui Sement La Mort                    CIAT   080503
Shooglenifty                        Charlie & The Professor                    CIAT   070909
Dempsey, Damien                     Chase The Light                            CIAT   071125
Feufollet                           Chere Beth                                 CIAT   080621
Mac Talla Mor                       Chi Mi Na Morbheanna                       I&CM   070925
Girvan, Allison                     Chimina                                    CC     080120
Stone, Jayme & Sissoko, Mansa       Chinquapin Hunting                         CIAT   081005
Emerald Frequency                   Christ child's lullaby                     CC     081129
Barra MacNeils, The                 Christmas ceilidh                          CC     081216
Barra MacNeils, The                 Christmas comes but once a year            CC     081129
Siucra                              Christmas day, Christmas night             CC     081129
Athas                               Christmas Day/Dan O’Keefe’s                I&CM   071216
Gunn, Marc                          Christmas elf conscription song            I&CM   081217
NewGrange                           Christmas Eve                              CIAT   081221
Bukkene Bruss                       Christmas Ganger                           CIAT   081221
O'Gill, Darby                       Christmas in Carrick                       CC     081216
MacKenzie, Fiona                    Christmas Song                             CIAT   081221
Thornhill Road                      Christy Barry’s set                        I&CM   080128
Clumsy Lovers, The                  Chrstmas Must Be Tonight                   CIAT   081221
Dead Beat Club, The                 Circa 1985                                 PB     080601
Dempsey, Damien                     City, The                                  CIAT   071111
Carthys & Transglobal Underground   Cold Haily Rainy Night                     CIAT   080223
Schroer, Oliver                     Colour Of Snow, The                        CIAT   080308
Great Big Sea                       Come And I Will Sing You                   CIAT   081221
Smith, Steve & Ruth                 Come before winter                         I&CM   071216
Boiled in Lead                      Come In From The Rain                      CIAT   080511
Spirit Of Eden, The                 Compassion                                 CIAT   080329
Great Big Sea                       Concerning Charlie Horse                   CIAT   080127
Poitin                              Congress reel                              I&CM   080421
Hunting McLeod                      Congress, The                              CC     080901
Roose, Anne                         Considine's grove                          I&CM   080827
Rathkeltair                         Conundrum/Midnight Messenger/Gravel Walk   CC     081006
Grada                               Cooler At The Edge                         CIAT   071104
Bringers, The                       Corkscrew set, The                         I&CM   081203
Boiled in Lead                      Corner House                               CIAT   080419
Gaelic Storm                        Courtin’ in the kitchen                    CC     080203
Ivers, Eileen                       Craic With Jack                            CIAT   071020
Clandestine                         Cruel sister                               CC     071021
Bain, Aly & Mollar, Ale             Crying Waltz                               CIAT   080119
Salsa Celtica                       Cuando Me Vaya                             CIAT   080817
Laval, Jamie & Broder, Ashley       Cuckoo & the blackberry                    I&CM   080128
Irish Balladeers, The               Cushy McCoy                                I&CM   070925
Fire in the Kitchen                 Cuz Teehan’s/Drowsy Maggie                 I&CM   080520
Spirit Of The West                  D For Democracy                            CIAT   071020
Gillogly, Samantha                  Da day dawn                                I&CM   081217
McAuley, Mick & Horan, Winifred     Daisy in December, A                       CC     081216
Le Mottee, Shona         Daldowny's                                       CIAT   080209
Emerald Rose             Dance of the rats                                I&CM   080316
McDades, The             Dance of the seven veils                         I&CM   081104
Smith, Steve & Ruth      Dancin' cross the strings                        I&CM   080812
Gunn, Marc               Danny Boy (cat version)                          I&CM   080311
Emerald Rose             Danny in the jar                                 I&CM   070925
Gaelic Storm             Darcy's Donkey                                   CIAT   080727
McKeown, Susan           Dark Haired Girl, The                            CIAT   080803
Silver Spire             Dark island                                      I&CM   081104
Crooked Still            Darlin' Corey                                    CIAT   071008
Dyad                     Darling Little Girl                              CIAT   071020
Lowe, Jez                Davis And Golightly                              CIAT   080920
Nile, Willie             Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square, The   CIAT   071202
Gaelic Storm             De Luain, De Mairt                               CIAT   080127
Elders, The              Dear God                                         CIAT   071008
Afro Celt Sound System   Deep Channel (Outernationalists Remix)           CIAT   080511
Corbel, Cecile           Dellum Down                                      CIAT   071111
Electrics, The           Dennis Goes And Does It                          CIAT   071125
Black, Michael           Deserter, The                                    CIAT   071014
Fimm                     Destitution/Fermoy lasses/Gallow’s Hill          I&CM   080316
Farran, Celia            Devil & the farmer’s wife, The                   CC     071021
Gaelic Storm             Devil down below                                 CC     071021
Crepuscule               Devil in the kitchen set                         I&CM   081203
Miller, Ed               Devil made Texas                                 I&CM   080105
Whiskey Bards            Devilish Mary                                    I&CM   070925
Town Pants, The          Diggin' The Grave                                CIAT   070916
Solas                    Dignity                                          CIAT   080419
Quagmyre                 Dinny O'Brien's                                  CIAT   081102
Culann's Hounds          Dirty Old Town                                   CIAT   081109
Skyedance                Dizzy                                            CIAT   080223
Axel the Sot             Do re mi                                         CC     081015
Ivers, Eileen            Do you hear what I hear?                         CC     081129
Bridies, The             Do you love an apple?                            CC     080203
Anderson, Neil           Don't Feel Your Touch                            CC     081006
Fiddler’s Green          Don’t let go                                     CC     080705
Lunasa                   Donagh and Mike's                                CIAT   080503
Kelly, Geoffrey          Dooley's Set                                     CIAT   080824
Hoven Droven             Dortea                                           CIAT   081207
Sultans Of String        Dos Aguas                                        CIAT   080419
Stout, Chris             Double Helix                                     CIAT   080202
Black 47                 Downtown Baghdad Blues                           CIAT   080308
McGillicuddys            Dozen Pints                                      CIAT   080223
Mahones, The             Draggin' The Days                                CIAT   081102
Rathkeltair              Dragonfly                                        CC     080510
Wicked Tinkers, The      Dream set                                        I&CM   080105
Marum, Jed               Drill ye tarriers                                I&CM   080311
Real McKenzies, The      Droppin' Like Flies                              CIAT   080217
Sixtysixdays             Drowsy Maggie/Cooley’s reel medley               I&CM   080712
Athas                    Drowsy Maggie/Mountain road/Tam Lin              I&CM   080311
Flogging Molly           Drunken Lullabies                                CIAT   071008
Brigid’s Cross                                Dublin                                                         CC     081015
McMillen, Robbi                               Dulaman                                                        I&CM   080222
Midgies, The                                  Dumbarton’s drum                                               I&CM   080921
Teribus                                       Dunje Rajke Druske Kara Manke - Kyustendika                    I&CM   080812
Celtic Stone                                  Earl of Statten                                                I&CM   080812
Moray, Jim                                    Early One Morning                                              CIAT   081214
Jim Moray                                     Early One Morning/Young Collins                                CIAT   080727
Battlefield Band                              Eastwood Cottage                                               CIAT   080503
Malinky                                       Edom O Gordon                                                  CIAT   080217
Back Of The Moon                              Eggs In The Kitcheen                                           CIAT   080607
Afro Celt Sound System                        Eireann                                                        CIAT   080824
Rusby, Kate                                   Elfin Knight                                                   CIAT   080628
Navan                                         Ellas Mari                                                     I&CM   080105
Widening Gyre                                 Elven king/Sleepy Maggie/Reel du diable                        I&CM   081104
Battlefield Band                              Ely Parker/Miss Martin’s wedding/Primrose lasses/Mr Galloway   CC     070925
Kenny, Emer                                   Emer's Jig                                                     CIAT   081005
Flook                                         Empty Pod, The                                                 CIAT   080915
Glengarry Bhoys                               En Passant Par Ici                                             CIAT   080412
Emerald Frequency                             Enchanted grove                                                CC     080120
Great Big Sea                                 England                                                        CIAT   080803
Emerald Frequency                             Eppie Morrie                                                   CC     081015
MacMaster, Natalie                            Eternal Friendship                                             CIAT   081019
Greenwich Meantime                            Every single thing                                             CC     080301
Fables, The                                   Fable, The (Queen & Taxes)                                     CIAT   081130
Beoga                                         Factory Girl                                                   CIAT   080308
Callis, Jacquie                               Faerie night                                                   CMP    080920
Brigands’ Folie                               Faerie thorn                                                   I&CM   080421
Kay, Karen                                    Faery feeling                                                  CMP    081108
Moray, Jim                                    Fair And Tender Lovers                                         CIAT   080308
Hulett, Alistair                              Fair Flower of Northumberland, The                             PB     080601
Toscando el Aire                              Fairy dance                                                    I&CM   070925
MacIsaac, Ashley                              Fairy Dance                                                    CIAT   081116
Paperboys, The                                Fall Down With You                                             CIAT   080127
Ceili Family                                  Fall face first                                                I&CM   070925
Furey, Martin                                 Falling                                                        CIAT   081011
O'Rourke, Aidan                               Falun Fine (Outbound)                                          CIAT   080712
Young Dubliners                               Fan                                                            CIAT   080531
Knopfler, Mark                                Fare Thee Well, Northumberland                                 CIAT   080907
Real McKenzies, The                           Farewell To Nova Scotia                                        CIAT   071104
Duhks, The                                    Fast Paced World                                               CIAT   080810
Capercaillie                                  Fear-Allabain                                                  CIAT   071208
Nettles, The                                  Fermoy lasses medley                                           I&CM   080812
Adzima, Charlene/Carroll, Liz/Ivers, Eileen   Fiddle workshop @ 2008 Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival       CC     080811
Bowfire                                       Fiddler in the ‘hood                                           CC     080409
Vent du Nord, Le                              Fille et les dragons, La                                       CIAT   080405
Scythian                                      Final reel                                                     CC     080120
Flogging Molly                                Float                                                          CIAT   080621
Gaelic Storm                                  Floating The Flambeau                                          CIAT   080628
Schroer, Oliver                               Flowers                                                        CIAT   080615
Behm, Moritz                                  Flying Groove                                                  CIAT   070909
AM String Band, The          Flying home to Shelley/Silver spear                                   I&CM   080921
Bottine Souriante, La        Flying Saucer Reel, The                                               CIAT   071020
Peatbog Faeries              Folk Police                                                           CIAT   071020
Plunkett                     Folk songs song                                                       I&CM   080921
Barley Boys, The             Follow me up to Carlow                                                I&CM   081203
Young Dubliners              Follow Me Up To Carlow                                                CIAT   080329
Searson                      Footstomp                                                             CC     080120
Ceallach                     For we are many                                                       I&CM   080812
Heeboll, Kristine            Forarslaengslens Bluespol                                             CIAT   080817
Iona                         Fosgail an daras dhan taillier fhidleir (Old wife of the mill dust)   I&CM   081203
Maidens IV                   Four aflame                                                           CC     080120
Anam                         Fourteen Days                                                         CIAT   070916
Duhks, The                   Fox and The Bee, The                                                  CIAT   071028
Liz Carroll & John Doyle     Freemont Centre                                                       CIAT   080518
Carroll, Liz & Doyle, John   Fremont Centre                                                        CIAT   071104
Great Big Sea                French Shore                                                          CIAT   080607
Sweetfire                    Fresh hills of Cein Mhic Cainte, The                                  I&CM   080827
Jolly Rogues                 Frog he would awooing go                                              I&CM   080222
Flogging Molly               From The Back Of A Broken Dream                                       CIAT   080531
Breabach                     Full Booner, The                                                      CIAT   080719
Ancient Times                Full moon jigg                                                        I&CM   080520
Mohr, Angus & Friends        Fum fum fum                                                           I&CM   081217
Dawson, Steve                Fun Machine One                                                       CIAT   080202
Doyle, Teresa                Gabham Molta Bhride (Ode to Bridget)                                  I&CM   080316
Old Blind Dogs               Gaelic Song                                                           CIAT   071008
Craig of Farrington          Gaia song-Winter                                                      I&CM   081217
Barra MacNeils, The          Galician carol                                                        CC     081129
Rusby, Kate                  Game Of All Fours                                                     CIAT   080810
Schroer, Oliver              Garden of Birds and Flowers, The                                      CIAT   071028
Holloway, Steve              Geese in the bog/Mist-covered mountain/Queen of the fair              I&CM   081104
Aisling                      George Brabazon set                                                   I&CM   080520
Brigid’s Cross               Get to the pint                                                       CC     080120
Tiller's Folly               Ghost Of Simon Fraser, The                                            CIAT   080621
Tartan Amoebas               Giant                                                                 CIAT   080315
Skeeal                       Giant Finn MacCool                                                    I&CM   080827
Serras                       Glasgow                                                               CIAT   080127
Macumba                      Glenmalambo Set                                                       CIAT   080518
Round the House              Goat on the green, The                                                I&CM   081104
Old Blind Dogs               Goats                                                                 CIAT   080217
McCalmans, The               God Bless The Birthday Boy                                            CIAT   081221
Banshee in the Kitchen       God rest ye merry, gentlemen                                          I&CM   081217
Mahones, The                 Gone                                                                  CIAT   080209
Elders, The                  Gonna Take A Miracle                                                  CIAT   080329
McKeown, Susan               Goodbye and Farewell                                                  CIAT   071104
Patterson, Beth              Goodnight kiss                                                        CC     080203
Rose & Thistle               Grab your coat                                                        CC     070925
Fenians, The                 Grace                                                                 CC     080203
AM String Band, The          Gravel walk/Elzic’s farewell                                          CC     080901
MacIsaac, Ashley             Gravel Walk                                                           CIAT   080920
Slainte Mhath                Gravel Walks                                                          CIAT   081123
Afro Celt Sound System             Green                                                CIAT   071202
Ceann                              Green badge of shame                                 I&CM   080712
Cargill, Christine                 Green fields of France                               I&CM   080222
Kilrush                            Green fields of Rossbeigh/New policeman              I&CM   080712
Duhks, The                         Green Fields Of Glentown                             CIAT   080113
Brobdinagian Bards, The            Green grow the rashes o                              CC     080203
Afro Celt Sound System             Green Instrumental                                   CIAT   081123
Bodega                             Greenland                                            CIAT   080518
McKay, Catriona                    Greenman                                             CC     081112
Howard, Celeste                    Greensleeves/What child is this?                     I&CM   071216
Real McKenzies, The                Guy On Stage                                         CIAT   080831
Moray, Jim                         Gypsies                                              CIAT   070916
Dervish                            Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves                          CIAT   070909
Celia                              Gypsy rover                                          CC     070925
An Dochas                          Hag with the Money                                   CC     081006
Culann’s Hounds                    Haghole                                              CMP    080501
McGhee, Laura                      Hail, Caledonia                                      CFP    071001
Kirwan, Larry & Davis, Ashley      Happy Xmas (War is over)                             CC     081216
Bragg, Billy & The Young Coppers   Hard Times Of Old England Remembered                 CIAT   080419
Ivers, Eileen                      Hark! The herald angels sing                         CC     081216
Old Blind Dogs                     Harris Dance                                         CIAT   071014
Drever, Kris                       Harvest Gypsies                                      CIAT   080615
Bain, Aly & Mollar, Ale            Hauchdon House                                       CIAT   071001
Celtic Sands                       Have you been to Carrick?/Fig for a kiss/Butterfly   I&CM   080712
Barra MacNeils, The                Haven’t got a care                                   CC     081015
Damanta                            Hazel wood                                           I&CM   080520
Celtic Thunder                     Heartland                                            CC     081015
Merry Wives of Windsor             Heigh ho! The holly                                  I&CM   071216
Fin Tan                            Heiland sodger                                       CC     081015
Rathkeltair                        Helen of Kirkconnel                                  CC     080203
Culann's Hounds                    Helvic Head                                          CIAT   071104
Great Big Sea                      Here & now                                           CC     080901
Dillon, Cara                       Here's A Health                                      CIAT   080524
Clumsy Lovers, The                 Here's to Christmas                                  CC     081129
Damanta                            Hermes walk                                          I&CM   080712
Homeland                           Hero’s deed                                          I&CM   070925
NeidFyre                           Hey ho rounded                                       I&CM   081217
Dyad                               Hickory Jack                                         CIAT   080607
Knot Fibb’n                        High reel/St Anne’s reel                             CC     080726
Mohr, Angus                        High road to Gairloch/Amazing grace                  I&CM   080921
Switchback                         Hills of Connemara,. The                             CC     070925
Rathkeltair                        Hills of the West/Jerusalem rap                      CC     080726
Damh the bard                      Hills, they are hollow                               I&CM   080105
Damh the Bard                      Hills, they are hollow                               CMP    080501
Capercaillie                       Him Bo                                               CIAT   080426
Lau                                Hinba                                                CIAT   080209
Mullins, Darren                    Hiring fair                                          I&CM   080421
Roche, Claire                      His face                                             I&CM   070925
Fraid Knot                         Hoist the sails                                      CC     080409
Dale, Heather                      Holly & the ivy                                      I&CM   071216
Ivers, Eileen                  Holly tree, The                                                          CC     081216
Ranarim                        Home At Last                                                             CIAT   071020
Mudmen                         Home For A Rest                                                          CIAT   071014
Spirit Of The West             Home For A Rest                                                          CIAT   080524
Culann's Hounds                Homeward Bound/Swedish Wedding March/Hag at the Churn/Out on the Ocean   I&CM   080812
McGoldrick, Michael            Honesty Bar, The                                                         CIAT   071208
Bad Haggis                     Horizon                                                                  CC     081006
Mesiah, Leza                   House carpenter (Child ballad #243)                                      I&CM   080222
Boiled in Lead                 House Carpenter                                                          CIAT   080405
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris   House Jigs                                                               CIAT   080223
Stand Easy                     I don’t                                                                  CC     080301
Logues, The                    I don’t love you at all                                                  I&CM   080421
Drumlin                        I Dyed My Petticoat Red                                                  CIAT   081207
Celtic Stone                   I saw three ships                                                        I&CM   071216
Wicked Tinkers, The            I saw three ships                                                        CC     081129
Afro Celt Sound System         I Think Of ...                                                           CIAT   071104
Thompsett, Kim                 I will be a stranger                                                     CMP    081108
Rusby, Kate                    I Wish                                                                   CIAT   070909
Griffith, Nanci                I would bring you Ireland                                                CC     081015
Moray, Jim                     I’ll go ‘list for a sailor                                               CIAT   080928
Peelers                        I'll Meet You At The Bottom Of A Bottle                                  CIAT   071125
MacDonald, Roddy               I'll Paco Grande                                                         CIAT   080628
Tullamore                      I’ll tell my Ma                                                          I&CM   070925
Glengarry Bhoys                I’m alive                                                                CC     080301
Malinky                        Icon, The                                                                CIAT   080524
Simmons, Westside Steve        If I never                                                               CC     070925
Captain & Malarkey, The        If I was a blackbird                                                     I&CM   080712
Tannas                         Illean A I                                                               CIAT   000000
Glengarry Bhoys                In A Big Country                                                         CIAT   080217
Flook                          In Another Life                                                          CIAT   080803
Mediaeval Baebes, The          In dulce jublio                                                          CC     081216
MacMaster, Natalie             In My Hands                                                              CIAT   080209
Proclaimers, The               In Recognition                                                           CIAT   080412
Arminta                        In the winter time                                                       I&CM   071216
Morin, Mac                     Inception Reels                                                          CIAT   080412
Seven Nations                  Infinity                                                                 CC     080705
Athas                          Inion Ni Mhicheal                                                        I&CM   080105
Gruben, Melanie                Irish fire                                                               I&CM   080421
Tiller's Folly                 Irish Rose                                                               CIAT   070923
Brobdinagian Bards, The        Irishman who doesn’t drink                                               I&CM   070925
Mahones, The                   Is This Bar Open 'Til Tomorrow?                                          CIAT   080831
Fraid Knot                     Island Lament                                                            CIAT   071028
Lamond, Mary Jane              It Is My Love The MacDonald Man                                          CIAT   071028
New Barleycorn, The            It’s good to see you                                                     CC     080510
Mac Talla Mor                  Itchy fingers set                                                        I&CM   080316
Chasse-Galerie                 J'entends Le Coucou                                                      CIAT   081011
Frigg                          Jalla Jalla                                                              CIAT   081123
Taxi Chain                     James Brown Ate My Bagpipes                                              CIAT   070923
Electrics, The                 Jenny MacDonald's Birthday                                               CIAT   080531
Merry Wives of Windsor         Jenny’s story                                                            I&CM   070925
Persephone Pickers                Jig for River                                                     I&CM   080311
Laval, Jamie & Broder, Ashley     Jig jag                                                           I&CM   080421
Langer’s Ball, The                Jigs: Humors of Glendart/Lilting banshee/Connaughtman’s rambles   I&CM   080921
Drink Bar                         Jingle bells                                                      I&CM   071216
Flook                             Jizique                                                           CIAT   080202
Kennedy, Seamus                   Jogging along with my reindeer                                    I&CM   081217
Hulett, Alistair                  John MacLean's March                                              PB     080601
Marum, Jed                        John MacLean's March                                              PB     080615
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros    Johnny Appleseed                                                  CIAT   080511
Tergis, Athena                    Johnny Going To Ceili                                             CIAT   070909
Dropkick Murphys                  Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya                                          CIAT   071014
Blackthorn                        Johnny O'Hazelgreen                                               CIAT   080615
Feufollet                         Jolie Fille                                                       CIAT   080705
Bruno’s Boys                      Jolly rovin’ tar                                                  CC     080705
McGoldrick, Michael               Jolly tinker, The                                                 CIAT   081026
Saul, Mark                        Journey To The Centre Of The Celts                                CIAT   070916
Old Man Luedecke                  Joy Of Cooking                                                    CIAT   071208
Barra MacNeils, The               Joy to the world                                                  CC     081216
Blackthorn                        Joys Of Quebec                                                    CIAT   080810
Heaton, Matt & Shannon            Julius the Christmas cat                                          CC     081216
LabGraal                          Jument de Michao, La                                              I&CM   080520
Stone, Jayme & Sissoko, Mansa     June Apple                                                        CIAT   081011
Sora                              Juniper, The                                                      I&CM   080812
Coughlan, Bruce                   Kangaroo, The                                                     CIAT   071111
Kasir                             Karlsson/The Swedish Moose                                        CIAT   071208
Dunn, Maria                       Katie Comes A-Callin'                                             CIAT   081116
No Fixed Abode                    Kebab-crazed nutter                                               I&CM   080520
Siochain                          Keg of brandy                                                     I&CM   080921
Frigg                             Keidas                                                            CIAT   080920
Dempsey, Damien & the Dubliners   Kelly from Killan/Teetotaler, The                                 CC     080901
Dempsey, Damien                   Kelly From Killan                                                 CIAT   080915
Slainte                           Kesh jig/Leitrim fancy                                            I&CM   080603
Lunny, Donal                      Kickdancer                                                        CIAT   080824
Beoga                             Kicking The Box                                                   CIAT   080127
Equinox                           Kid on the mountain                                               CC     080120
Breabach                          Kilbowie Cottage                                                  CIAT   080907
Considine, Ciara                  Kilkelly, Ireland                                                 I&CM   080812
Morin, Mac                        Killiecrankie                                                     CIAT   080308
Sabir Sisters                     King George Set                                                   CIAT   071028
McManus, Tony                     King of the Pipers                                                CIAT   080223
Zubot & Dawson                    King Of America                                                   CIAT   080518
Real McKenzies, The               Kings Of Fife, The                                                CIAT   080831
Serras                            Kiruna Retur                                                      CIAT   071208
Sultans Of String                 Kitchen Party                                                     CIAT   080329
Gunn, Marc                        Kitty Martin (cat version)                                        I&CM   080421
Gunn, Marc                        Kitty’s rambles/Dowd’s 9 lives/Jenny’s chicken (cat versions)     I&CM   080520
Vasen                             La Marche                                                         CIAT   071001
Vent du Nord, Le                  Labrador a Montmagney                                             CIAT   080329
                                  Lady chant                                                        CMP    080627
K’not Fibb’n                      Lady fair                                                         CC     080203
McManus, Tony                  Lament For The Viscount, The             CIAT   081019
McConnell, Jacie               Lament of the wolves                     I&CM   080222
McConnell, Jackie              Lament of the wolves                     I&CM   081203
Enter the Haggis               Lancaster gate                           CC     081112
Enter the Haggis               Lancaster Gate                           CIAT   071014
Northshore Celtic Ensemble     Landlord's Set                           CIAT   080405
Trinity River Whalers          Lannigan’s ball                          I&CM   070925
Vent du Nord, Le               Larmes Aux Yeux, Les                     CIAT   080308
Frigg                          Lars Lemkelifot                          CIAT   081207
Tarbox Ramblers                Last Month Of The Year                   CIAT   081221
Ceann                          Last ones standing                       I&CM   080105
Flogging Molly                 Laura                                    CIAT   071014
Groupa                         Lavalek                                  CIAT   080518
Old Blind Dogs                 Lay ye doon, love                        CC     080203
Sands, Tommy                   Let me be your island                    CC     070925
Brigid's Cross                 Let there be peace on Earth              CC     081129
In Extremo                     Liam                                     I&CM   070925
Kennedy’s Kitchen              Life of a country boy                    I&CM   080105
Sora                           Light                                    CMP    080920
Lonestar Stout                 Lilly of the West                        PB     081230
Sheridan Band, The             Lily the pink                            I&CM   080603
Bowfire                        Line, The                                CC     080409
Searson                        Link, The                                CIAT   081123
Brobdinagian Bards, The        Little drummer boy                       I&CM   071216
Cherish the Ladies             Little drummer boy                       CC     081216
Cold Blow These Winter Winds   Little Drummer Boy                       CIAT   081221
Runrig                         Loch Lamond                              CIAT   080119
Ferguson, Jesse                Loch Lomond                              I&CM   080812
O'Rourke, Aidan                Lochaber Drive                           CIAT   080727
Ceili Moss                     Lonesome man’s dance                     CC     080120
Brown, Mason                   Lord Franklin                            PB     080615
Hennessey, Nick                Lord Lovet                               I&CM   081013
Thompsett, Kim                 Lords & ladies                           CMP    081220
Duncan, Gordon                 Lorient mornings                         CIAT   080405
Drowsy Lads, The               Lottery song, The                        CC     081015
Prydein                        Loud pipes (save lives)                  I&CM   080316
Siochain                       Love & freedom                           CC     081112
Seven Nations                  Love me now                              CC     080901
Great Big Sea                  Love Me Tonight                          CIAT   080628
Elders, The                    Love of the country                      CC     080301
Brannigan, Jim                 Lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle   I&CM   081013
Lonestar Stout                 Lovely Leah Tune Set                     PB     081230
Clandestine                    Lucy Cassidy                             I&CM   080316
Moray, Jim                     Lucy Wan                                 CIAT   081109
Crooked Still                  Lulu Gal                                 CIAT   080127
McKay, Catriona                Lums O' Lund                             CIAT   081005
Dempsey, Damien                Maasai                                   CIAT   071014
Morrison, Hugh                 MacPherson’s rant                        CC     070925
Merry Wives of Windsor         Mad Jenny                                I&CM   080128
Slainte Mhath                  Magnus Memory                            CIAT   080615
Cara                       Maid of Whitby, The                                 CIAT   080315
Three Quarter Ale          Maid on the shore                                   I&CM   070925
Uzume Taiko                Makemwanna Dansu                                    CIAT   080831
Kila                       Mama's Song, The                                    CIAT   080607
Mouth Music                Manitoba                                            CIAT   081123
Alexander, Heather         March of Cambreadth                                 I&CM   080311
Fmm                        Mare’s lament                                       I&CM   080128
Fiddler’s Green            Marie’s wedding                                     I&CM   080128
Patterson, Beth            Marti Gras                                          CC     080726
Miller, Ed                 Mary Hamilton                                       I&CM   080128
Carbon Leaf                Mary Mac                                            I&CM   080421
Dreadnoughts, The          Mary, The One-Eyed Prostitute etc                   CIAT   080405
MacMaster, Natalie         Matt & Nat's                                        CIAT   080223
Water Street Bridge        Matty Groves                                        I&CM   081013
Runrig                     May morning                                         CIAT   081011
Full Gael                  May Morning Dew/Man of the House/Humours of Tulla   I&CM   070925
New Barleycorn, The        May we all meet again                               CC     080705
Shooglenifty               McConnell's Rant                                    CIAT   080223
Slainte                    McGuire’s set                                       I&CM   080421
Mighty Regis, The          Me mother became a werewolf                         I&CM   081104
Gaelic Storm               Mechanical Bull, The                                CIAT   080824
McGhee, Laura              Memphis crawl                                       CFP    071001
Great Big Sea              Mermaid, The                                        CIAT   071001
Solas                      Merry Go Round                                      CIAT   080920
Thornhill Road             Mhaire Bhruinneal/Dunmore Lasses                    I&CM   080105
Sanctuary                  Mhorags na horo Gheallaidh                          I&CM   081203
Beoga                      Mickey The Pipes                                    CIAT   080113
Boiled in Lead             Microorganism, The                                  CIAT   071208
Behm, Moritz               Middle Eastern Passion                              CIAT   071208
Maidens IV                 Midnight stone, The                                 I&CM   081104
Spillane, Davy             Midnight Walker                                     CIAT   080621
Finlayson, Cady            Midwinter waltz                                     I&CM   071216
Shelton (Jennifer Licko)   Mile Marbhphaisg Air A'Ghaol                        I&CM   081023
Sandcarvers                Miles ahead, miles behind                           CC     080510
Marum, Jed                 Miles from home                                     I&CM   080128
Morrison, Hugh             Minor reels                                         I&CM   070925
Enter the Haggis           Minstrel Boy                                        CIAT   071111
Seven Nations              Miracle                                             CC     080301
Beoga                      Mischief                                            CIAT   071008
Battlefield Band           Miss Margaret’s favourite/Desserts of Tulloch       CFP    071001
Shillaly Brothers          Mollie Malone                                       CC     071021
Round the House            Monahan’s                                           I&CM   080603
Fiamma Fumana              Mondo Grande                                        CIAT   080511
Fumana, Fiamma             Mondo Grande                                        CIAT   080119
Thyme Awaye                Month of January                                    I&CM   080222
Dale, Heather              Mordred’s Lullaby                                   I&CM   080105
Rock, Salt and Nails       More And More                                       CIAT   080303
Kelliana                   Morgana                                             CMP    080920
Rankin, Jimmy              Morning Bound Train                                 CIAT   080824
Spirit Of The West         Morning In The Bath Abbey                           CIAT   070909
Schroer, Oliver                   Morning Star, The                                   CIAT   080329
Irish Experience                  Morrison’s jig                                      I&CM   080316
Taxi Chain                        Mortley's Medicine                                  CIAT   080831
Cara                              Mouber                                              CIAT   080223
Duhks, The                        Mountains O' Things                                 CIAT   080615
Enter the Haggis                  Moved through the fair                              CC     080301
Town Pants, The                   Mr. Valentine's Dead                                CIAT   071104
Kennedy, Seamus                   Mrs Foggarty’s Christmas cake/Cook in the kitchen   I&CM   071216
Merry Mischief                    Mrs McGraw                                          I&CM   081203
Battlefield Band                  Ms. Dynamite of Benbecula                           CIAT   080315
Hair of the Dog                   MTA                                                 I&CM   080311
Seven Nations                     Mugs away                                           CC     081112
Boswell, Scott                    Mulled wine                                         I&CM   081013
Ceann                             Music of our fathers                                I&CM   080316
Dervish                           My Bride & I                                        CIAT   070909
MacKenzie, Tara                   My Cavan girl                                       I&CM   080812
Redhill Rats                      My father was a werewolf                            I&CM   070925
BibleCode Sundays, The            My Town                                             CIAT   081019
Fathom                            Mystery                                             CC     080409
Peatbog Faeries                   Namedropper                                         CIAT   081116
Berroguetto                       Nanatsu                                             CIAT   080119
Flook                             Natterjack                                          CIAT   080315
O'Lionaird, Iarla                 Nest Of Stars, A                                    CIAT   080705
Dropkick Murphys                  Never Forget                                        CIAT   080223
Dillon, Cara                      Never In A Million Years                            CIAT   080113
Dale, Heather                     Never quite Eden                                    I&CM   080921
Bates Motel                       Never Say Never                                     CIAT   080113
Finlay MacDonald Band, The        New Breton's                                        CIAT   071125
Tartan Amoebas                    New Day Dawning                                     CIAT   071020
Town Pants, The                   New South Wales                                     CC     080120
Mac Talla Mor                     New wave                                            CC     080409
Boiled in Lead                    Newry highwayman, The                               CC     080409
Mrs Ferris’ Pighouse Collection   Newry Town highwayman                               I&CM   080520
Wolfe, Andi                       Next market day, The                                CC     081015
O’Malley, Ken                     Night ferry                                         I&CM   080421
Gaelic Storm                      Night I Punched Russell Crowe, The                  CIAT   080705
Firddler’s Green                  Night Paddy Murphy died                             I&CM   080105
Emerald Rose                      No booze today                                      I&CM   080128
Ranarim                           No Hearts Ablaze                                    CIAT   080223
EWAN                              No regrets                                          CC     080409
Luft, Cara                        No Strength                                         CIAT   080209
Morrison, Iain                    No Sunday Golf?                                     CIAT   081011
Coyote Run                        Noel Christmas Eve 1913                             I&CM   081217
Frigg                             Norrsken                                            CIAT   081130
Atlantic Wave                     Northwoods                                          I&CM   080316
MacMaster, Natalie                NPG                                                 CIAT   081130
Lamond, Mary Jane                 O Brown Haired Maiden                               CIAT   080915
Wicked Tinkers, The               O come, all ye faithful                             I&CM   081217
Simmons, Westside Steve           O come, o come, Emmanuel                            CC     081129
Cherish the Ladies                O holy night/Cill chais                             CC     081129
Matheson, Karen                        O Mhairi's Tu Mo Mhairi                               CIAT   070923
Brown, Alison                          O'Carolan's/Welcome, Christmas                        I&CM   081217
Mozaik                                 O'Donoghue's                                          CIAT   080308
Portersharks, The                      O'Farrells Welcome to Limerick                        CC     081006
Keenan, Paddy                          O'Rourke's/The Spike Island Lassies/Lord McDonald's   CC     081006
Pitch the Peat                         O’Rourkes                                             CC     080705
Brunner, Mary & Habekost, Todd         Ocean Breeze                                          CIAT   080803
Crooked Still                          Oh Agamemnon                                          CIAT   080810
Tireux D'Roches, Le                    Oh Meme                                               CIAT   080303
MacNeil, Ryan J.                       Oh Wheels, What Can The Matter Be?                    CIAT   081109
Great Big Sea                          Oh Yeah                                               CIAT   080621
Real McKenzies, The                    Old Becomes New                                       CIAT   080915
Harrison, Michael W                    Old carrion crow                                      I&CM   081013
Brobdinagian Bards, The                Old dun cow                                           I&CM   080316
Mossy Moran                            Old Dungarven oak, The                                CC     080705
Birnam Wood                            Old maid in the garret                                CC     080203
Pog Mo Thon                            Old maid in the garrett                               I&CM   081104
Solas                                  On A Sea Of Fleur de Lis                              CIAT   081109
Cherish the Ladies                     On Christmas night/Charles O'Conor                    CC     081216
Barra MacNeils, The                    On the very first Christmas                           CC     081216
Oysterband                             On The Edge                                           CIAT   080315
Duc, Catherine                         One autumn day                                        I&CM   070925
Mahones, The                           One Last Shot                                         CIAT   070923
Prodigals, The                         One morning as I roved                                CC     080203
Barber, Allison                        Oran Gillean Alasdair Mhoir                           I&CM   080128
Seven Nations                          Ordinary                                              CC     080120
McGoldrick, Michael & McSherry, John   Ornette's Trip To Belfast                             CIAT   080524
Na Lua                                 Os Tempos Son Chegados                                CIAT   081123
Spirit Of The West                     Our Ambassador                                        CIAT   081102
Brechin, Sandy                         Out Of His Tree Set                                   CIAT   071125
Crespuscule                            Oyster wife’s rant set, The                           I&CM   080921
Punters, The                           P Stands For Paddy                                    CIAT   080628
Salsa Celtica                          Pa'l Rumberos                                         CIAT   081207
McGoldrick, Michael                    Paddy in the smoke                                    CC     081112
Laval, Jamie & Broder, Ashley          Paddy, Jenny & the boys                               I&CM   080105
Young Dubliners                        Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore                          CIAT   070909
Barber, Allison                        Paddy’s lament/Sporting Paddy                         I&CM   080105
Tarras                                 Parson's Green                                        CIAT   071111
Irish Balladeers, The                  Pat Mulligan's wake                                   I&CM   081104
Seanchai & the Unity Squad             Patriot                                               CC     080726
Deaf Shepherd                          Pawkie Paiterson                                      CIAT   080223
Moving Cloud                           Peeler and the Goat, The                              CIAT   080915
Culann's Hounds                        Pelican Inn                                           CIAT   080119
Enter the Haggis                       Perfect song                                          CC     071021
Afro Celt Sound System                 Persistence of memory                                 CIAT   080405
Ffyon                                  Petit Cordonier, Le                                   CIAT   080503
Aisling                                Pilgrim’s road set                                    I&CM   080316
Village Band                           Pilsden Pen                                           CIAT   080303
Emerson, Simon                         Pilsdon Pen                                           CIAT   080202
McCullough, Raymond                    Pipe major's jig                                      I&CM   081203
Appalachian Celtic Consort      Pipe on the hob/Banish misfortune                      I&CM   080827
Giveway                         Pipe Slang                                             CIAT   080315
Shooglenifty                    Pipe Tunes                                             CIAT   080518
Ceann                           Pittsburgh makes me drunk                              I&CM   080128
Kenny, Thomas Patrick           Planxty Irwin                                          I&CM   080603
Town Pants, The                 Plastered In Paris                                     CIAT   071014
BibleCode Sundays, The          Plunkster                                              CIAT   081116
Kennedy’s Kitchen               Pocketful of lint                                      I&CM   080128
NeidiFyre                       Poison dwarf                                           I&CM   070925
Logues, The                     Poitin valley                                          I&CM   080630
Tea Merchants                   Polkas & slides                                        I&CM   080316
Drever, Kris                    Poor Man's Son                                         CIAT   080405
Feufollet                       Prends Courage                                         CIAT   080712
Moving Cloud                    Pressganged Paddy                                      CIAT   071014
Blades, Ruben                   Primogenio                                             CIAT   080615
Miller, Ed                      Prince of darkness, The                                I&CM   080603
Wolfstone                       Psycho Woman                                           CIAT   080405
Matheson, Karen                 Puirt A Beul                                           CIAT   081116
Poor Man’s Fortune              Puirt A Bheil                                          I&CM   081023
McMillen, Robbi                 Puirt a’ beul                                          I&CM   080630
Fowlis, Julie                   Puirt-A-Beul Set                                       CIAT   080915
McDades, The                    Pull the anchor                                        CC     080510
Lunasa                          Punch                                                  CIAT   071001
87th Cleveland Pipe Band, The   QMM                                                    CC     081015
Coyote Run                      Queen of Argyll                                        CC     080901
Boston Blackthorn               Queenstown                                             I&CM   080222
Rattle the Boards               Quick step/Whistling Rufus                             I&CM   080630
Wolfstone                       Quinie Fae Ryhnie                                      CIAT   081130
Baka Beyond                     Ra-Li-O                                                CIAT   080907
O’Blivion, Shamus               Raggle taggle gypsies                                  I&CM   080222
Langer’s Ball, The              Raglan Road                                            CC     080901
McAuley, Mick                   Rain And Snow                                          CIAT   081116
Dempsey, Damien                 Rainy Night In Soho, A                                 CIAT   080831
Dreadnoughts, The               Rambler's Life, A                                      CIAT   080511
Clindan                         Randall                                                CC     080705
Town Pants, The                 Rasputin                                               CIAT   071111
Young Dubliners                 Real World                                             CIAT   080810
Le Mottee, Shona                Red Gloves, The                                        CIAT   080817
Craic Wisely                    Red is the rose                                        CC     080203
McMaster, Natalie               Reel Beatrice                                          CIAT   081102
Rattle the Boards               Reel-The mason's apron                                 I&CM   081104
Ivers, Eileen                   Reels-Christmas Eve/Oiche Nollag/High road to Linton   I&CM   081217
Black 47                        Reels, The                                             CC     081006
Quagmyre                        Relax                                                  CIAT   080209
Afro Celt Sound System          Release                                                CIAT   080817
Flogging Molly                  Requiem For A Dying Song                               CIAT   080419
Mozaik                          Reuben's Transatlantic Express                         CIAT   080303
Elders, The                     Right With The World                                   CIAT   071001
Jethro Tull                     Ring Out Solstice Bells                                CIAT   081221
Coyote Run                      Ripe & bearded barley                                  CC     070925
Mahones, The                       Rise again                                 CC     081112
Flook                              Road To Erogie                             CIAT   071125
Bigley, Brian                      Road To Lisdoonvarna/Spike Island Lasses   CC     081006
Mcauley, Mick                      Road To MacLatchey (Reels)                 CIAT   081011
Stivell, Alan                      Rock Harp                                  CIAT   071008
Plaidgrass                         Rockabye baby                              I&CM   080311
Giveway                            Rockin'                                    CIAT   081116
Maidens IV                         Rocks of Bawn                              I&CM   080603
Celtic Stone                       Rocky road to Brenham                      I&CM   080311
Bad Haggis                         Rocky road to Dublin                       CC     080726
McDades, The                       Rocky road to Dublin                       CC     080705
Wildcelts, The:                    Rocky road to Dublin                       I&CM   080827
Dempsey, Damien                    Rocky Road To Dublin, The                  CIAT   080824
Kennedy’s Kitchen                  Roger the shrubber set                     I&CM   070925
Braebach                           Rolling Hills, The                         CIAT   081228
Breabach                           Rolling Hills, The                         CIAT   080727
Brother                            Romp & circumstance                        CC     080726
Different Drums of Ireland         Rooftop Reels                              CC     081006
Long Notes                         Room with a view                           CC     080510
Capercaillie                       Rose Cottage Reels                         CIAT   080518
McSherry, John & O'Connor, Donal   Rose In The Gap                            CIAT   080405
Vent du Nord, Le                   Rosette                                    CIAT   080315
Chasse-Galerie                     Rotatives, Le                              CIAT   080531
Searson                            Rough Cuts                                 CIAT   080405
McGhee, Laura                      Roxburghe House                            CFP    071001
Moray, Jim                         Rufford Park Poachers, The                 CIAT   081011
Hollow Horse                       Run                                        PB     081230
RT, Jaime & Hillhouse, Andy        Running Through Tall Grass                 CIAT   080607
Hayseed Dixie                      Running With The Devil                     CIAT   071111
Tarras                             Russian And The Radio                      CIAT   080209
Spirit Of The West                 Sadness Grows                              CIAT   080315
Reilly                             Saints of the ocean                        CC     070925
Hull, T J & Ksiazek, Jeff          Salamanaca/O’Dowd’s favorite               I&CM   080222
Great Big Sea                      Sally Ann                                  CIAT   080329
Old Man Luedecke                   Salute To The Gold River                   CIAT   081011
Lawton, Lolly                      Same For Everyone                          CIAT   080202
Boswell, Scott                     Samhain dance                              I&CM   080603
Gaelic Storm                       Samurai Set, The                           CIAT   080915
Blades, Ruben                      San Patricio                               CIAT   080202
Nair, Darcy                        Sandpipers/Blarney pilgrim                 I&CM   070925
Lonestar Stout                     Sands of Aberdeen                          PB     081230
Frigg                              Saro                                       CIAT   071111
Electrics, The                     Satellite                                  CIAT   080202
Lau                                Sauter Creek                               CC     081112
Clumsy Lovers, The                 Save for you                               CC     080301
Mabon                              Schindig                                   I&CM   080222
Shooglenifty                       Schuman's Leap                             CIAT   080615
Tartanic                           Scratchy Maggie                            I&CM   081013
Mouth Music                        Seafaring Man                              CIAT   080113
Horan, Winifred                    Sean At The Wheel                          CIAT   071020
Afro Celt Sound System           Seed                                                         CIAT   080119
Bodega                           Seorach Chiann Diomhnaill                                    CIAT   081130
Killdares, The                   September                                                    I&CM   080105
Barrage                          Seven Wicked Reels                                           CIAT   081019
Mulholland, Miranda              She moved through the fair                                   CC     080120
Stark Raven                      She moved through the fair/Little beggarman, The             CC     071021
Corbel, Cecile                   She Moved Through The Fair                                   CIAT   080308
de St Aubin, Suzanne             Sheebeg & Sheemore                                           I&CM   080827
Walsh, Jeremy                    Shetland Set                                                 CIAT   080202
Gaelic Winds Project             Shimmering wings                                             CMP    080627
Duhks, The                       Ship High in Transit                                         CIAT   080817
Silver Spire                     Ships are sailing/Star of Munster/Mason’s apron              I&CM   080921
Grada                            Shock On                                                     CIAT   080607
Tergis, Athena                   Shoemaker's Daughter, The                                    CIAT   071014
Maidens IV                       Shooting stars                                               I&CM   080712
Celtic Cross                     Shores of America                                            I&CM   080421
Fear Of Drinking                 Shorts All Year Round Boys, The                              CIAT   081102
Minogue, Aine                    Si Do Mhamo I                                                CIAT   080113
Brunner, Mary & Habekost, Todd   Sign of the Prancing Pony                                    CIAT   081116
Crawley, Michael                 Silent night                                                 CC     081129
Gypsy Soul                       Silent night                                                 I&CM   071216
Siren’s Song                     Silk Road, The                                               I&CM   080603
Danny McLaughlin Band            Silver city                                                  CC     080510
Barley Boys, The                 Silver king                                                  CC     080409
McDades, The                     Silver Platter, The                                          CIAT   080524
Hibernian Festival Singers       Sing joy                                                     I&CM   081217
Girvan, Allison                  Siul a ruin                                                  I&CM   080311
Kreelers, The                    Sixth & Porter                                               I&CM   081203
Leahy                            Skater, The                                                  CC     081216
Silver Spire                     Skibereen                                                    I&CM   080827
Beggarmen, The                   Sky road, The                                                I&CM   080603
Scatter The Mud                  Skyeman's Jig                                                CIAT   071020
Braia                            Slainte a la Brasiles                                        I&CM   080603
Bad Haggis                       Sleepy Maggie                                                I&CM   080520
Krauka                           Slettubond                                                   CIAT   081123
Langers Ball, The                Slides-Going to the well for water/Lonesome road to Dingle   I&CM   081203
Homeland                         Slip jam                                                     CC     080726
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Johnny       SlipTease                                                    I&CM   080316
Tiger Moth                       Sloe On The Uptake                                           CIAT   080127
Taxi Chain                       Smarten up!                                                  CIAT   081102
Harv                             Sockertoj/Ja Da Gor Vi                                       CIAT   080615
Ravens                           Solstice carol                                               I&CM   071216
Wolfe Tones, The                 Some say the devil is dead                                   CC     081112
Coyote Run                       Somerset wassail                                             I&CM   071216
Dead Beat Club, The              Sometimes                                                    PB     080601
Schroer, Oliver                  Song For All Seasons, A                                      CIAT   080303
Damh the bard                    Song of Awen                                                 I&CM   080128
Knight, Sharon                   Song of the sea                                              CMP    081101
Washburn, Abigail                Song Of The Traveling Daughter                               CIAT   071111
Moving Cloud                     Sonny Brogan's                                               CIAT   080810
Black 47                   Southside Chicago Waltz            CIAT   080303
Marum, Jed                 Spancil Hill                       I&CM   070925
Prodigals, The             Spancil Hill                       CC     071021
McCabes, The               Spanish Lady                       CIAT   080303
Tiger Moth                 Speed The Plough                   CIAT   080915
Elders, The                St Brendan had a boat              I&CM   080630
Anser Hymn                 St Patrick                         I&CM   080311
Clumsy Lovers, The         Stand Up                           CIAT   071028
Bards of Mystic, The       Standing stone, The                CMP    081220
Lonestar Stout             Star of the County Down            PB     081230
Neck                       Star Of The County Down, The       CIAT   080915
Heaton, Matt & Shannon     Star song                          CC     081129
McKay, Catriona            Starfish                           CIAT   080920
Glengarry Bhoys            Start The Jenny                    CIAT   081116
Dropkick Murphys           State Of Massachusetts, The        CIAT   071104
Blarney Rebel Band, The    Stingy Jack                        I&CM   081203
Roche, Claire              Stolen child                       I&CM   080630
Corbel, Cecile             Stor Mo Chroi                      CIAT   080113
Moving Hearts              Storm, The                         CIAT   071001
McGoldrick, Michael        Strange Journey                    CIAT   080705
Mahones, The               Streets Of New York                CIAT   071208
Bottine Souriante, La      Suede Inn                          CIAT   071001
Abigail Washburn Quartet   Sugar & Pie                        CIAT   080705
Washburn, Abigail          Sugar & Pie                        CIAT   080503
Corbel, Cecile             Suil a Ruin                        CIAT   071202
Talnbot,. Heidi            Summer’s gone                      CC     081112
Hackensaw Boys             Sun's Work Undone                  CIAT   080719
Kelly, Geoffrey            Sunflower Girl                     CIAT   071111
Black 47                   Sunrise on Brooklyn                CC     080510
Dropkick Murphys           Surrender                          CIAT   071104
Moray, Jim                 Sweet England                      CIAT   080217
Homeland                   Sweet Mary                         CC     080301
Kirkpatrick, John          Swirling Serpent, The              CIAT   081011
Walker, Ed                 TJ                                 I&CM   080222
Tiller's Folly             Take Pride                         CIAT   071202
Patterson, Beth            Take Some Fire                     PB     081230
Frigg                      Takomistanssi                      CIAT   071014
McDonald, Alistair         Tam Lin                            CC     071021
New Shilling               Tam Linn set                       I&CM   070925
NightinGael                Tamlin                             I&CM   081104
Taxi Chain                 Tandoori Moustache                 CIAT   080315
Hevia                      Tanzila                            CIAT   070916
Hevia                      Tanzila                            CIAT   081116
Mud Men, The               Tear me down                       CC     080409
Crooked Still              Tell Her To Come Back Home         CIAT   080607
Trinity River Whalers      Tell me/Dancin’ beggarman medley   I&CM   080222
Graham, Glen               Tempest Gaels                      CIAT   080217
Mediaeval Baebes           Temptasyon                         CC     080120
Old Blind Dogs             Terror Time                        CIAT   080127
Finnigan, Les              That's Not My Kilt                 CIAT   070909
Kennedy, Seamus                     There were roses                  I&CM   080630
Electrics, The                      There You Are                     CIAT   080817
Nickel Creek                        This Side                         CIAT   080803
Dillon, Cara                        This Time                         CIAT   080217
Oysterband w/Great Big Sea          This Town                         CIAT   071020
Moray, Jim                          Three Black Feathers              CIAT   081005
Stout, Chris                        Three Reels                       CIAT   080615
Poozies, The                        Throw The Ball                    CIAT   080712
Duncan, Gordon                      Thunderstruck                     CIAT   080217
Irish Rose                          Tiller's Folly                    CIAT   080412
Finn's Fury                         Tippin' it up to Nancy            I&CM   080812
MacIsaac, Ashley                    To America We Go                  CIAT   080518
Patterson, Beth                     To the beggin’ I will go          CC     080726
Wicked Tinkers, The                 Toasted                           I&CM   080128
Mahones, The                        Too Late To Turn Back Now         CIAT   080419
Heaton, Matt & Shannon              Top of the bow                    CC     081112
Tread                               Toss the feathers                 CC     080901
Seven Nations                       Tradition                         CC     080510
Mozaik                              Train On The Island               CIAT   080628
Redhill Rats                        Tramps & hawkers                  I&CM   080311
Daimh                               Trip To Glenfinnan                CIAT   070916
Gwenno                              Tryweryn                          CIAT   080907
Scythian                            Tuesday morning                   CC     080726
Daimh                               Turbo Shandy                      CIAT   071202
Shelton (Jennifer Licko)            Turning away                      I&CM   080603
MacIsaac, Ashley                    Twas The Night Before Christmas   CIAT   081221
Enter the Haggis                    Twirling Towards Freedom          CIAT   080113
Keenan, Paddy & O'Sullivan, Tommy   Twirly Haired Girl Reels          CIAT   081123
Breabach                            Under The Influence               CIAT   080803
Crooked Still                       Undone In Sorrow                  CIAT   080817
Stivell, Alan & N'dour, Youssou     United Earth I                    CIAT   071125
Nua                                 United Ireland                    I&CM   080520
Saor Patrol                         Up ye rock ye                     CMP    081220
Siren’s Song                        Valaparaiso                       I&CM   080421
Moray, Jim                          Valentine                         CIAT   081207
Volee d'Castors, La                 VDC                               CIAT   080223
McDades, The                        Vert Laurier, Le/Yinn & Yann      CIAT   071028
Matapat                             Vielle Galope, La                 CIAT   081123
Lowe, Jez & The Bad Pennies         Vikings                           CIAT   071208
Berroguetto                         Vinte Anos                        CIAT   080803
Solas                               Vital Mental Medicine             CIAT   081019
Brunner, Mary & Habekost, Todd      Voyaguer                          CIAT   080412
McCusker, John                      Wabazi Heaven                     CIAT   080615
Searson                             Wait awhile                       CC     081015
Chvostek, Annabelle                 Wait For It                       CIAT   080621
Wheat In The Barley, The            Waiting For You                   CIAT   081102
Irish Descendants, The              Walk in the Irish rain, A         CC     080203
Great Big Sea                       Walk On The Moon                  CIAT   080719
Rusby, Kate                         Wandering Soul                    CIAT   080202
Young Dubliners                     Waxies Dargle                     CIAT   081011
Wicked Tinkers, The             We three kings                                     CC     081216
Reilly                          We three kings of Orient are                       CC     081129
Scanlon, Pauline                Wearin' The Britches                               CIAT   081123
MacIsaac, Ashley                Wedding Funeral, The                               CIAT   080817
Moray, Jim                      Week Before Easter, The                            CIAT   071020
Wicked Tinkers, The             Weird set, The                                     I&CM   081013
Chandra, Sheila & Wood, Chris   Welcome Sailor                                     CIAT   080127
Nile, Willie                    Welcome To My Head                                 CIAT   080419
Circled by Hounds               Well below the valley                              I&CM   070925
Born’s Ghost                    Wellie wallie/House under the hill, The            CC     071021
Adzima, Charlene                What care I for the minister?/Humours of whiskey   CC     080726
Moving Cloud                    What Will You Do?                                  CIAT   080920
Gaelic Storm                    What’s the rumpus?                                 CC     080726
Simmons, Westside Steve         When I die                                         CC     080301
Mahones, The                    When It Comes Around                               CIAT   080719
Egan, Seamus                    When Juniper Sleeps                                CIAT   071208
Penny Whiskey                   Where else would you rather be?                    CC     080120
Clumsy Lovers, The              Where The Streets Have No Name                     CIAT   080518
Afro Celt Sound System          Whirly 3 (Remixed)                                 CIAT   080712
Grene, Gregory                  Whiskey asylum                                     CC     081112
Sligo Rags                      Whiskey never lies                                 I&CM   080316
Sligo Rags                      Whiskey, you're the devil                          I&CM   081104
McDades, The                    Whistle blower                                     CC     080120
Maidens IV                      Whistling gypsy                                    CC     080301
Real McKenzies, The             White Knuckle Ride                                 CIAT   081019
Fiddler's Bid                   White Wife, Da                                     CIAT   081207
Moray, Jim                      Who's The Fool?                                    CIAT   080607
Hayseed Dixie                   Whole Lotta Love                                   CIAT   070923
Proclaimers, The                Whole Wide World                                   CIAT   080419
Saul, Mark                      Wicked train of thought                            I&CM   081013
Boot                            Wild Honey                                         CIAT   080524
McConnell, Jacie                Wild Maggie                                        CC     070925
Prydein                         Wild mountain thyme                                CC     080203
Old Blind Dogs                  Wild Rumpus, A                                     CIAT   071111
Rising Gael                     William’s ghost                                    I&CM   080712
O’Connell, Robbie               Winning sides, The                                 I&CM   080630
Spirit Of The West              Winter's Now The Enemy                             CIAT   081221
MacNeil, Ryan J.                Wishy's                                            CIAT   071014
Mickeys, The                    Witches & warlords                                 CC     071021
Switchback                      Wobbly jigs                                        I&CM   080311
McCarthy, Eliza                 Worcester City                                     CIAT   070916
Tullamore                       Work of the Weavers                                PB     080615
Dropkick Murphys                Workers Song                                       CIAT   081123
Knopfler, Mark                  Wy Aye Man                                         CIAT   080329
Prevedoros, Brad                Ye Banks And Braes                                 CIAT   081130
Duhks, The                      You Don't See It                                   CIAT   081005

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