Hiking Hiking By Katie Muldowney I chose this topic by dfhdhdhdhjr


By Katie Muldowney
  I chose this topic because…
Because I love to hike
  -one place where I can completely relax
  - I also love wearing bandanas, but my friends won’t let me
  at school ; )

My Family just moved to Park City, UT

Most of the things I want to do in the next few years involve
 some sort of outdoor adventure program
      - Two of my best friends have done NOLS programs—
 some of the most intensive outdoor wilderness training in
 the world
•   What did I not have problems with?
•   The applet…
•   Time Managment
    – I’m still not fully organized…
       • I have buttons in places I didn’t even know I had them
• At first I had trouble with the background
    – Forgot about the Frames option
                WHAT I LEARNED

• I have the Frames page down to an art
• Successfully upload pictures/videos
• That building a website is not necessarily as
  hard as I’ve made it out to be this semester
• Organization is crucial
• That, although I may never truly be computer
  literate, I’m definitely a whole lot more
  fluent than I was before
 While I have no intentions of living in the
   woods for the rest of my life, or—as my
   friends call it—be a granola—I consider
hiking my passion because it is the one place
where I am totally at peace. I’ve always been
inclined towards outdoors activities, which I
owe in large part to my dad, but it is not until
my family moved from North Carolina to Park
 City that my fondness for hiking fermented
           into a venue of serenity.
            What’s on my site?
•   Excel
•   Powerpoint
•   Proposal
•   Things I want to do
•   Cool Websites
•   A Photo Gallery
•   My Cat
•   Park City
•   Videos
     Link to Site
• ..\pages\Homepage.html

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