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					Why CrowdSourcing Works

Are you trying to grow your online business presence? Do you have a lot of projects that need to be
completed but you have run short on skilled individuals to handle them? Would you simply like to tap into a
large resource of talented and skilled individuals that can handle a wide range of challenges? If you fall into
any of these categories, you'll surely want to know more about crowdsourcing and why it works.

Whether you are a business owner looking for outsourcing opportunities, or you are a freelancer trying to
make a connection for your next gig, crowdsourcing will prove to be the next big internet explosion. Coined
from the words 'crowd' and 'outsourcing', crowdsourcing is defined by outsourcing current workloads of a
variety of different types to large crowds or groups of people in the form of what is called an 'open call'.

Now, why would a company want to outsource work to a large group of people instead of finding one
person to handle the task for them? If you are a business owner and you have ever tried to outsource work to
one or two individuals, you will find that you are limited in skill levels, passion, and creativity.
Crowdsourcing helps to eliminate this by bringing in a wide range of talent and allowing you to choose what
works the best for you.

For freelancers this is much better than trying to land a specific project based on a profile and some previous
work. Crowdsourcing lets you perform and get selected for your skill level, knowledge, and passion for the
project over others who will not do as well. So, how can this type of outsourcing help a business owner
grow their business, and help a freelancer get more work? This will all depend on the specific company that
is managing the crowdsourcing.

You will discover that crowdsourcing will generally consist of a targeted type of work. Research,
cataloging, graphic design, and writing, are only some of the items you will find on a crowdsourcing site;
however, there are many more areas that can be utilized and it's a matter of finding something you simply
Accel at. Business owners will be able to tap into a large pool of individuals to get projects handled, and
freelancers can take on as much work as they like.

Crowdsourcing works because it allows a large group of skilled people to be available for those looking to
get projects handled within a specific time frame, and for a fixed price.

About Ghigg

Ghigg (www.ghigg.com) is a Social Commerce Platform for Fixed Price Services. The Social Hub enables
Social E-Commerce and Social Crowdsourcing by empowering individuals and businesses to Buy, Sell and
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to know about the offer is known up-front.

Ghigg is additionally a Social Commerce Platform for Crowdsourcing (www.ghigg.com/crowd/) Solutions.
The Social Hub enables Social Crowdsourcing by empowering individuals and businesses to seek and solve
services efficiently, rapidly and cost-effectively through a crowd of globally geo-targeted skilled Solvers
(microworkers assisting with micro work as well as outsourcers assisting with a variety of niche tasks
including writing, creative, testing, feedback, research, adverts, leads, surveys, video, search and social) in a
social framework. With Ghigg Crowdsource, one does not pay for impressions or clicks, instead one pays
for results that meet the specified requirement and for 100% satisfaction.

The Ghigg Scommerce Blog (www.ghigg.com/scommerce/) provides breaking-news, trends and helpful
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There is no cost or obligation to Sign Up (www.ghigg.com/welcome) for either of the Social Commerce or
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