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					05.3 Applying Concepts- Chapter 16 by Hector Volquez

                       Request for Information RFI

        Software that Support Transactions and Data Collection on the Web

                                 Volquez Bookstore,
                            George Washington Ave. #72,
                         Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
                                 Tel. 809- 695-0178
                                 Fax: 809-695-1215



Volquez Bookstore is a company recently founded. We have only been around for two
years. However, our small business has achieved great success since its foundation. Our
mission is to become a global bookstore. We are concerning to move the business
operation to the web. But, we found many drawbacks with this project. We hope this RFI
provide answers to solve our problems.

Purpose and Objective:
The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to identify firms specializes in
software that supports transactions and data collection on the web. Qualified vendors
whose posses knowledge and experiences please answers this RFI. After we analyze the
information received we will further contact the most reputable companies to request a
detailed proposal of their services.

The overall objective is to find a company that helps us to implement and maintain
reliable software suitable for E-retailing. Also, we expect this software to gather valuable
information on the web, which can be used as a mean to make marketing plans, and
future business plans.

Potential Sellers please answer the following questions:

1 Is your software compatible with our Window XP operating systems and Microsoft

2 Can your software really help me to sell books online easily?
3 Could you explain me how your software keep track of online transactions?

4 How can your software add value to our online services?

5 Would your software help me to gather data for marketing and future business plan?

6 How your software perform versus software of the competition? Can you send
  magazine or any news media that talk about your company?

7 Is your software reliable and secure so people do not need to worry about identity

Please send the enclosed RFI document by mail, to the company address, no later than
December 20th, 2007. Also if you have any questions feel free to contact

Hector Volquez
Volquez Book Store General Manager

hvolquez@verizon. Net.
Or dial the number Tel. 809- 695-0178

Note: I think those questions are very important to get the necessary information to carry
out this project.

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