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					                                                    Resource Order Form @ JANUARY 2010
                                                    Fax to 04-917 2080 or email

                                          Unit of                                                                 Unit of
Code      Description                                  Quantity    Code        Description                                  Quantity
                                          Issue                                                                   Issue
SKIP001   Ages & Stages                   PACK50                   SKIP090     A3 Poster – Red Girl               EACH

SKIP002   Tantrums                        PACK50                   SKIP091     A3 Poster – Orange Boy             EACH

SKIP003   Supermarket Survival            PACK50                   SKIP092     A3 Poster – Green Mum              EACH

SKIP004   Temperament                     PACK50                   SKIP093     A3 Poster – Blue Dad               EACH
                                                                               Fridge Magnets – English
SKIP005   Keeping Kids Safe               PACK50                   SKIP139                                        PACK20
                                                                               (5 kinds)
SKIP006   Jealousy and Fighting           PACK50                   SKIP150     Fridge Magnets – Maori (4 kinds)   PACK20
SKIP007   Managing Behaviour              PACK50                   SKIP140     Balloons (assorted)                PACK20
SKIP008   Tips on Stress                  PACK50                   SKIP141     Badges - Maori (3 kinds)           PACK30
SKIP009   Children with Special Needs     PACK50                   SKIP142     Badges – English (4 kinds)         PACK40
          Wall Display for pamphlets                                           Badges - Samoan "Talanoa lemu
SKIP010                                   EACH                     SKIP047                                        PACK20
          (60cmx70cm) (empty)                                                  Mai"
SKIP017   SKIP Plastic Bags (A4)          EACH                     SKIP155     Resource Order Form                EACH
          “The Discipline & Guidance of                                        Baby Wall Frieze – English/Te
SKIP019                                   EACH                     SKIP165                                        EACH
          Children – Research” book                                            Reo Maori (limited supply)
SKIP020   Pamphlets Envelope (empty)      EACH                     SKIP166     A1 Pacific Poster „Sing to Me‟     EACH
          Parent Pamphlets Pack                                                Baby Wall Frieze – English/
SKIP021                                   EACH                     SKIP175                                        EACH
          (SKIP001-009) Max 50                                                 Samoan (limited supply)
SKIP036   “Managing Our Anger” book       EACH                     SKIP185     The Warehouse Fathers Book         EACH
                                                                               Baby Wall Frieze – English/Cook
SKIP136   A4 Poster - Six Things…..       EACH                     SKIP186                                        EACH
                                                                               Island Maori(limited supply)
CFA016    AROHA IN ACTION                 EACH                     SKIP187     Car Seat Safety Pamphlet           PACK50

  Please check your unit of issue/quantity is correct e.g. packs or each. There is no charge for our SKIP
  resources. If you would like to discuss your resource needs email, or call Geeta
  on 04 916 3385, or 04 913 6602.

             PLEASE FILL OUT IN FULL                              HAVE YOU ORDERED FROM US BEFORE?                Y / N
 Contact Name:                                                    Name of Organisation:

 Street Address for delivery:                                     Postal Address:

 Phone Number:                                                    Date required by


 We would like to know how SKIP resources are being used. Please help us by describing what you will be using them for…

                                    PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY 

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