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									Following our objective to help the people from Latin America and Europe, we
have compiled following links that corresponds to the best companies (more
serious) that pay advertising to the users to receive email.


1. Before we must aclararte that YOU WILL NOT BE MILLIONAIRE, only by
receive e-mails; on the other hand, that is a good option when you have time, at
least once to the week, to check your e-mails and win a few dollars for that
reason. In addition, is better when you have a limitless access to Internet, because
when you need pay your connection per hours or minutes, is not profitable.

2. For register, you must use a true direction of e-mail. We recommended that
you open an account in some program of free-mail, to receive this type of mail,
and to separate them of your personal and/or work mail.

4. Most of this kind of companies also pay to you by referred that you do, that is
to say, the people who you manage to catch for them programs. For example, if
you do that some of your friends do the register and they put you like reference,
you will receive a percentage of gains by e-mails that they receive.

4. In all the companies this PROHIBITED TO DO SPAM. By any attempt to do
Spam or raude, the user is retired of the service and loses all the accumulated
gains until that moment.

5. In order to enter these programs you must be of legal age. Each person can
register once single in each program

6. Generally these programs cancel your gains to you by means of a check in
US$, that send you to the direction which you indicate. (For Europe some also
cancel in EUROS)

companies present in them contracts.

8. Europanas only fulfills informing about this way to make extra money in
Internet, but in no case, we are representing of the companies that we display
here, and we do not become people in charge of problems or disadvantages that
the user has when subscribing in some of them.

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