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					                              TEA AREA TITANS FOOTBALL
                                       January 2011

                       COACHES CORNER

Titan Football Players & Parents,

       Welcome to Titan Football 2011! I am just going to give you some information on
what has been going on with Titan Football since the 2010 season and our awards
potluck has been over. We have numerous football players out for winter sports and
they are listed in this newsletter. It is great to see multi-sport athletes in our school – all
sports need numbers and our athletes need to compete.

       For those of you that are not out for a winter sport, you should be in the
weight room four days a week. I have talked to those of you who have not been in
there and most of you have made an attempt to get in and lift. This shows us coaches
that our football team is important to you and that you are willing to work to make
yourself a better athlete. We cannot wait until school is over to start lifting –
THE TIME IS NOW – even if you are out for a winter sport, get in and lift!

      (Michael Jordan lifted weights 3 times a week during the basketball season,
             including the day of a game, and it never threw his shot off).

       I have checked the grades at the end of the semester and you all did a great job.
There were a couple of you, who failed, but I have talked to you and you are working on
your grades with your teachers, so I didn’t start up the study table yet. I will be checking
again weekly and will look at the midterm grades. Parents, remember school
conferences are on Thursday February 3rd.

        Make sure to check out my school website at
for tons of information. Pictures, game stats, rosters, schedules, etc….. are included in
the site. Also, if you have new email address, let me know, so I can put you on our
email list.

     “Championships are won when the stands are empty”

                                              Coach Clayberg & the Titan Football Staff
      ***The Titan Football staff really encourages our players to
go out for other sports. It keeps the players in shape and keeps
them competitive while working as a team. Team camaraderie is
really important, so the more that our players can be together the
better. We would like to recognize those football players who are
out for a winter sport.


                                  Basketball Players
     High School: Hunter Deckert, Tyler Hein, Lucas Ortmeier,
     Corbin Lawler, Jesse Walnofer, Jacob Dancler, Chase Deckert,
     Riley Knutson, Mitchell Nissen, Conner Shaull, Adam Waterman,
     Gunner Ensz, Cooper Hansen, Brett Herr, Zach Kirchner,
     Taylor Roemen, and Tarin Smallfield

     8th Grade: Jayden Buckley, Hunter Irvine, Everett Johnson,
     Thomas Mouw

     7th Grade: Carter Bohaboj, Dallas Gjertson, Zach Gors,
     Jordan Hansen, Tate Hoff, Nate Kocer, Brevin Wagner

     High School: Lance Shaull, Garrett VanMeveren, Chris Kuhl,
     Trayce Ruotsalainen, Quinton Lardy, Michael Peterson, Tyler Phelps,
     Garrett Welsh

     8th Grade: Austin Heien, Jared Morris

     7th Grade: Tanner Fridrich
                       Special Recognition
     SD Junior Honors Choir – Ben Morehead

     January Students of the Month –
     Lance Shaull – 12th, Jesse Walnofer – 11th, Brett Herr – 9th

      Middle School Character Award – Tanner Fridrich

      ***The weight room attendance for each grade is attached to this
email and will be on the football website also. You can see if your son
has been putting in the time to make him and the team better. I think
that the quote below says it all:

   “Never let someone beat
   you simply because they
    were better prepared!”
     We need the whole team in the weight room as much as
possible. It is a very important part of our program!
                  2        Quarter Honor Roll
    The following football players made the 2nd quarter honor roll
   (role of excellence, and the “A” or “B” Honor Roll) Great Job!!!

Seniors: Lucas Ortmeier, Erik Hill, Hunter Deckert, Austin Heaton,
Lance Shaull

Juniors: Jesse Walnofer, Andrew Becker, Corbin Lawler

Sophomores: Jacob Dancler, Nate Schroder, Connor Shaull,
Riley Knutson, Chase Deckert, Chris Kuhl, Mitchell Nissen, Cody Osthus,
Trayce Ruotsalainen, Clayton VanMeveren, Adam Waterman

Freshmen: Gunnar Ensz, Brett Herr, Ben Morehead, Tyler Phelps,
Taylor Roemen, Zach Kirchner, Cooper Hansen, Michael Peterson,
Zane Pickens, Tarin Smallfield, Bryce Steffen, Garrett Welsh

8th Graders: Colin Brown, Jayden Buckley, Everett Johnson, Rio Aguilera,
Austin Heien, Jacob Hill, Enrique SanMiguel

7th Graders: Carter Bohaboj, Zach Gors, Tate Hoff, Brent Baker,
Tanner Fridrich, Dallas Gjertson, Jordan Hansen, Nate Kocer,
Gage Matzen, Brevin Wagner

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