How to Learn Spanish with a Tutor

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					      How to Learn Spanish by Getting the Most Out of Classes

How to Learn Spanish with a Tutor
Some companies hire tutors for certain employees so they can learn Spanish for business
dealings. You might also hire a tutor to get personal instruction. If you're lucky enough to
be able to get a one-on-one tutor to learn Spanish with, you should be able to progress
quickly. This is even truer if you know how to take full advantage of your tutor's

                            When you first sit down with your tutor, before you begin to
                            learn Spanish, ask about his/her background. Ask questions
                            about where they grew up, where they went to school, where
                            they have worked, and especially, what language they spoke in
                            all of these situations.

                            Make sure the tutor you have selected has something to teach
                            you. Think of it this way. You can learn something from
                            anyone, but no one can teach you everything. Learn Spanish
                            with someone who can come as close as possible.

                            Once you get a feel for where your tutor's talents lie, you will be
able to glean from their wisdom all they have to offer you. If the tutor has lived in a
country that interests you, you will have a great resource to learn Spanish in that dialect.
You can also learn about the culture of that country.

If the tutor has worked in a field that is similar to yours, that is helpful. It means that they
will know technical words that you deal with every day. It also gives you something in
common to talk about as you learn Spanish.

Show up on time to your tutoring sessions. If the tutoring takes place in your home, be
there and ready for your lesson. Don't make the tutor wait for you to finish watching a
television program before you will begin to learn Spanish, for example. Besides that, you
should offer a soda or coffee, since all the talking can dry out the mouth.

When you're working with a tutor to learn Spanish, one advantage you have is that you can
ask all the questions you want. Use this knowledge to the maximum. When you're having
your tutoring sessions, ask every question that pops into your mind.

Don't let the questions end with the lessons, either. Keep jotting down your questions in
between lessons so that they can be answered when you meet again. When you get the
answers, write them down or record them. This kind of interaction makes you more
involved and enthusiastic about your quest to learn Spanish.

After you've learned the basics with your tutor, make a list of things you need or would like
to learn. If you work in a field with a lot of technical jargon or specialized tools, you can

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     How to Learn Spanish by Getting the Most Out of Classes

make a list of these words you need to know. Your tutor will help you learn Spanish names
for the items on your list.

The right tutor can fulfill your need to learn Spanish with ease. Treat your tutor in a
respectful way and you can expect to develop a strong working relationship. If you have a
choice, opting to learn Spanish with a tutor is a wise move.

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