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					                                               JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:       Digital Content Producer                      JOB NO: 2049

DIVISION:        Britain Marketing Agency –                    DATE EFFECTIVE:
                 Marketing Division
                                                               JOB HOLDER’S SIGNATURE:
REPORTS TO: Digital Content Manager
                                                               DIRECT REPORT’S SIGNATURE:


This role aims to drive the continual development of content across all VisitBritain’s online communications
channels including B2C, B2B and internally to maximise their effectiveness as communication channels and to
champion and take forward content development for VisitBritain.


                                               Marketing Director

                                                 Head of Digital

  Digital Content              Website and CRM                    Social Media                Digital Production
     Manager                      Manager                         Programme                         Editor

  Digital Content                Website and
     Producer                  Online Campaigns

List the essential experience, qualifications, skills and attributes required to do the job to the standard required:

                       SPECIFIC TO JOB                                                       GENERIC

 Proven copywriting experience including solid online and            MOTIVATIONAL
   international experience.                                           Displays high energy and achieves success in
 Educated to degree level in Journalism or similar, higher              others through enthusiasm and drive.
   level degree/qualification preferable.                              Able to achieve buy in from others through
 Extremely high understanding of web writing practices                  pragmatic reasoning and solid knowledge of the
   including language and style, usability, SEO, branding,               subject/field.
   CRM and web delivery.
 Experience in brand tone of voice.                                  PROBLEM SOLVING AND STRATEGIC THINKING
 Experienced in research and development of content ideas             Ability to deal effectively with issues arising from
   and concepts.                                                         key content projects.
 Experience of working with Wordpress.                                Uses a pragmatic approach and the tools and
 Confident and enthusiastic on Twitter and Facebook                     analyses available to devise the appropriate
                                                                         actions to achieve the optimal results.
 Good knowledge of the tourism industry and the UK.
 Proven experience in driving and delivering key metrics.
                                                                      STRONG TEAM PLAYER
 Experience of relationship building.
                                                                       Has a strong ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to
 Strong project and time management skills.                             share and seek information, knowledge, help and
 A second language is preferred.                                        support within the entire organisation.
INITIATIVE / CREATIVITY                                               FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY
 Highly creative and able to generate an environment in               Ability to work on multiple contemporary projects
    which ideas created and realise them into deliverables.            Able to apply a wide variety of skills across a wide
 Seizes opportunities to develop more effective processes to            variety of tasks.
    champion both the customer and the organisation.                   Adapts easily and is comfortable with ambiguity.
 Proactive in seeking out opportunities for innovation and
    enhancement of VisitBritain’s main consumer channels.             TASK ORIENTATION
                                                                       Able to prioritise and to meet tight deadlines.
INTERPERSONAL SKILLS AND COMMUNICATION                                   Excellent attention to detail and good
 Ability to interpret stakeholder/client and user needs into            organisational skills.
    working projects that deliver success.                             Ability to work under pressure and to prioritise
 Excellent interpersonal skills that champion the customer              effectively.
    and the varying perspectives of the overseas markets.              Highly results orientated, willing to go the extra
 Excellent communicator with well developed diplomatic                  mile to realise the benefits of an initiative.
    skills and able to deal with senior level contacts.
 Able to communicative effectively to the VisitBritain               COMPUTER SKILLS
    customer through content.                                          Highly computer and web literate. Excellent MS
                                                                         Office or similar. Good knowledge of CM and
NEGOTIATION SKILLS                                                       CRM systems, understanding of photo editing
 Ability to develop content and industry partnerships both in           and desktop publishing tools.
   the UK and overseas.

                                                                                                                 % Time and
What are the 6-8 key objectives and the targets you have to meet?

Produce content for use across the organisation: Employ specialist copywriting knowledge
combined with knowledge of business requirements to drive the development of VisitBritain’s
international content strategy to ensure that VisitBritain’s key USP continues to be an effective and                 40%
influential source of Britain content. To include: main consumer websites; commercial websites;
campaign websites; newsletters, blogs and social media channels.

Produce content for distribution: Generate content for distribution to commercial partners that
supports VisitBritain’s international marketing strategy and promotes regional content.

Consider and Support Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Lead successful SEO practices
across the organisation to ensure all online content is fully optimised for search engines. Work with                 10%
Head of Digital and SEO agency to lead all SEO content initiatives to meet key traffic targets.

Lead usability of content: Use specialist knowledge of emerging technologies, creative analysis,
effective web writing practices and industry news coupled with research and tone of voice guidelines
to drive usability at the heart of content delivery for VisitBritain’s main consumer websites,
commercial websites, campaign websites and CRM communications to meet key traffic targets.

Act as blogger liaison: Act as a liaison between VB and the team of Superbloggers. Assist in
monitoring and maintaining the Superblog and managing the Superblog schedule.

Deputise: Deputise for the Digital Content Manager to cover any absence periods.                                      10%

Drive networks internally: Drive networks through both own team and other departments to ensure
communication and delivery of key projects and to ensure synergy between customer acquisition,                        5%
customer communications and content development.


 Direct responsibility for a number of key projects or project areas
 Deputise for the Digital Content Manager to cover any absence periods


The major challenge for Visit Britain in the critical area of Content Production (not limited to this role) is to unify
the VisitBritain tone of voice across departments, overseas offices and across media. It will also be a challenge
to break down the conditioned norms within the organisation to what is considered good online copywriting – it
will be necessary challenge accepted content conventions across the organisation and lead VisitBritain on how
to write for online. As part of this the demonstrable deliverables will be:

   A step change in the sharing of best practice to develop an awareness of why the VisitBritain voice needs to
    be developed and how to implement this around the world.
   Attitudinal change across the organisation that challenges conventional writing styles to move to a more
    effective modern style.
   Across the board understanding of the impact effective copy has on our customer and prioritising copy
    development appropriately in all content produced – copy becoming a forethought rather than an

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