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Contact: Kate Klos
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           PacketView Pro™ with GPS Synchronization
                  LAN/WAN Protocol Analyzer
Cortland, NY, 24 September 2001, - Klos Technologies, Inc., is pleased to
introduce the first network protocol analyzer with optional GPS-synchronized time
stamps. In use now for nearly two years at Lucent Technologies, Network
Wireless Systems, PacketView Pro is now available to the general networking
industry. Packets may be collected simultaneously at multiple locations with
accurate time stamps provided by GPS synchronized clocks, then merged. Lost
packets and accurate packet latency can then be determined.

      PacketView Pro also supports simultaneous packet collection from multiple
LAN and/or WAN interfaces at a single location. This allows PacketView Pro to
collect packets at multiple router or bridge interfaces for analysis of local packet
latency, translation, and routing.

      All network packets are captured, filtered, saved in memory, and then
decoded, and displayed in real time. PacketView Pro’s line mode display
presents the packets in a concise time-ordered form, while its detail mode
displays and interprets the field-level contents of the packets. Like all of Klos
Technologies protocol analyzers, PacketView Pro allows users to independently
develop their own protocol decoders (using Microsoft C compiler) that are then

       Klos Technologies, Inc. Networking Technologies that Work
automatically loaded when PacketView Pro starts. Custom protocol decoders
developed for earlier Klos Technologies products are fully compatible with
PacketView Pro and work without change.

        PacketView Pro, with an introductory price of $549, joins Klos
Technologies’ established line of LAN and WAN Protocol Analyzers. Combining
all of the functionality of PacketView and the award winning SerialView,
along with the optional GPS time stamps and packet collection from multiple
simultaneous interfaces makes it the most versatile low cost LAN/WAN protocol
analyzer available.

        PacketView Pro supports the TrueTime Model GPS-PC and the lower cost
Klos Technologies portable TimeStamper.

        Since 1989, Klos Technologies, Inc., has been dedicated to producing
quality networking products and providing low-cost networking tools to network
developers and managers. For more information on PacketView Pro and other
Klos Technologies’ products, contact Kate Klos at, or at
(607) 543-0333.

New! Simultaneous Capture on Multiple Interfaces
New! GPS Time Stamps and Location
Improved! Expanded 32 bit Packet File Format
Improved! Easier to use Packet Filters
Improved! Memory Management
Introductory Price $549.

PacketView Pro, PacketView, SerialView, ISDNView and TimeStamper are trademarks of Klos Technologies, all
other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

         Klos Technologies, Inc. Networking Technologies that Work

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