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					                                          P.O. Box 121518   Fort Worth, TX   76121-1518    817-301-

                      FACT SHEET
                                                                                                        B OARD OF
BOARD MEMBERS                                                                                           DIRECTORS
Mr. Sean Anderson     Our Mission
                                                                                                        Lisa Scott
Mr. Miller Barber     The Ben Hogan Foundation is dedicated to honor, celebrate and preserve            President and
Mr. Lance Barrow                                                                                        Treasurer
                      the legacy and character of Ben Hogan through support of organizations
Mr. Chad Campbell
                      that promote the game of golf and charities that reflect Mr. Hogan’s core         Michael McMahan
Mr. Brandel
                      values.                                                                           Vice president
                                                                                                        and Secretary
Mr. Nathaniel
cccccCrosby           Our Initiatives                                                                   Mike Wright
Mr. Bruce Devlin                                                                                        Vice President
                      Established in 2007, the Ben Hogan Foundation focuses its resources and
Mr. Kel Devlin
                      support on five fundamental areas of interest:                                    David Chapman
Mr. James Dodson                                                                                        Board member
Mr. David Durham
Mr. Bill Flynn        Preserving Mr. Hogan’s legacy                                                     Tom Stites
                                                                                                        Board Member
Mr. Ben Fortson       The Foundation’s leadership will always ask the question, “What would
John & Cami Goff      Mr. Hogan have done?” when making key decisions and determining the       Mike Ball
Mr. Pat Green         beneficiaries of its funds. The Foundation’s executive director will      Board Member
Pat & Marg Hare       entertain requests to meet with clubs and organizations across the nation
Mr. Randy Jacobs                                                                                STAFF
                      to increase awareness of the newly established foundation, discuss the
Mr. Dan Jenkins
                                                                                                 an American
                      wonderful programs it supports, and share real stories about Ben Hogan, Robert Stennett
Mr. Dee Kelly
                      legend. The Ben Hogan Foundation will work with other organizations to ensure the
                                                                                                Executive Director
Gene & Moselle
                      precious legacy of Ben Hogan is sustained.
cccccKouri                                                                                              Lindy Miller
Ms. Marty Leonard                                                                                       Corporate Development

Ms. Pat Martin        Promoting the game of golf, especially among young people                         and Patron Relations

Mr. Shelly Mayfield     We sponsor The First Tee, which provides educational programs that promote character
Mr. Eddie Merrins       development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf. In January 2010, we were
Clifton & Sheridan      pleased to provide The First Tee of Fort Worth a grant to build the Ben Hogan Learning
                        Center. The Ben Hogan Learning Center will be a state of the art facility that provides
Dr. Andy Mutch
                        sufficient classroom space to ensure that all children interested in participating in The First
James Peebles
                        Tee will be able to do so. When complete, this facility will not only provide The First Tee of
ccccc& Kay Day
             Fort Worth office space and centers for teaching the game of golf and life’s core values, but it will also
Fred & Michele
             provide a library for the children, a safe place to do school work and receive mentoring, and a museum
Mr. George
             that celebrates the life of Ben Hogan. The Ben Hogan Learning Center will be the visible proof that
             dreams do come true and those children from similar backgrounds to Mr. Hogan’s should aspire to
Dr. Wally Schmuck their dreams.
Ms. Angela
cccccStanfordFurthering   children’s health and well-being
Gary & Judy Strong
             Our support helps send children with acute asthma to Camp Broncho, a program of Cook Children’s
Hollis & Donna
             Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The children camp, hike, fish, play outdoors
             and experience being “just a kid” for a week. In addition, these kids learn more about their disease
Ms. Kris Tschetter
             and how to best manage it. As the Foundation grows we plan to deepen our support for Cook
Mr. Rayburn Tucker
             Children’s Medical Center and extend our help to other organizations that make a difference in
Mr. Ken Venturi
             children’s health and welfare.
                                     A Legacy of Courage. A foundation of hope.
                                          P.O. Box 121518     Fort Worth, TX   76121-1518      817-301-

                                                                                                             B OARD OF
HONORARY              FACT SHEET                                                                             DIRECTORS
                                                                                                             Lisa Scott
Mr. Sean Anderson                                                                                            President and

Mr. Miller Barber
                      Providing college scholarships                                                         Treasurer

Mr. Lance Barrow      In 2008, the Ben Hogan Foundation began its partnership with the                       Michael McMahan
Mr. Chad Campbell     Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation by providing Ben Hogan                       Vice president
Mr. Brandel           scholarships to deserving youth. In this program, eligible participants need           and Secretary
cccccChamblee         only to play golf -- skill level is not part of the selection criteria. In line with   Mike Wright
Mr. Nathaniel         the Ben Hogan Foundation’s mission, participants are selected based on                 Vice President
cccccCrosby           academic performance, financial need, extracurricular activities, and an
Mr. Bruce Devlin                                                                                             David Chapman
                      essay developed as part of the application process.                                    Board member
Mr. Kel Devlin
Mr. James Dodson                                                                                             Tom Stites
                      Supporting the military
Mr. David Durham                                                                                             Board Member
Mr. Bill Flynn        Mr. Hogan served in the Army Air Corps and always greatly respected those
                                                                                                             Mike Ball
Mr. Ben Fortson       who serve our nation. In honor of Ben Hogan, the Foundation pledges
                                                                                                             Board Member
John & Cami Goff      support for Patriot Golf Day, a fundraising program of the Folds of Honor
Mr. Pat Green         Foundation and Wounded Warriors, Inc. that supports families of                        STAFF
Pat & Marg Hare       servicemen and women injured or killed while protecting our nation.
Mr. Randy Jacobs                                                                                             Robert Stennett
Mr. Dan Jenkins                                                                                              Executive Director

Mr. Dee Kelly
                                                                                                             Lindy Miller
Gene & Moselle        Background                                                                             Corporate Development
cccccKouri                                                                                                   and Patron Relations
Ms. Marty Leonard
                      The Foundation announced its existence Nov. 7, 2007 with an inaugural dinner at Shady
Ms. Pat Martin        Oaks Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. “True to our namesake, our goals are lofty,” stated
Mr. Shelly Mayfield   Robert Stennett, executive director of the Ben Hogan Foundation. “While we begin with a
Mr. Eddie Merrins     national focus, our intent is to grow into an international foundation.”
Clifton & Sheridan
Dr. Andy Mutch
James Peebles         How to Support the Ben Hogan Foundation
ccccc& Kay Day
    Those wishing to support Ben Hogan’s legacy by giving to the Ben Hogan Foundation may do so by calling
Fred & Michele
    Robert Stennett at 817-301-9934 or writing to P.O. Box 121518, Fort Worth, Texas 76121-1518.
Mr. George
Dr. Wally Schmuck
Ms. Angela
Gary & Judy Strong
Hollis & Donna
cccccSullivan                         A Legacy of Courage. A foundation of hope.
Ms. Kris Tschetter
Mr. Rayburn Tucker
Mr. Ken Venturi

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