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Ph: +91 8147021576 | E-Mail:

      Worked as a Linux System Administrator in IBM from Feb 2011 to Oct
      Worked as a Linux System Administrator at Syntel Technology’s from
       Jan 2010- Feb 2011.

Experience Summary:
      About 2 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Management.
      Expertise    on   Linux    Administration.   It   comprises   of   monitoring,
       management, support and troubleshooting.
      Worked on Linux troubleshooting which includes Disk checks, CPU
       performance monitoring and permission related issues.
      Actively Monitoring server’s performance through Tivoli and working on
       Incidents tickets as per the SLA limits and actively participated in Daily
       Incident review meeting with the clients.
      Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skill set:
    Operating Systems        :   RH-Linux 5.x, Sun Solaris 10 & Windows-XP.

      Web Server             :   Apache 2.x.

      Ticketing Tools        :   Remedy, Maximo.

      Monitoring Tool        :   Tivoli 6.x.

      Collection Tool        :   SRM (Server Resource Monitoring).

Educational Qualifications:

      B.Sc .Computer Science - 2009 from Osmania University.

Trainings Attended:

      Sun Solaris-5.10 (SCSA-1) System Administration.
      Apache-2.x Web server Administration.
      IBM Tivoli-6.x Monitoring Tool.

Work Experience:

Organization: IBM
Designation: System Administrator
Tenure: Feb-2011 to Oct-2011

Client: Bank of Ireland
Role: Level-2 Administrator
Team size: 12
Domain: Banking & Finance
Ph: +91 8147021576 | E-Mail:

Roles and Responsibilities:
    Experience in Performance Monitoring.

       Monitoring Server processes using ps, top, Vmstat; reviewing logs for
      Experience in Creating file systems in Linux.

      Configuration and Managing the usage of disk space.

      User Administration–create/ Delete/ Modify/lock and unlock user.
      Perform troubleshooting, Install and query and remove software packages
       with RPM.
      Provide the Sudo access for the user.
      Set the jobs with crontab &at For Daily Activates.
      Configure And Maintain The Raid Level 1: Mirroring.
      Creating volume groups, physical volumes and logical volumes using
       vgcreate, pvcreate and lvcreate.

Technical Skill:

      Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
      Managing and Maintaining the Users and Groups.
      Managing File Permissions.
      Maintain Disk Partition.
      Implementing Logical Volumes, LVM Reduce, Extended and Disk Quotas.
      Implementing Access Control Lists.
      Implementing, Managing NFS, Samba, Apache.
      Implementing, Managing Iptable, DNS.

Personal Details:

   Name                      :       Venkatrao.Nukala
   Passport No               :       J7889139.
   Languages known           :       English and Telugu.


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