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Career Opportunities:

Multimedia/Web Design is an interdisciplinary program that brings together various
fine arts and computer skills, allowing students to work within their own individual
sub-specialties. This approach enhances creativity and communication and
encourages teamwork. Through hands-on creation of multimedia productions,
students apply theoretical knowledge and design skills to experience the
production process. With the convergence of media, Multimedia job opportunities
continue to grow.

Typical Job Titles:

Producer                                       Creative Director
Art Director                                   Graphic Designer
Interactive Writer                             Interface Designer
Web Designer                                   Webmaster
Video Producer                                 Sound Designer
Technical Director                             Programmer

Places of Employment:

Educational Institutions                       Television Stations
Animation Studios                              Cinema Studios
Commercial and Advertising Firms               Computer and Data Processing Firms
Government Agencies

Salary Information: Entry Level Programmer
(Source --

$50,209 (25th %ile)
$57,233 (50th %ile)
$74,293 (75th %ile)

   Career Development Center
                 Educational Planning: Four Options
  Associate in Arts Degree; Certificate of Achievement; Certificate of Completion;
                                   Transfer Program
Excerpts from 2009-2010 CSM Catalog:
(If you began this program of study during a previous catalog year, please see a CSM counselor for a list of the
required courses needed to complete your program of study.)

1. Associate in Arts Degree: Total of 20-28.5 units with a grade of C or higher (see below) +
   General Education courses and other requirements*

    Major Requirements: MULT 105, 107, 111, 112, 397 (for options 1, 2, and 3).
    Option 1: Web Design
    Major Requirements: courses listed above plus MULT 102, 172, 177, 253, 274, 279, 392; CIS 111; plus choose 6
    units from: MULT 113, BCST 110, GRA 160, GRA 115/116; plus 6 units from the following: CIS 254, 377, 380.
    Total: 30 semester units.
    Option 2: Digital Video
    Major Requirements: courses listed above plus MULT 102, 177, 187, 184, 192, 282, 292, 387; BCST 312; plus
    choose 3 units from: MULT 113, BCST 110. Strongly recommend: MULT 392. Total: 28.5 semester units.
    Option 3: Digital Audio
    Major Requirements: courses listed above plus MULT 102, 192, 297, 317; MUS 290, 291, 292, 293; plus 3 units
    from: MULT 113, BCST 110. Total: 25.5 semester units.

2. Certificate of Achievement
    Completion of AA degree major requirements listed above with a grade of C or higher in each
    course. Total (option 1): 33 units. Total (option 2): 36 units. Total (option 3) 27.5 units.

3. Certificate Of Completion
    Web Design: MULT 172, 177, 253, 274. Total: 12 semester units.
    Digital Video: MULT 184, 187, 282, 292. Total: 12 semester units.

4. Transfer Program: For Lower division major course requirements, consult the catalog of
   the intended transfer school and/or
    Also, consult the Transfer Planning and Major Preparation Recommendations sections of the
    CSM catalog.

*For the most accurate educational requirements, students should consult the current CSM catalog.

Students should meet with a CSM Counselor once a semester to update their Student
Education Plan and to ensure that they are on-track to meet educational goals in a timely
manner. (Bldg. 5, Room 128, 574-6400)
For further career counseling assistance in the selection of a major contact: College of
San Mateo, Career Development Center,1700 Hillsdale Blvd. (T1), San Mateo, CA 94402,
(650) 574-6116

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    455 Market St., 6th. Floor                                 Communication
    San Francisco, CA 94105-2420                               University of South Carolina
    Phone: 415.744.6820 / 800.827.5722                         234 Outlet Pointe Blvd., Ste. A
    Website:                                       Columbia, SC 29210-5667
    Email:                                     Phone: 803.798.0271
                                                               Fax: 803.772.3509

    Career Development Center
Career Development Center

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