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									Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy has been used for centuries. In fact, there are so many of them around with the
purpose of encouraging healing by promoting blood flow, relieving tension, stimulating nerves as well as
stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic. Read on further to find out
what are the other massage therapy benefits.

Massage therapy is beneficial because it reduces waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid that
builds up after an activity which causes cramping, discomfort and irritability that can happen after
working out at the gym. By working with a therapist, he or she will be able to enhance your immune
system and aid in the recovery of the tissues by increasing blood circulation in the affected areas.

If you are ill, massage therapy dilates and opens up blood vessels, improves circulation and relieves
congestion. It also increases the number of red blood cells for those who are anemic.

Massage therapy also acts as a mechanical cleanser pushing along the lymph and hastening the
elimination of wastes and toxic debris. It also helps to eliminate edema or dropsy of the extremities.

It also increases blood supply and nutrition to the muscles without adding to the load of toxic acid
produced by muscle contraction. This helps you overcome harmful fatigue resulting from strenuous
exercise or injury.

This will also improve muscle tone and prevent or delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced
inactivity. It can also relax muscle spasms and relieve tension.

Massage to some extent compensates for lack of exercise or muscular contraction especially for those
who are recovering from an injury by returning venous blood to the heart and at the same time eases
the strain on this vital organ.

Depending on the type of massage therapy given, some people may feel sleepy, stimulated or

Some forms of massage therapy are able to separate muscle fibers and undo or prevent the formation
of adhesions. It also stretches the connective tissue which all helps reduce the danger of fibroids.

Believe it or not, massage may burst the fat capsule in the subcutaneous tissue so that the fat exudes
and becomes absorbed. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, this can help the person lose

Massage therapy also increases the excretion of fluids via the kidney, nitrogen, inorganic phosphorous
and salt in normal individuals. But for those who are injured, it does the exact opposite because these
are needed for tissue repair.

Studies have shown that massage therapy improves the general circulation and nutrition of joints and
hastens the elimination of harmful particles in the synovial fluid. It helps lessen inflammation and
swelling of the joints thereby alleviating pain.
It also disperses the derma following injury to ligaments and tendons, lessening pain and facilitates

Massage therapy improves the general circulation and nutrition of tissues often accompanied by an
increase interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells thus heightening tissue

This type of therapy also empties the larger ducts and channels of the body thereby decreasing the auto
intoxication resulting from re-absorption of toxic materials in these channels due to constipation or

There are so many benefits with regards to massage therapy which is why almost everyone needs it. If
you haven’t found a favorite yet, you can try one style this week and then another next week to how
different they are from the other.

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