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					                                 Emergency Action Plan

                                    Lenz Tennis Venue

Chain of Command (In Attendance)

   1. Chain of Command during severe or catastrophic injury will be as follows:

           a. EMT/Ambulance (If Present)
           b. Club CPR/First Aid trained member
           c. Public Safety

   2. If EMT/Ambulance is ON SITE at time of injury, he/she will take command

   3. If EMT/Ambulance is NOT ON SITE at time of injury, Sport Clubs CPR/First
      Aid trained member will take command

   4. If Sport Clubs CPR/First Aid certified members are NOT ON SITE, then the next
      person on the chain of command is in charge

Emergency Personnel

For all practices and matches Club CPR/First Aid certified member will be present.

Emergency Communication

Club CPR/First Aid certified member will access EMS/public safety using cell phone or
campus phone. Notify Public Safety and UHS for all medical transports to McCosh or

Emergency Equipment on Site

No emergency equipment will be located at venue. AED is located in Baker Rink on
wall near entrance at North-East corner of building or provided by Public Safety

Access to Venue

To access Lenz tennis center, take Faculty road to Elm Drive. At 1st circle take a left into
parking lot 23. Lenz Tennis Center is located across the street from parking lots on acess
road to 1952 Stadium
Location of Lightning Shelter

Baker Rink and Public Safety are Lightning Shelters and may be used as a shelter for Poe
Field, Lenz Tennis Center, and 1895 Softball.

Location of Emergency Phones

Cellular Phone (With club members)
Campus Phones:
Blue Light emergency phone (Behind Lenz Center)

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