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                                                                                                                            The Choctaw Sun • Wednesday, March 28 2007 • 11B

                                                                                                                                                  cation as much as any other child,
     Letters                                                         SoundOff                                  I love your newspaper. I have      yet sometimes it takes extra help
From page 5-A                                                    From page 5-A                            retired from the school system but      to achieve this and meet their
                                                                                                          there some issues I would like to       goals. Aides help to provide this
ment under construction on CR 32. The costs incurred             these rules no matter who you are.       address. My neighbor’s kids keep        extra help and backup what the
were due to the relocation of that water line. The state-        One person doesn’t own the whole         telling me that at a certain school     teacher is trying to do with that
ment, regarding the fact that we didn’t have money to            neighborhood and shouldn’t be            in this county there is a student       child. It seems that if the Board of
pay a big water bill, is true. We humbly approached the          able to get away with not abiding        that’s in Special Ed who is mis-        Education would get rid of a few
Commission to request help with the bill that was                by the rules. City and county            treated every day. People make fun      certain, non-essential padded jobs
incurred due to the county bridge project. It is standard        workers should be the only people        of him. That’s not right. The kids      in the Central Office they might be
protocol that any and all utility conflicts be addressed         able to use these type vehicles on       should not be allowed to pick on        able to keep some of these very
prior to construction of a bridge replacement project of         the road.                                him. When he address this to the        much needed aides in the system. I
this magnitude. The cost for relocation should have                                                       teachers they tell him to “sit          agree with the SoundOff in last
been included in and paid for by the grant received by               From the School Board’s              down”. Parents, get concerned           weeks paper, maybe the State
the county. Realize, there would not have been any relo-         recovery plan, if a person in the        about your children.                    Dept. of Education DOES need to
cation or cost associated with it to the NCWSA and it’s          Central Office retires then that                                                 take over our school system for a
1,291 customers were it not for the County Bridge Pro-           person is not being replaced with a          I’ve been watching the news         while. Oh, what a hoot that will be!
ject. Now these 1,291 customers on the NCWSA system              new hire but their job will just be      and I don’t know which one is the       It would certainly straighten out
will be responsible for paying the bill on a monthly             done by the others there. I heard        biggest      embarrassment        to    things around here!
basis for several years. Also note, the county has not paid      someone was retiring and this is         America, Al “Movie Star” Gore or
any money to date and the financial burden is on our             what I thought the plan meant. Is        that pathetic bunch in Congress,             President Bush fired eight,
customers for their bridge replacement project.                  this right?                              including Harry “I Don’t Have A         President Clinton fired 93. What is
     As for The Choctaw Sun and SoundOffs, I think it is                                                  Clue” Reid, and Nancy “Look How         all the hoopla about? People need
great idea, but I do believe letters should be signed. The           Who do I need to contact about       Important I Am Now” Pelosi. They        to pray for Attorney General Gon-
unsigned letter of March 13 is not the first letter to           two stores who’s gas pumps ring up       are all so out of touch with reality    zales or he is going to be yet
SoundOff that has been less than factual. When state-            small amounts of cash before you         and the average American it’s           another victim of the liberal
ments are made that are not true about county, city,             even mash the nozzle? I have com-        scary. And some of the Republi-         Democrats and their cohorts, the
school employees, elected officials and others, they can         plained to the management sev-           cans are just as bad! Looks to me       national media. It is time to pray!
have far reaching effects. If a letter is signed, people         eral times in the last two months        like we need to start electing more
tend to be more accurate and honest. This letter and             asking them to correct the problem       independents like Sen. Joe                  God bless you for that heartfelt
opinions are mine alone, but I do thank Carrie Mae               but have seen no results. I had a        Leiberman. He sure showed them          editorial about the big, fat unnec-
Johnson and Chairperson Rita Woods who also serve on             situation with one of the stores         Democrats with his own re-elec-         essary pay raise our legislators
the NCWSA Board with me. Serving on a board is very              where a 28-cents amount appeared         tion that they ain’t as hot as they     gave themselves. Who do they
often a thankless job with many hours of work and no             on the pump BEFORE I started             like to think they are. Hey, Joe,       think they are? GOD????? It just
salary. Myself and others who serve on boards                    pumping. When I asked the man-           are you running for PREZ next           don’t make no sense to me.
throughout this county do it simply because we care              ager to reset the pump they told         year? I would vote for you!
about our communities and want to give back.                     me they would not. I said I wasn’t                                                    I wonder how the business
                                                Bo Boykin        going to pay for gas I didn’t get            I just wanted to applaud you,       community of Pennington could
                                                                 and I got in my car and drove off.       Mrs. Campbell, for having the guts      have been blindsided by this ruling
     America has achieved a greatness never attained by          So, Sheriff, if you are looking for      to propose that School Board mem-       if they were the responsible citi-
any other nation in the history of the world. She has also       the person that drove off “owing”        bers consider giving up their           zens they need to be? This is just
attained a distinction no other nation has held or will          28 cents, I’m the culprit. I’d bet if    salaries as a goodwill gesture to       the tip of the iceberg across our
ever hold.                                                       those pumps were showing 28              help save the jobs of those custo-      county, state and nation, of rul-
     That distinction is that more of her citizens are           cents LESS for each purchase             dians whose jobs are in jeopardy.       ings that are going to blindside cit-
actively participating in treason than has ever hap-             something would be done immedi-          Those custodians really need their      izens who do not take their civic
pened in any other nation. I would like to believe that          ately! Do the math … 28 cents per        jobs, and their services are des-       responsibilities seriously. I think
the participants are ignorant of the fact that they are          gas sale times how many sales a          perately needed by the schools. If      the outcry should be just as loud at
traitors but even if they are there is no excuse for their       day? That’s a lot of money in a          the board members do fire those         the state level for even passing
treason. Every person who writes, talks on TV or Radio,          year’s time! I am warning people to      custodians and fail to relinquish       such ridiculous laws, but who even
or participates in antiwar protests is filling the terrorists    CHECK THE AMOUNT ON THE                  their salaries, I would expect to       knew that the Legislature had
with exceeding joy and in effect saying to them, “Keep           PUMP BEFORE YOU MASH THE                 see those five people with brooms       passed this ruling? Who was
killing our troops”.                                             NOZZLE!                                  and mops in hand every day at the       involved in fighting this law? Who
     If the traitors in congress are successful in pulling           (ED. NOTE: The Weights and           schools in their districts to help      even knows what our Legislators
our troops out of Iraq, within six months or less the ter-       Measures Section of the Alabama          with clean-up chores.                   are doing in Montgomery? Who
rorists will hit America with such a destructive blow it         Department Of Agriculture and                                                    even cares? In the article the
will make 9/11 look like a July 4th celebration. Anyone          Industries is responsible for                I am one of the skateboarders       phrase “infrastructure” was men-
who says that there were no WMDs in Iraq is a liar. I            enforcing weights and measures           and I want to know what they did        tioned repeatedly. “Infrastructure”
have talked to many of our military that have been in            laws by inspecting weights, gaso-        with all of our stuff at the tennis     is equivalent to, “higher taxes”, or
Iraq one or more times. One of them told me that he per-         line pumps, grocery store scales,        courts in Gilbertown? I don’t know      “higher fees”. The people need to
sonally saw 17 bunkers filled with WMDs.                         large vehicle scales, and other          why they wouldn’t just call one of      keep their eyes and ears open to
                                           Edwin J. Slaten       measuring devices for accuracy to        us and tell us to come and get it.      such jargon. Not every small
                                                                 ensure that consumers are getting        We were the ones who cleaned up         town’s success is judged by its
                                                                 their money’s worth. You can con-        the tennis court in the first place     infrastructure or its growth in
     Tommy                                                       tact the department at 334-240-          we put those garbage cans up there
                                                                                                          to throw away the trash. And why
                                                                                                                                                  businesses or population. Small
                                                                                                                                                  town America is a great place to
From page 5-A                                                    7133, or 334-240-7130 to report
                                                                 your problem. You can also log onto      would we trash something we             live. Every town’s goal should not
                                                                 their website at www.agi.ala-            cleaned up? We put in a lot of          be who can get the biggest grants
Sweep is a county-wide effort to give our county a new           bama.gov. — Tommy.)                      money in the stuff you took from        from Montgomery or Washington,
“face” in time for Easter, and if every single one of us                                                  the tennis courts, and I think we       but feeling the heartbeat of the
were to get out and pick up just one bag of trash,                   I am originally from Choctaw         should get it back. We weren’t          people and using that as their
imagine what a difference it would make.                         County and have served on my             hurting anyone until some other         guide to planning for the future.
    The Choctaw Co. Commission has agreed to pro-                local school board here in west          people came up there and tipped         Pennington businesses need to
vide plastic bags for the pickup, and will be placing            Texas for 15 years. I attend two         over the trash cans and you             stop the bellyaching, stay informed
dump trucks at various places throughout the county as           meetings a month and am paid             blamed it on us. So will the person     and stay involved! Citizens of
“drop off” locations for people to bring their bags of col-      only mileage expenses. As a result,      who has all of our stuff please call    Choctaw County don’t need to com-
lected trash. Terry Kelley, with the Choctaw Regional            my “pay” is about $37-$40 a              me so I can get it back if you          plain about decisions that munici-
Landfill and Arrow Waste Disposal, will also be placing          month. Maybe Alabama needs to            haven’t thrown it away?                 palities or boards pass if they are
large, commercial-size dumpsters at several locations for        make service on Boards of Educa-                                                 not going to attend meetings and
this purpose as well. (By the way, when you see Probate          tion totally voluntary and without            I am amazed at the opinions        get involved. At the same time,
Judge D’Wayne May, Commissioners Dandy Brown,                    financial remuneration except for        about school uniforms. I am a           municipalities and commissions
C.D. “Budd” Ruffin, Clyde Dixon and Henry Lovette, and           actual,        receipt-documented        mother of three and I know how          deserve every repercussion they
Terry, be sure to thank them for all of their help and           expenses, as ours is here. Just one      expensive life can be. However, I       get if they are not going to be
cooperation.)                                                    man’s humble opinion. My people          fail to see why there is such a con-    responsible in the way they go
    I would like to ask all of you who are planning to           are all from the Needham area and        flict about school uniforms. Khakis     about making significant changes
have a pick-up day in your community to call the Sun             I do enjoy keeping up with the           are khakis and shirts are shirts        when it becomes obvious that they
and tell us what area you will be working in so that our         hometown news in the Sun and             regardless where they are bought.       are trying to slip one by the people
news team can come by and snap some pictures.                    appreciated what Miss Dee Ann            Of all the SoundOff comments I          instead of being forthright, honest
    If you need bags, contact the County Commissioner            had to say in her column this            have read, my heart was truly           and make every effort to let their
in your district. Mid Star Timber has generously donated         week.                                    blessed this week as I read the         citizenry know what is going on,
five dozen brightly colored T-shirts for volunteers to                                                    article from “the young Christian       thus the idea of publishing the
wear, and those will be available as long as they last.              The education of the children        guy”. As a parent I believe we need     minutes, or having a report pub-
MidStar is also donating 2,500 small litter bags for             in Choctaw County is in the hands        to remember that our children           lished in the newspaper is so eth-
people to use in their vehicles. Billy and Pam May have          of some of the most qualified pro-       already have to face enough temp-       ical! Find out what is going on in
donated a box containing almost 100 bright “hunter               fessionals          anywhere. The        tation in this world, wouldn’t we       your community, state and nation,
orange” safety vests, and those have been distributed to         teachers, administrators and staff       rather not have to worry about our      and don’t be pointing the finger if
several groups that have already registered their intent         are willing to give of their free time   children being looked at in a nega-     you choose to not be a RESPON-
to participate in the day. Others have said they intend to       generously. They work diligently         tive way? I believe that if we spent    SIBLE CITIZEN!
purchase – at their own expense – more vests, t-shirts,          to develop lessons that most other       as much time and energy on things
water and snacks for volunteers, and to use their vehi-          students would love to experience.       that will protect our children and          I plan to see that some of our
cles to travel around and pick up bags of trash and              However these lessons often fall         help raise them with Godly morals       legislative crew don’t get to go back
transport them to the drop-off points. Several students          on deaf ears. Without effort by          and beliefs, that the world we are      for another four years of taking
have also volunteered to give up that morning of their           most students and full support           raising them in wouldn’t be such a      advantage of me and the rest of
spring break week to help, too. It means a lot and I just        from the parents the hard work of        scary place. So I wanted to say         us taxpayers. This is a personal
wanted to thank all of you for whatever you are doing to         the staff is useless. To improve the     thank you to the young man who’s        PROMISE to Mr. Lindsey, Mr.
help with this clean-up effort.                                  schools, we parents must become          heart is in the right place and to      Keahey, Mr. Singleton and Mr.
    On a final note, if you are out driving Saturday,            fully active in the education and        all the parents, lets show our chil-    Jackson … enjoy the next three
please SLOW DOWN because there will be several                   discipline of the children of our        dren that there are more impor-         years, boys, because in the next
groups out there and we don’t want any of the volunteers         county. To do this, try attending        tant things to focus our hearts on      election I will see to it that every
to become a victim of someone’s speed or careless                all P.T.O. meetings, making your         rather than the clothes they wear       one of you has somebody running
driving.                                                         child show you all of his/her home-      or where those clothes came from.       against you. I may even run
    We’ll see ya’ll out there on the roadsides this Sat-         work every night, make him/her                                                   myself.
urday morning!                                                   teach you something new he/she                I want to thank you for the
                                                                 learned that day. We must                stand you took on those ridiculous          Them legislators ought to be
                                                                 remember the often used philos-          raises that our legislators voted to    ashamed of themselves! My
                                                                                                          give themselves. It makes me so         daughter is a young widow who is
     Dee Ann                                                     ophy of business people, “If you
                                                                 always do what you always did you        mad that they can run around here       struggling to raise three children
From page 5-A                                                    will always get what you always          telling us how they are SOOOOO          on a waitress’ pay. If it wasn’t for
                                                                 got.” The children need not only         concerned and anxious to go to          me and her mama she couldn’t
jobs become jeopardized.                                         the dedication of educators but          Montgomery and do something             even buy food for those kids. She
     I also do not apologize for proposing the idea for a        also the dedication of parents as        good for our county, and then turn      won’t make the kind of money
voluntary, non-compensated board – an idea that has, no          well.                                    around and kick us in the teeth         TOTAL that they gave themselves
doubt, worked for such entities as the E-911 Board, the                                                   with such a selfish act like this. We   in a raise in TWO YEARS time.
Parks and Recreations Board, the Ambulance Board, and                I have tried several times in        in the African-American commu-          They make me SICK, do you hear
many Boards of Education within this state and across            the last week to contact my senator      nity must unite against this injus-     me? SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! Tommy
the country.                                                     and house member about those             tice! Let us show these legislators     Campbell, I want to thank you for
     But I do apologize if my opinion offended those             raises they gave themselves. So          that we need officials in Mont-         that FINE piece you wrote in the
whom I have much respect for. Nowhere in my editorial            far neither has called me back and       gomery who serve the PEOPLE             Sun. I can tell you this, it has sure
did I so much as hint that the BOE does not work hard,           I don’t really expect them to. That’s    who elected them and not THEM-          opened my eyes as a voter.
that it does not put effort into its actions, that it is not a   allright. The next election is only      SELVES. In my opinion, they have
viable entity that deserves respect for difficult, often         three years down the road. I can         let me and every voter in this dis-         To Dee Ann, thank you so
under-appreciated work.                                          hardly wait!                             trict down.                             much for laying it on the line about
     On the contrary, the sheer difficulty of the proposed                                                                                        the board members’ salaries. I
Recovery Plan is enough to show that the BOE is under                I serve on a local board that            Please, please, please DO NOT       think they do a pretty good job
pressure from all sides. I understand that, and I respect        deals with millions of dollars in        take the Instructional Aides away       overall, but the truth is, they all
it. In fact, I have seen the Board of Education take hits        funds and personnel issues. I            from the special needs children         have full-time jobs. They get full-
in many situations – and many of those hits were defi-           attend one to two meetings a             who so desperately need them in         time pay from those other jobs.
nitely undeserved and unwarranted. I’ve seen some of             month and put a lot of miles on          order to acquire an appropriate         Those janitors would have no other
them stand up to pressure from decisions made that               my car going to different functions      education! Teachers in this county      job if they are fired. They NEED
were unpopular but necessary, and I have seen one of             both inside and outside of the           have 20+ students in the class-         their jobs. Bless the Sun and bless
those board members in particular bear the brunt of              county. I have never asked for nor       room. There is no way that a            you for caring for those of us who
standing for what he felt was right, even though others          received one penny in pay for what       teacher can give the children with      feel like we do not have a voice.
did not agree. And for that, I have the utmost respect for       I do. I pay for my own gas, too.         special needs the individual, one-      The Sun is a wonderful paper.
them and for what they do for our school system.                 Food for thought.                        on-one attention that they need.
     But I also stand behind my right to have my opinion,                                                 They deserve an appropriate edu-
to stand up and say something that may not be popular,
something that I myself feel is a viable option, even
though others may not agree.
     And I stand beside the premise that there are
enough sacrifices to go around, sacrifices that may have
                                                                                                              Note to readers
to be shared by everyone – from top to bottom.                        We appreciate readers opinions and while we print as many SoundOffs as we can each week, we
     (NOTE: When quoting the salaries of school board               receive so many that it is just not possible to print all of them. Please know that we do read each one
members last week, I used figures that were given to me
by three separate sources who were all in agreement                  and we thank you for your enthusiastic participation in this feature. The First Amendment to the
about the $900 salary. The corrected figure, however, is             Constitution of the United States guarantees you the right to express your opinions, as well as this
$800 per month per board member, for a total of $4,000               newspaper’s right to print those opinions. Thank you again and please keep on SOUNDING OFF!
per month and $48,000 per year.)

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