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A unique shaped island Sulawesi - formelly known as Celebes - lying across the sea
between Kalimantan (Borneo) in the west and Maluku in the east.

There are now five provinces on this 227,000 square km island; South Sulawesi,
South-east Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi and the Gorontalo which was
just separated from the North Sulawesi Province.

Sulawesi stands on the divide between Asia and Australasia not just geologically but
in many other ways. With it's 98% of the mammals on the island are found nowhere
else, made Sulawesi has special notable aspect of this is the unique wildlife. In the
nineteenth century naturalist Alfred Wallace drew the "Wallace Line" which divides
Asian and Australian flora and fauna right through the island.

The cultures of people on the island, dominated by the Bugis in the south, and the
Christian Minahasa in the north make the cultures of the island developed in unique
ways, especially the Christian-animist Toraja people who live in their beautful
highland in the north of South Sulawesi Province, who attract large number of visitors
every year.

Dotted with volcanoes, protected by the mountains and walled by thick jungle make
the inland of Sulawesi are serenely beautiful and challenge those who have the spirit
of adventures.

The marine tourism in Sulawesi is also considered as one the of the best in the world.
The superb beach and coral reefs of Bunaken marine park in north Sulawesi is waiting
for you to explore, while the other untouched under water world in Togian and
Banggai in Central Sulawesi are waiting to be discovered.

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