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									                                   REGISTRATION FAQs
                               (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                         Fall 2006

Welcome to Long Beach City College! This FAQ list has been compiled to assist you with
questions that you may have during the walk through registration process. If your question is
not addressed in this FAQ, please ask one of the LBCC staff members for assistance. LBCC
staff members assisting with registration will be wearing “ASK ME” buttons and/ or red vests
or call (562) 938-4485.

1. When can I register for classes at LBCC?
You can register for classes beginning Monday, August 14 to Friday August 25

         LIBERAL ARTS CAMPUS (LAC)                               PACIFIC COAST CAMPUS (PCC)
         Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM                   Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
         Friday, August 25: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM                   Friday, August 25: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

         NOTE: Registration will be closed on Friday August 18 at both campuses.
         August 18 : Student Services Offices (Financial Aid, Counseling; EOPS; Transfer, etc.) will be open
         from 2:00 to 4:30 PM. The Cashiers office will be open in N104 from 8 AM – 4 PM for payment of
         registration fees only.

2. Where do I go to register for classes?
You can register at the following locations at each campus:
       Liberal Arts Campus (LAC):                   Student Center in Building E
       Pacific Coast Campus (PCC):                  Student Center in the EE Building
       Online (
       Phone Registration: (562) 938-4700

3. What do I need to do to get registered?

         STEP 1: Apply to Attend LBCC by Completing the Application
          Complete an application online @ OR
          Complete a paper application provided in the Schedule of Classes or in the registration
          Financial Aid: LAC-A105: (562)938-4257 or PCC-AA133 (562)938-3955

         STEP 2: Get a Student ID Number and PASSWORD (for new students)
          In person at the registration area or at Admissions & Records (Photo ID needed) OR
          Call (562) 938-4485

         STEP 3: Select Courses
          Have you taken the assessment tests?                  LAC-W122 (562)938-4049
           Have you met with a Counselor?                       LAC-A163: (562)938-4670 or PCC GG100:
             Have you met the course prerequisites? Check college catalogue

         STEP 4: Register Online for Classes @

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                                 REGISTRATION FAQs
                             (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                       Fall 2006

         STEP 5: Pay All Fees Owed
          Go to Cashiers Office (Registration area) OR
          Pay online with a Visa or Master Card (you will need your login and password) OR
          Pay by phone (562)938-4700

         STEP 6: Student Body Photo
          After you have paid for a College Services Card (Student ID Card) & health fees,
         You can take your photo in the Student Center (LAC E105 or PCC EE157)

         STEP 7: Buying Books
          On campus at ASB Bookstore OR
          Order books online @

4. Are there any information sessions available to explain the registration process?
Yes, Video Information Sessions (approximately 45 minutes long) will be playing at both campuses in
the registration area.

5. I forgot my student ID or Password, what do I do?
You can get your student ID or password on campus in person (Photo ID needed) at the Admissions
Office OR by calling (562) 938-4485.

6. Where can I pay my fees?
You can pay your fees during the registration period on campus (See #2) OR pay online with a credit
card (you will need your login, student ID and password)

7. I have a fee waiver. I should not owe anything. Why do I still have an amount due?
The waiver only covers the enrollment fee. You must pay for the college service card, student health
fee, parking fees and any material fee required for the class you registered to attend.

8. There is a “hold” on my account. What do I do?
If the hold is for fees owed, go directly to cashier to pay.

9. Can I register for classes before I apply for financial aid?
Yes. You can go to financial aid after you register for classes.

10. Can I register for my classes before I pay what I owe from previous semesters?
No, you will not be able to register for classes until you have paid all fees owed from previous
semesters. Please go to the cashier to pay.

11. Where can I get a printed receipt?
You can obtain a printed receipt from your online student account or from any of the Open Access
Labs on Campus.

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                                REGISTRATION FAQs
                            (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                      Fall 2006

Open Access Computer Labs             Liberal Arts Campus            Pacific Coast Campus
August 14th- 17th from                L206 & L207                    GG113
7:00 AM to 8:45 PM                    7:00 AM to 10:00 PM            8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Student Success Transfer/ Services Center
Mon.-Wed. (8:00 am– 7:00pm)           LAC: A151 (562)938- 4670       PCC: GG100 (562) 938– 3920
Thurs. (8:00am-5:00pm)
Fri. (8:00am-4:30pm)

12. How much is the student health fee?
The health fee for fall 2006 is $14. You must pay this fee when you register for classes.
If you are not sure if you qualify for a waiver, please check with the LBCC registration staff member.

13. What are Material Fees?
Certain classes that you registered for required an instructional materials fee to be paid at the time of
registration. Materials fees are listed under each class in the class schedule.

14. How can I meet with a counselor?
 Express counseling (10 minute appointments) will be available during certain hours of the
    registration period. You can also make a 30 minute counseling appointment by calling
                LAC: (562) 938-4670 or 4561               PCC: (562)938-3920
    During the hours of Monday - Wednesday 8 AM – 7 PM; Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM; Friday 8 AM –
    4:30 PM.
 Online Counseling is also available at:

15. I don’t know what classes to register for, how can I get help?
You can talk to a counselor during an express counseling session in the Counseling Office.
LAC-A163 or PCC-GG100

16. I have not met the prerequisite for my class at LBCC, what do I do?
If you have taken the class at another school, you must show us your transcripts or a report card as
proof that you took the prerequisite somewhere else before you are allowed to register for the class.
We must keep a copy of your transcripts or report card in your file so please bring official copies to the
Registrar or Associate Registrar to be placed in your file.

17. I want to challenge a course prerequisite, where do I go?
You can get the prerequisite challenge form from the registration area or the admissions office. You
will need to have the department head sign off on the form. You will then need to take the signed
form back to the registration area to register for your class.

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                                  REGISTRATION FAQs
                              (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                        Fall 2006

18. Where do I sign up for assessment?
Please call (562)938-4670 for information or go online to and select a date. You must
have a student ID to sign up for an assessment.

19. I do not have any results or scores of my assessment tests that I took here.
You can ask the registration staff to see if they can locate your scores. If your placement scores have
not been posted, you will need to contact the assessment office for assistance. (562)938-4670

20. Does LBCC accept assessment scores from other schools?
No, we are unable to accept assessment scores from other schools. Please see #18 to sign up for an
assessment test.

21. I have questions about Financial Aid. Where do I go?
Go to the Financial Aid office located on each campus: LAC in A105; PCC in AA133. Office hours are
Monday – Thursday 7 AM – 7:30 PM; Friday 8 AM – 4:30 PM. The Financial Aid office is also open on
Saturday August 19 & 26 from 7:30am AM to 1 PM.

LAC - During the registration period, there is also a Financial Aid information kiosk by the vending machine area
near the bookstore (outside the Student Center). Staff will be available to assist you with your questions about
financial aid.

22. What is the College Services Card (also known as the ASB Card) Fee? How much is it?
The College Services Card with the validation sticker, allows you to check-out items at the library, use
the open-access computer labs, apply for LBCC scholarships, a 5% discount at the bookstore, book
buy-back, purchase bus passes or money orders on campus and many more services. This Card also
serves as your official student ID. The fee for the Card is $20 and is optional.

23. What are my options for paying for the College Services Card Fee (ASB Card)?
All students must either: a) pay the fee, b) obtain a loan from ASB (Associate Student Body), OR c)
obtain a “Surrender of Benefits” from the ASB.

24. I just need to pay my ASB Loan, where do I go?
If you are just paying the Loan you owe to the ASB, please let a registration staff person know and
they will direct you to the line for the ASB representative in the Cashier area.

25. Where can I get my Student ID?
Your ID will be given to you “on the spot”, after your photo is taken. At LAC you go to the” INFO”
counter on the middle level of the College Center and at PCC you go to the “blue counter” next to the
Game Room in the Student Center.

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                                REGISTRATION FAQs
                            (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                      Fall 2006

26. Where can I get my Parking Permit?
You can purchase a parking permit during registration. The parking fee for Fall 2006 is $25 and allows
you to park a car or motorcycle in campus lots designated for students. Parking without a valid
parking permit on campus will result in a parking ticket issued by the Long Beach Police Department.
The current parking ticket fine is $37.

27. I registered online or over the telephone. How do I get my parking permit?
A parking permit will be mailed to your home. Please make sure Admissions & Records has your
current mailing address.

28. What if I just need to buy a Parking pass/permit only, do I still have to stand in line?
Please let one of the registration staff know that you only need to purchase a parking pass/permit and
you will be allowed to proceed directly to the line for the cashier. You can also pay online with a Visa
or Mastercard (credit card). If you paid within the past week, please be patient as you payment is
probably being processed.

If a student is looking for their College Service Card or Parking they paid for online or by phone and
have not received, proceed directly to cashiering.

If the student has paid within the last week, please be patient as their payment is being processed.

29. Where can I get a print out of my class schedule?
You can access your class schedule via the internet for any computer. You may also use a computer
in the Open Access Labs (see # 11 & #33) to view and/or print out your class schedule.
The computers available in the registration areas are limited to registration activities only.

30. Where can I check my email?
You can view your email, complete a transfer application or take care of additional registration
transactions at any of the Open Access Labs.

Open Access Computer Labs             Liberal Arts Campus           Pacific Coast Campus
August 14th- 17th from                L206 & L207                   GG113
7:00 AM to 8:45 PM                    7:00 AM to 10:00 PM           8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Student Success Transfer/ Services Center
Mon.-Wed. (8:00 am– 7:00pm)           LAC: A151 (562)938- 4670      PCC: GG100 (562) 938– 3920
Thurs. (8:00am-5:00pm)
Fri. (8:00am-4:30pm)

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                                REGISTRATION FAQs
                            (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                      Fall 2006

31. Where can I buy books for my classes?
You may buy books on campus at the Bookstore OR purchase books Online @

32. How can I register for more than 18 units? I want to take more than the allowed 18 unit
    load. How do I get this changed?
You need to go to a counselor or the counseling office and fill out an overload petition. Once the
department approves the petition, you will bring your paper copy back to the registration area and
register. This could take a few days. Check with the counseling office.

33. I am not 18 years old and I am attending a high school. Can I register for a class here?
You must complete a “High School Concurrent Enrollment Fee Waiver” form before you can attend
LBCC. This form must be signed by the parents of the student and the high school principal.

34. I want to sign up for classes that have schedules that overlap if my teacher promises to let
    me leave one of the classes early? How do I do this?
You cannot sign up for classes with overlapping schedules. There are no exceptions to this rule.

35. I am a military dependent of someone who was just stationed in California. This is not our
    home of record. What do I do?
You will need to get a “Military Dependent form” from the Registrar or Associate Registrar and have it
signed by your spouse’s commanding officer to waive state residency requirements.

36. How do I find out the content of a course and what is being taught in the course?
There is a brief description of the content of each course in our course catalog. You could also talk to
someone in that department.

37. I have not attended LBCC for a few years and I am on academic dismissal. What do I do?
Go to the admissions office and apply to be readmitted.

38. Can I take a course again (repeat a course I have already taken) to get a higher grade in it?
There are certain rules regarding repeating a class. You can look at the catalog for the detailed
information or see a staff member in the registration area or the admissions office.

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                                 REGISTRATION FAQs
                             (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                       Fall 2006

Admissions & Records:             Bank (Student):              Bookstore:
LAC L142 (562) 938-4136           LAC A183 (562) 938-4764      LAC A187 (562) 938-4225
PCC AA125 (562) 938-3944          PCC EE153A (562) 938-3009    PCC EE153 (562) 938-3010

CalWORKS:                         Cashiers:                    Career & Job Services Center:
PCC EE162 (562) 938-3242          LAC (562) 938-4977           LAC L102 (562) 938-4283
                                  PCC (562) 938-3957           PCC AA128 (562) 938-3916

Counseling:                       Disabled Student Programs & Services:
LAC A Coun. (562) 938-4561        LAC A119 (562) 938-4558
PCC GG100 (562) 938-3920          PCC AA119 (562) 938-3921

EOPS/CARE:                        Financial Aid:               International Student Office:
LAC A108 (562) 938-4273           LAC A105 (562) 938-4257      LAC O100 (562) 938-4745
PCC AA120 (562) 938-3951          PCC AA133 (562) 938-3955

Learning & Academic Resources:    Leaders Across Campus        Library:
LAC L117 (562) 938-4474           (Mentoring Program):         LAC L-Building (562) 938-4474
                                  LAC A128 9562) 938-4236      PCC GG200       (562) 938-3002

Math Lab:                         Matriculation               Men & Women’s Center:
LAC D103 (562) 938-4476           (Assessment & Orientation): PCC DD142 (562) 938-3987
                                  LAC W122 (562) 938-4049

President’s Ambassadors:          Project LAUNCH:              PUENTE:
LAC W153 (562) 938-4847           PCC AA121 (562) 938-3201     LAC A173 (562) 938-4262

Senior Center:                    Scholarship Office:           Student-Athlete Success Center:
PCC AA114 (562) 938-3048          LAC I Building (562) 938-4083 LAC W142 (562) 938-4710

Student Health & Psychological    Student Life:                Student Success/
Services:                         LAC E213 (562) 938-4552      Transfer Services Center:
LAC Q124 (562) 938-4210           PCC EE157 (562) 938-3984     LAC A151 (562) 938- 4670
PCC AA104 (562) 938-3992                                       PCC GG100 (562) 938– 3920

Veteran’s Affairs:                Writing & Reading Center:
PCC AA122 (562) 938-3929          LAC L149 (562) 938-4520
                                  PCC GG200 (562) 938-3991

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