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									To whom it may concern at EA Mythic,

I recently noticed that a position titled Systems Engineer (#10732) has opened on the new EA job
site. I would like to schedule an interview for this position and discuss what value I can add to
the Warhammer (or other) project.

I have been working professionally in the technical field for 8 years. In college, I was involved
in the music and CS departments. After college, I involved myself in the online and local
graphics and game development community. All the jobs I have been offered and succeeded in
have been driven by self-training and connections to a technical community. With a relevant
IT position at EA / Mythic, I believe this could be a fantastic stepping stone into the game de-
veloper career path.

Game development is interesting to me. It’s not all fun and games. There are serious problems
to be solved. I am constantly challenged and amazed by display-lists, Carmack shadow tech-
niques, model loaders, level-of-detail and other technical problems many lucky people get to
think about and work on every day. Even though I am not as familiar in C++ as other areas, I
believe that my Projects section reads like a promising game developer portfolio.

I am passionate about the game community. I figure out and run game servers and game tools.
I am inspired by a graphic loop in a released game and try to reverse-engineer the technique. I
write original and inspired video game music with an analog synthesizer (a manual process of
creating patches). Conversations with other people that like games at this level usually run out
of daylight or “immediate vicinity listener patience”. Outside of implementation, I am con-
stantly reading game development books and websites. I hope to someday have enough experi-
ence to help other emerging developers and give back to the GameDev community.

In terms of playing games, I give everything a chance but am fairly picky. I like game mechanics
implemented for a reason, accessibility beyond the fanboys and overall technical beauty. For
example, I like Half-Life 2 but I don’t like Halo. I liked Final Fantasy XII (Yasumi Matsuno is a
genius) but I didn’t like Xenosaga. I enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus and Mass Effect. To back
it up a bit; River City Ransom, Herzog Zwei and Star Control II were all ahead of their time. I
like WoW but I did not like FFXI. I have been a WoW player since 2004 and am a member of a
very large, intelligent and casual guild that runs The Instance podcast. The Instance is a good
source of interviews and mod profiles covering all things in the Blizzard community. Overall, I
enjoy playing inspiring games with valuable mechanics from a consistently amazing develop-
ment shop.

Please contact me with any questions you might have about my resume via email or phone.

Chris Dillon
                                                                                    Chris Dillon
                                                                                   10349 Granite Creek Lane
                                                                                          Oakton, VA 22124

                                                                                         cell: 703 980 4328

A highly creative and technical person seeks to contribute to the game development community after
working in the IT field. This person is one part developer, one part Sys-Admin refugee and remaining
portions of artist and designer.

System Integrator, Lockheed Martin; Fairfax, VA — 9/2006 - Present
System integration for a virtual directory project. Built lab in vmware, evaluated products, designed
selection criteria, lead trade study. Singly evaluated Oracle Virtual Directory, Maxware Virtual Directory,
Radiant Logic Virtual Directory. Wrote Java glue code to implement vendor APIs, externalize logic to
XML, implement singletons and test referential integrity of sample data. Currently supporting an
enterprise identity management project in a software developer and system engineer role.

System Integrator, Northrop Grumman; Vienna, VA — 9/2005 - 9/2006
Built/building workflow implementation using OSWorkflow. Virtualization with Solaris 10 (some), with
VMware. Setup wiki for developer documentation. Oracle9/10g, Sybase12.5, Subversion, CVS, Eclipse
IDE, IntelliJ IDE, ant, apache commons APIs. Evaluated many COTS products.

Unix Administrator, TEOCO Corporation; Fairfax, VA — 11/2001 - 9/2005
Senior Unix Administrator role supporting production Oracle DB servers clusters. Involved with J2EE
development project developing Java Beans and Java Server Pages. Doubled hosting service infrastructure
capacity, planned for growth, verified backup SLAs.

Built and managed a CMS/Blog system for system and IT documentation (tikiwiki). Trained employees on
Unix basics. Built Nagios and Cacti monitoring systems including custom scripts. Planned and executed
corporate IP Cutover with no impact or outages. Administrated a total of 30+ Unix machines, personally
built majority.

Unix Administrator, Netdecisions; Reston, VA — 3/2001-10/2001
Developed on-line purchase form system in PHP with MySQL. Developed Contact Management System
in PHP using OOP and relational DB concepts. Deployed and administrated Solaris/Oracle 8i DB/9iAS
servers. Installed and designed entire office-wide network. Responsible for all of local IT duties.

Other duties included: Bind8 on Linux, Squid, Exim, Apache, Bash, Cisco IOS

Network Integration Specialist, Network Designs; Vienna, VA — 4/2000 - 3/2001
Built Linux router and Linux VNC server for President Bush, VP Cheney and staff. Traveled to GSA sites
nationwide rolling out Windows 98/2000. Wrote Perl front-end to assist with user data backup.
Maintained Cisco 6000 routers and assisted with DHCP management.
Eclipse IDE                 C++                     Perl and Shell Scripting   LUA
Java                        CVS / Subversion        TOAD / SQLDeveloper        XCode
Ant                         XML / XPath             Cactus / JUnit             PHP
OpenGL                      TortoiseSVN / CVS Regex                            SpringMVC
JBoss / Tomcat              Bugzilla / Clearquest

Unix / Systems
Solaris                    Linux (many distros) MySQL                          OSX
FreeBSD                    NFS                      Sun Cluster 3.0 / 3.1      Samba
ProFTPd                    Linux Clustering         Volume Manager 3.2 / 3.5   Bind / DNS
DHCPD                      Oracle DB                Veritas Cluster Server     Snort / ACID
Apache                     Mail Servers / SMTP Solaris Volume Manager          OS & HW performance
SAN / Storage              OpenLDAP / LDAP BigIP F5

Audio Production            Game Server Admin Dokuwiki / CMS experience        Wordpress plugins
Analog Synthesizers         Ventrillo Admin         Cubase / Logic / ACID      VST / AU plugins

International Game Developer’s Association Member
Music and sound effects composer in local DC film competitions
Warhammer beta tester (friends and family program)

Sun Cluster 3.x training (ES-333) - Sun Education, 2003
Sun Performance Tuning (SA-400) - Sun Education, 2003
Veritas Cluster Server Training - Veritas Education, 2002
Cisco CCNA Certification, 7/2000
MCSE Certification, 12/1999
Longwood University, Farmville, VA — BS in Business Administration, 1999

Asteroid Clone - Flash

A test of Action Script. Featured momentum math, ship as a gane object and
limited gameplay. Sound effects and original music created using an analog
synthesizer (Virus TI) and a multi-tracker host (Cubase).

Learned that Action Script 2.0 is not very clean for complex games and
provides limited sound programming capabilities.

Live demo at
                                  ParallaxClouds -, Java

                                  Parallax effect test inspired by a scene in Odin Sphere. Procedural
                                  animation of n-layers with alpha channel image.

                                  Live demo at

Kirby Sprites -, Java

A basic particle engine that procedurally samples a sprite image map and randomly
creates objects with incrementing IDs. Particle engine behavior is configurable for
different effects.

Live demo at

                           Animated Boxes - C++, XCode, OpenGL

                           Animation and graphics test with a static scene manager. Loops without end,
                           no user interaction. Boxes color shift independently.

Parabola - C++, XCode, OpenGL

Graphics test drawing three vertex forms of a parabola all crossing specific points on the
y-axis. Demonstrated implementing a formula that could be used for tweening or

Audio and Music Production

Soundtrack, Rock and full-song composition in many audio multi-tracking hosts. 20 years of keyboard

RE4 Analog Synth Study
Inspired by music in a scene from the commercial game Resident Evil 4. No samples were used. Drums
added for effect. [01:26]

Demo Reel
The following mix was put together for an indie film production company. [10:16]

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