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									                      Sheridan County Conservation Notes
                                                                                                        Conservation District
                                                                                                         Jeff Wivholm - Chairman
                                                                                                     Rom Hedges - Vice Chairman
                                                                                                          Jon Bolstad - Supervisor
                                                                                                            Tim Holte - Supervisor
                                                                                                           Kent Nathe - Supervisor
                                                                                                          Todd Marsh - Supervisor
                                                                                                     Manuel Vazquez - Supervisor
                                                                                                 Steve Hove - Associate Supervisor
                                                                                                      Judy Benson - Administrator
                                                                                                      Mickey McCall - Technician

Sheridan County Conservation District                                                                                       NRCS
119 N. Jackson                                                                          Monica Friedrich - District Conservationist
Plentywood, Mt 59254                                                                                       Tim Solberg - Soil Con.
406-765-1801                                                                                    Ryan W. Young - Soil Con. Tech.
VOLUME 52, ISSUE IV                                                                         October - December, 2008
Inside this Issue:
                                                                       Montana Conservation Leaders Meet to
• Conservation Notes
  Now Available on the
                                                                       Discuss Local Accomplishments, Needs
• Montana Conservation                                                                                             Over 300 Mon-
  Leaders Meet                                                                                                     tana conserva-
• 67th Annual MACD
                                                                                                                   tionists attended
• Time to Think About
                               Newsletter is Now Available                                                         a recently con-
  Tree Orders                       on the Internet                                                                cluded series of
• Equipment for Rent
• Weather Station Pro-
                                                                                                                   six     meetings
                               “Sheridan County Conservation                                                       across the state
• Visit Us on the Internet     Notes” is now available on the                                                      to discuss natu-
                               Internet. Go to the Sheridan                                                        ral resource con-
                               County Conservation District                                                        servation issues.
   Happy Holidays
                               Web Site at                                                                         Conservation
from all of us at the Sheri-                                           A new water gap in Paradise Valley, Montana
dan County Conservation        http://sheridan.mt.nacdnet.org                                                      District Supervi-
District and NRCS: Judy,       and click on “Newsletters”. Then     sors, their staff, Legislators, personnel from Natural
Mickey, Jeff, Rom, Jon,        select the edition of “Sheridan
Kent, Tim, Todd, Manuel,                                            Resource Conservation Service, Department of
Steve, Monica, Tim, and        County Conservation Notes” you       Natural Resources and Conservation, and the Mon-
Ryan.                          want to see. Or, if you would like   tana Salinity Control Association, as well as repre-
                               your full color, pdf newsletter      sentatives from several other entities, gathered in six
Sheridan County Conser-
                               emailed to you; just send your       towns. The meetings were held in Wibaux, Circle,
vation District meetings       email address to:                    Malta, Harlowton, Emigrant, and Hamilton.
are held      the second        judy.benson@mt.nacdnet.net.
Tuesday of each month                                               Conservation District Supervisors are the largest col-
in the Conference Room                                              lection of elected officials in Montana, with nearly
of the USDA Building.          You can also find the Agendas
The public is welcome to       and Minutes from the Sheridan        400 positions across the state. This includes Conser-
attend.    For time and
                               County Conservation District’s       vation Districts with urban areas, where another 2
date verification, please
call our office at 765-        Board of supervisor meetings on      supervisors may be appointed by town or city gov-
1801 ext. 101, or go to
                               http://sheridan.mt.nacdnet.org.      ernments. Supervisors address a variety of natural
sheridan.mt.nacdnet.org                                             resource conservation issues, ranging from fire reha-
                               Just click on “Minutes/Agendas”
Your comments are always       and view the agenda for the up-      bilitation to salinity control to stream bank protection
welcome and appreciated.
                               coming meeting of the board          to providing elevated nesting platforms for hawks
Please let us know what you                                         that prey on gophers.
think. Just Drop us a note     and the minutes from last
at: 119 N. Jackson             month’s meeting. Or, you can         The Wibaux meeting included a breakout session
Plentywood, MT 59254 or
e m a i l        u s    a t    select the meeting you are inter-    where participants were asked to develop answers to
judy.benson@mt.nacdnet.net     ested in and peruse the minutes.     a series of questions about natural resource conser-
                               So log on today.                                                                   (Continued on page 2)
Sheridan County Conservation Notes                                                                             Page 2

         67th Annual                    (Continued from page 1)
       MACD Convention                  vation. The questions covered a wide variety of conservation issues,
                                        reflecting the diversity of issues that Conservation Districts deal with at
Montana Association of Conserva-        the monthly meetings. The questions addressed topics such as: Do you
tion Districts 67th Annual Conven-      think the Russian olive tree should be classified as a noxious weed?
tion was held November 19 & 20 at       Should there be a change in who determines endangered species and
the Hilton Garden Inn, Missoula.        how they should be handled? Is greenhouse warming real? How should
                                        the wild horse problem be addressed?
During the course of the two days       The second meeting was in Circle, and included discussions about
there were several breakout ses-        ways for smaller communities to fund the necessary wind data research
sions for CDs to collect new ideas      that would allow them to recruit wind generation farms. Wind power
and share ideas from their own dis-     companies are interested in Montana, and they know that many areas
tricts.                                 in the state are ideal locations. However, specific site data is needed to
                                        draw the firms to these rural areas for a closer look. These smaller
One of the keynote speakers in-         communities need help to develop the tools necessary to capture new
cluded supervisor training specialist   businesses.
Ray Ledgerwood. Mr. Ledgerwood
                                        A resolution asking the Montana Association of Conservation Districts
is nationally recognized as a re-
                                        to encourage state and federal water quality agencies to work closer
nowned CD trainer. Having worked
                                        with local Conservation Districts was approved at this meeting. In addi-
with CDs in over 40 states, his
                                        tion, there was considerable discussion about ways for Conservation
presentation brought practical infor-
                                        Districts to more fully participate in the major planning process currently
mation and experience to all at-
                                        underway at the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.
                                        At the Malta meeting two resolutions were approved. These addressed
The MACD Executive Committee            funding for Conservation Districts, and the brucellosis issue currently
and the MACD Board of Directors         facing the state. The group received an update about the issues facing
met November 18 prior to the            the St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group and the Milk River Water-
opening day of the Convention.          shed Alliance. They have a tremendous challenge to address the com-
                                        plicated issues surrounding the aging St. Mary diversion facilities, the
More information on the Conven-         Milk River Watershed, and the 125,000 acres irrigated by water from
tion is available at the MACD web-      the Milk River. The group received an update on the activities of the
site: http://www.macdnet.org.           Rancher’s Stewardship Alliance, including the Grassbank program and
                                        future plans.
Those attending from the Sheridan       In Harlowton the group heard about draft legislation being prepared to
County Conservation District were       address in a comprehensive manner the problems poised with invasive
Jeff Wivholm, SCCD Board Chair-         species. The act would provide policy direction, planning, and authority
man and Area I Director; Mickey         to combat invasive species infestations throughout the state. In addi-
McCall, District Technician and         tion, the prevention of new introductions would be a major responsibil-
Judy Benson, District Administrator.    ity. The act would set up a new committee that oversees and coordi-
                                        nates Montana’s response to these problems. Conservation Districts
        Landowner Maps                  were asked to be the front line defenders against Zebra Mussels,
                                        Quagga Mussels, and Eurasian Water-Milfoil. The mussels have not
The Conservation District now has       yet been seen in Montana.
new, updated Sheridan County
                                        In Emigrant participants agreed to a resolution that would assess an
Landowner Maps available. The
                                        inspection fee for permits issued under the Natural Streambed and
maps where updated this summer
                                        Land Preservation Act, more commonly referred to as the 310 permits.
and come in booklet form or wall
                                        In addition, agreement was found on a resolution to seek biological
maps. The booklets contain one
                                        control of Houndstongue. Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale) is a
township per page and sell for $30.
                                        noxious weed that easily spreads into remote riparian areas. It is also
the wall maps are 36” x 36” and
                                        know by the name Beggar’s Lice.
cost $20. Stop by the office in the
USDA building in Plentywood and         The group toured a new and innovative water gap that provides stream
pick one up for all your friends.       access for cattle. The structure was partially funded by the USDA Natu-
                                                                                                   (Continued on page 3)
Sheridan County Conservation Notes                                                                               Page 3

    Equipment for Rent                         Weather Stations                   (Continued from page 2)
                                                                                  ral Resource Conservation Service.
The Sheridan County Conser-                            Sheridan     County        Local ranchers reported good re-
vation District has equipment                          Conservation District      sults, with less erosion, easy ac-
you can rent or buy.                                   is in the process of       cess, and low maintenance.
                                                       developing a project       The Hamilton meeting brought the
You can purchase:                                      to    monitor    the       participants together to discuss the
• Location flags for $10.00                            weather in Sheridan        Natural Streambed and Land Pres-
   per 100.                                            County.                    ervation Act. There are wide variety
• Paul Brown Moisture                                                             of 310 permit issues that are par-
   probes for $40.00 each.                            The District has lo-        ticular to Western Montana, given
                                                      cated a very accu-          the diversity and number of peren-
You can renovate your range-                          rate,    reasonably         nial streams. The group heard up-
land with the 15’ Aerway             priced weather station that can be de-       dates from the Resource Conser-
Range Renovator. Or rent the         ployed at any location with reasonable       vation and Development program
12’ John Deere Grass Drill.          access.                                      concerning their work with hazard-
                                                                                  ous fuels reduction, fuels for
The renovator rents for $5/          The weather stations are manufac-            schools, and woody biomass pro-
acre with a $250 deposit; and        tured and distributed by Spectrum            jects.
the drill for $4/acre, and $25       Technologies of Plainfield, IL. And are
per day with a $250 deposit.         sold under the brand name of Watch-          Steve Hedstrom, President of the
                                     dog Weather Stations.                        Montana Association of Conserva-
Contact our office for informa-                                                   tion Districts, attended all six meet-
tion at 765-1801, stop in at         These weather stations can record a          ings. He said: “Bringing conserva-
119 N. Jackson in Plentywood         myriad of parameters including wind          tionists together to share success
or email                             speed & direction, rainfall, tempera-        stories helps us do a better job pro-
 judy.benson@mt.nacdnet.net.         ture, humidity, soil moisture, dew           tecting Montana. We see farmers
                                     point, relative humidity, and even solar     and ranchers working with all 58
 It Is Time to Think About           radiation.                                   Montana Conservation Districts to
         Tree Orders                                                              take steps to make their land mod-
                                     A grant application is being prepared        els for good conservation. Add in
With the snow on the ground          to fund the purchase of several of           the cooperative approaches from
and subzero temperatures, it         these weather stations and the District      both state and federal agencies,
seems a little early to be think-    is seeking individuals who would like        and I think we are making good
ing of planting trees; but this is   to participate in this project.              progress to address Montana’s en-
the time to plan your plantings                                                   vironmental issues. We have a
for Spring 2009. Early order-        The stations cost between $300 and           ways to go, but I remain optimistic
ing will guarantee the species       $2,000 each, depending on how many           about the future of conservation in
that you want as nursery sup-        sensors are desired. The cost to a           Montana.”
plies are limited. Conifers are      participant would be approximately
very limited, especially the pot-    20% of the cost of the station.                       HAPPY HOLIDAYS
ted varieties so if you are inter-
ested, do so as soon as possi-       If you are interested in taking part in
ble. Contact the Conservation        this project, contact the District at 765-
District to place an order or        1801, ext. 118, stop at the office at
need planning assistance.            119 N. Jackson in Plentywood or
Keep in mind that we can or-         email:
der weed barrier and have a          mickey.mccall@mt.nacdnet.net.
tree planter available. Stop by
the office at 119 N. Jackson in            Visit Us on the Internet
Plentywood or you can call or
email at 765-1801, ext. 101 or       Logon to the Sheridan County Con-
judy.benson@mt.nacdnet.net.          servation District web site at http://                Sheridan County
                                     sheridan.mt.nacdnet.org/index.html                  Conservation District
                    CONSERVATION DATES
Oct.      11
                Columbus Day
                Eastern Plains RC&D quarterly meeting - Culbertson                       Visit Sheridan County Conservation
          31    Halloween                                                                        District’s Web Site at:
Nov.        2   Daylight Savings Time ends                                                 http://sheridan.mt.nacdnet.org
          11    Veteran’s Day— Office Closed
          12    SCCD Board Meeting ~ 9:00 AM
       18-20    MACD Convention - Missoula
          27    Thanksgiving Day—Office Closed                                Our services and programs are provided without regard to race,
          .                                                                   national origin, sex, age, handicap, or religious affiliation.
Dec.        9   SCCD Board Meeting ~ 9:00 AM
          22    First Day of Fall
          24    Christmas Eve                                                                               NOTICE
                                                                              NO PERSON MAY COMMENCE CONSTRUCTION ON ANY PROJECT FACILITIES
          25    Christmas Day—Office Closed
                                                                              OR APPROPRIATE WATER PRIOR TO APPROVAL OF THE PROJECT BY THE DIS-
          31    New Year’s Eve                                                TRICT AND RECEIPT OF A RESERVED WATER USE AUTHORIZATION. THIS IS TO
                                                                              PROTECT THE POTENTIAL IRRIGATOR FROM INVESTING MONEY IN A SYSTEM
                                                                              FOR WHICH LEGAL USE OF THE WATER CAN NOT BE APPROVED AND THUS
Please thank our sponsors for their support in bringing our                   CAN NOT BE USED
Newsletter to you.
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