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					Advanced Vehicles

When we think of advanced vehicles it reminds us of speed that a vehicle has and all the newer vehicles that
are coming out with all the modern gadgets and gizmos. Every time we turn the ignition on our vehicle we
are sending a bad sign out into the world and the atmosphere. Scientist have worked rather hard at coming
up with a way that our cars can be safe for our planet. So how is that done?

Advanced fuel systems include energy storage which is the batteries that help power it instead of the fuels,
power electronics, thermal comfort and systems analysis. These fuel systems are constantly being studied
and have made outstanding research and development topics. The main focus on the fuel systems in
advanced vehicles is to find an alternative fuel in order to cut down on pollution and to restore our economy.
We cannot continue buying fuels forever. We need an alternative to fuel. Sometime in the future, fuel will
no longer be available for us to use. Advanced vehicles are designed to make it more efficient to run at top
speeds. Convenience is another advantage to the advanced vehicles.

They plug in and charge instead of running out of fuel and refilling the tank. Running these cars may not
break any records but it can help tremendously knowing that they are running clean. Ultracapacitors are
designed to provide additional power to accelerate for climbing hills. Vehicle power electronics controls the
amount of electricity through the devices. This may be the ignition, DC to DC converters, inverters, and
motor controllers.

Vehicle Thermal comfort is how you control your temperature inside the car. You may have to roll the
windows down or put them up. Turn the heat on or the air conditioning on. No matter what you have to do
this is thermal comfort. The main goal for such an invention is to come up with a vehicle that can get us
where we need to go in the amount of time that we allow ourselves. In the fast paced world that we live in
today, it is hard to find someone who has the time to spend waiting on their vehicles to get repaired or
refueled. That is because we need that vehicle to be up and running when we need it the most. Scientist are
studying the car factor and what it will do for us in the future and what it has done for us in the past. As
they strive to gather more information they can better the way the advanced vehicles have made it through.

Advanced vehicles are on the go and will one day be the car that we decide to buy because that may be our
only choice in the future. When the fuels run dry we will no longer be able to drive what we currently have
now. Though these vehicles do allow some restriction, that will no longer be as we progress into the future
and all the bugs will be worked out.

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