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									Florian DELIZY                                                                             23 year old – married
93 rue Championnet                                                                     : (+33).
75018 Paris                                                                      : florian.delizy@unfreeze.net
FRANCE                                                            B Driving License,  Work Rescuer (SST)
                                        Computer Engineer
September 2004                :   - Computer Science Engineering Degree Graduation from UTBM
                                  (University of Technology of Belfort - Montbéliard), I2RV Specialty (Image,
                                  Information and Virtual Reality).
                                  - International Carrier Minor Graduation, Europe Label Graduation.
January 2003 – July 2003      :   Study and Research Exchange, CWU (Central Washington University,
                                  Ellensburg, WA, United States).
July 2001                     :   DEUTEC Graduation (Technology University Studies Degree).
July 1999                     :   Scientific Baccalaureate Graduation Mathematic Specialty, B Pass.

French                        :   Mother tongue
English                       :   Fluent, (February 2002: FCE, TOEIC 870, TOEFL CPTB 243).
                                  6 months foreign exchange in United States
Chinese                       :   Good speaking skills, written notions, 6 months intern in China
Spanish                       :   Notions

Dec. 2004 - …                 :   Téléca Consultant, Mission for Sagem (Velizy), OS Hypervisor Development.

SUMMARY:   Development of an OS Hypervisor for Linux and VxWorks on LX4189.

LANGUAGES                     :   C, Bash, Asembly LX4189 (MIPS32 ISA I)
SYSTEMS                       :   Linux, Solaris
ARCHITECTURES                 :   Fusiv VX200 (ADI), LX4189 core, MIPS32 ISA I
MISC TOOLS                    :   EPI JTAG probes (Majic series)


Téléca Consulting is an international IT services company focused on R&D that develops and integrates
advanced software and information technology solutions. Téléca provides technical assistance missions
(technical assistance in customer sites) as well as packaged projects (projects entirely completed by Téléca).

Dec. 2004 - …                 :   Mission Sagem (technical assistance)

    -   Development of an OS hypervisor allowing one processor to be shared between Linux and VxWorks on the
        “triple-play” residential gateway product line (LiveBox – France Télécom, CBox – Cégétel).
    -   Adaptation/port of Linux 2.4.18 and 2.4.30 kernels on LX4189.
    -   SDK creation for LX4189 (MIPS32 ISA I).
    -   Filesystem generation tools creation.
Oct. 2004 – Dec. 2004         :      ALTRAN Consultant, Mission for Systar SA (St Cloud) Omnivision Server.

SUMMARY: System programming       for Omnivision server product line, server administration.

LANGUAGES                     :      C, Bash, S       QL, Perl
SYSTEMS                       :      Windows (98, 2k, XP), Linux, HPUx, Solaris, AIX
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS             :      GNU, cons
MISC TOOLS                    :      System administration tools of AIX, HPUx, Solaris


Systar SA Company provides computing equipment monitoring and analysis tools. Systar’s solutions are based
on client/server architecture. Server records data sent from client machines to an Oracle Database. Clients
collect and send system activity data. Those data once collected are shown using provided datamining tools.

    -   Existing server port under Linux (system programming and build system review)
    -   Installation and database creation scripts correction (bash, SQL)
    -   Database conversion for Oracle 10G (bash, SQL)
    -   Minor bug corrections
    -   Network and system administration (quality test servers installation and maintenance)

February 2004–July 2004       :      Final Engineering Project for Virtools SA (Paris).

SUMMARY:   OpenGL 3D engine development, CgFX technology integration.

LANGUAGES                     :      C++, C, Assembly x86, HLSL, CgFX
DESIGN METHOD                 :      UML
LIBRARIES                     :      OpenGL, wxWidget, MFC, CgFX, DirectX 9, Virtools SDK
SYSTEMS                       :      Windows (98, 2k, XP), MacOS X
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS             :      Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio .Net, Codewarrior Mac
MISC TOOLS                    :      FrameMaker, The Gimp


Virtools SA provides high technology authoring solutions for creating 3D interactive applications (like video
games, visualization programs for industry, multimedia presentations, etc …), as well as virtual reality oriented
applications (for instance using clusters) mostly reserved to industry usage (customers EDF, Peugeot SA,
Renault …) and research labs.

    -   Development of Virtools Dev new 3D OpenGL engine, integration of latest 3D technologies
        innovations, use of ARB/NV extensions (Vertex Buffer Object, Var & Fences …) for rendering
        optimizations. The engine was multiplatform (Mac/Windows) and compatible with most hardware

    -   Integration of NVIDIA CgFX technology in Virtools Dev authoring software. Design of an abstract
        shader representation allowing use of CgFX library, 3D engine adaptation for use of this concept.
        collaboration with NVIDIA for reporting and correcting CgFX bugs (development of a automated test
        environment for NVIDIA).

    -   Participation to English technical documentation and user manual writing and correcting.
February 2000-July 2002 :          Network Administrator for CROUS Duvillard (Regional Center of
Sept. 2003- February 2004          University and Scholar Works, Belfort 90).

SUMMARY: Computing    equipment management, evolution. Administration tools development and staff training.

LANGUAGES                      :   C++, C, Sh, Rsh, Bash Batch, SQL
DESIGN METHOD                  :   UML, MERISE
LIBRARIES                      :   wxWidget, Standard libraries
SYSTEMS                        :   Windows (98, 2k), Linux
NETWORKS                       :   Ethernet (Rj45, 100BaseT, star networks, HUB/Switchs)
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS              :   Visual C++ 6.0, GNU Tools
MISC TOOLS                     :   Samba, NIS, NFS, LPAdmin, MySQL


CROUS NFC (North Franche Comté) wanted to offer computer services intended to student use, providing
them common software and available machines.

    -   Software managment, installations, network setup (cabling).
    -   System and software setup.
    -   Services setup (Samba, NIS, NFS, printing services, disk sharing, …).
    -   Internet gateway installation and configuration.
    -   Computing equipment management, maintenance, evolution, student needs previewing.
    -   Hardware and software purchase.
    -   Cost evaluation and minimization.
    -   Network security setup and policy creation (iptables …).
    -   Accounting policy creation.
    -   Computer problem solving and reparation.
    -   Windows/Linux server and client interconnectivity setup (Linux server).
    -   Simple administration tools creation (user accounts and policy control)
    -   Design and programming of a security control and monitoring application.
    -   Various CROUS system maintenance (offices desktops, various servers, door access control)
    -   User watching and assisting.
    -   Staff and students training to various software usage.
    -   Successors training to network administration.

July - August 2003             :   Two months MS Access Development, BPATL (Atlantic Popular Bank).

SUMMARY: MS    Access application development.

LANGUAGES                      :   VB, SQL, Regular Expressions
DESIGN                         :   UML, MERISE
SYSTEMS                        :   Windows (98, 2k)
DATABASES                      :   Access, DB2, QMF
MISC TOOLS                     :   Vim, The Gimp


Development of MS Access application used in trade patterns recognition (credit and debit errors matching and
automatic recovery) for the Security and Audit department. Computer problems solving for the service and
January 2003 - July 2003     :   Various Researches and Conferences in United States (CWU).

                                       XML/UML research, Database research, HMI research for CWU
SUMMARY: « Visual Datamining » research,
(Central Washington University) and corresponding conferences

LANGUAGES                    :   C++, C, Java, C#, Bash, PHP, HTML, SQL
DESIGN METHODS               :   UML, MERISE
LIBRARIES                    :   OpenGL
SYSTEMS                      :   Windows (98, 2k, XP), Linux
NETWORKS                     :   Ethernet (Rj45, 100BaseT, star network, HUB/Switches)
DATABASES                    :   MySQL, PostGres SQL
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS            :   Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio.Net, GNU Tools
MISC TOOLS                   :   Samba, NIS, NFS, LPAdmin
MISC                         :   Technical writing and publication


During a foreign exchange semester, I was given to participate to several research programs:

    -   Research and application of a new Visual Datamining method applied to Boolean data, based on French
        mathematician, Hansel, work on Boolean lattices. Development of a “proof of concept” application and
        corresponding HMI.
    -   Conferences and research paper publication “Visual Data Mining, Using Monotone Boolean Functions”
        at “Las Vegas International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology” CISST’03.
    -   Research and development of a SQL, MySQL, PHP learning tool. Design of a learning platform (Samba,
        Apache, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL) and class framework (PHP/MySQL) for database teaching (User
        management, assignments management, miscs features …). Tools presentations and staff training to
        PHP and database interfaces.
    -   Study of UML/XML usage applied to software design.
    -   Development of a demonstration tool for .Net API using C#: Multiplayer Chinese Chess game allowing
        online duels and online game teaching. (serverless application — peer to peer).

July 2002-Dec. 2002          :   Undergraduate Intern at NWPU (North Western Polytechnical University,
                                 Xian, Shaanxi CHINA), Development of a 3D Simulation Software.

SUMMARY: Development   of a 3D simulation visualization software for SAMCEF simulations.

LANGUAGES                    :   C++, C
DESIGN METHOD                :   UML
LIBRARIES                    :   OpenGL, MFC
SYSTEMS                      :   Windows (98, 2k, XP)
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS            :   Visual C++ 6.0, GNU Tools


Development of a simulation visualization application applied to aeronautics experiments on mechanical parts.
Simulations were done using SAMCEF software, and recorded on disk. The application had to read it and show
data on a 3d mesh, allowing to cut the structure, add/change/modify showed data … Visualization had to be
done in real time.
1999-2002                       :   Active member of UTBM Robotic Cup Competing for the
                                    French Robotic Cup e=M6.

SUMMARY:    Design/implementation of an autonomic robot, achieving precise tasks defined by the e=M6 comity.

LANGUAGES                       :   C, ASM ATMEL (AVR ATMega103)
LIBRARIES                       :   GTK, X11
SYSTEMS                         :   Linux, ROS
DEVELOPMENT TOOLS               :   GNU Tools, ProEngineer, Eagle CAD
MACHINE TOOL                    :   Lathe, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Soldering machines
LOGICAL CIRCUITS                :   ATMEL ATMega 103L.


Robot Design and implementation:

    -   Mechanics: robot actuators conception/integration, parts machining, assembling, electronic boards

    -   Electronic: boards mounting/soldering, cards programming.

    -   Programming: development of a infrared triangulation radar system based on three markers, stepping
        motors control, analysis tools conception (GTK).

    -   Logistic: organization and transportation help for the robotic cup. Sponsors and partners canvassing.

Sept. 2002 – February 2003 :        UTBM Linux Club President.
February 2001 – July 2002 :         UTBM Linux Server and Installation Responsible.

SUMMARY: In charge of   student Linux installations within UTBM, then Linux club president.

LANGUAGES                       :   Bash, C, C++, Perl
SYSTEMS                         :   Linux (Administration)
DEVELOPPEMENT TOOLS             :   GNU tools


Installation responsible and Linux club presidency:

    -   Linux club activities management
    -   Administration relationship
    -   Server administration
    -   Clients machines administration
    -   Student assistance about Linux usage and installation

ARCHITECTURE / EMBEDDED / REAL TIME: Architecture experience x86, MIPS ISA I LX4189/r3k, experience of
microcontroller based architectures, logical and low power electric engineering experience (logical and low
power board design). Microsoft OS (DOS and Windows) and UNIX systems (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP UX …).
Dec 2004 -                    :   Sagem Hypervisor Development, Linux 2.4.18/2.4.30 Kernel Port on
Oct. - Dec 2004               :   System Programming for Systar (AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Linux).
1999-2002                     :   UTBM Robotic Club Member, Competing French e=M6 Robotic Cup.
February 2001–2003            :   UTBM Linux Club President.

IMAGERY AND VIRTUAL REALITY: Software control: 3D Studio Max, Virtools, The Gimp, Sketch, PhotoShop. API
and library control: MFC, .Net, GDI+, Win32, XWindow, wxWindows, OpenGL, shader languages and relative
February 2004-July 2004       :   3D Engine Development and NVIDIA CgFX Integration (Virtools SA).
February 2003- July 2003      :   OpenGL Research at CWU (Ellensburg, WA, United States).
July 2002-December 2003       :   3D Simulation Software Development at NWPU (Xian, CHINA).
March 2001                    :   PJPP Demoparty first award (Vesoul) with EMOP demogroup.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: Object languages control (C++, Java, Delphi, C#, VB), design methods (UML, OMT),
procedural languages (C, Pascal, ASM — x86, mips32 — notions of VHDL), artificial intelligence oriented
(Lisp, Prolog). Microsoft compilers (Visual C++ 6.0 et .Net), GNU compilers (gcc, g++, djgpp, make).
February 2004-July 2004       :   3D Engine Development and NVIDIA CgFX Integration (Virtools SA).
February 2003-July 2003       :   Visual Data Mining and UML Research (CWU, United States).
July 2002-December 2003       :   3D Simulation Software Development at NWPU (Xian, CHINA).

NETWORKS: Ethernet network experience (installation, routers …) ISO Layers Knowledge, BSD sockets.
Oct. - Dec 2004               :   Oracle/Network Developer for Systar, Network Monitoring Software.
2000-2002, 2003-2004          :   Network Administrator (Linux/Windows) for CROUS Duvillard.

WEB: Web oriented language control Java, Java Script, PHP, Perl, HTML, XML, CSS, Notions of
ActionScript/Flash Apache installation/configuration.
2005-…                        :   GNU: Flash4Linux Development (http://f4l.sourceforge.net).
1998-1999                     :   Website Creation for Ronsard Highschool (biology department)
                                  GANTASE Concourse First Award.

DATABASES: Design methods experience NIAM, MERISE. Control of MySQL, MS Access, Usage notions of
Oracle and Postgres SQL.
July - August 2003            :   Two Months Contract MS Access programming, BPATL.
February 2003-July 2003       :   MySQL/PHP/Apache Research, CWU (WA, United States).

Mountain hiking, Ski, Guitar, Electric Engineering/Programming
Misc student jobs: (cook, server, pizza deliverer, fast food service …)

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