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									Spirit                          the          spirit              of       st.
                                                                                         2007 Issue

                                A Publication of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Office of Philanthropy

Sharing the Gift of Health With You
Inspiring stories of gratitude and generosity

                                                         Fate and
                                                         Fortune Collide
                                                         at 30,000 Feet:
                                                         David and Arlene Rubin

Also in this issue:
Bob and Pauline James: Inventing a Life of Purpose
John and Judy Gardetto make $1.5 million gift to new CyberKnife
Exciting news about the Rooftop Healing Garden
In the Spirit
                        Sharing the gift of health.

                        That is what Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropy is all about. Since joining the Aurora
                        St. Luke’s Medical Center team this past August, I’ve had the great pleasure to
                        meet many of you, our donors, who have shared the gift of health with our patients
                        and their families through your generous support of Aurora St. Luke’s.

Mary O’Brien            It’s been my privilege to hear many stories chronicling our donors’ health care
Administrative          journeys and the excellent care that inspired them to share the gift of health
Officer                 with others. In this issue of Spirit magazine, we share a number of these stories
                        with you.

You will read about life challenges that brought Bob James to Aurora St. Luke’s for major medical
treatment not once, but twice, and how in their gratitude, Bob and his wife Pauline have twice made
generous gifts to Aurora St. Luke’s. You will also have the opportunity to read about how fate brought
patients David Rubin and Ken Mills to Aurora St. Luke’s, and how gratitude has kept them connected,
as both of them have shared the gift of health in their own special way.

And finally, it’s my great pleasure to share exciting news about the much-anticipated Rooftop Healing
Garden that will grace the terraces on the seventh and eighth floors of the Heart Care Center & Patient
Tower. The Rooftop Healing Garden will be a special place for many reasons, and the stories that will
emerge from every corner of its landscape through its many naming opportunities will certainly be its
most inspiring feature. On page 14, we share a few of the personal stories behind gifts already made to
support this very exciting project.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. By sharing the
gift of health with others, you play a very important role in our efforts to constantly find better ways to
provide patient care.

With appreciation,

Mary O’Brien
Chief Administrative Officer
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
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Spring 2007

The Spirit of St. Luke’s is published by   Inventing
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center/          a life of purpose                                                                                     2
Office of Philanthropy for friends
and donors.
Nick Turkal, MD
President and CEO,
Aurora Health Care
Mary O’Brien
Chief Administrative Officer,
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
                                           Fate and fortune collide
Donald Cahill
Chief Philanthropy Executive,
                                           at 30,000 feet                                                                                        6
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
Julie Ellsworth
Sr. Philanthropy Officer,
Major Gifts
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center           A positive step
Russ Hinz                                  in the right direction
Major Gifts and Planned Giving
                                           Stem cell transplant offers hope
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center           to Sheboygan Falls couple                                                                          10
Meghan Marsden Parsche
Sr. Philanthropy Officer,
Sustained Giving
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
Kathy Muszynski                            Planting the seeds of
Meghan Marsden Parsche
Writers                                    healing and recovery
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Design, Production, and Editing
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                                                                                                 The Spirit of St. Luke’s                               1
                                             a life of purpose
                                             Left: The portrait of Pauline and Bob James
                                             that hangs in the Hall of Honor in the
                                             hospital’s galleria.

                                             Bob and Pauline have been married for 58 years.
                                             They currently reside in Naples, Florida, and are the
                                             parents of three grown children, nine grandchildren
                                             and four great grandchildren.

                                             Born in London, England, Bob was just 14 years old
                                             when WWII started. All schools were closed antici-
                                             pating the massive bombing of the capitol that did not
                                             occur until mid 1940 when the “Blitz” started. There
                                             was no alternative but to go to work immediately as
                                             an apprentice toolmaker. Bob did this until he was 17,
                                             at which time he volunteered for the Royal Air Force

                                             and trained as a “Spitfire” fighter pilot.
                 hroughout his life,
                 Bob James has               In 1946, Bob met his life partner, Pauline. They met
                 accumulated a long          at a dance at the airfield where he was stationed and
                                             later married and had their first son. In 1952, the
                 list of professional        James family emigrated to Montreal, Canada, where
    accomplishments, while overcoming        Bob purchased a small packaging business called
                                             Griswold Engineering, Ltd. The family lived in
    some significant personal challenges.    Montreal for about nine years. During that time, Bob
    This inventor, businessman, family       began inventing products and processes for the pack-
                                             aging industry. His company grew and was eventually
    man and philanthropist has faced life-
                                             purchased by International Paper Company.
    threatening illness – not once, but
    twice – and has happily lived to tell    In 1961, the James family moved to the Sheboygan
                                             area where Bob served as the General Manager at
    about it. That’s where the story of      another packaging business called Hayssen
    Bob and Pauline James and Aurora         Manufacturing Co. Under Bob’s able direction, this
                                             company also grew and prospered. Bob fondly
    St. Luke’s Medical Center begins.        recalled the 30 years that the James family lived in
                                             Sheboygan. “We loved living in Sheboygan and

2     The Spirit of St. Luke’s
enjoyed the wonderful family life that a small,             Life was good to the James family until 1979 when
midwestern city offered. We wouldn’t have changed           Bob started experiencing health problems, including
a thing,” he said.                                          angina pains. “My doctor in Sheboygan referred me
                                                            to St. Luke’s, which was (and still is) the best place to
In 1966, Hayssen Manufacturing was sold to Bemis            go for heart care. That was my first experience with
Company of Minneapolis, with Bob staying on to run          the hospital and the staff there,” Bob said.
its Packaging Machinery Division. The company
grew to include five                                                                        Although this
factories in the United                                                                     happened some 27
States, one in Italy,                                                                       years ago, Bob
one in the UK and                                                                           remembers this close
another in Austria.                                                                         encounter clearly. “The
Bob’s work took him                                                                         doctors found three
to many corners of the                                                                      heart blockages and
world, including all of                                                                     said I needed triple
the European countries                                                                      bypass surgery. At that
and some in Asia, as                                                                        time this procedure
most of the products                                                                        was considered major
he developed were for                                                                       surgery. I was very
export. Hayssen                                                                             lucky to come through
Manufacturing was                                                                           it all. I was fortunate
twice awarded the                                                                           to be able to resume
President’s Award for                                                                       my normal lifestyle
Excellence in Exports.                                                                      afterward. I was grate-
                                                                                            ful. I knew my life had
During his career                                                                           been extended because
spanning more than                                                                          of the excellent
four decades, Bob                                                                           surgical skills of the
invented various pack-                                                                      late Dr. Dick Shore,
aging products and                                                                          who cared for me.”
processes. He was
awarded nearly 40                                                                         After this initial health
different U.S. patents                                                                    scare, Bob began
                            Bob and Pauline James on their wedding day.
for his inventions,                                                                       taking better care of
along with hundreds of                                    himself. He said, “I stopped eating all red meat and
foreign patent counterparts. Bob is quick to admit that   most dairy products, and gave up drinking alcohol
he didn’t achieve this level of success on his own.       and started exercising regularly. I became a regular
                                                          ‘mall walker’ in the early morning hours during the
He said, “I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful       winter and a beach walker on Lake Michigan in the
as I was, if it weren’t for my wife. She took care of     warmer months.”
everything at home, including raising our children
while I was away traveling on business. I’m so
grateful to her for everything.”
                                                                                               Continued on page 4

                                                                            The Spirit of St. Luke’s               3
Inventing a life of purpose                 from page 3

Bob added, “In 1991, I decided to retire from full-          oncologist Ajit Divgi, MD. After an additional lung
time employment. I felt that the time had come to            biopsy was performed, Bob’s case was reviewed by a
show our deep gratitude to St. Luke’s. We felt that          multidisciplinary team at a case conference and his
St. Luke’s had prolonged my life, allowing me to             diagnosis was finally confirmed. Bob had low-grade
have a successful business career, and that we wanted        lymphoma, not lung cancer, as originally suspected.
to somehow return the favor.”                                Low-grade lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system,
                                                             typically offers better long-term survival than small
Stuart Merritt, Aurora’s Director of Planned Giving,         cell lung cancer. Bob and Pauline were relieved and
explained, “Bob and Pauline James established a              cautiously optimistic about his future.
Charitable Remainder Trust here at Aurora St. Luke’s
Medical Center. You can see their photo hanging in           Dr. Divgi made treatment recommendations and
the Hall of Honor in the hospital’s Galleria. The            collaborated with Bob’s physicians in Florida so that
James asked that their gift be used to meet the              Bob could have his treatments close to home. Bob
greatest needs of the medical center.” (see sidebar          summed up his latest experience at Aurora St. Luke’s
article on Charitable Remainder Trusts).                     by saying, “The staff was wonderful. They took care
                                                             of all the details and communicated with my doctors
About seven years ago, Bob returned to Aurora                here in Florida. One day each week for four weeks
St. Luke’s for a “tune-up,” of sorts. He said, “I returned   I was given special ‘bio tech’ drugs to target the
to St. Luke’s and had several cardiac stents put in.”        problem directly.”

Since retiring from full-time employment, Bob has            Lisa described the targeted antibody therapy that
remained active and involved, including dabbling in          Bob received to treat his lymphoma. She said,
some new business ventures and serving on the                “Targeted therapy refers to a medication or drug
boards of Milwaukee-area companies. He and Pauline           designed to target a specific pathway in the growth
now enjoy the warmth and gracious living found in            and development of a tumor. The targets are typically
Naples. They walk every day and continue to take             various molecules — or small particles — in the
care of their health. But despite his best efforts, Bob      body that are known or suspected to play a role in the
faced another critical health care crisis last year.         development of cancer.

In April 2006, a lung biopsy performed in Florida            “By attacking or blocking these important targets
was inconclusive, but suggested that Bob had small           within or around the tumor, these therapies can cause
cell lung cancer. This former smoker who had kicked          the cancer to go into remission. Targeted therapies
the habit many years earlier, said, “I had researched        are sometimes used alone or in combination with
this disease on the Internet and the prognosis wasn’t        chemotherapy. They are designed to directly attack
good. I thought my luck had finally run out, but I           cancer cells, while preserving the normal cells.
didn’t want to just give up. I contacted Aurora              Unlike standard chemotherapy which can be toxic to
St. Luke’s to get a second opinion.”                         normal body cells, targeted therapy only affects the
                                                             cancerous cells.”
With the help of Lisa Bray, RN, Lung Cancer
Coordinator, a team of medical experts at Aurora             After his series of treatments was completed, Bob
St. Luke’s evaluated Bob. They included thoracic             was happy to learn that his lymphoma had gone into
surgeon Santosh Krishnan, MD, and hematologist/              remission, although he still needs to be monitored
                                                             closely through periodic CT scans.

4    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
With a second life-threatening health scare behind
them, Bob and Pauline and their entire family had          Charitable Remainder Trusts offer
special reason to celebrate during the 2006 holiday        a multitude of planning options
season. “We celebrated with our children and grand-
children, both in Florida and on the west coast, and had
a wonderful combined Christmas and Thanksgiving            A      Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is an
                                                                  irrevocable charitable gift arrangement that
                                                           provides the donor(s) a generous current income
celebration — we called it ‘Thanksmas,’” Bob said.
                                                           tax deduction, and enables a second tax benefit
At the end of 2006, Bob and Pauline once again             of escaping any capital gains tax, if the trust is
wanted to express their gratitude to Aurora St. Luke’s     funded with a highly appreciated asset, such as
Medical Center for the outstanding care he had             stock. A CRT, as it is commonly referred to, is
received. They decided to make a 10-year pledge            generally established with at least $100,000
toward the Rooftop Healing Garden project (see             in assets.
related article on page 14). When complete, the
Rooftop Healing Garden will enhance the medical            The trust assets are invested to pay income
center’s environment and be enjoyed by the patients,       (typically in the 5%-8% range of the trust’s value)
family members, visitors and staff of Aurora St. Luke’s.   to one or more persons for life, or for a term of
                                                           years, not to exceed 20 years. When the trust
Commenting on their ongoing support for Aurora             terminates, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center,
St. Luke’s, Bob said, “The medical advances being          or other charitable organizations if so named,
made at St. Luke’s are truly remarkable. We should         receive the remainder of the trust for use in their
all be grateful for what’s going on there.”                charitable missions, as designated by the donor(s).

Don Cahill, Chief Philanthropy Executive for Aurora        Stuart Merritt, Aurora’s Director of Planned
St. Luke’s, said, “This story is a wonderful example       Giving, said, “We welcome the opportunity to
of how Aurora employees and physicians are                 answer questions people might have regarding a
committed to patient-focused care. The team led by         CRT. We can send information or generate a
Dr. Divgi should be commended for their smooth             personalized sample CRT illustration for you,
coordination of Bob’s care through collaboration with      which would mirror your personal circumstances.”
his physicians in Florida.”                                Contact Stuart Merritt at (414) 649-7008 or
                                                           through email at for
He added, “People like Bob and Pauline James truly         further assistance.
understand the value of philanthropy and realize that
sharing their resources will improve the lives of          Stuart added, “As you can tell by their life story,
others. Just as Aurora St. Luke’s has been a               Bob and Pauline James are wonderful friends of
significant part of Bob James’ personal history,           Aurora St. Luke’s. We are most grateful to them
Bob and Pauline have made their mark on the                for their generous CRT provision, and their other
history of St. Luke’s — and their generosity will          gifts. We hope that their story will inspire others to
never be forgotten.”                                       consider how a charitable remainder trust might
                                                           be an appropriate giving option, benefiting both
                                                           themselves and those who turn to Aurora St. Luke’s
                                                           for help, hope and healing every day.”

                                                                         The Spirit of St. Luke’s                   5
Fate and fortune collide
       at 30,000 feet
Luck. It’s been described as nothing more than
preparation meeting opportunity. However you
describe it, most people would say David Rubin has
it. For David, “preparation met opportunity” at least
three times on September 11, 2006.

David and his wife Arlene were returning from a           assistance of two gentlemen sitting in the row in front
carefree, two-week vacation in California to their        of the Rubins to help get David on the floor of the
home in Boston. They had enjoyed visiting with            aircraft. She then called a “Code Four,” to request
friends and touring Sonoma’s beautiful wine country.      emergency assistance from any medical professional
Everything seemed fine as they departed on a non-         who might be onboard. As luck would have it, two
stop American Airlines flight from San Francisco to       medically trained “life savers” came forward, includ-
Boston. David and Arlene sat next to one another          ing a critical care nurse from Children’s Hospital
and passed the time by scanning newspapers and            Boston and a California oncologist.
magazines. David said, “We were both reading, and
not really paying too much attention to each other        David would later learn that his heart had abruptly
during the first half of the flight.”                     stopped beating, commonly referred to as “sudden
                                                          cardiac arrest” or “sudden cardiac death” (SCD).
Nothing seemed unusual until Arlene happened to put       According to the Centers for Disease Control and
down her reading material and glance over at David.       Prevention, sudden cardiac death is a leading cause of
“I immediately knew he was in trouble,” she recalled.     death among adults over age 40. In the United States
“His eyes were rolled back in his head and his face       alone, approximately 250,000 people die from it
looked just horrible.” David said, “I was so lucky that   every year.
Arlene happened to look at me when she did. That
was my first piece of luck that day.”                     SCD is described as an unexpected death due to
                                                          cardiac causes, occurring in a short time period in
A quick response by crew and                              someone with known or unknown cardiovascular
passengers                                                disease. Most cases of SCD are related to cardiac
Arlene quickly summoned a flight attendant who was        arrhythmias. Like David, many victims have no
standing nearby. The attendant lifted David’s arm and     cardiac symptoms beforehand. Without warning, their
it fell like a rock. He was unconscious and totally       heart simply stops and they are clinically dead.
unresponsive. The attendant immediately sought the

6   The Spirit of St. Luke’s
                                                           available on all commercial airplanes. He was still
                                                           one of the lucky ones, since more than 90% of people
                                                           who experience sudden cardiac death don’t survive.

                                                           David explained, “The whole incident was quite
                                                           surreal to me. One minute I was doing fine, the next
                                                           minute I was literally ‘gone.’ Once I was brought
                                                           back to life, I felt OK and wanted to get up. At the
                                                           time, I didn’t realize exactly what had happened,
                                                           since I didn’t have any chest pain or discomfort.”
                                                           But knowing that David’s heart had stopped beating,
                                                           the flight crew quickly arranged for an emergency
                                                           landing in Milwaukee, so he could get prompt
                                                           medical attention.

                                                           Lady luck smiles again
David Rubin and his wife, Arlene.
                                                           A waiting ambulance at General Mitchell
                                                           International Airport whisked David to the closest
Luckily for David, the airline was equipped with an        hospital equipped to provide emergency cardiac care
automated external defibrillator (AED), as the time-       – Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. After a heart
frame to revive someone suffering from SCD is only         catheterization and other diagnostic testing, it was
three to five minutes. “If this would have happened a      determined that David needed double bypass surgery
few days earlier, while driving around wine country, I     to relieve blockages in his heart.
wouldn’t be here to tell my story,” David remarked.
                                                           A few of David’s family members thought he should
At first the doctor and the nurse attempted cardio-        return home to Boston to have the surgery, since
pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by pounding his chest        Boston is home to many world-class health care
and using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but they           facilities. However, because of their positive first
couldn’t detect a pulse. After administering a shock       impressions of Aurora St. Luke’s, and after talking
from the AED, David’s heart returned to a normal           to others in Boston who knew about the medical
rhythm. Arlene said, “After the shock, David regained      center’s reputation as one of the top cardiac centers in
consciousness and the color came back into his             the country, the Rubins quickly realized that being
face. He seemed to be back to normal. We were so           taken to Aurora St. Luke’s for heart surgery was the
thankful the plane was equipped with that life-saving      third lucky event that day.
device. Later on, the airline sent us the print-out from
the machine, showing that David’s heart had indeed         “Being from the east coast, you don’t usually think of
‘flat-lined.’”                                             world-class medical centers when you think of
                                                           Milwaukee,” Arlene recalled. “But of all the places
David survived because of the immediate intervention       that the plane could have made an emergency stop in
by the flight attendant, his fellow passengers and the     the Midwest, we were most fortunate to land in
AED which restored his heart to a normal rhythm.           Milwaukee and to be taken to St. Luke’s. At the time
Defibrillators are now required by federal law to be                                         Continued on page 8

                                                                           The Spirit of St. Luke’s               7
Feeling lucky at 30,000 feet              from page 7

we didn’t realize what a fine, well-respected facility
St. Luke’s is. We just wanted David to be in the best
                                                         Aurora St. Luke’s CICU Receives
place possible.”
                                                         Prestigious National Award
                                                         for Excellence
David echoed Arlene’s positive sentiments about the
medical center. He said, “Once we met Dr. Suhail            n Spring 2006, the Aurora
Allaqaband (cardiovascular disease specialist), and
Dr. David Kress (cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon)
                                                         I  St. Luke’s Coronary
                                                         Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
and the staff, we knew we were in good hands. I          was the recipient of the
discovered that they knew many of the doctors I          Beacon Award for Critical
knew back in Boston. Arlene and I were really            Care Excellence. Aurora
impressed with the warm, personalized health care        St. Luke’s is the first hospital
offered at St. Luke’s. You’re more than just a name or   ICU in Wisconsin to receive the award from the
a number, you’re treated as a real person. I can’t say   American Association for Critical Care Nursing.
enough about how nice the people were, especially
the medical staff.”                                      The Beacon Award recognizes the nation’s top
                                                         hospital critical care units based on quality,
After successfully undergoing heart surgery at Aurora    collaboration and communication among
St. Luke’s, David recovered quickly and was released.    nurses and the patient environment. Aurora
Commenting on David’s close call and how “lucky” he      St. Luke’s CICU was one of only 12 other units
was, surgeon Dr. Kress summed up the experience by       in the United States chosen for the award.
saying, “Everything went right for David on that day.”
                                                         Several criteria were evaluated to choose the
David finally resumed his trip home about a week         Beacon Award winners. According to Deb Hansen,
after his unplanned “detour” to Milwaukee. He            CICU patient care manager, there are many things
continues to be monitored closely and is on heart        that contributed to the award. “While they look at
medication, but is doing well. Thanks to a string of     everything, a few things we do here to care for our
good luck that fateful day, when preparation met         patients really stand out. Our outcome facilitation
opportunity three times over, David is back to living    team process is a priority for our team and a great
life to the fullest.                                     example of our commitment to achieving the best
                                                         possible outcome for every patient. Our CICU
To demonstrate their gratitude to Aurora St. Luke’s      nurses meet daily with all disciplines such as
Medical Center, the Rubins recently made a               physical therapy, pharmacy, respiratory therapy
generous contribution which has been directed            and social workers, to discuss every patient.
toward cardiac research.
                                                         “We work very hard to constantly improve our
David Rubin’s life-and-death experience                  care and look at how we can do things better,”
underscores an important point. When they enter the      continues Deb. “Our goal is excellence. To have it
doors of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center – whether      recognized with this award is really exciting and
by choice or by chance – all patients receive the        reinforces our desire to provide this to our patients
most up-to-date, patient-centered medical care           every day.”
available anywhere.

8    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
Gardettos Make $1.5 Million Gift
to New CyberKnife
   n July 2006, John and Judy Gardetto made a              process is practically painless.
I  generous $1.5 million gift to help fund the addition
of the new CyberKnife radiosurgery system at Aurora
                                                           It is performed on an outpa-
                                                           tient basis, without anesthesia,
St. Luke’s Medical Center. This is the Gardettos’          and typically takes only 30 to
                                                                                              John and Judy
second major gift to Aurora St. Luke’s. In 1998, they      90 minutes to complete. While Gardetto
established the John and Judy Gardetto Heart and           radiosurgery was previously
Cancer Endowment Fund.                                     limited to treatment of lesions in the brain, the
                                                           CyberKnife makes it possible to perform radiosurgery
“Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is extremely             almost anywhere in the body.
grateful for the generosity that John and Judy have
shown,” said Nick Turkal, President and CEO of             The generous gift from the Gardettos has helped to
Aurora Health Care. “Their support is a great              bring cancer treatment to a new level, enhancing
example of how grateful people with an altruistic          Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center’s reputation as a
desire to help others can impact the lives of many.”       leader in providing the latest treatment options and
                                                           excellence in cancer care.
The CyberKnife brings additional cutting-edge
technology to the cancer treatment options at Aurora       The Gardettos were named the 2005 Aurora
St. Luke’s. With its unmatched image-guided                St. Luke’s Medical Center Philanthropists of the Year.
accuracy and surgical precision, the CyberKnife is         The award was a well-deserved recognition of the
specifically designed to treat cancerous tumors and        Gardettos’ lifetime accomplishments and generosity
other lesions with minimal risk to surrounding tissue      to Aurora St. Luke’s and their community over
and organs. From a patient’s perspective, the entire       the years.

                                   O       nce again the expertise and dedication to quality shown by the
                                           Aurora St. Luke’s stroke team have gained national recognition for
                                   the Stroke Center. Results published this past fall from the Premier quality
                                   initiative show that Aurora St. Luke’s stroke program is not only in the top
    St. Luke’s                     25% for quality among all hospitals participating in the project, but its

    Stroke                         program is the best performer in its peer group (hospitals similar in size
                                   and scope). “This is a wonderful acknowledgment of the ongoing work we
    Program                        are doing to provide the highest quality of care for our stroke patients,”
                                   shares Gloria Bock, Stroke Center coordinator.
                                   This is the second time in recent months our center’s expertise was
    Nationally for                 recognized. Just the year before, the Stroke Center received certification

    Excellence –                   from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
                                   (JCAHO) as a primary stroke center, one of only seven primary stroke
    Again!                         centers in Wisconsin.

                                                                           The Spirit of St. Luke’s               9
A positive step in the right direction
Stem cell transplant offers hope to Sheboygan Falls couple

           en and Darlene Mills

K          could easily be
           described as positive,
forward-looking people. Even
when Ken was diagnosed with
non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
back in 1999, the Mills were
determined to do whatever they
could so Ken would regain his
health. Ken describes his
medical condition as being
“double cancer,” since it was in
both his blood and in more than
40 lymph nodes. One innovative
treatment option for this           Ken and Darlene Mills spend time together during Ken’s isolation period
disease is a stem cell transplant   at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.
(see sidebar on page 12).
                                                         finally responded well to chemotherapy, under the
Ken was originally treated for his cancer in             direction of hematologist/oncologist Max Haid, MD.
Minnesota, where the Mills lived at the time. He         Two rounds of chemotherapy in late summer 2006
was diagnosed just as he was about to retire from a      were successful, producing results that made him
college presidency in Southern Minnesota. For seven      eligible for the stem cell transplant procedure he long
years Ken was considered ineligible for a stem           hoped for.
cell transplant because he responded poorly to
chemotherapy. Stem cell transplant candidates must       Ken described the feeling of elation he and his family
respond positively to chemotherapy (i.e., they must      felt upon hearing the good news. “It came as a real
show that their cancer cells can be destroyed by         shock and a surprise,” he said. “It was like heaven
chemotherapy). As a result, Ken thought he would         on earth for us. We were so excited, as I had few
never qualify.                                           treatment options left. The news was unbelievably
                                                         joyful, and we thanked God and celebrated with
Ken and Darlene’s daughter Mary Theodoroff, RN, is       family and friends.”
an Aurora nurse. She knew about the cutting-edge
research and innovative treatments offered through       Before the stem cell procedure in Milwaukee was
the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic. After her parents      scheduled, Ken completed all of the necessary tests
moved to the Sheboygan area, Mary encouraged her         at Aurora facilities in Sheboygan, just minutes from
father to seek treatment at the Vince Lombardi           his Sheboygan Falls home. Ken said, “It was very
Cancer Clinic in Sheboygan. It was there that Ken        convenient to have the tests done locally. This was

10    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
possible because all Aurora facilities are linked. I    Ken then underwent six days of intense chemotherapy
received care at Aurora Sheboygan Clinic, Aurora’s      as an inpatient at Aurora St. Luke’s, to wipe out the
hospital in Sheboygan (Aurora Sheboygan Memorial        cancer cells in his system. Once chemotherapy was
Medical Center), at the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic    complete, Ken’s own stem cells were thawed and
in both Sheboygan and Milwaukee and at St. Luke’s.      infused back into his body through a procedure
Regardless of where you receive care within Aurora,     resembling a blood transfusion. During the two-day
everyone works as a team toward a common goal.          infusion process, he received 30 bags of his own
That’s one of the great benefits of receiving care      stem cells.
through an integrated health care system.”
                                                        After transplantation, Ken spent nearly a month at
At Aurora St. Luke’s, oncologist/hematologist Robert    Aurora St. Luke’s in isolation to reduce the risk of
Taylor, MD, was the physician who directed Ken’s        infection while his immune system recovered. Ken
care and harvested the stem cells from Ken’s blood,     explained, “Your immune system is totally disabled
for a procedure called an autologous stem cell          while you wait for the immature stem cells to engraft
transplant. Ken’s own cells would later be re-infused   (that is, to begin producing new red blood cells, white
back into his body. Ken said, “Both Dr. Taylor and      cells and platelets). It takes several weeks to months
the Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Coordinator,        before the stem cells are mature enough to see if the
Kristen Kemp treated us with the utmost kindness        procedure was successful.”
and respect. They were very straightforward with us
and explained the procedure in terms we could           100 days of watchful waiting
easily understand.”                                     At that point, Ken was sent home to “watch and
                                                        wait.” He was still prone to infections and had to take
Stem cell harvesting is an outpatient procedure         a number of precautions. “I had to watch what I ate
completed in the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic at        and who I came in contact with. I didn’t go to church
Aurora St. Luke’s. The procedure takes several days,    for months, eat out in a restaurant, or even see my
since at least four million stem cells/kg are needed    grandchildren,” he said.
for eventual transplantation back into the patient’s
body. Ken’s entire health care team visited him and     Throughout the entire ordeal, the Mills were particularly
cheered when he reached the magic four million/kg       impressed with Aurora’s holistic approach to patient
mark on the third day. “They shared in each little      care. “They take both the physical and spiritual health
victory with us along the way,” he said.                of the patient into account,” Ken explained, “As
                                                        spiritual people, we really appreciated that. Ken
The Mills were overwhelmed by the love and support      added, “Almost immediately after meeting the staff,
shown to them throughout Ken’s cancer journey. Ken      I felt safe, cared for, and cared about.” The Mills
said, “We were so impressed with the quality of care,   strongly believe that Aurora Health Care gives
both at St. Luke’s and at the two Vince Lombardi        patients a voice and empowers them to be an active
Cancer Clinics. Everyone, from the valet parkers and    part of the health care team and to make decisions
receptionists, to the nurses and the doctors, made a    regarding their care.
real effort to treat us as individuals. They showed
genuine concern for our total well being. When you      Toward the end of January 2007, Ken underwent tests
are battling cancer, your caregivers become your        to check the status of his cancer and to see if the stem
adopted ‘family.’”                                                                        Continued on page 12

                                                                       The Spirit of St. Luke’s               11
A positive step in the right direction                      from page 11

cell transplant had been successful. On January 30, he
met with Dr. Taylor to hear the long-awaited news.
Dr. Taylor happily shared the results, which were
nothing short of remarkable. The cancer in his bone
marrow was in total remission, and only two of the
40+ cancerous nodes showed any cancerous cells,
and those two nodes had shrunk in size.

After months and years of tests and treatments, the           Ken’s daughter Mary helps him settle into his
                                                              room at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.
Mills’ prayers had finally been answered. Ken said,
“This news was a great outcome and a total success            outstanding, seamless care that Aurora offers and
in my estimation. It means that God, and St. Luke’s,          hopefully shed some light on stem cell research and
have now granted me more time on this earth. How              treatment, which is often misrepresented by politicians
does a person adequately say ‘thank you’ for that?”           and others. Perhaps my personal journey can offer a
                                                              glimmer of hope or inspiration to others who might
To give back to the Aurora organization and to “pay           benefit from this type of life-saving treatment.”
it forward,” the Mills have volunteered to serve on
the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic Patient Advisory             Editor’s note: Ken Mills has such a strong belief in
Committee (PAC), launched in 2006. This group                 the power of a positive attitude that he has recently
consists of former patients, support partners and a           published a book entitled, Person-Shine: The Power
nurse who serve as “mentors” to new cancer patients.          of Brightening Our Lives. If you are interested in
Committee members are available to listen and                 learning more about this book, you can contact Ken
provide support to patients and their family members.         at

Jean McDonald, Regional Manager of Outpatient
                                                               Do you know what a stem cell
Cancer Services, said, “The PAC was developed
                                                               transplant is and why it is done?
because Ken and his wife wanted to give back to the
community in a way that shows how appreciative
they are of the care and support they have received
                                                               A      stem cell transplant may be performed when
                                                                      a patient’s bone marrow is damaged and
                                                               cannot make some or all of the red blood cells, or
throughout this cancer journey. In the short time that         platelets, that the body needs. The damage to the
this committee has been in place, they have accom-             bone marrow may be due to a disease that affects
plished a great deal.”                                         the bone marrow itself, or to high-dose anticancer
Ken’s wife Darlene added, “The cancer journey can
                                                               A stem cell transplant is a type of transfusion that
be just as difficult for family members, as it is for the
                                                               replaces diseased or damaged stem cells with new,
patient. It’s important for them to have someone to
                                                               functioning stem cells – either the person’s own,
talk to, so they can express their fears and emotions
                                                               previously harvested stem cells, or that of a donor.
in a positive, supportive atmosphere. We are so happy
                                                               When stem cells “take” or engraft, they begin to
to help.”
                                                               produce healthy new blood cells, and will continue
                                                               to replenish all essential blood cell lines for
Ken summed up his positive experience by saying,
                                                               a lifetime.
“By telling our story, we hope to showcase the

12    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
               • June 8 & 9       Vince Lombardi Golf Classic
                                  North Hills Country Club
                                  Menomonee Falls, WI

               • June 9           Lombardi Walk for Cancer
                                  Menomonee Falls High School
                                  Menomonee Falls, WI
                                  9:00 a.m.

               • July 28          Lombardi Ride to Lambeau
                                  House of Harley-Davidson
                                  Milwaukee, WI
                                  9:00 a.m.

               • October 10       Lifetime Philanthropists Luncheon
                                  Westmoor Country Club
                                  Brookfield, WI
                                  11:30 a.m.

2007           • November         Lombardi Food & Wine Experience
                 9 & 10           November 9
Philanthropy                      Food & Wine Tasting Gala and Auction
                                  The Pfister Hotel
                                  Milwaukee, WI

Calendar                          6:30 p.m.
                                  November 10
                                  Celebrity Chef & Wine Dinner

of                                University Club of Milwaukee
                                  Milwaukee, WI
                                  6:30 p.m.

Events         For questions about the Dessert Gala or the Lifetime
               Philanthropists Luncheon, please call (414) 649-7194.

               For more information about Vince Lombardi Charitable
               Funds events, please call (414) 649-5463 or visit

                                       The Spirit of St. Luke’s        13
Planting the seeds
       of healing and recovery
               Rooftop Healing Garden will be a place
               of refuge and relaxation for you and your loved ones

         estorative or “healing” gardens have been used since the

R        Middle Ages when monasteries functioned as hospitals.
         The grounds would often incorporate an enclosed courtyard
for use by the residents. The natural outdoor setting was created to
bring comfort to the sick.

For many, a garden is a special place to escape —          and social needs of patients, as well as their physical
to feel the sun on your face, smell the fresh air and      or medical needs. This concern for the “holistic”
enjoy the beauty of nature. Imagine how much a             needs of the person reinforces the need for the
garden could mean to someone recovering in a               Healing Garden because of its immense therapeutic
hospital or to those who work or visit there. Facilities   value.
that offer this amenity report positive mood changes
in patients and staff that make them feel calmer,          The Rooftop Healing Garden will provide physical
stronger and refreshed.                                    and psychological relief from the stress and pressures
                                                           of the hospital. Patients will be provided with a
With this in mind, in 2005 plans were unveiled for         positive distraction from their illnesses and associated
a Rooftop Healing Garden to grace the empty                treatments. The garden will also function as a
terraces on the seventh and eighth floors of the Heart     relaxing environment to visit with family members,
Care Center & Patient Tower at Aurora St. Luke’s           allowing social interaction to take place in a positive
Medical Center. With a fundraising initiative underway,    environment. Hospital staff often refer to healing
those plans will soon materialize into the largest         gardens as “a place to recharge.”
garden of its kind in Wisconsin. It will also be only
the second elevated healing garden in the entire           The Rooftop Healing Garden will be designed and
United States. The garden will provide a stunning          wired to accommodate wheelchairs, hospital beds
view of Milwaukee, as well as an oasis for privacy,        and medical equipment, so patients at various stages
solace, and healing.                                       of recovery can enjoy the gardens. Those who cannot
                                                           get outside to spend time in the garden will still be
Why a Healing Garden?                                      able to enjoy it, as several rooms in the Heart Care
Healing gardens perfectly complement Aurora’s              Center & Patient Tower will have a clear view of it.
vision of health care that encourages a healing
environment to support the mental, emotional, spiritual

14    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
Employees, patients and their families, and community
members have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark
on the Rooftop Healing Garden, by investing in one
of the many naming opportunities available at various
gift levels. One such opportunity is to purchase a
brick in support of the project, which donors will
be able to engrave with a personal message
(see inside back cover).

Here are a number of personal stories behind some of
the gifts already made to support this very exciting
project. They offer an inspiring glimpse into the lives    Charles Milakovich
that have been touched directly or indirectly by
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.                          is believed to help quiet the mind and heart. The
                                                           circular labyrinth on the Rooftop Healing Garden will
Building a legacy at Aurora                                be adjacent to the open lawn area of the garden.
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Supporters from within and outside of the Aurora           Paul Milakovich, Director of Philanthropy Operations
system are stepping forward to bring this project to       at Aurora Health Care, made a generous donation
fruition. The lead gift was recently announced by          toward construction of the labyrinth and a concrete
the Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds with a very            bench to honor his late father, Charles. Paul said,
generous $1.5 million pledge. In addition, many            “The labyrinth and bench seemed like a perfect way
individuals – from first time donors to annual             to honor my father who was a bricklayer himself,
contributors – have also lent their financial support      especially since the labyrinth design will be sand-
to the Rooftop Healing Garden. One such example is         blasted into reclaimed paver bricks. During his
the Don Tendick Jr. Family Foundation, longtime            career, my dad spent many hours laying bricks and
donors to Aurora St. Luke’s. Spurred by their family’s     doing specialized concrete work, so I was inspired
positive experiences at Aurora St. Luke’s, Don Jr. said,   to support the brick labyrinth in the garden. He
“Our entire family, including spouses and children,        would have certainly appreciated the workmanship
highly endorses this most worthwhile project.” The         of the project.
Tendicks were initially attracted to the rooftop garden
project because it will serve as a quiet refuge – a        “My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, and
lovely retreat for patients, families and caregivers,      died shortly thereafter. He received most of his
offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of the       medical care at Aurora St. Luke’s, making this a great
medical center.                                            way to honor his memory and to support the medical
                                                           center that supported him. I’ll be anxious to show our
Taking an ancient path to wisdom                           family, especially my mother, the labyrinth area and
and peace                                                  the entire Rooftop Healing Garden once it’s complete.
One unique feature of the Rooftop Healing Garden           It’ll be an inviting area where patients and visitors
will be the labyrinth. Dating back to ancient Greece       can reflect and find peace.”
and Egypt, labyrinths have often been used as
meditative devices. Walking the course of a labyrinth                                      Continued on page 16

                                                                         The Spirit of St. Luke’s             15
Planting the seeds of healing and recovery                      from page 15

      IN HONOR AND MEMORY OF                             Brick by Brick
            OUR PARENTS                                  If bricks could talk
   ABRAHAM STALLER JEAN STALLER                          By engraving a personal message in stone, employees
SYDNEY GROSSMAN MAE LOIS GROSSMAN                        and friends of Aurora St. Luke’s have the opportunity
       DR. BERNARD STALLER &                             to become a permanent part of this very special place
         MRS. EILEEN STALLER                             in the hospital. Purchasing a commemorative brick
                                                         is a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, marriages,
“Since 1973 St. Luke’s has been my ‘home away            anniversaries, milestones, friendships, and lifetime
from home.’” That’s how cardiovascular disease           memories.
specialist Bernard Staller, MD, describes the past
three decades that he’s been associated with Aurora      Every brick in the Healing Garden will have a story
St. Luke’s Medical Center. In that time, Dr. Staller     to tell. Here is just a sampling.
has seen many improvements and changes made to
the facility.                                            Remembering Loved Ones
                                                         A mother’s love
Both Dr. Staller and his wife Eileen believe that the    lasts forever. In
new Rooftop Healing Garden will be another               1976, Kathy Darga
enhancement for the medical center. Dr. Staller said,    and her husband
“When we first heard about the Healing Garden            lost their son
project, we wanted to show our support. We decided       Bobby at age 13,
to purchase a bench in the Healing Garden as a           as a result of a
lasting way to honor and memorialize our parents.        congenital heart
Dating back to the early 80s, all four of our parents    condition.
have received medical care at Aurora St. Luke’s. One     Although this
parent had successful aortic valve replacement surgery   tragedy                    GOD’S LENT CHILD
in 1982 that lasted more than 20 years, another had a    happened more           BOBBY DARGA 1962-’76
mitral valve replacement in 1989, and two of our         than 30 years ago, LOVE, MOM, DAD & FAMILY
parents have had angioplasty procedures there.”          Bobby’s memory
                                                         remains very much alive for his family. To honor his
The Stallers clearly understand the therapeutic value    memory, Kathy decided to purchase a brick in the
of the new Rooftop Healing Garden. Dr. Staller said,     new Healing Garden. It will serve as a permanent
“The Rooftop Healing Garden is a wonderful concept       reminder of their family’s love for Bobby.
and it is perfectly located, overlooking the city. The
open green spaces are sure to bring comfort and          Kathy, who works in the Mail Room at Aurora
solace to patients and families during stressful times   St. Luke’s, considers the memorial brick to be “a gift
and aid in recovery. Spending time in the garden will    for our whole family.” She hasn’t told other family
be beneficial to all.”                                   members about it yet, so she can take them to see the
                                                         garden and show them “Bobby’s brick.” Kathy said,
Eileen added, “Once complete, the Healing Garden         “I want to thank the Philanthropy department for
will be a beautiful, comforting place to be.”            doing this project and for allowing us to be part of the
                                                         Healing Garden. It will be so special to be able to go

 16   The Spirit of St. Luke’s
up there and see a tangible remembrance of Bobby           In the years following his surgery, Jack twice
and his short life. His younger sisters really loved and   returned to the hospital for angioplasty procedures,
looked up to him. He is also missed very much by his       and Mary had breast surgery there in 1993. In 2000,
two younger brothers. Even though Bobby had a              Jack was diagnosed with leukemia and died at Aurora
weak heart, he had such a good heart. This will keep       St. Luke’s shortly thereafter. Mary remembers how
his memory alive.”                                         helpful the counselors at the Vince Lombardi Cancer
                                                           Clinic were to her husband and their family during
Mary Nault (her family members call her “Mare”)            those difficult times.
knew that her late husband Jack would have approved
of the brick purchased in his name. “He was really         Based on her personal experience dealing with health
into ‘bricks,’ Mary explained. “Jack purchased             care crises, Mary knows how valuable the Rooftop
commemorative bricks for each of our four                  Healing Garden will be to patients and families.
grandchildren at a children’s park here in                 “Sometimes you just need a quiet place to go, where
Greendale some years ago.”                                 you can think your own thoughts,” she said. “Jack
                                                           loved St. Luke’s, and would have loved the Healing
The Naults’ long-term relationship with Aurora             Garden, too.”
St. Luke’s Medical Center dates back to 1975 when
Jack had cardiac bypass surgery performed there.           Sharing
“We had young children at the time, and the whole          Inspiration
experience was a very scary thing. Jack was fortunate      Many Aurora
to recover and we went on to have 25 more wonderful        employees,
years together. The staff at St. Luke’s always provided    including James
us with very kind and loving care,” Mary said.             Marx, PhD, a
                                                           manager in the
                                                           Department of
                                                           Research, are
                                                                                    LIVE EACH DAY FOR
                                                                                          WHAT IT IS
                                                           in the brick
                                                                                           ~ A GIFT ~
                                                                                     THE MARX FAMILY
                                                           Dr. Marx and his
                                                                                 JAMES AND MARYALICE
                                                           family decided to
                                                                                    DREW CHRIS SCOTT
                                                           honor a special
WHEN SOMEONE WE LOVE                                       family member who made an impact on their lives.
  BECOMES A MEMORY,                                        The Marx family purchased a brick in memory of
 HIS MEMORY BECOMES                                        Dr. Marx’s late sister-in-law, Patsy.
     OUR TREASURE.                                                                        Continued on page 18

                                                                         The Spirit of St. Luke’s           17
Planting the seeds of healing and recovery                        from page 17

Patsy suffered from cerebral palsy and died in 2002.       Department on several occasions. We’ve had other
She lived with her brother’s family for about 12 years.    friends and family members who’ve received
Dr. Marx says that it was a very positive experience       wonderful medical care there, too. Our parents are
for everyone, especially the children, who witnessed       now in their 70s and 80s and still live in the area. It’s
Patsy’s challenges and fortitude. Dr. Marx said,           comforting to know that this quality medical care is
“We wanted to purchase a brick to remember Patsy,          nearby, should they need it. We’ve supported Aurora
because she taught our family that each day is a gift.     St. Luke’s for many years. The hospital has always
She inspired us, and I wanted to pass that inspiration     been there for us, whether we needed it or not. We
along to others who will visit the garden.”                wanted to ‘be there’ for them, by purchasing a brick
                                                           in the Rooftop Healing Garden project.”
Through his personal experience in caring for a loved
one, Dr. Marx understands the value of a healing           Honoring Caregivers
garden as a soothing, relaxing place that will promote     “Kathy Lunow was
healing and recovery. By supporting the Rooftop            the ultimate nurse.”
Healing Garden, Dr. Marx and his family feel that          That’s how Linda
they are simply “sharing some of the gifts we have         Buck, Manager of the
been given.” They know their gift will help promote        Post Anesthesia Care
healing for many generations to come.                      Unit (PACU),
                                                           describes her friend
              LIVE FOR TODAY!                              and former coworker.
          AS NO ONE KNOWS WHAT                             “Kathy was an
          TOMORROW MAY BRING                               extraordinary woman,
               EUGENE J. AND                               with quiet, yet
                  IRENE W.                                 effective leadership
                 BEMBENEK                                  skills. As a registered   KATHY LUNOW, RN
                                                           nurse at Aurora           OUR DEAR FRIEND
While the Bembeneks encourage living for today,            St. Luke’s Medical      A COMPASSIONATE AND
they also believe in planning for tomorrow. Irene and      Center for 35 years,      DEDICATED NURSE
Eugene Bembenek are most fortunate. They have              Kathy was a friend       35 YEARS OF SERVICE
never personally needed the services of Aurora             and mentor to many.”        PACU STAFF 2006
St. Luke’s Medical Center. The Bembeneks now live
in Whitewater, Wisconsin, but grew up in Milwaukee         Linda added,               KATHY LUNOW, RN
and lived on the city’s south side after their marriage.   “Outside of work            MAY SHE REST IN
They are very familiar with this south side landmark,      Kathy was an avid      GOD’S ETERNAL GARDEN
as Irene graduated from Pulaski High School, located       gardener, often         FRIENDS, CO-WORKERS
across the street from the medical center, while           sharing the fruits of     ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL
Eugene attended nearby Greenfield High School.             her labor with
                                                           coworkers. Unfortunately, Kathy got sick and passed
Commenting on their support of the brick program,          away in January of 2006. As the department grieved
Irene said, “My father had an angioplasty procedure        our loss, we wanted to find a special way to honor
and a carotid artery procedure performed at Aurora         Kathy’s memory. We heard about the Rooftop
St. Luke’s, and was treated in the Emergency               Healing Garden and the brick program and it was a

18    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
fitting way to honor Kathy, especially with her love      in close proximity, where their special brick will
of gardening. We can’t wait to see the project when       always be a visible reminder of the respect and
it’s complete. Making this gesture was also healing       gratitude shown by their own nurse manager.
for us and provided closure for our staff. These two
commemorative bricks are a perfect way to keep                           THANKS 2 U FOR
Kathy’s memory alive forever.”                                        A 2ND CHANCE AT LIFE
                                                                       BARBARA STOLESON
               THANK YOU
           MEDICAL RESPIRATORY                            One day in 1993, schoolteacher Barbara Stoleson was
           INTENSIVE CARE UNIT                            not feeling well and had a sense that something was
                                                          not quite right. When she started having pain in her
Sue Katz, RN, Patient Care Manager for the Medical        arm, Barbara immediately knew she was having a
Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (MRICU), purchased        heart attack. She called 911 and was brought to
a brick to honor her staff. For more than 30 years,       St. Luke’s Emergency Department for treatment.
Sue has witnessed the incredible skill, dedication, and   Barbara, who now lives in Plover, Wisconsin, ended
compassion that the MRICU nursing staff brings to         up having double bypass surgery. The way Barbara
the bedside each day.                                     sees it, God and her doctors gave her a second chance
                                                          at life and she’s grateful. Barbara’s been an annual
Sue knows first-hand how the MRICU nurses work            donor to Aurora St. Luke’s for more than 10 years.
tirelessly to provide a positive outcome for each         When she heard about the brick program, she wanted
patient, despite dealing with very difficult family       to make this special gift, because it allowed her to
and medical situations. Her own brother Dan was           publicly express her gratitude to Aurora St. Luke’s
critically ill and hospitalized in the unit a number      caregivers in a very lasting way.
of years ago. He twice underwent open-heart
surgery at Aurora St. Luke’s and spent three months       The Rooftop Healing Garden will be a special place
recuperating in intensive care. Sue is convinced that     for many reasons, but the stories that will emerge
Dan wouldn’t be here today, if not for the excellent      from every corner of its landscape will certainly be
care he received while hospitalized at “her” hospital.    its most inspiring feature. We hope that you will
                                                          share your story with us through one of the many
As an added bonus, the MRICU is located on the            naming opportunities available. For more information,
hospital’s eighth floor. When the Rooftop Healing         please visit: or contact the
Garden is complete, the MRICU nursing staff will be       Office of Philanthropy at (414) 385-4732.

                                                                        The Spirit of St. Luke’s               19
 Breaking News

Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds Makes Lead
Gift to Rooftop Healing Garden
      n Saturday, March 3, 2007, Vince Lombardi              have on patients. With the addition of a healing
O     Charitable Funds announced a $1.5 million
pledge to the Rooftop Healing Garden at Aurora
                                                             garden, patients tend to have shorter post-operative
                                                             stays, take less pain medication, and experience
St. Luke’s Medical Center. This exciting announcement        fewer post-operative complications.”
was made at the 17th Annual Vince Lombardi Award
of Excellence Dinner Ball, where Mario Andretti was          Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds has an important
honored as this year’s distinguished honoree.                and long-standing partnership with Aurora St. Luke’s
                                                             Medical Center to provide the best care possible for
When asked why the Vince Lombardi Charitable                 cancer patients. This partnership has delivered state-
Funds Board of Directors decided to designate such a         of-science technologies and research breakthroughs.
generous amount to the garden, president Jim Clark           In 2005, Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds commit-
said, “This project is consistent with our mission to        ted to raise $1 million for the purchase of the latest in
provide state-of-the-art, innovative and breakthrough        medical technology, the CyberKnife. With their help,
care for cancer patients.” He went on to add,                this equipment has become a reality – operation
“Research is clear on the positive impact this will          began last March with over 120 procedures to date.

  “The spirit
     and the
                                                                                         20th An iversar y
     will to win
                                    Saturday, June 9, 2007                     Saturday, June 9, 2007
     and the                           North Hills Country Club                 Menomonee Falls High School

     will to excel,
     these are

                                                                                      2 0 0 7   L O M B A R D I

     the things                                                                       F OD
     that endure.”                                                                    W NE

       – Vincent T. Lombardi        Saturday, July 28, 2007                     Friday & Saturday
                                      The House of Harley-Davidson            November 9 & 10, 2007
                                           and Lambeau Field                         The Pfister Hotel and
                                                                                 University Club of Milwaukee

                                For information on these and other events throughout the year, please
                                contact the Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds at (414) 649-5463.

20    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
Excellence in Cancer Services
Recognized Nationally
     istinguished for our ability to provide the best in
D    diagnosis and treatment of cancer through a
coordinated, multidisciplinary team approach, in Fall
2006 Aurora Health Care received the highest level of
approval from the Commission on Cancer of the
American College of Surgeons – a full Three-Year
with Commendation award. As an approved cancer
network, this award recognizes the cancer programs
at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, St. Luke’s South
Shore, Aurora Sinai Medical Center, West Allis
Memorial Hospital and Aurora Medical Center in
Washington County.

“We are very pleased with our full three-year              The Commission on Cancer grants this level of
approval with commendation,” says Bill Laffey,             accreditation to programs that offer the highest quality
director of regional cancer services. “This recognizes     cancer care, a comprehensive approach to care as
our efforts to provide the best care for patients and      well as a commitment that patients will have access
their families, as well as our commitment to provide       to all of the various medical specialists who are
support to our staff and physicians.”                      involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

                                            he Inpatient Rehabilitation Program (IRP) of Aurora St. Luke’s

  Your Aurora                          T    Medical Center and St. Luke’s South Shore received a three-year
                                       Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  St. Luke’s                           accreditation as a stroke specialty program in January 2007. A three-
                                       year accreditation represents the highest award offered by CARF.
                                       The Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center/St. Luke’s South Shore program
  Rehabilitation                       is the first in the state to achieve this accreditation. Achieving the
                                       nationally and internationally recognized high standards for quality
  Program                              care set by CARF means our patients are assured they are receiving
                                       the best care possible.
  Recognized for                       “As a CARF-accredited institution, our patients know that we have

  High Quality                         demonstrated commitment to quality care and achieving the best
                                       possible patient outcomes,” says Carolynn Glocka, regional
                                       director of Inpatient Rehabilitation.

                                                                         The Spirit of St. Luke’s               21
New Staff Bring Talent and Expertise to
            am pleased to welcome two outstanding         feeling a need to be closer to family, Naomi made the

“I          new individuals to our already strong
            team,” said Don Cahill, Chief Philanthropy
Executive, of the newest members of the Aurora
                                                          decision to move to Milwaukee in 2005, where two
                                                          of her brothers and their families reside.

St. Luke’s Philanthropy team. “Russ brings with him       Since joining the Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropy
a wealth of experience, particularly with cancer          team this past February, Naomi cites getting to know
initiatives, and Naomi brings experience within the       our donors as one of the most rewarding aspects of
Aurora system, as well as a fresh perspective on our      her job. “Already I have encountered numerous out-
daily operations.”                                        standing individuals who have altruistically chosen to
                                                          contribute to and benefit the lives of others through
                         Naomi Wendland began             their participation in philanthropy.”
                         her career with Aurora
                         Health Care in Outpatient        Naomi attributes her interest in Philanthropy to her
                         Services at the Aurora           parents, explaining, “After thirty years, my parents
                         Psychiatric Hospital in          continue to live overseas in southern Africa where
                         2005, but tracing her steps      they have selflessly chosen to dedicate their lives to
                         to the Philanthropy Office at    what they believe in, and by doing so enrich the lives
                         Aurora St. Luke’s Medical        of people around them.”
                         Center takes you all the way
                         to Africa, where Naomi, the                                Russ Hinz officially joined
Naomi Wendland
                         daughter of missionaries,                                  the team as Manager of
                         was born and spent her                                     Major Gifts and Planned
                         childhood.                                                 Giving on March 26 after
                                                                                    lending his expertise as
“Those who first meet me have told me that they hear                                a consultant to the
a slight accent in my speech. I’m never sure how to                                 Philanthropy team earlier
respond to the question that always follows, ‘So,                                   in the year. Russ has a
where are you from?’” After attending high school in                                Bachelor of Science degree
Michigan, Naomi relocated to Charlotte in 2000 to         Russ Hinz                 in Nursing and Political
study English and Biology at the University of North                               Science, and he is currently
Carolina. Naomi remembers, “I knew that I would           pursuing a Master’s degree in Medical Informatics
love it there. Among other things, the weather felt       at Northwestern University. Russ’ educational
more like home.”                                          background has prepared him well for the interesting
                                                          positions he has held throughout his career.
Naomi liked North Carolina so much that she stayed
there for almost two years after she graduated, work-
ing as an office assistant at a local retail store. But

22    The Spirit of St. Luke’s
Your Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropy Team
   “While I no longer practice nursing, the experience I   our team,” commented Don Cahill. “His expertise in
   gained has allowed me to stay in the medical field in   cancer care will be invaluable to our efforts to support
   different roles from lobbying to management. In         Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center’s reputation as a
   each of these roles I have raised money and worked      leader in providing the latest treatment options and
   with volunteers.”                                       excellence in cancer care.”

   Russ most recently served as the Chief Operating        Russ resides in Glendale, Wisconsin with his family.
   Officer for the American Cancer Society, Midwest
   Division. In this capacity, he provided strategic                                Patty Malovec received a
   vision and leadership to raise money, influence                                  much-deserved promotion
   policy, and help cancer patients navigate through                                in November when she
   their cancer journey.                                                            accepted the position of
                                                                                    Administrative Assistant to
   Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, Russ                               Don Cahill. Patty had been
   worked for the Walt Disney Company, where he led                                 working in the St. Luke’s
   environmental, transportation, and land use planning                             Philanthropy Office for
   for a 3,000-acre, $650 million historic theme park in                            over a year, supporting
   suburban Washington, D.C. Russ also worked for          Patty Malovec            Philanthropy Officers
   eight years for the American Lung Association as                                 Meghan Marsden Parsche
   Executive Director of the Virginia Chapter, as          and Julie Ellsworth. With almost 17 years of
   Washington, D.C.-based lobbyist on federal health       experience working on the St. Luke’s campus,
   and environmental issues, and as architect of the       Patty has proven herself to be an invaluable member
   successful 1989 campaign to enact the New York          of the team.
   State Clean Indoor Air Act.
                                                           “I’m not sure what we would have done without Patty
   Russ has played leadership roles in campaigns in        in the last year and a half,” commented Don Cahill.
   New York and Wisconsin. He volunteers for               “She not only helped to bring a team of people who
   community service projects and recently served on       were new to the Aurora system up to speed on the ins
   the Milestone Early Childhood Program Board of          and outs of St. Luke’s, but she has gone above and
   Directors. In December 1999, Russ was selected by       beyond to ensure that our colleagues and donors get
   the Milwaukee Business Journal as one of the 40         the level of attentiveness and service that they deserve.”
   under 40 leaders in the Milwaukee area.
                                                           Patty works out of the main Philanthropy Office in
   “His extensive experience and dedication to             the North building of Aurora St. Luke’s, so please stop
   health care philanthropy make Russ an ideal fit for     by to say hello the next time you are in the hospital.

                                                                          The Spirit of St. Luke’s               23
  Welcome New Donors
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

We proudly welcome the                  Ms. Debra A. Berrettini                  Ms. Alice M. Clark                      Mrs. Wilma H. Emmrich
following individuals who               Mr. Warren Beyer                         Mrs. Ruth M. Clark                      Ms. Marion Epema
made their first gift to                Mrs. Barbara Bigler                      Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke                   Ms. Sherry Erickson
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical               Mr. Richard J. Bingen                    Mr. Mark Collett                        Mr. and Mrs. John R. Erickson
Center in 2006.                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Bispala           Ms. Ann E. Conrad                       Patrick D. Falvey, Ph.D.
                                        Ms. Joan H. Blaicher                     Mr. and Mrs. Otto C. Conrad             Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Fera
Anonymous (3)
                                        Ms. Heidi E. Bolton                      Mrs. Donna P. Cooper                    Ms. Mary Fleis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Abram
                                        Ms. Holly Bonavia                        Mrs. Shirley A. Couper                  Ms. Susan Fleischhacker
Ms. Cheryl Acheson
                                        Ms. Adeline Boyle                        Mr. Jose Cruz                           Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Flemming
Ms. Alvina E. Adamski
                                        Mrs. Linda M. Boyle                      Ms. Melissa Dahlgren                    Ms. Maureen Folger
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Africk
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bradish           Ms. Beth Daly                           Mr. Chris B. Forberg
Ms. Teresa Alagna
                                        Ms. Ann L. Brandt                        Mrs. Elizabeth A. Damask                Reverend Edwin Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
                                        Ms. Mary R. Brandt                       Mr. and Mrs. George Danly               Mrs. Kathleen J. Friend
   D. Alvarez-Manilla
                                        Ms. Sara R. Brandt                       Ms. Sarah Davey                         Ms. Diane Fritsch
Mr. and Mrs.
                                        Mr. James T. Brannon                     Mr. and Mrs. James S. Davis             Mr. and Mrs. John M. Furlong
   Douglas C. Andersen
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Scott Breen                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Dawson           Theodore Galvani, M.D.
Loren J. Anderson and
                                        Ms. Nancy L. Brennan                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. De Witz          Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gamades
   Terri R. Weiland
                                        Ms. Tracy Brenner                        Mr. Roger G. DeLong                     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Garross
Ms. Heather Anderson
                                        Ms. Joan M. Bridge                       Mr. Edward H. Derus, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Harold
                                        Ms. Judith Brockman                      Robert B. Devermann, M.D.               Ms. Amy Geboy
   W. Anderson
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ed A. Brook                 Ms. Janet Dietrich                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gengler
Mrs. Christine
                                        Ms. Gayle Brown                          Ms. Sherrie Dinsmore                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Giaimo
                                        Mr. and Mrs. John Buckingham             Ms. Angela Dittman                      Mr. Peter Giangreco
Ms. Alexandria Antonchorgy
                                        Ms. Vicki Budzisz                        Mr. John Dobrzynski                     Mr. and Mrs. Spencer R. Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Scott P. Arbit
                                        Mrs. Betty A. Buell                      Ms. Chris Doerfler                      Ms. Diane Gilles
Ms. Annette Arndt
                                        Ms. Gail J. Buenger                      Mr. Robert V. Donaj                     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K. Glass
Ms. Vicy Arnold
                                        Ms. Susan Buettner                       Mrs. Linda Dostalek                     Ms. Sandra Godich
Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Atwell
                                        Mr. Bruno Burkle                         Ms. Linda L. Doudna                     Ms. Ilene L. Goldblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Donavon Auble
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard                     Mr. Brian J. Downes                     Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Goodrich
Mrs. Harriet A. Augustyniak
                                           Buschmann                             Ms. Tami Downey                         Ms. Jennifer Gores-Todd
Cynthia A. Bade, R.N.
                                        Mr. Larry Bushner                        Ms. Pamela L. Dozier                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Grasso
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Baldwin
                                        Mr. Arthur Callewaert                    Mr. Thomas M. Dreeze                    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Grey
Ms. Lisa Bane
                                        Mr. Dennis Cardarella                    Ms. Barbara Drossart                    Ms. Mary Groce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Baran
                                        Ms. Gertrude E. Carey                    Dr. and Mrs. James C. DuCanto           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Groth
Ms. Anita Barth
                                        Mr. Jack G. Carini                       Mrs. Catherine M. Durick                Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gruber
Ms. Amy Bartlett
                                        Mr. Peter E. Carlson                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard                    Ms. Vanessa Grunske
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bartley
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard                        G. Eaton, Jr.                        Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gruszka
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Basterash
                                           W. Carlson                            Ms. Isabelle J. Ebert                   Ms. Kathleen Gunta
Kenneth T. Bastin, M.D.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald                      Mrs. Holly Eckl                         Mr. Richard E. Haas
Mr. Elena I. Batura
                                           O. Chandler                           Ms. Katherine Ecklund                   Ms. Patricia Haas
Ms. Regina Baumgartner
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Chapleau           Ms. Marsha Edwards                      Mr. and Mr. Eugene A. Haasch
Ms. Kathy Becerra
                                        Ms. Jean Chapman                         Mr. and Dr. Gregory                     Ms. Peggy Hacker
Ms. Louise C. Becker
                                        Ms. Jane C. Chiovatero                      P. Ehlenbach                         Ms. Mary Hagle
Ms. Mary Behling
                                        Mr. William J. Christman, Sr.            Ms. Mary Ehm                            Ms. Joyce M. Hammerschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Beinlich
                                        Mr. and Mrs. David I. Chycinski          Ms. Kathi Elder                         Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd I. Berens
                                        Ms. and Mr. Sarro J. Ciardo              Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Elridge             Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Leroy J. Ciske              Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Elste                   H. Hanneman
   N. Berkopec
24 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Welcome New Donors
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Harkins   Ms. Rebecca Keller                Mrs. Sharon Legwinski                 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mehring
Mr. Henry T. Harris               Mr. Timothy D. Kelm               Ms. Kelli Lehmann                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Hassenfelt     Mr. Clifford F. Kendziorski       Ms. Diane L. Lemke                    Ms. Judith Merkovich
Ms. Vicki Hassi                   Ms. Marjorie A. Kight             Ms. Michelle Lenda                    Mr. and Ms. Jody Merry
Mr. and Mrs. Randall              Ms. Mary Ann Kight                Ms. Terry Lesnik                      Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Mickelson
   E. Hellestad                   Ms. Lynda Kimmel                  Mr. and Mrs. Dean J. Liberski         Mr. James I. Mielke
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hellie        Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Kinney       Ms. Julianne Lietzke                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mielke
Mr. and Mrs. Duane                Mr. Harry H. Kissinger            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence                 Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Miller
   P. Henderson                   Mr. Christopher Kitzke              L. Lindenberg                       Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard              Mr. and Mrs. John M. Klein        Ms. Mary F. Link                      Mr. and Mrs. John C. Miller
   W. Hennecke                    Mr. Christopher Klink             Ms. Lois Lockwood                     Ms. Lisa Miller-Smith
Mr. Delyle Henschel               Ms. Sharon Klug                   Mr. Philip Loftus                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Miltimore
Ms. Ellen Henshaw                 Mr. John H. Klug                  Mr. David Lowe                        Christopher M. Mjaanes, M.D.
Ms. Ruth E. Heumann               Mr. Michael J. Kluka              Ms. Susan L. Lowe                     Ms. Linda Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas               Mrs. Jane Knight                  Ms. Mary Lucas                        Ms. Hazel Morafcik
   C. Heumann                     Ms. Cheryl Koehler                Ms. Jill Luedtke                      Ms. Mary A. Moran
Ms. Patricia Hickman              Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Koncki     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Luepke         Mrs. Diane Moraza
Ms. Patricia Hill                 Mr. and Mrs. John Koncki          Mr. and Mrs. Donald                   Mr. and Mrs. George L. Morris
Ms. Victoria L. Hill              Ms. Kathryn Konkol                  R. Luhmann                          Mr. Harry H. Moseley
Ms. Rebecca Hilson                Mrs. Dorothy Kowalski             Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Lukas           Ms. Jean A. Mueller
Mr. Dwayne A. Himebauch           Peter Kowalski*                   Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lurie               Ms. Janice Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William              Mr. and Mrs. William              Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lynch           Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy
   F. Hinkforth, Jr.                M. Kralovec                     Mr. and Mrs. James F. Maas            Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Musial
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hochrein       Ms. Dinah H. Krause               Ms. Julie Maceau                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Muszynski
Mr. Thomas C. Hochstatter         Ms. Janet Krebs                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Mach             Mr. Richard N. Mutzenbauer
Ms. Cynthia Hoeft                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Krygiel    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maertz          Mr. and Mrs. Howard Neidert
Ms. Dorothy A. Hoffmeier          Ms. Stephanie Krzeminski          Ms. Lori Magestro                     Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neitzel
Ms. Delores M. Homelvig           Estate of Jennie F. Kubek*        Ms. Kathleen Mahaffey                 Ms. Kathleen Nelson
S. Fredric Horwitz, M.D.          Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Kulas        Mr. and Mrs. David Maitland           Ms. Ashley Niebuhr
Mr. Richard J. Hryniewicki        Ms. Patricia Kumbera              Mr. Robert J. Manak                   Dr. and Mrs. William A. Nielsen
Ms. Theresa J. Humfeld            Ms. Sandra L. Kunesh              Dr. and Mrs. Isidro L. Maranan        Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Nielson
Mr. Chris T. Hurst                Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kustermann   Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mares            Ms. Maria Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ioder           Ms. Karen Kuzik                   Mr. and Mrs. Gordon                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Nonhof
Mr. Rodney Jaeck                  Ms. BarBara S. Ladd                 J. Markham                          Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Nord
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Janikowski    Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lafond       Ms. Norma Martin                      Ms. Mary O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Jarrett     Mrs. Madelyn Lake                 Mr. James J. Marx                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jashinsky       Ms. Helen Laleike                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marx              Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Odegaard
Mr. Patrice Jefferson             Ms. Jennifer LaMack               Ms. Mary Masko                        Ms. Fran Ohren
Mr. David P. Jerger               Mr. Aaron T. Lane                 Ms. Carol Mayer                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Peter R. Johnson, M.D.            Ms. Lauren Lang                   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Maze              J. Olejniczak
Ms. Janet Jones                   Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lani           Ms. Jennifer L. McDole                Mr. and Mrs. Karl Oliver
Ms. Linda July                    Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Larsen    Mr. and Mrs. John K. McGill           Ms. Roxanne O’Neil
Mrs. Ruby E. Jung                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Lavicka    Ms. Margurite P. McGovern             Ms. Diane Orozco
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Juranitch        Ms. Donna Lawien                  Mr. and Mrs. Frank                    Ms. Kara R. Orsini
Ms. Kathy Karwoski                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lazzio         W. McMullen                         Ms. Kristine Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Keefe          Mr. D’Jon Lee                     Mrs. Kristen L. Mecha                 Ms. Karen Owens

                                                                                              T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 25
  Welcome New Donors
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Mr. Joseph G. Paradowski and            Ms. Theresa Russell                      Ms. Lula Smogoleski                      Marjorie Vukelich, M.D.
   Ms. Rosemary Dompke                  Carol and Duane Rutkowski                Ms. Stacy Soppe                          Mr. Michael Walbert
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Parker           Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ruzick              Mr. and Mrs. Darwin                      Ms. Joanna Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Parker           Ms. Mary Ruzicka                            F. Spaulding                          Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wallner
Mr. and Mrs. David Paulmann             Ms. Suzanne Ryer                         Mr. and Mrs. Francis                     Mr. and Mrs. Lowell
Ms. Mary A. Payne                       Mr. Lourdes Sanchez                         M. Spencer III                           T. Wambold
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pelt                   Ms. Jacqueline Sandner                   Ms. Kathy A. Stack                       Ms. Elizabeth Waranka
Mr. and Ms. Lawrence                    Ms. Lychia Lyloon Sankarsingh            Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Stark, Jr.         Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Watson
   E. Pendzich                          Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sauter           Ms. Ruth Stempski                        Ms. Lucia R. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. John Pendzick              Mr. Walter Schaap                        Ms. Kim Stewart                          Mr. and Mrs. David P. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Peters          Ms. Karen Schaefer                       Ms. Suzanne D. Stewart                   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Randall                    Ms. Wendy Schafer                        Mr. and Mrs. Garold M. Stewart           Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Weiss
   M. Peterson                          Mrs. Renee Scherck-Meyer                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Stieglitz          Ms. Marilyn Wellen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phelps             Mr. Geoffrey Schick                      Ms. Jodanne M. Stoiber                   Ms. Laura Wendorff
Mr. Peter G. Platten                    Mrs. Anne Schlecht                       Ms. Christine Storm                      Ms. Anna Wendt
Ms. Catharena Plichta                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey                     Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Storm            Mr. and Mrs. William
Ms. Lynn Plummer                            K. Schmidbauer                       Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stowell               J. Wenninger
Mr. Tom J. Portz                        Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stram                Ms. Lucinda D. Weston
Mr. Rory Prelesnik                          C. Schneiberg                        Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Strelecki            Dr. and Mrs. Oliver
Ms. Kim Price                           Mr. Stephen J. Schneider                 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Strike                   H. Whetstone
Ms. Kathleen M. Princer                 Ms. Donna M. Schroeder                   Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Strnad            Mr. and Mrs. David W. White
Ms. Barbara Prohaska                    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strye               Mr. and Mrs. James Whittet, Jr.
Ms. Kelly Quandt                            H. Schuett                           Ms. Heather Sullivan                     Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilde
Mr. Donald L. Rabbitt                   Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Schultz            Ms. Mary Swahn                           Scot Wilfong, D.O.
Ms. Anna Rangel                         Mrs. Catherine Scoon                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sweet                 Ms. Nicole Will
Ms. Jean B. Rautenberg                  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Scott              Mrs. Alice Terranova                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Williams
Mr. Michael Raymond                     Dr. and Mrs. John Scott                  Mr. Bernard L. Terry                     Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Wilson
Ms. Selda Recepovski                    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Tims             Ms. Sharon Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Redlin              E. Seaberg                           Mr. Peter F. Tocco                       Mr. and Mrs. James Wissell
Ms. Terry M. Reichl                     Marlene Seebantz*                        Mr. Calvin Tolppi                        Donald P. Wolfert, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reif                  Mr. John E. Selck                        Ms. Terri Torbeck                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Reinders         Mr. Louis Seno                           Estate of JoAnne J. Tuinstra*            Ms. Mary E. Wonders
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard                    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sherin                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Turks             Ms. Jean M. Wood
   L. Reinerio                          Ms. Lori Showen                          Mr. Jeffrey Turner                       Mr. Don Wyderka
Mr. James R. Reit                       Mr. Tom H. Shukas                        Mr. Frederick Ulmer                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank York
Mr. Thomas Rezza                        Ms. Opal Shukla                          Mr. Robert Urban                         Ms. Dorothy A. Zahn
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rich                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Sielen             Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Vaclav           Mr. Chester S. Zajdel
Mr. Robert Richards                     Mr. John Skanse                          Ms. Geraldine Van De Kreke               Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Zastrow
Mr. and Mrs. Al Rivard                  Ms. Sandra Skrobiszewski                 Ms. Luisa Villa                          Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zastrow
Mr. Richard Robbins                     Mr. and Mrs. Norbert                     Ms. Amy Visintainer                      Mr. Craig H. Zetley, Esq.
Ms. Lisa Robinson                           Skudlarczyk                          Mr. James A. Vitucci                     Ms. Kimberly Zieroth
Mr. Paul J. Rogers                      Ms. Cheryl Skutevik                      Mr. Walter Vogel                         Ms. Helen L. Zrimsek
Mr. Raymond Rolfing                     Mr. Albert G. Slife                      Ms. Avis Vogelsang
Ms. Kari Rozwadowski                    Ms. Linda M. Smith                       Ms. Shari Voigtschild                   * Deceased
Mr. and Mrs.                            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher                 Ms. Bernadine B. Volkmann               Please note that in order to
   W. Edward Rubenzer                       F. Smith                             Ms. Marion L. Von Rueden                retain your privacy, we do not
Ms. Mary Ruffolo                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Smith            Ms. Isabell Vujadinovic                 share our mailing lists.

26 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Corporations, Foundations and Organizations
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006.

We are grateful to the following               H & H Construction                            The Salvation Army City Fund
corporations, foundations and                  Health Care for the Homeless of Milwaukee     Scheibel Halaska

organizations for their generous               Hinrichs Foundation                           Schmitz Ready Mix, Inc
                                               Home Instead Senior Care                      School Sisters of Notre Dame
support in 2006.
                                               Hospira Inc.                                  Schultz & Sons Transport LLC
Abbott Laboratories Fund                       Household International                       Serono, Inc.
Acacia Theatre                                 IBM Corporation - Research Triangle Park      USA Social Security Administration
Alliant Energy Foundation                      Illinois Tool Works Foundation                St. Francis Bank - New Berlin
Apple Family Foundation                        Immanuel Reformed United Church of Christ     St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Asset Acquisitions, Inc.                       Insight Accounting and Financial Accounting   State of Wisconsin Dept of Health
Assurant Health Foundation                     J. A. Frate, Inc.                                & Family Services
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.                       Jack L. Marcus, Inc.                          Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
Aurora Health Care - Corporate Office          Jackson Family Dentistry                      Third Sector New England, Inc.
Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc. -              Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation, Inc.    Thomson Realty of Wisconsin, Inc.
   Milwaukee                                   Jewish Community Foundation of Milwaukee      Traver, Haass and Eshleman Law Firm, LLP
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program         Joseph Johnson Charitable Trust               United Space Alliance, SOD and
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -   Johnson Law Offices                              Constellation Program Office
   Ridgefield                                  Kat Logistics, Inc.                           United Way of Central Jersey
Books Are Fun, Ltd. - Iowa                     Kitzinger Cooperage Corp.                     United Way of Greater Milwaukee, Inc.
Bucyrus-Erie Foundation Inc.                   Lafarge North America                         University of Illinois
Buddies Against Prostate Cancer Golf Outing    Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal                University of Wisconsin
Cardinal Health - New Jersey                   Mader Communications                          University of Wisconsin - Madison
Centro De La Comunidad Unida/United            Majestic Manor South Association                 Medical Fdn.
   Community Center, Inc.                      Marshall & Ilsley Corporation                 US Bank Championship
City of Milwaukee, Building and                Masset Group, Inc. Inn of the Hawke           US Pharmaceuticals Group - New York
   Fleet Operations Division                   Rose B. Mayer Trust                           Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds, Inc.
Crothall Healthcare Inc.                       Midwestern University                         W.L. Gore & Associates
Cyberonics                                     John Oster Family Foundation, Inc.            Western Products
First Weber Group Foundation, Inc.             PDL BioPharma                                 Wings of Charity Organization, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline - Philadephia                  Philanthropy Golf Outing - PGO                Wisconsin Center Advanced Research LLC
Greater Milwaukee Foundation Tendick           PRN Health Services, Inc.                     Wisconsin Primary Health Care
   Family Foundation Fund                      Quad Graphics, Inc.                              Association, Inc.
Constance P. Godfrey Trust                     Quarles & Brady LLP                           Wisconsin Transportation Builders
W. W. Grainger, Inc.                           Kailas J. and Becky L. Rao Foundation            Association
Gruman Construction                            Reiman Foundation, Inc.

                                                                                             T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 27
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

                                                                                 Mrs. Barbara R. Dammann                 Mr. Damon H. Lodge
                                                                                 Dr. Paresh B. Desai and                 Ms. Rebecca Long
  The Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club is an honorary
                                                                                    Dr. Shobha P. Desai                  Mr. Dominic B. Lychwick
  membership organization established as a special way of
                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. James C. DuCanto           Mr. Walter B. Maas
  expressing our appreciation to individuals who support the
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Felgar          Ms. Kathleen Mahaffey
  mission of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center with an annual
                                                                                 Ms. Rachel E. Finger                    Mr. Richard W. Marcellus, Jr.
  gift of $100 or more within a calendar year.
                                                                                 Mrs. Joyce T. Fischer                   Mr. and Mrs. James G. Marks

  Every gift is like a precious gem                                              Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Francke           Mr. Jere D. McGaffey
  Annual participation in the Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists                  Mr. Louis M. Galaska                    Jim and Diane Moraza
  Club is designated at the following levels:                                    Estate of Duane L. Giesen*              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Neuses
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles                    Mr. and Mrs. John Niedziejko
  Hanover Society                            $5,000 and above                       V. Goldsworthy                       Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Odill
  Diamond                                    $1,000                              Mrs. Joan B. Greb                       Mr. Walter A. Oestreich
  Crystal                                    $500                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Green           Mr. Lloyd Opgenorth
  Ruby                                       $250                                Ms. Susan Lynn Grieshober               Mrs. Arleen F. Peltz
  Emerald                                    $150                                Mrs. Alice Hansen                       Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Rehbein
  Garnet                                     $100                                Mr. and Mrs. Preston F. Helgren         Randy and Peg Richardson
                                                                                 Mr. Rodney Jaeck                        Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Rosenberg
  For information on the Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  and the Hanover Society, please call the Office of Philanthropy                Jack and Frances Jaeger                 Mr. Joseph E. Schick
  at (414) 649-7194.                                                             Peter R. Johnson, M.D.                  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schmitz
                                                                                 Mr. James Jopek                         Mr. and Mrs. Ross
                                                                                 Mr. Bruce J. Kestelman                     B. Shingledecker
                                                                                 Mr. Richard Klein                       Dr. Jeffrey A. Stearns and

Hanover Society                         Dr. Bernard Staller and                  Dr. Mark and Mary Knabel                   Mrs. Marjorie Stearns
                                           Mrs. Eileen Staller                   Mr. Donald Knezel                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Strelow
Estate of Bernice C. Acorn*
                                        Glenda and Jon Sundberg                  Mr. and Mrs. John E. Koenitzer          Ms. Kathleen Strube
Estate of Floyd A. Bjerke*
                                        Trepte Family Fund                       Mrs. Gay M. Krohn                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Styza
Mrs. Betty Cary
                                        Estate of JoAnne J. Tuinstra*            Ms. Marie Kuber                         Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Talatzko
John and Judy Gardetto
                                        Mr. Chester S. Zajdel                    Mr. Donald C. Laatsch                   Ms. Ellen Taus
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Zellmer           Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Langer            Mrs. Dorothy Thomson
   J. Godfrey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Haight
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Hayman
Mr. Harry G. Henke
                                        Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Bartels
Mrs. Carole F. Houston
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Benz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. James
                                        Mr. Frank J. Beykirch
Estate of Evelyn J. Jordan*
                                        Jack and Marcella Boettcher
Estate of Jennie F. Kubek*
                                        Ms. Joanne E. Brandel
Mrs. Sally A. Kuhlman
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Luebke
                                           A. Bruskiewitz
Mr. Paul Milakovich
                                        Ms. Mary Frances Bullamore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Morris
                                        Donald and Carole Cahill
Ms. Mary O’Brien
                                        Mr. Richard T. Cliggott, Sr.
Mrs. Evelyn Qualman
                                        Paul and Gretchen Connolly
Estate of Herman
                                        Ms. Jennifer Cooper
   W. Schlemmer*
                                        Mr. Billy J. Cumbie                      Committee members Arlene Peltz and Frank O’Dill at
Estate of Louise Seitz*
                                        Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cyganiak           the 2006 Dessert Gala

28 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Mrs. Beverlee J. Tomazin          Mrs. Muriel J. Jerele
Nick and Kathy Turkal             Ira and Nancy Kaufman
Mrs. Robert A. Uihlein, Jr.       Michael E. Kehoe, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. O.                   Ms. Beatrice C. Kmiec
   Kenneth Wentworth              Mrs. Mary L. Kroening
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick            Mrs. Cecelia M. Krolikowski
   Wittkowske                     Ms. Patricia Kumbera
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wray       Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ladish
Mr. and Mrs. Gary                 Mr. William W. Lambert
   V. Zimmerman                   Ms. Donna Lawien
                                  Ms. Diane L. Lemke
Crystal                           Mrs. Clarice A. Levister
Anonymous (2)                     Mr. Mitchell Lewis
Ms. Maya Abels and                Mr. and Mrs. Basil Lien
   Dr. Stewart Holmes             Ms. Carolyn MacIver
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Amoroso     Mrs. Lorelle K. Mahoney         Aurora Health Care President & CEO Nick Turkal (far right)
Loren J. Anderson and             Mrs. Deborah Malko              presenting the 2006 Philanthropists of the Year award to
   Terri R. Weiland               Mr. John J. Marchese
                                                                  John and Judy Gardetto at the 2006 Dessert Gala
Mr. Nitish Bangalore              Mr. and Mrs. Steven Marek
Ms. Anita Barth                   Reverend Marcia Marino          Ms. Ann Margaret Tylenda             Mrs. Mary Ann Bayer
Mr. Christopher J. Bonin          Ms. Jennifer Martin             Mr. Robert Urban                     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Booton     Mrs. Lorraine A. Mathews        Mr. and Mrs. Robert                     J. Bembenek
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Borowski      Ms. Jean McDonald                 Van Tatenhove                      Mr. and Mrs. Todd I. Berens
Mr. James T. Brannon              Mr. James J. Micale, Jr.        Marjorie Vukelich, M.D.              Mrs. Frances S. Betz
Ms. Judith Brockman               Mr. and Mrs. Morry Mitz         Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Warchol       Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus L. Beye
Ms. Susan Buettner                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Morgan   Ms. Sharon K. White                  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Bingen
Ms. Andrea Cantwell-Durand        Mr. and Mrs. William T. Muche   Mr. and Mrs. Quintin                 Ms. Gloria Bock
Mrs. Roberta K. Carlson           Mr. Paul W. Nannis                E. Wiersum                         Robert B. and Elizabeth
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cota       Mrs. Mary M. Nault              Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Wolf                M. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Davis       Mrs. Phyllis I. Nault           Mr. Thomas Woller                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bretza
Robert B. Devermann, M.D.         Mr. Donald J. Nestor            Mr. and Mrs. James N. Wolter         Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Allison R. Diebels   Mr. John Nunn                   Ms. Joan Woods                          C. Buckingham, Jr.
Mr. Robert V. Donaj               Mr. Stephen Ohly                Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Wygert         Mr. Mario Buono
Mrs. Elaine C. Drumm              Ms. Kay M. Peterson             Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph                 Ms. Elaine Sachs Burke
Tom and Sue Ela                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert               Zemanovic                          Ms. Mary Califf
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Ergen          A. Ptaszynski                Ed and Patty Zganjar                 Mrs. Marilou Chapman
Patrick D. Falvey, Ph.D.          Mr. Stephen J. Schneider        Ms. Faye Zwieg                       Ms. Carma L. Chiodo
Mrs. Judi L. Fellows              Mrs. Leone L. Schoen                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Ms. Deborah Ford                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond            Ruby                                    E. Christman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Fulton        R. Schultz                   Anonymous                            Susan and Glen Claussen
Ms. Diane Gilles                  Mrs. Betty J. Seitz             Mrs. Betty J. Aldrich                Mr. J. Marshall Cobourn
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Hall       Scott and Margaret Semrad       Mr. Chris Allen                      Mr. William O. Cory
Mrs. Patricia Ann Hamilton        Mr. Louis Seno                  Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Altwies          Ms. Brenda Coulter
Mrs. Debra Hansen                 Mrs. Elizabeth J. Skowronski    Ms. Margaret Babcock                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Ms. Rosemary Hastings             Mr. and Mrs. Dal Stanecki       Mrs. Margaret L. Balke                  L. Cowles, Jr.
S. Fredric Horwitz, M.D.          Mr. Eric S. Tangman             Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Bartlett       Mr. and Mrs. George Danly
Ms. Jean Jacobs                   Mrs. Hertha E. Toth

                                                                                            T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 29
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Melvin Datka                            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald                      Mr. and Mrs. Reg Paplaczyk               Mr. Reuben J. Schmahl
Mrs. Patricia Dentice                      Hryniewicki                           Mr. Joseph G. Paradowski and             Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony                    Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Hyland                Ms. Rosemary Dompke                   Mr. James W. Schroeder and
   J. DePetro                           Mr. Lee Jeske                            Meghan and Andrew Parsche                   Mr. Patrick Farrell
Ms. Sally Devriend                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Johnson           Mrs. Jane S. Parthum                     Mrs. Lynn Schubert
Ms. Theresa Dirienzo                    Ms. Michelle Jones                       Ms. Jeannine Peters                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Schulz
Ms. Chris Doerfler                      Tom and Lisa Just                        Mr. Steven Pietroske                     Mrs. Catherine Scoon
Rod and Wendy Dole                      Mrs. Ann Kapitz                          Mr. Steven Pinzer                        Mr. Richard L. Sigwart
Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Donovan             Mr. and Mrs. Mark                        Ms. Catharena Plichta                    Ms. Sylver Slusar
Mrs. Margaret C. Downing                   K. Kipfmueller                        Ms. Becky Pogacar                        Mr. Allen Stasiewski
Ms. Pamela L. Dozier                    Ms. Helen J. Kittsley                    Mr. Ernest L. Pomsel                     Mr. Edward H. Stech
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dunkert              Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Klacan              Mr. Eugene D. Prahst                     Mrs. Janice K. Stockstell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Dusold           Mr. Robert L. Klauck                     Mr. and Mrs. Albin P. Radaj              Mr. William G. Stumpf
Nancy and Robert Duthie                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Kleinke           Ms. Judith Radish                        Ms. Anne Marie Talsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Ehlert            Mrs. Helen Klement                       Mr. Jack Ramage                          Ms. Laura A. Tesch
Mrs. Diane Ekstrand                     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Klurfeld             Mr. and Mrs. Eldon C. Ramthun            Mrs. Bernice Ubbelohde
Ms. Kathi Elder                         Mrs. Jane Knight                         Ms. Holly Rehberg                        Mr. and Mrs. James J. Urbanski
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Faesi              Mrs. Hannah E. Komives                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Repp                Mrs. Sheila J. Vander Sanden
Ms. Mary K. Fields                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond                     Ms. Jennifer Rifelj                      Ms. Connie Vanderhoef
Mr. Anthony Finn                           A. Kowalske                           Mr. Eugene J. Roethle                    Ms. Avis Vogelsang
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fischer          Mrs. Dorothy Kowalski                    Ms. Diana Rohloff                        Mr. and Mrs. Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome                     Mrs. Mary Lou Krenz                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rosen               Waltenberger
   N. Fuhrmann                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Kriehn            Mr. and Mrs. A. Raymond Rossi            Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gabrielse            Mr. Claire S. Krom                       Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Ruetten          Dr. and Mrs. Oliver
Mr. Paul M. Garafolo                    Ms. Helen Laleike                        Mrs. Judith Rykwalder                       H. Whetstone
Mr. James A. Garity                     Mr. Lee Lansinger                        Ms. Michelle M. Salberg                  Mrs. Kathleen A. Wickert
Ms. Mary Gavin                          Mr. Ronald M. Laurent                    Ms. Lychia Lyloon Sankarsingh            Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilde
Mr. Jeffrey Gavitt                      Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey C. Liban           Ms. Karen Schaefer                       Mr. Robert B. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Geckler            Ms. Linda M. Lundin                      Ms. Wendy Schafer                        Prati and Norm Wojtal
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Gehrmann          Ms. Nancy Maas                           Ms. Paulette Schauer                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wollman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gerner             Ms. Nancy Majewski                       Mr. Geoffrey Schick
Mark and Marie Golanowski               Ms. Patty A. Malovec
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Graef               Mr. and Mrs. James J. Marx
Mr. Jeffrey Graham                      Ms. Judith R. McGauran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Graham           Mrs. Wendy Medlock
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh                       Mr. and Mrs. William R. Meier
   W. Greathouse                        Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Menachof
Mrs. Heidi Grow                         Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Merkel
Ms. Margaret Haferman                   Stuart and Lynelle Merritt
Mr. Glenwood C. Haggith                 Mr. Richard M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin                      Ms. Shalon Mungen
   C. Hahlbeck                          Mr. Gust Mustas
Barb and Clay Hannes                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Muszynski
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Heder              Mrs. Kathleen Nesseth
Mr. Don L. Holem                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Mrs. Genevieve Horbinski                   J. Olejniczak
                                                                                 Mike and Judy Bartels at the 2006 Dessert Gala

30 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
William James and               Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Fidler
  Nancy Woods                   Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Fram
Ms. Linda Worthington           Mrs. Kathleen Gall
Mrs. Lucille C. Wrzeski         Ms. Sonia Garcia
Ms. Pamela Yust                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Garross
Mr. and Mrs. Cono A. Ziino      Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Gass
                                Mr. Karl F. Gengler
Emerald                         Mr. and Mrs. David
Anonymous (4)                      A. Geraldson
Mr. John Ackeret                Mr. and Mrs. William J. Giddens
Ms. Jeanne Anderson             Mr. Brian Glandt
Ms. Vicy Arnold                 Mr. Ralph Glowacki
Kenneth T. Bastin, M.D.         Mary A. Gorr and Henry Gorr
Ms. Diane Beaudry               Mrs. Kathleen J. Goudie
Mrs. Ruth M. Benduhn            Mr. John A. Graese III
Ms. Sarah Berman                Ms. Gina Graham                   Janet and Bryan Wygert at the 2006 Dessert Gala
Mrs. Barbara Bigler             Mrs. Marilyn L. Graves
                                                                  Mrs. Mary L. Luettgen                 Ms. Patricia Quinn-Benson
Mr. Richard J. Blankenheim      Ms. Kathleen Gunta
                                                                  Ms. Kathryn Mather                    Miss Dorothy M. Raasch
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde C. Bloom     Mr. Francis E. Haley
                                                                  Mr. William McClellan                 Mrs. Donna Rego
Ms. Deidre Boerschinger         Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan A. Harris
                                                                  Ms. Linda L. McKinney                 Ms. Janet L. Rewolinski
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Boucher   Mr. Edward M. Heffner
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Medved           Mr. Mark Rickert
Mrs. Linda M. Boyle             Ms. Ruth E. Heumann
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Meier           Mr. John Riegler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald             Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hochrein
                                                                  Ms. Christine L. Mikolajczyk          Mrs. Nancy J. Riess
  E. Brockman                   Mrs. Jane L. Hoffmann
                                                                  Mr. Frank Milz                        Mrs. Donna L. Riley
Mrs. Constance Brownell         Mr. Mark Huber
                                                                  Ms. Pamela Minzlaff                   Ms. Shelley R. Robles
Mrs. Linda Buck                 Mr. W. B. Hughes
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald                   Ms. Shelly L. Rosenstock
Mr. and Mrs. C. Russ Campbell   Ms. Jody Hulse
                                                                     A. Molyneux                        Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Rusch
Mr. Peter Carlson               Mr. Victor O. Italiano
                                                                  Mr. Dwight L. Morgan                  Ms. Donna Jean Rygiel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald             Mr. and Mrs. Charles
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. George L. Morris         Ms. Jacqueline Sandner
  O. Chandler                      F. James, Jr.
                                                                  Dan and Michelle Mumm                 Mr. Peter J. Sanfilippo
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark   Ms. Cecilia Janick-Pederson
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nadolinski         Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Sawall
Mrs. Ruth K. Cohen              Ms. Janet Jones
                                                                  Mrs. Sylvia Napral                    Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert E. Schauer
Mr. Neil F. Corcoran            Ms. Tezra Jones
                                                                  Mr. Sam D. Nehmey                     Mr. and Mrs. John T. Scheuerell
Mr. Richard Crooke              Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. George Nehrbass          Lieutenant Colonel and
Mrs. Winifred Davis                L. Jorgensen
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Brien          Mrs. Howard B. Schmidt
Mrs. Evelyn Dell                Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kachel
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ortiz            Ms. Susan Sear
Mr. Daniel Dickover             Mrs. Susan Katz
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Pacak           Mr. Harvey J. Semler
Ms. Teresa B. Dominiak          Mr. Richard F. Kazmierczak
                                                                  Ms. Nancy E. Paris                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Serdar
Mrs. Lois Doolittle             Mr. Christopher Kitzke
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Patzke           Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sherin
Mrs. Linda Dostalek             Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klinger
                                                                  Ms. Sally Pegelow                     Mr. Donald E. Siewert
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Dunlap       Ms. Harriet T. Knudson
                                                                  Mr. J. Kent Pellmounter               Mr. and Mrs. Bert T. Sjostrom
Ms. Julie Ellsworth             Mr. Donald C. Krebs
                                                                  Mr. Peter G. Platten                  Ms. Monica Skarban
Mrs. Ruth J. Erickson           Mr. Tod H. Kulas
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. George J. Porter         Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Slaasted
Mr. and Mrs. Ohannes            Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kumpel, Jr.
                                                                  Mrs. Arthur R. Poutray                Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Sloane
  K. Esmerian                   Mr. Philip Loftus
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Powel           Ms. Linda M. Smith
Ms. Mary Faile                  Ms. Susan L. Lowe
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Price          Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Smocke
Mrs. Melverna Feest             Mr. John H. Luehring

                                                                                            T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 31
   Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
   Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Mr. Vincent W. Sonntag                   Mr. James T. Amberger                   Mrs. Mary A. Chamernik                   Mr. and Mrs. Duane Du Mez
Mr. and Mrs. Harry                       Dr. and Mrs. Scott P. Arbit             Ms. Cynthia Ciriacks                     Mrs. Darlene Dworak
   J. Stachowiak                         Ms. Helen Atkinson                      Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Clair             Mrs. Nancy J. Eastberg
Ms. Jean M. Steckelberg                  Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Atwell              Ms. Anna K. Cochrane                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Mr. Roland H. Stecker                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bade                Mrs. Barbara B. Collings                    G. Eaton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stinchfield         Mr. and Mrs. David A. Baldwin           Mr. Martin C. Connelly                   Mrs. Joyce M. Edwards
Ms. Barbara J. Stoleson                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald                     Mrs. Shirley A. Couper                   Mr. Milton Einstandig
Ms. Mia Stone                               E. Bartelson                         Mrs. Mary P. Crocker                     Ms. Jill Farina
Mrs. Carol J. Suomu                      Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Bastin           Mrs. Lorraine A. Crowther                Ms. Patricia Farrington
Mr. Leonard J. Susalla                   Mr. Richard P. Baumann                  Mr. Jose Cruz                            Mr. James Faytis
Mr. Kenneth M. Swoboda                   Dennis J. Baumgardner, M.D.             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Curzon            Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fennema
Mrs. Patricia A. Thoma                   John and Terese Beauchamp               Mr. R. Gordon Dailey, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose F. Ferri
Ms. Elizabeth Thompson                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Becker            Mr. and Mrs. John Damkot                 Mrs. Mary Ann Fettig
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Timm               Mr. and Mrs. Ellworth                   Mr. Thomas E. Dauterman                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Feuling
Ms. Dori Tooke                              Beckmann                             Ms. Sarah Davey                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mr. Donald W. Toth                       Mr. John C. Bennethum                   Mr. and Mrs. Glendale                       E. Fleming, Jr.
Mrs. Jacquelyn Tuszkiewicz               Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Benson                N. De Bruine                          Mr. and Mrs. Edmund
Mrs. Betty J. Vanderheyden               Mr. and Mrs. Robert                     Ms. Shirley De Grace                        S. Fleming
Mrs. Margaret H. Wells                       N. Berkopec                         Mr. and Mrs. Dale Del Ponte              Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Flemming
Mrs. Debra M. Wencka                     Mrs. Doris Blatnak                      Mr. Jack A. Deppisch                     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Force
Ms. Theresa Whiting                      Mr. and Mrs. Harold                     Mrs. Jean Dickerson                      Mrs. Kathleen J. Friend
Mrs. Audrey H. Willms                       A. Bobrofsky                         Mr. Walton W. Dickhoff                   Mr. and Mrs. Felix Gallo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Wilt                Mr. and Mrs. Richard                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dieter           Mrs. Elizabeth T. Gasch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Wilton              C. Boehmke                           Mrs. Johanna B. Dobner                   Ms. Joyce A. Gass
Ms. Sharon Wisniewski                    Ms. Mary R. Brandt                      Mr. Dale Dornacker                       Mrs. Elaine E. Gavin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard                     Ms. Sara R. Brandt                      Mr. Thomas M. Dreeze                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gengler
   C. Wolfgram                           Ms. Nancy L. Brennan                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drews                Mr. Peter Giangreco
Mr. Don Wood                             Mr. Dennis Brierton
Mrs. Marion R. Wunsch                    John and Mary Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Frank York                  Mr. Dan Brusslan
*Mrs. Jean M. Zacharski                  Mr. and Mrs. John Buckingham
Mr. Thomas Zilavy                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Budnik
Mrs. Eileen Zimmerman                    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Budris
Mr. Ronald Zoulek                        Mr. Harro M. Buehring
Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Zubke             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Bullock
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Bunkers
Garnet                                   Ms. Shirley Burden
Anonymous (2)                            Mrs. Jean B. Burke
Ms. Joanne M. Abramovich                 Mrs. Jean Burkee
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Accetta           Mr. Donald S. Buzard
Mr. and Mrs. James                       Mrs. Ruth M. Call
   G. Adelmann                           Mr. Arthur Callewaert
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Africk                  Ms. Gertrude E. Carey
Ms. Teresa Alagna                        Mr. and Mrs. Willard C. Case
Mrs. Patricia E. Alles                   Mrs. Joan M. Catlin-Muhich               Director of Philanthropy for Aurora’s South Region
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Alt               Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Cavagnaro
                                                                                  Laverne Schmidt and Carole Houston at the 2006
                                                                                  Dessert Gala

32 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K. Glass    Mrs. Dorothy S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Gloede    Mrs. Mary Ann Jurkowski
Ms. Elaine B. Gordon             Mrs. Dorothy Kane
Ms. Rochelle M. Gorgen           Mrs. Kathleen Kasza-Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gottfried   Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence               E. Kavanagh
  S. Graham                      Mr. and Mrs. Alysious J. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence            Mrs. Patricia Keller
  P. Greenman                    Mrs. Cathleen C. Kinnick
Mr. and Mrs. LaVern M. Griep     Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Kipp
Mr. Fred A. Grube                Mr. Harry H. Kissinger
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gruber    Mrs. Juliet E. Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gutoski      Mr. Michael J. Kluka
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hardt       Mr. and Mrs. Leroy M. Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Chester             Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Koenes
  T. Harrison, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Koneczka
                                                                   Senior Philanthropy Officer Julie Ellsworth with Katie and
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Haseley   Mrs. Doris L. Koss
                                                                   Trace Tendick at the 2006 Dessert Gala
Ms. Carol Heckendorf             Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Kotz
Ms. Marilyn Heckert              Mr. Ted Koziol                    Mr. and Mrs. David Maitland          Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nicol
Mrs. Joan A. Heimler             Mr. and Mrs. William              Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Maleu            Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Niederer
Mrs. Diane J. Hellrung              M. Kralovec                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert                  Mrs. Susan A. Niederjohn
Mr. Herbert D. Hentzen, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. Harvey                 E. Mannchen                        Dr. and Mrs. William A. Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton                A. Kroening                    Mr. and Mrs. William                 Ms. Maria Nieves
  T. Herlache                    Mr. Gary P. Krumel                  E. Marinkovich                     Mr. Steven T. Nowakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Zacharia            Mrs. Geraldine E. Kukuk           Ms. Linda Marolt                     Mr. Jerome P. O’Connor
  Herszman                       Ms. BarBara S. Ladd               Mr. Frederick P. Marten              Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Connor
Mr. Timothy Heyse                William and Ellen Laffey          Mrs. Ardis Martindale                Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Odegaard
Ms. Stephanie Hillmann           Mr. Robert L. Lagerman            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marx             Mrs. Judith O’Hair-Regan
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Hilrich      Mrs. Madelyn Lake                 Ms. Melissa M. Masset                Mrs. Lorraine A. Oldenburg
Mr. and Mrs. David               Mr. and Mrs. William              Mrs. Mary Ann McNicol                Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Osborn
  A. Hoffmann                       E. Lambrecht                   Mrs. Kristen L. Mecha                Mr. Thomas G. Ottavi
Mr. and Mrs. William             Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lang       Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Meinen          Mrs. Marguerite E. Otto
  R. Holmquist                   Mrs. Carol J. Larsen              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Meyer         Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Palay
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holytz       Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Larson      Wendy and John Mikkelson             Mr. and Mrs. John J. Paul
Ms. Valerie Holzman              Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lazzio       Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Miller          Mr. and Mrs. David Paulmann
Ms. Mary Lynn Hook               Mrs. Billie J. Lee                Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Miltimore        Mrs. Eileen C. Pedersen
Mrs. Joyce T. Hopfensperger      Mr. Michael J. Lee                Mr. Wolfgang Moeller                 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Pellmann
Mrs. Audrey J. Horsman           Ms. Susan A. Lesperance           Ms. Genevieve Molling                Mr. Victor J. Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huibregtse      Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph J. Liebelt   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Mora         Mr. and Mrs. Randall
Mrs. Cynthia J. Hundt            Mr. Loran G. Lienhard             Mr. and Mrs. Ron Muehlhausen            M. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Janikowski   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindner       Ms. Jean A. Mueller                  Mr. and Mrs. Donn M. Pierce
Mrs. Shirley E. Janke            Mr. Chester C. Link               Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy       Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell H. Pincus
Mr. James M. Jankowski           Mr. and Mrs. Peter                Mr. Ralph H. Nabak                   Mr. James R. Planinsheck
Mrs. Eleanor Janonis                R. Lobenhofer                  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neitzel           Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pohl
Mr. and Mrs. Symphorian          Ms. Rochelle M. Lucero            Ms. Dorothy C. Neland                Mr. and Mrs. Arnold A. Polisky
  W. Januszewski                 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Lund       Mrs. Phyllis J. Nelson               Dr. John L. Pool
Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Jarrett    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Maas        Mr. Seymour J. Nemeroff              Mr. Michael Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Jeske     Mr. Walter R. Madsen              Mrs. Genevieve M. Nicholson          Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Reed

                                                                                             T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 33
  Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists Club
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
                                                                                                                             W. Wallschlaeger
                                                                                                                          Mr. Frank Wanta
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Dorothy Warga
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Sheryl Watkins
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. David P. Weber
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Weber
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Jean A. Weber
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Lucille I. Weis
                                                                                                                          Mr. Fern Welch
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Carole Weld
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Wichert
                                                                                                                          Scot Wilfong, D.O.
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Sandra K. Winter
                                                                                                                          Mr. Walter Winter
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard
                                                                                                                             W. Witthuhn

2006 Philanthropists of the Year award recipients John and Judy Gardetto                                                  Donald P. Wolfert, D.D.S.
(front center) and family at the 2006 Dessert Gala                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Wolff
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Ms. Janice A. Reick                     Mr. Edwin H. Seefeldt                    Mrs. Joan C. Szalacinski                    E. Wolters
Ms. Mary Reinke                         Mrs. Marguerite M. Simmons               Mr. and Mrs. George F. Szostak           Mr. and Mrs. Norbert P. Worzala
Mr. and Mrs. Bill H. Richards           Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Siuda            Dr. Bernard Tabatznik                    Mr. Ervin S. Yanke
Mrs. Phyllis Roach                      Mr. and Mrs. George C. Smith             Mr. Anthony Teso                         Ms. Rosanne Zagone
Ms. Peggy Rogalinski                    Mrs. Joan Smith                          Ms. Donna Theesfeld                      Ms. Lauren C. Zarder
Mr. Paul J. Rogers                      Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Smith              Mr. Gary M. Thoenes                      Mrs. Selma Zeiger
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd                      Ms. Barbara Smoot                        Mr. Joseph M. Trapp                      Mrs. Darlene A. Zeihen
   E. Rosenquist                        Ms. Mary Ann Sosnowski                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert                      Mr. Thomas J. Zemek
Ms. Terri Ross                          Mrs. Bette M. Spaar                         S. Trautman                           Mr. Craig H. Zetley, Esq.
Carol and Duane Rutkowski               Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Stanley             Mr. and Mrs. James C. Treible            Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Ziebert
Mrs. Mary K. Salberg                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Stark, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Troudt            Mr. James R. Ziegelbauer
Mrs. Lucy M. Schenk                     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Staven             Mr. and Mrs. Alfred                      Ms. Kimberly Zieroth
Mr. William B. Schenk                   Mr. and Mrs. E. Stony Steinbach             R. Truszynski                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Zimmer
Mrs. Renee Scherck-Meyer                *Ms. Johanna J. Sternig                  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Veich                  Ms. Wendy Zimny
Mrs. Anne Schlecht                      Mr. and Mrs. Garold M. Stewart           Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Victor            Mr. Raymond C. Zukowski
Mr. John C. Schlosser                   Ms. Kim Stewart                          John and Lynda Visek
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Schmitz            Ms. Suzanne D. Stewart                   Mrs. Merike H. Voeltner                  * Deceased
Dr. Walter H. Schneider                 Mr. George Stollenwerk                   Mr. Walter Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence                   Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Storm            Mr. Volkmar Von Hagke
   H. Schuett                           Richard H. Strassburger, M.D.            Mr. John L. Wade
Ms. Beth Scott                          Mr. and Mrs. Roger Strike                Mrs. Patricia A. Waletzko
Dr. and Mrs. John Scott                 Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Strnad            Mr. and Mrs. Robert

34 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  2006 Aurora Partnership Campaign
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

We proudly recognize the        Ms. Dawn Banaszynski            Ms. Barbara A. Brooks                 Mr. Nachimuthu Chinnasamy
following Aurora employees      Ms. Lisa Bane                   Mrs. Christine Brown                  Ms. Kimberly Chisolm
who have demonstrated           Mr. Nitish Bangalore            Ms. Cynthia Brown                     Mr. Dean Christopherson
their dedication to Aurora      Ms. Darlene Baranowski          Ms. Elena Brown                       Ms. Maryann Cierzan
St. Luke’s not only through
                                Ms. Debra Barnett               Ms. Gayle Brown                       Ms. Cynthia Ciriacks
their hard work, but
through their generous          Ms. Kellie Bartel               Mr. James T. Brown                    Ms. Debra Clark
philanthropic gifts as well.    Ms. Amy Bartlett                Ms. Trudy Brown                       Ms. Vera Clark
                                Ms. Gerri Barwick               Mrs. Constance Brownell               Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke
Anonymous (16)                  Ms. Vicky Baumeister            Ms. Joann Brubaker                    Susan and Glen Claussen
Ms. Maya Abels and              Mrs. Terese Beauchamp           Ms. Andrea Bucci                      Ms. Suzanne Clohessy
  Dr. Stewart Holmes            Ms. Diane Beaudry               Ms. Jeanette Buchan                   Ms. Tiashana Coby
Ms. Theresa F. Abner            Ms. Kathy Becerra               Mr. Roland Buchholz                   Ms. Amy Colburn
Mr. David Acevedo               Ms. Janet Beekman               Mrs. Linda Buck                       Ms. Rochelle Coleman
Mr. John Ackeret                Ms. Cherrie Behling             Ms. Vicki Budzisz                     Ms. Susan Colla
Ms. Yesenia Acosta              Ms. Mary Behling                Ms. Gail J. Buenger                   Ms. Ramona Collett
Ms. Jessica Aguam               Ms. Debra Bell                  Ms. Olivia Buenrostro                 Mrs. Pamela A. Connerton
Mrs. Arletta L. Ahonen          Ms. Erika Berger                Ms. Susan Buettner                    Mrs. Jacqueline Coons
Ms. Teresa Alagna               Ms. Linda Bertog                Ms. Linda Bufford                     Ms. Jennifer Cooper
Ms. Tammy Albelo                Ms. Beth Betts                  Mr. James E. Burac                    Ms. Elisette Correa
Ms. Kris L. Albright            Mr. Aaron Beuscher              Mr. Scott Buraczynski                 Mr. Patrick Corroo
Mr. Chris Allen                 Ms. Debra J. Biggins            Ms. Theresa Burazin                   Mr. Jonathan Costello
Ms. Kristin Anagnostopoulos     Mrs. Barbara Bigler             Ms. Dieann Burdine                    Ms. Stacy Costello
Loren J. Anderson and           Mrs. Marija Bjegovich-Weidman   Ms. Jill Burie                        Ms. Debra Costigan
  Terri R. Weiland              Ms. Delores Blom                Ms. Amy Burns                         Ms. Brenda Coulter
Mr. Alfred Anderson             Ms. Janine M. Blomquist         Mr. Larry Bushner                     Ms. Yolanda Coyer
Ms. Angela Anderson             Ms. Jamie Bober                 Ms. Dawn Buth                         Mr. Richard Crooke
Ms. Heather Anderson            Ms. Gloria Bock                 Ms. Marylou Butterbrodt               Ms. Debra Crooks
Ms. Jeanne Anderson             Ms. Deidre Boerschinger         Donald and Carole Cahill              Ms. Lora Cruikshank
Ms. Celina M. Angelici          Ms. Carol Bohnert               Mrs. Connie M. Caiati                 Mr. Jose Cruz
Ms. Alexandria Antonchorgy      Ms. Patricia Boliaris           Ms. Mary Califf                       Ms. Marie Cruz
Ms. Felisa Antonchorgy          Ms. Patty Bolka                 Ms. Jennifer Campbell                 Mr. Billy J. Cumbie
Ms. Anya Archie                 Ms. Holly Bonavia               Ms. Marguerite Caniglia               Mrs. Patricia Cutraro
Ms. Judith Armstrong            Mr. Todd Boneck                 Mr. John Cantrell                     Ms. Melissa Dahlgren
Ms. Annette Arndt               Mr. Christopher J. Bonin        Ms. Andrea Cantwell-Durand            Ms. Beth Daly
Ms. Vicy Arnold                 Ms. Fatrina Booker              Mr. Dennis Cardarella                 Ms. Julia Darrow
Ms. Helen Atkinson              Ms. Mary Ann Bower              Mr. Peter E. Carlson                  Ms. Jodi Daun
Ms. Jan Avakian-Kopatich        Mr. James T. Brannon            Mrs. Roberta K. Carlson               Mrs. Lisa J. Daury
Ms. Margaret Babcock            Ms. Julie Breitbach             Ms. Katherine Catarozoli              Ms. Sarah Davey
Ms. Jennifer Bachmann           Ms. Deborah M. Brendemihl       Mrs. Joan M. Catlin-Muhich            Ms. Agrin Davis
Mrs. Cynthia A. Bade, R.N.      Ms. Tracy Brenner               Ms. Dianne Cavanaugh                  Ms. Claudia Davis
Ms. Mary Bailey                 Mrs. Pauline Brian              Ms. Roxanne Cerny                     Ms. Letisia Delgado
Ms. Janice Bain                 Ms. Mary Brick                  Ms. Cynthia G. Chada                  Mrs. Evelyn Dell
Ms. Stacey Bain                 Mr. Dennis Brierton             Mr. Anthony Chambers                  Ms. Amy Dellinger
Ms. Sunshine Balistreri         Ms. Rosa Maria Brittain         Ms. Veronica Chaparro                 Ms. Jeannie Dettman
Mrs. Margaret L. Balke          Ms. Diane Brock                 Ms. Kay Cheever                       Ms. Sally Devriend
Ms. Kristi Ball                 Ms. Judith Brockman             Ms. Deanna Chernouski                 Ms. Joanne Diaz-Aviles
Ms. Josephine Bamberg           Ms. Catherine Bromberek         Ms. Jennifer Chetney                  Mr. Daniel Dickover

                                                                                          T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 35
  2006 Aurora Partnership Campaign
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Ms. Jan Dietrich                Mr. Anthony Finn                 Ms. Jennifer Gores-Todd    Mr. Michael Heard
Ms. Sherrie Dinsmore            Ms. Maria A. Fischbach           Ms. Rochelle M. Gorgen     Mr. Joseph Hegge
Ms. Theresa Dirienzo            Ms. Rose Fjeld                   Mrs. Kathleen J. Goudie    Mrs. Joan A. Heimler
Ms. Angela Dittman              Ms. Mary Fleis                   Mrs. Nancy L. Graffenius   Mr. Timothy Hein
Ms. Nita Dixon                  Ms. Susan Fleischhacker          Ms. Gina Graham            Ms. Anne Heinen
Ms. Denise Dobersztyn           Ms. Charlotte Fleischman         Mr. Jeffrey Graham         Ms. Renee Helback
Mr. John Dobrzynski             Ms. Barbara Fleming              Ms. Mary F. Gralinski      Ms. Jeaneen Helgemoe
Ms. Sharon Doherty              Ms. Hazel Flores                 Ms. Mary Groce             Mrs. Diane Hellrung
Rod and Wendy Dole              Ms. Katherine Fogl               Mr. Bradley Groff          Mr. Victor A. Hemphill
Ms. Teresa B. Dominiak          Ms. Maureen Folger               Mrs. Heidi Grow            Ms. Laurel Henschel
Joseph and Denise Domrzalski    Ms. Katherine Foran              Ms. Gwen Grunert           Ms. Diana Hernandez
Ms. Cheryl Dondlinger           Mr. Chris B. Forberg             Ms. Vanessa Grunske        Ms. Elizabeth Hernandez
Ms. Susan Donovan               Ms. Deborah Ford                 Mr. Dale S. Grzybowski     Ms. Deborah J. Herold
Ms. Monica Doperalski           Reverend Edwin Foster            Ms. Kelly M. Guenther      Mr. Timothy Heyse
Mr. Dale Dornacker              Stephen and Linda Francaviglia   Ms. Annie Guilbert         Ms. Patricia Hill
Ms. Tami Downey                 Ms. Laura Fredrichsdorf          Mr. Leonard Guillermo      Ms. Stephanie Hillmann
Ms. Pamela L. Dozier            Ms. Sarah Frey                   Ms. Kathleen Gunta         Ms. Rebecca Hilson
Ms. Sheila Drewel               Mrs. Kathleen J. Friend          Mrs. Dorene Gurgul         Ms. Mary Jo Hintz
Ms. Barbara Drossart            Ms. Sharon E. Frierson           Mr. Kenneth Guyette        Ms. Lori A. Hislop-Kaczmarek
Ms. Darlene Dummann             Ms. Diane Fritsch                Mrs. Patricia M. Haak      Ms. Karen Hoang
Ms. Christine Durski            Ms. Cynthia Fuchsgruber          Ms. Patricia Haas          Ms. Kathleen Hochschild
Nancy and Robert Duthie         Mrs. Kathleen Gall               Mr. Richard E. Haas        Ms. Laurie Hodnik
Ms. Kathleen Ebacher            Ms. Sandra Gall                  Mr. William D. Haase       Ms. Cynthia Hoeft
Mrs. Holly Eckl                 Ms. Michelle Galloway            Ms. Peggy Hacker           Ms. Susan Hoffmann
Ms. Katherine Ecklund           Ms. Sonia Garcia                 Ms. Margaret Haferman      Mr. James Holbach
Ms. Marsha Edwards              Ms. Velma Garcia                 Ms. Mary Hagle             Ms. Mary Beth Holloway
Mr. William Edwards             Mr. John Gates                   Mrs. Jeanne Hagopian       Ms. Jeanette K. Holmquist
Ms. Christine Eisner            Ms. Mary Gavin                   Ms. Patricia K. Haines     Ms. Susan M. Holzer
Mrs. Diane Ekstrand             Mr. Jeffrey Gavitt               Ms. Susan Hajducki         Ms. Valerie Holzman
Tom and Sue Ela                 Ms. Amy Geboy                    Ms. Rebecca Halfpap        Ms. Mary L. Hook
Ms. Kathi Elder                 Ms. Janet Geigler                Mrs. Debra Hall-Kind       Ms. Helen Howells
Mr. Kenneth Elledge             Ms. Constance Gerlach            Ms. Pauline Halpin         Ms. Bridget Hoyt
Ms. Julie Ellsworth             Mr. Peter Giangreco              Mr. Eric L. Ham            Mr. Michael Hrdi
Ms. Sherry Erickson             Ms. Renitta Gibson               Ms. Veta L. Hamilton       Mr. Mark Huber
Ms. Kimberly Essex              Ms. Rhonda Giesfeldt             Ms. Monique Handford       Ms. Jody Hulse
Ms. Maria Estrada               Ms. Rita Gilpatrick              Mr. John Handrow           Ms. Judith A. Hunholz
Ms. Jolene M. Ewald             Ms. Rebecca Ginsch               Barb and Clay Hannes       Mr. Chris T. Hurst
Mrs. Julie Ewert                Ms. Christine Glad               Mr. Michael Hannon         Ms. Dorcas Idowu
Mr. Mark Faige                  Mr. Brian Glandt                 Mrs. Debra Hansen          Mr. Brett Ingebretsen
Ms. Mary Faile                  Ms. Jennifer Glapinski           Ms. Theresa Harper         Ms. Tami Ingersoll
Ms. Jill Farina                 Ms. Carolynn Glocka              Ms. Sara Harris            Mr. Alvin Jackson
Ms. Patricia Farrington         Ms. Jacquelyn Glocka             Ms. Cathy Hart             Ms. Jean Jacobs
Mrs. Dawn E. Faucett            Mr. David J. Glowacki            Ms. Katrina Hart           Mr. Richard Jaeckel
Mr. Shawn Feirer                Ms. Sandra Godich                Ms. Stacey Hartung         Ms. Jennifer Jaeger
Mrs. Judi L. Fellows            Ms. Angela Goetsch               Ms. Myra Hastings          Ms. Hattie James
Ms. Tammy J. Fiedler            Mark and Marie Golanowski        Ms. Tina Hay               Ms. Cecilia Janick-Pederson
Ms. Mary K. Fields              Ms. Debra Goodwin                Ms. Christal Hayes         Ms. Annette T. Jankowski
  2006 Aurora Partnership Campaign
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Ms. Anita Jarvis                Ms. Glenn Kirby                Ms. Cynthia Larsen                   Ms. Ruth Mandala
Ms. Melissa L. Jasinski         Mrs. Sharon L. Kirsch          Ms. Diane Larson                     Ms. Tanika Marable
Mr. Ronald Jaynes               Ms. Rose Kitzerow              Ms. Diane Laska                      Reverend Marcia Marino
Mr. Patrice Jefferson           Ms. Carrie Kitzke              Ms. Della Laske                      Ms. Karen Markert
Ms. Diane M. Jelinek            Mr. Christopher Kitzke         Ms. Donna Lawien                     Mr. George Markert
Ms. Katherine Jenkins           Ms. Sandra Klafke              Mr. D’Jon Lee                        Ms. Linda Marolt
Mr. David P. Jerger             Mr. Richard Klein              Mrs. Sharon Legwinski                Mrs. Donna Marszalkowski
Mr. Lee Jeske                   Ms. Robin Klidzejs             Ms. Kelli Lehmann                    Ms. Jennifer Martin
Ms. Tamara Jessup               Mr. Christopher Klink          Mr. Dwayne Lehrer                    Ms. Brenda Martinez
Ms. Mary K. Jiricka             Mrs. Rita Klopf                Ms. Katherine Leistico               Mr. and Mrs. James J. Marx
Mrs. Trudy L. Joecks            Ms. Kathy Klosiewski           Ms. Michelle Lenda                   Ms. Sara Marzinski
Ms. Fannie Johnson              Ms. Sharon Klug                Ms. Rita Lenski                      Ms. Nicole Masarik
Ms. Sandra D. Johnson           Carl and Cathie Knauer         Mr. Michael Lenz                     Mr. Joseph Mascari
Ms. Diane Johnston              Ms. Jennifer Knetzger          Ms. Nancy Leonard                    Ms. Mary Masko
Ms. Chrishina Jones             Ms. Janet Knopick              Mrs. Terry L. Leonhardt              Ms. Kathryn Mather
Ms. Debra Jones                 Ms. Cathy Kobylinski           Ms. Jenna Lepisto                    Ms. Rozanne Mattioli
Ms. Janet Jones                 Ms. Cheryl Koehler             Ms. Terry Lesnik                     Ms. Carol Mayer
Mr. Joseph D. Jones             Ms. Jeanne Kohls               Ms. Cynthia Lewis                    Mrs. Mary Mayr
Ms. Karen Jones                 Ms. Susan Kolton               Mr. Mitchell Lewis                   Ms. Pauline Mc Coy-Eschendal
Ms. Michelle Jones              Ms. Lauren Konkel              Ms. Charmaine Link                   Ms. Jennifer McCaskill
Mr. Rodger Jones                Ms. Kathryn Konkol             Ms. Diane Linneman                   Ms. Mary M. McCormick
Mr. James Jopek                 Ms. Jill Kopp                  Ms. Jane D. Lippert                  Ms. Phyllis McDevitt
Ms. Ruth C. Jordan              Ms. Valerie Koralewski         Ms. Marcy A. Lisiecki                Ms. Jennifer L. McDole
Ms. Susan Jung                  Ms. Kathy Kossow               Ms. Cindy Lloyd                      Ms. Jean McDonald
Tom and Lisa Just               Ms. Anne Kraus                 Ms. Lois Lockwood                    Ms. Judith R. McGauran
Mrs. Laurie Kaebisch            Mr. Harlow Kreklow             Mr. Damon H. Lodge                   Ms. Florence McGill
Mrs. Mary Kay Kais              Ms. Erica Krieger              Mr. Philip Loftus                    Ms. Dana M. McHenry
Mr. Thomas Kandarapally         Ms. Laurie Krukowski-McCanna   Ms. Lisa Long                        Mr. Mark McIlquham
Ms. Mirela Kapor                Ms. Stephanie Krzeminski       Ms. Rebecca Long                     Ms. Kimberly McKay
Mr. Mark W. Karolewicz          Ms. Lisa Krznarich             Ms. Briana Lott                      Ms. Linda L. McKinney
Ms. Judith Kartes               Ms. Anne Kuklinski             Ms. Awilda Lozada                    Mrs. Kristen L. Mecha
Richard and Kathryn Karwoski    Ms. Melinda Kulas              Ms. Mary Lucas                       Mrs. Wendy S. Medlock
Ms. Kathy Karwoski              Ms. Lynn Kunda                 Mr. Jeffrey Luecke                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Meier
Ms. Jeanette Kastner            Ms. Sandra L. Kunesh           Ms. Jill Luedtke                     Ms. Marisa Mejia
Mrs. Susan Katz                 Ms. Lori Kutschenreuter        Mrs. Mary L. Luettgen                Mr. Osvaldo Melendez
Ira and Nancy Kaufman           Ms. Karen Kuzik                Ms. Lorena Lund                      Ms. Gwen Mendez
Mr. George Kazmierzak           Ms. Mary Kyles                 Ms. Linda M. Lundin                  Ms. Dana Merkel
Ms. Mary K. Kazubowski          Mr. Anthony Labonte            Ms. Nancy Maas                       Mr. David Merklein
Ms. Andrea Keck                 Ms. Nora E. Ladewig            Ms. Julie Maceau                     Ms. Judith Merkovich
Ms. Rebecca Keller              William and Ellen Laffey       Ms. Carolyn MacIver                  Stuart and Lynelle Merritt
Ms. Rosalee Keser               Ms. Catherine Lake             Ms. Lori Magestro                    Ms. Bernadette Merten
Mr. John Kessler                Ms. Jennifer LaMack            Ms. Kathleen Mahaffey                Ms. Carol Metzenheim
Mr. Bruce J. Kestelman          Ms. Patricia Landergott        Mrs. Lorelle K. Mahoney              Ms. Kerry Michell
Mrs. Claire M. Kielski          Ms. Lauren Lang                Ms. Nancy Majewski                   Ms. Christine L. Mikolajczyk
Ms. Teresa King                 Ms. Jeanne Langlois            Ms. Judy Malecki                     Mr. Paul Milakovich
Mrs. Cathleen C. Kinnick        Mr. Lee Lansinger              Ms. Patty A. Malovec                 Ms. Lisa Miller-Smith

                                                                                         T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 37
  2006 Aurora Partnership Campaign
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Ms. Jan Mills                           Ms. Mary O’Brien                         Becky and David Pogacar                  Ms. Paulette Risley
Ms. Pamela Minzlaff                     Ms. Carolyn Odom                         Ms. Judith Pokos                         Ms. Martha Rivas
Ms. Geraldine Mitchell                  Mr. Stephen Ohly                         Ms. Jennifer A. Pollak                   Ms. Shelley Rivera
Ms. Mary Mok                            Ms. Fran Ohren                           Ms. Rachel Popour                        Mr. Richard Robbins
Mr. Brian Moore                         Ms. Rebecca Oliden                       Mrs. Patricia A. Posselt                 Ms. Lisa Robinson
Ms. Linda Moore                         Ms. Laura Olla                           Dennis and Lynn Potts                    Ms. Shelley R. Robles
Ms. Tracy Moore                         Mr. Michael Olla                         Ms. Sandra Prah                          Ms. Margaret Roemheld
Ms. Marlene Moran                       Mr. Paul Olson                           Mr. Rory Prelesnik                       Ms. Peggy Rogalinski
Jim and Diane Moraza                    Ms. Kristan Olson                        Ms. Martha Presley                       Ms. Kathleen Rogers
Mrs. Diane Moraza                       Ms. Kristi M. Olson                      Ms. Kim Price                            Ms. Diana Rohloff
Ms. Brenda Morehouse                    Ms. Tasha Olson                          Ms. Patricia A. Primasing                Mr. Raymond Rolfing
Mr. Dwight L. Morgan                    Diab Omer, M.D.                          Ms. Kathleen M. Princer                  Ms. Elizabeth Roll
Ms. Susan Morgan                        Ms. Julie O’Neill                        Ms. Barbara Prohaska                     Ms. Susan M. Rooney
Mr. Jeffrey Morris                      Ms. Lisa Opachen                         Ms. Nicole Punke                         Ms. Shelly L. Rosenstock
Ms. Cynthia Morrison                    Mr. Michael Orlovsky                     Ms. Kelly Quandt                         Ms. Terri Ross
Ms. Stacey Morrissey                    Ms. Diane Orozco                         Ms. Patricia Quinn-Benson                Ms. Teresa Rouse
Mr. Harry H. Moseley                    Ms. Carmen Otero                         Ms. Judith Radish                        Ms. Kari Rozwadowski
Ms. Lisa Moser                          Ms. Kristine Owen                        Mrs. Diane M. Radke                      Ms. Mary Ruffolo
Mr. Robert M. Mueller                   Ms. Karen Owens                          Mr. Jack Ramage                          Ms. Theresa Russell
Dan and Michelle Mumm                   Ms. Raquel Pacheco                       Ms. Antonia Ramirez                      Carol and Duane Rutkowski
Ms. Shalon Mungen                       Ms. Kathleen Pankowski                   Ms. Sheila Ramirez                       Ms. Kathleen Rutkowski
Mr. Daniel Murawski                     Ms. Cynthia Paplaczyk                    Mr. Edgar Ramirez-Tellez                 Ms. Mary Ruzicka
Mrs. Joan D. Nakama                     Ms. Nancy E. Paris                       Ms. Anna Rangel                          Ms. Suzanne Ryer
Mr. Paul W. Nannis                      Mr. Gregg Parnau                         Ms. Shirley Ratzel                       Ms. Donna J. Rygiel
Ms. Donna Navarre                       Mrs. Meghan Marsden Parsche              Mr. Jerry Ratzow                         Mrs. Judith Rykwalder
Mr. Brian J. Neal                       Mrs. Jane S. Parthum                     Ms. Sarah Ray                            Ms. Beth Rzepiejewski
Ms. Mindy Necci                         Ms. Darlene Parworth                     Mr. Michael Raymond                      Ms. Keisha Sabelko
Mr. Eugene Nellen                       Mr. Bharti Patel                         Ms. Jolyn Rebro                          Mr. Bradley J. Sabre
Ms. Cheryl Nelson                       Ms. Christine Pawlak                     Ms. Selda Recepovski                     Mr. Larry Sagan
Mr. Gregory Nelson                      Ms. Laurel Paxton                        Ms. Bonita Rechlicz                      Mr. Lourdes Sanchez
Ms. Kathleen Nelson                     Ms. Sally Pegelow                        Mrs. Donna Rego                          Ms. Jacqueline Sandner
Mr. Kenneth Nelson                      Ms. Amy E. Pelikan                       Ms. Holly Rehberg                        Mr. David Sansone
Mrs. Kathleen Nesseth                   Ms. Susan Penniston                      Ms. Linda Rehorst-Paea                   Ms. Luz M. Santiago
Mr. Donald J. Nestor                    Ms. Diane Penzkowski                     Ms. Terry M. Reichl                      Gail Sauter and
Mrs. Nancy A. Newberg                   Ms. Maritza Perez                        David and Neva Reimer                       Markus Poschung
Ms. Ashley Niebuhr                      Ms. Jeannine Peters                      Ms. Mary Reinke                          Mr. Walter Schaap
Ms. Kim Niebuhr                         Ms. Nicole K. Pezze                      Ms. Janet L. Rewolinski                  Ms. Karen Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. John Niedziejko            Ms. Meghann Phillips                     Ms. Kristine Reyna                       Ms. Wendy Schafer
Ms. Deborah Niemczyk                    Mr. Steven Pietroske                     Mr. Joshua Rhoades                       Ms. Harriet Schassberger
Ms. Maria Nieves                        Ms. Nancy Pincsak                        Ms. Michelle Richard                     Ms. Paulette Schauer
Ms. Kimberly Norman                     Ms. Michelle Pingel                      Mr. Robert Richards                      Ms. Maggie Scheel
Ms. Malina Novakovic                    Mr. Steven Pinzer                        Randy and Peg Richardson                 Ms. Susan Schenk
Ms. Janice Novara                       Ms. Heide Plagemann                      Ms. Susan Ridgway                        Mrs. Renee Scherck-Meyer
Mr. Steven T. Nowakowski                Mr. Peter G. Platten                     Mr. John Riegler                         Mr. Geoffrey Schick
Ms. Holly Nowicki                       Ms. Catharena Plichta                    Ms. Jenny Riesenberg                     Ms. Lisa-Marie Schiller
Ms. Francisca Nunez                     Ms. Lynn Plummer                         Ms. Jennifer Rifelj                      Ms. Karin Schmeling
Mr. John Nunn                           Ms. Lou Ann C. Pluta                     Ms. Patty Riley                          Ms. Annisa Schmidt

38 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  2006 Aurora Partnership Campaign
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Ms. Cathy Schmidt               Ms. Sharon Sprewer           Mr. Jacquelyn Tuszkiewicz            Ms. Sharon Wisniewski
Ms. Deborah Schmidt             Ms. Judith Stachowiak        Ms. Carol Tutino                     Ms. Sandra J. Witter
Ms. Jennifer Schmidt            Ms. Sharon Standlee          Ms. Ann M. Tylenda                   Ms. Margaret Wodvarka
Ms. Judith Schmidt              Mr. Allen Stasiewski         Ms. Janet Uihlein                    Prati and Norm Wojtal
Mrs. Kari L. Schmidt            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence        Mr. Frederick Ulmer                  Mr. Thomas Woller
Ms. Lisa Schmitt                   Stasiewski                Ms. Lisa Urban                       Mr. William James Woods
Mr. Kent Schoenecker            Dr. Jeffrey A. Stearns and   Ms. Mari Van Lieshout                William James and
Mrs. Lynn Schubert                 Mrs. Marjorie Stearns     Ms. Anna Vander Zanden                  Nancy Woods
Ms. Karen Schulte               Ms. Jean M. Steckelberg      Ms. Connie Vanderhoef                Ms. Linda Worman
Michelle and Tim Schultz        Ms. Joanne Steinbrenner      Ms. Jeanne Vargo                     Ms. Linda Worthington
Ms. Marie Schultz               Ms. Kristie Steiner          Ms. Wendy Vazquez                    Ms. Pamela Wronski
Mrs. Marilyn Schultz            Ms. Nataly Stenzel           Ms. Patricia Vento                   Ms. Laura Wuerzberger
Ms. Kathryn                     Ms. Kim Stewart              Ms. Mary Viers                       Ms. Lynn Wyman
  Schuster-MacDonald            Ms. Suzanne D. Stewart       Ms. Luisa Villa                      Ms. Marie Yang
Ms. Esther Schwabe              Ms. Prudence Stigler         Ms. Amy Visintainer                  Ms. Vang Yang
Mrs. Catherine Scoon            Mrs. Janice K. Stockstell    Ms. Shari Voigtschild                Ms. Barbara Yates
Ms. Beth Scott                  Ms. Jodanne M. Stoiber       Ms. Isabell Vujadinovic              Ms. Pamela Yust
Ms. Susan Sear                  Ms. Mia Stone                Ms. Rene D. Wadlington               Ms. Rosanne Zagone
Ms. Deborah Seaton              Ms. Christine Storm          Mr. Gregory Wagner                   Ms. Christine Zaharias
Mr. Frank R. Sedlak             Ms. Kathleen Strube          Ms. Linda Wagner                     Ms. Sheryl Zaharias
Ms. Lori Seefeldt               Ms. Cheryl Struve            Ms. Susan Wajgel                     Ms. Beth Zallar
Ms. Patricia Segel              Ms. Helen Sturm              Ms. Nicholette Waldrep               Ms. Amy Zamsky
Ms. Brittany Seidner            Glenda and Jon Sundberg      Ms. Joanna Waldron                   Ms. Kelly Zanski
Scott and Margaret Semrad       Mr. Kenneth M. Swoboda       Ms. Elizabeth Waranka                Mr. Nicolaza Zavala
Mr. Louis Seno                  Ms. Kenosha Sykes            Mrs. Sheryl Watkins                  Ms. Dianne Zawacki
Mr. Gilane Sersted-Popanda      Ms. Ellen Szymanski          Mr. Anthony Weary                    Ed and Patty Zganjar
Mr. James J. Shaw               Ms. Anne Marie Talsky        Ms. Lucia R. Webb                    Ms. Kimberly Zieroth
Ms. Sheryl Shaw                 Ms. Mary F. Taranowski       Mrs. Ginger Weber                    Mr. Thomas Zilavy
Ms. Doris Sheridan              Ms. Patricia Taucher         Ms. Shannon Welch                    Ms. Dorothy Zimmer
Ms. Velvet Shoemaker            Ms. Laura A. Tesch           Mrs. Janet T. Wellnitz               Ms. Tammy Zimmerman
Ms. Lori Showen                 Mr. Anthony Teso             Mrs. Debra M. Wencka                 Ms. Wendy Zimny
Ms. Opal Shukla                 Ms. Donna Theesfeld          Ms. Jessica Wencka                   Ms. Ruth Zinns
Mr. Leonard Silaban             Mr. Gary M. Thoenes          Ms. Erica Wenzloff                   Mr. Ronald Zoulek
Ms. Amy Simmons                 Ms. Cynthia Thomas-Hedgley   Ms. Terri Werner                     Ms. Faye Zwieg
Ms. Mary Ellen Sims             Ms. Dorothy Thompson         Ms. Sarah Wesley
Mr. John Skanse                 Ms. Elizabeth Thompson       Ms. Sharon K. White
Ms. Monica Skarban              Mr. Laurence Thompson        Ms. Theresa Whiting
Ms. Sandra Skrobiszewski        Ms. Nicole Thompson          Ms. Jo Anne Wice
Ms. Sylver Slusar               Mr. Arnold Tolbert           Ms. Shelley Wicke
Mr. Brad Smith                  Ms. Maureka Tolbert          Ms. Nicole Will
Ms. Camille Smith               Ms. Dori Tooke               Ms. Cora Williams
Mr. Erik Smith                  Ms. Christina Toy            Ms. Devona Williamson
Ms. Lauren Smith                Mr. Scott Trojanowski        Ms. Cynthia Wilson
Ms. Linda M. Smith              Ms. Lynne Trutwin            Mrs. Laurel Wilson
Ms. Mary Smith                  Ms. Monica Tucker            Ms. Shana Winchel
Ms. Barbara Smoot               Mrs. Mary Turck              Mrs. Sandra K. Winter
Ms. Stacy Soppe                 Mr. Jeffrey Turner           Mr. Troy Winters

                                                                                       T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 39
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

A gift to The Tribute Fund is           Bill Bittner
                                                                                   Designating Aurora St. Luke’s as the recipient of memorial
a thoughtful and heartfelt                  Rosemary Bittner
                                                                                   gifts is a very special way for you to remember a loved one
way to celebrate someone
                                        Dr. Kenneth B. Bortin                      or to express your appreciation for a loved one’s care.
special while furthering
                                            William M. Kralovec                    Suggested wording to let friends and relatives know of your
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical                                                          wishes: The family would appreciate memorials to Aurora St.
                                            Great Service
Center’s commitment to                                                             Luke’s Medical Center, c/o The Tribute Fund, P.O. Box 370196,
constantly find better ways             John F. Brady                              Milwaukee, WI 53237-1296.
to care for our patients.                   Joyce E. Brady
                                                                                   If you would like to receive an Aurora St. Luke’s Tribute
                                        Laurie Brahm                               Fund booklet, a convenient and meaningful way to honor or
In Honor Of                                 Nancy Brennan                          remember family members and friends, please call the
Mr. Arvind Ajuja                                                                   Aurora St. Luke’s Office of Philanthropy at (414) 649-7194.
                                        Irene Branski
   Frank J. Odill
                                            Kathleen Vavera
                                                                                 Stanley R. Ellich                        Renee Graziano
Helen Albanese
                                        Leonard Branski                             Caroline M. Ellich                       Anna Wendt
   Dominic F. Albanese
                                            Kathleen Vavera
                                                                                 Laurie Eversman                          JoAnn Guenther
All Cancer Patients
                                        Rick Buchman                                Jan Avakian-Kopatich                     Sharon L. Kirsch
   Nancy J. Wofsohn
                                            Jackie Buchman
                                                                                 Dr. S. Fine                              Gary Guzman
Carol Anderson                              Jocelyn Johnson
                                                                                    Thomas Christopoulos                     Jayne M. Baker
   Christine Anderson
                                        James Burgmeier
                                                                                 Ralph Fiskow                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hahlbeck
Dr. Auer                                    Mary Gamades
                                                                                    Larry J. Torner                          Ruth M. Benduhn
   Elaine Gordon
                                        Robert Burke                                                                         55th Wedding Anniversary
                                                                                 Dolores Fochs
Aurora’s Dedicated Staff                    Kara Rene Orsini
                                                                                    Laurie Johnson                        Max Haid, M.D.
   Linda Grabowski
                                        Leonard Bykowski                                                                     Sol Africk
                                                                                 Mary Forncrook
Mary Balicki                                Janet Szukalski
                                                                                    Rose Hunt                             Kris Hancock
   Anna Wendt
                                        Dr. Russell Dabrowski                                                                James R. Heimler
                                                                                 Dr. Jacob Frick
Dr. Raed Bargout, M.D.                      Frank J. Odill
                                                                                    Brian M. Odegaard                     Nancy K. Harper
   Clarence H. Schuett
                                        Thomas and Aldona D’Acquisto                Heather Sullivan                         Audray K. Weber
Jess Barnett, R.N.                          Diane Strozyk
                                                                                 Frank R. Fritz                           Donna Heden
   Florence Bartz
                                        Mark Davidsz                                Frank Fritz                              Mary Nault
Maryann Bayer                               Johnny A. Davidsz
                                                                                 Gaby Genz                                Dan S. Heffez, M.D.
   Maryann Bayer
                                        Casper John Joseph Dietz                    Johnny A. Davidsz                        Frank Odill
Felix Benedict                              Jayne M. Baker
                                                                                 Art Glasenapp                            Elizabeth Henke
   Gertrude Kropidlowski
                                        Anne Doherty                                Don Glasenapp                            Harry G. Henke
Dr. Robert Beres                            John Bialozynski
                                                                                 Edna Glasenapp                           Peg Holloway
   Denise Lazzio
                                        Richard Eastberg                            Don Glasenapp                            Mary Beth Holloway
   Denise’s Kyphoplasty
                                            Nancy Eastberg
                                                                                 Dr. Glenn E. Graves                      Karen L. Horwath
Linda Bergan
                                        Virginia Eck                                Joan H. Blaicher                         Allen W. Horwath
   Sharon Klug
                                            Charlene Eck                            Successful Surgery
                                                                                                                          Jean Hulse
Trudy Bergner
                                                                                                                             Jody Hulse
   Barb Hoffmann

40 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Jean Jacobs                     Tyler Kremin                  Dr. Mark Meier                      Pamela A. Olsen
  Anna Wendt                       Mary Turck                   Frank J. Odill                       Joyce E. Brady

Jaime, Nursing Assistant        Dr. David Charles Kress       Mark Meier, M.D.                    Leonard Ostrowski
  Florence Bartz                   Paul Connolly                Frank Odill                          Jerome T. Brylow
  Thank You
                                Becky Kroll, R.N.             Orville Meyer                       Martha Ostrowski
Lee Jeske, R.N.                    Florence Bartz               Karen Meyer                          Jerome T. Brylow
  Florence Bartz                   Thank You
                                                              James J. Micale, Sr.                Ferdinand Oswald
  Thank You
                                Mary Kropidlowski               Tom Bretza                           Gertrude Kropidlowski
Marie Johnson                      Gertrude Kropidlowski
                                                              Midwest Neurosurgical               Lena Oswald
  Maryann Bayer
                                Eddie Kunesh                  Association S.C.                       Gertrude Kropidlowski
Virginia Jurkiewicz                Catherine Wilke              Thomas Gutoski
                                                                                                  Robert J. Panasuk
  Mark Gurgul
                                Edna Langtimm                 Dr. Wendy Mikkelson                    JoAnne Panasuk
Lisa Kandarapally, R.N.            Frank R. Sedlak              Cheryl Acheson
                                                                                                  Dr. Gerard T. Parent
  Florence Bartz
                                Debbie LeSier                 W. Mikkelson, M.D.                     Mike Veich
  Thank You
                                   Victoria Hill                John L. McGregor
                                                                                                  G.T. Parent
Betty Keefe
                                Meyer Levin                   Velma Moe                              Thomas Christopoulos
  Mary Turck
                                   Judith McGauran              Jeannine Peters
                                                                                                  Jerry Parker
Julia Keefe
                                Olive Luebke                  Mary Jean Muldowney                    Judith McGregor
  Mary Turck
                                   Robert E. Luebke             Sally Kulasa                         T. Michael Parker
Patrick Keefe
                                Erv and Nancy Makal           Colleen Muroni                      B. Pierce, M.D.
  Mary Turck
                                   Miriam Becker                Mary Nault                           John L. McGregor
Robert Kendall
                                John F. Marino                Don Nault                           Dr. Mitch Pincus
  Juliet Hills
                                   Marcia Marino                Richard A. Mielke                    Kenneth T. Bastin
Louise Kipp                                                                                          Ilene Goldblatt
                                Melva Marino                  Jack Nault
  Ruth M. Benduhn                                                                                    Alan Lurie
                                   Marcia Marino                Richard A. Mielke
                                                                                                     Robert Marx
Lorraine Klajbor
                                Reverend Marcia Marino        Loretta Nault                          Patrick J. Murphy
  Margaret Piwaron
                                   Immanuel Reformed United     Richard A. Mielke                    Martha L. Pincus
Leonard H. Kleinman, M.D.          Church of Christ                                                  John Scott
                                                              Donald Nestor                          50th Birthday
  Felix Gallo, Jr.
                                Mary McCabe                     Max J. Rasansky
  13th Anniversary of Surgery
                                   Glenn D. Mushall             A speedy recovery from            Jerry Pitz
Debbie Kohne                                                    a recent surgery                     Laurie Johnson
                                W. Lee McCollum
  Denice M. Kehoe
                                   Susan A. Lesperance        Daniel J. Niedziejko                Geraldine Pokorny
Dennis Konieczny                   Holiday Gift                 Christine Niedziejko                 Patricia K. Boliaris
  Johanna Gumieny
                                Ruth M. McDonald              Kathleen Oehlers Scott              Lois Prahst
Lois Kremer                        Harry G. Henke               Robert Sharpe                        Lois A. Prahst
  Sharon L. Kirsch
                                Ruth M. McGaffey              Daniel P. O’Hair M.D.               Prostate Cancer Survivors
                                   Jere McGaffey                Judith O’Hair-Regan                  Nick Ioder

                                                                                       T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 41
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Florence Psket                          Richard Smith                            Jerry and Linda Vanroo
                                                                                                                         In Memory Of
   David E. Biddle                         Janet Knopick                            Dale A. Miller
                                                                                                                         Burton Aamodt
Henry and Mabel Roberts                 Lorraine Sobczak                         Elizabeth Varde Velden
                                                                                                                            Ms. Linda Mashak
   Jayne M. Baker                          Lorraine Kuehn                           Beth Scott
                                                                                                                            Ms. Laurel Wilson
Clarence Richard Salberg                Robert Sobczak                           Richard Volkman
                                                                                                                         Marlys Aamodt
   Mary K. Salberg                         Robert Kuehn                             Nancy Eastberg
                                                                                                                            Ms. Linda Mashak
   Michelle M. Salberg
                                        Maria Sobczyk                            Mark Waples, M.D.                          Ms. Laurel Wilson
Dr. E. Saunders, M.D.                      Amy Pelican                              Frank Odill
                                                                                                                         Warren Ackerman
   Ruth M. Benduhn                         Derek Sobczyk
                                                                                 Stephen Wegner                             Mrs. Sandra E. Sobon
   10th Anniversary
                                        Joan M. Sowinski                            Mary Turck
                                                                                                                         James V. Aiello
K’Ellen Sawchuk                            Ted Sowinski
                                                                                 Nyla M. Weinzatl                           Mrs. Helen Aiello
   John Mikkelson
                                        Aurora St. Luke’s Medical                   Joseph J. Weinzatl                      Ms. Suzie Correa
Elizabeth Schellenberg                  Center Nursing Staff                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Raul
                                                                                 Dr. Paul Werner                            L. Correa, Jr.
   Amy Pelican                             Elizabeth R. Tolppi
                                                                                    Dorothy A. Hoffmeier
Dr. Schmael                             Staff                                       Successful Surgery                   Robert M. Aldrich
   Anna K. Cochrane                        Barbara Stoleson                                                                 Ms. Betty J. Aldrich
                                                                                 Evelyn Wilke
Dr. Schmall & Medical Staff             Laurie Ann Starck                           Lana J. Wilke                        John Alles
   Allison R. Diebels                      Joseph J. Uren                                                                   Mrs. Patricia Alles
                                                                                 Melvin G. Woltz                            Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Gass
Robert Schmidt                          Sharon Storm                                Jayne M. Baker                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geary
   Laurie Johnson                          Randall W. Storm                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Glatch
                                                                                 Wonderful Aurora Doctors
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Betty Jean Schreiber                    Ann Strege                                  John C. Miller
   Margaret Piwaron                        Marlene Seebartz
                                                                                 Magdalene Wos                              Mr Thomas Hochstatter
Timothy D. Schultz                      Kenneth R. Strozyk                          Ann Kapitz                              Mr. Richard J. Hryniewicki
   Marilyn Schultz                         Diane Strozyk                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul
                                                                                 Magdalene Wos
Mr. and Mrs. James Schulze              Jerry Sullivan                              Mary A. Payne
                                                                                                                            Mrs. Madelyn Lake
   James R. Schulze                        Mary Nault                               Successful Cancer Surgery
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James Maas
Donna Scullion                          Dr. Tector                               Shirley Wozniak                            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
   Sally Kulasa                            Laverne M. Kasian                        Eugene J. Roethle                          E. Seaberg
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sielen
Kay Sedlak                              Dr. Alfred J. Tector                     James T. York                              Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
   Frank R. Sedlak                         Paul Connolly                            Frank York                                 Smith
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Dr. Salim M. Shammo, M.D.               Mary Ann Thelen                          Dr. Howard J. Zeft
                                                                                                                               B. Tenner
   Clarence H. Schuett                     Eileen C. Pedersen                       William J. Giddens
                                                                                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Robert Watson
                                           Mary Ann’ Birthday                       Thank You
Vivian Shellberg
                                                                                                                         Christ Altergott
   Maryann Bayer                        Grace Van Enkenvoort                     E. Ziaja, M.D.
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gorr
                                           Beth Scott                               John L. McGregor
Doug Sleight, M.D.
                                                                                                                         Sylvia Andersen
   Sharon L. Kirsch                     Jerry and Linda Vanroo
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Norbert

42 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Beverly Anderson                Henry E. Belanger               Loren Bernstein                      Ms. Sara R. Brandt
  Ms. Shelly Rosenstock           Ms. Patricia Hansen             Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kaufman              Mrs. Barbara J. Braun
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick
Bill Anderson                   Darvin Belk                     Elizabeth Bialozynski
                                                                                                          Campbell Pfaller
  Ms. Shelly Rosenstock           Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ames          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
                                                                                                        Ms. Ann R. Copps
                                  Ms. Diane Augustine               M. Abram
Walter A. Augustyniak                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles
                                  Ms. Louise C. Becker            Ms. Alvina A. Adamski
  Mrs. Harriet Augustyniak                                                                                E. Fleming
                                  Ms. Cynthia Ann Belk            Ms. Leonora Alar
                                                                                                        Mr. Stephan Francavglia
Mr. Joel Mickelson                Mr. and Mrs. Craig              Ms. Rebecca Benjamin
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James
  Ms. Barbara Stoleson              W. Chaplean                   Damask Family
                                                                                                          T. Gardner
                                  Ms. Alice M. Clark              Mr. Edward Derus
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Giuffre
Myron Backhaus                    Mr. and Mrs. Ruth M. Clark      Ms. Isabelle J. Ebert
                                                                                                        Ms. Edith Hofslund
  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klinger     Mr. and Mrs. James Clinton      Mr. and Mrs. Charles
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jashinsky
                                  Mr. James J. Fields               J. Harkins
Debra J. Backman                                                                                        Mr. Frank J. Kalivoda
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gadowski       Mr. and Mrs. Richard
  Mr. and Mrs. William
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gump             W. Hawley                        Ms. Janet Krebs
    E. Edwards, Sr.
                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Hugber        Mr. and Mrs. James A. Heinz           Mr. and Mrs. Kennth
  Mrs. Linda M. Mixsell
                                  Insight Accounting              Mr. and Mrs. John M. Klein              J. Krueger
  Ms. Gina L. Sciola
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy            Mr. and Mrs. Eugene                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
  Ms. Jo Sciola
                                    D. Kelm                       E. Koncki                               D. Lavicka
  Ms. Sondra Sciola
                                  Ms. Joan Kiser and Family       Mr. and Mrs. John Koncki              Mr. and Mrs. Denny
Florence Bartz                    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kyburg         Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence                   W. McKnight
  Mr. and Mrs. Louis              Ms. Heidi E. Lervick              L. Lindenberg                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
    D. Boucher                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mitam         Mr. Mike O’Brecht                       J. Olejniczak
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mueller     Mr. and Mrs. James S. Papez           Mr. and Mrs. David
Kathleen Bates Moreno
                                  Ms. Vivian J. Opitz             Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strye              Paulmann
  Mr. and Mrs. John Cooley
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Paddock        Mr. and Mrs. William                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephan
  Ms. Lucille Dauffenbach
                                  Mr. Tom J. Portz                  J. Wenninger                          A. Smith
  Ms. Jean Dewey and Family
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jay Refling        Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Wilson           Ms. Diana C. Stoley
  Mr. Todd R. Fonstad
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gene Schmitz       Mr. Donald P. Wolfert, D.D.S.         Mr. Michael Walbert
    and Family
                                  Mr. and Mrs. George                                                   Ms. Laura Wendorff
  Ms. Mary Gedemer                                              Emery G. Bins
                                    Sorenson                                                            Mr. Frank J. Kalivoda
  Mrs. Chris Long                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                  Mr. Don Stollenwerk
  Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mazer                                      L. Cowles                          Donald Brauer
  Mrs. Moneen Kay Mckenna       Manfred Benduhn                                                         Mrs. Loretta Brauer
                                                                John E. Boyle
  Mr. and Mrs. Earl Soderberg     Mrs. Ruth M. Benduhn
                                                                  Ms. Elena I. Batura                Adeline Brockhausen
  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Staszak
                                Jeanne Berka                      Ms. Sonja C. Bengtson                 Ms. Mary L. Burac
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Steren
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller      Ms. Linda M. Boyle
  Mrs. Lucille Ward                                                                                  Elva Brower
                                                                  The Henderson Family
                                Ardice E. Bernier                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Greene
Roger Beavers                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Weiss
                                  Ms. Ruth E. Heumann
  Mr. Edward M. Heffner                                           Mr. and Mrs. David White           Elaine Brultz
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Christine Becker                    C. Heumann                  Jo Ann C. Brandt
                                                                                                         W. Boettcher
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles            Mr. and Mrs. Paul               Asset Acquisitions, Inc
    H. Wolbert                      R. Williams                   Ms. Debra A. Berrettini            Rudolph Brultz
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence           Ms. Heidi E. Bolton                   Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Marie Becker
                                    Zastrow                       Ms. Ann L. Brandt                      W. Boettcher
  Mrs. Janet Eisendrath
                                                                  Ms. Mary R. Brandt

                                                                                          T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 43
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Susan “T.T.” Brumder                    Glen DeLap                               Thad Elsmo                              Elmer L. Finger
   Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Friend             Mrs. Eileen Zimmerman                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert                     Ms. Rachel Finger
                                                                                    M. Olive
Mary Buono                              Dorothy DeRocher                                                                 Nora O. Finger
   Mr. Mario Buono                         Mr. and Mrs. Dave                     Grace Erickson                             Ms. Rachel Finger
                                             Smukowski                              Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Huck
James W. Burgmeier, Sr.                                                                                                  Josephine Franze
                                                                                      and Sons
   The Burgmeier Family                 Joseph DeRocher                                                                     Ms. Jane D. Cullen
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dave                     Father
James W. Burgmeier, Sr.                                                                                                  William Frey
                                             Smukowski                              Mrs. Elaine C. Drumm
   Mr. and Mrs. James                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lani
     Whittet, Jr.                       Alfred G. Dobner                         Richard Fellows
                                                                                                                         Gerald P. Fruehauf
                                           Mrs. Johanna B. Dobner                   Mrs. Judi L. Fellows
Robert F. Burke                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neitzel
   Mrs. Jean B. Burke                   Margaret Dobrzynski                      Thomas M. Ferri                              and Family
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Corey               Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose
Marcia Buske                                                                                                             Eugene Fuller
                                           Mr. Joseph Dobrzynski                      F. Ferri
   Mrs. Mary M. Schick                                                                                                      Mrs. Patricia Rankin Koch
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dugan Esaiah
                                                                                 Robert Fettig
Ray Butzlaff                               Franklin High School -                                                        Lillian Galaska
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard
   Mrs. Elaine Butzlaff                      Sunshine Club                                                                  Ms. Joan Beitzinger
                                                                                      G. Eaton, Jr.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth                                                             Mr. Louise M. Galaska
Suzanne Cameranesi                           K. Heise                            Edwin C. Filter
   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Price                                                                                               Margarita S. Garcia
                                                                                    Mrs. Cathy Baim
                                        Richard Dolski                                                                      Ms. Patricia D. Flynn
Mary J. Carballo                           Ms. Marilyn Heckert                   Edwin C. Filter                            Mrs. Patricia A. Rankin-Koch
   Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mares
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Phyllis Beick
   Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zastrow          Josephine Domrzalski                                                             Harriett Gass
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Beick
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gass
Tess Carr                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dick Diebels
   Mr. and Mrs. Nikolas                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Filter           Theresa Gates
   R. Klink                             Ralph F. Domrzalski                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Filter                Ms. Mary Moran
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph                      Mr. and Mrs. Gustave                    Mr. Craig Zetley
Lillian Castro                               Domrzalski                               Gotthart
   Mr. and Mrs. Todd                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert                  Francis H. Gavin
     R. Hampton                         Ralph S. Domrzalski                                                                 Mrs. Elaine E. Gavin
   Mr. Clifford F. Kendziorski             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
                                                                                    Mr. Erwin Heil
                                             Domrzalski                                                                  Donah Geboy
   Ms. Margurite P. McGovern                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kloehn
                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Donald
   Ms. Ellen M. Moodie                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary Klumb
                                        William Donegan, M.D.                                                                 A. Spitzer
   Mr. Michael J. Seib                                                              Ms. Aleksandra Kovacevic
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Hilrich
   Mr. and Mrs. David                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lubner           Florance Gerlach
     A. Stowell                         Mary Driessen                               Mr. and Mrs. Alberta Macki              Mr. Edward M. Heffner
   Ms. Mary E. Wonders                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald                      Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Parshall
                                             A. Spitzer                                                                  Robert Gilbert
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Allan Paul
Bill Conners                                                                                                                Majestic Manor South
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Florie Podd
   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Terranova         Alex N. Dumas                                                                         Association
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rauth
                                           Mrs. Suzanne C. Buyan
Virginia Czarnecki                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth                 Sally Giordana
   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller           Helen Dziobkowski                             Urchell                               Timco Construction, Inc.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald                      Ms. Jean M. Wood
                                             A. Witkowski

44 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Alice Glisch                     Horst Heitmann               Husband                               Robert Kaminski
  Ms. Lorraine H. Delikat          Mr. Klaus Fromme             Mrs. Elaine C. Drumm                   Ms. Lorraine H. Delikat
  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene              Mrs. Magrit Heitmann                                                Mr. and Mrs. James
                                                              LaVerne Ingolia
    Janikowski                     Mr. Jim Miller                                                        D. Maertz
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Wolf
Brenda Gordon                                                     J. Crotty                         Russell Karweik
   Aurora Health Care - The      Donald Hellrung                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee
                                                              Dorothy Jablonski
  Edsel Doreza Dialysis Center     Mr. and Mrs. Richard
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donavon Auble          Joseph Kasza
Fred F. Graves                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reif                 Ms. Kathy Kasza-Shaw
                                   Mr. Harvey V. Gracz
  Ms. Marilyn L. Graves
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard       Sheree Jaeck                          Larraine Kasza
    & Family
                                     E. Grasso                  Mr. Jaeck Rodney                       Ms. Kathy Kaska-Shaw
Marilyn Grimm                      Mrs. Diane J. Hellrung
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dean          Joy A. Jankowski                      Kazmierczak
  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moseley
                                     J. Liberski                Mr. Michael Jankowski                  Mr. Richard Kazmierczak
Mildred Grooms                     Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
                                                              Donna E. Jarvis                       Mary Larene Keller
  Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lafond        J. Markham
                                                                Mr. Jack W. Boettcher                  Mrs. Carole F. Houston
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Lowell
Eugene Groth
                                     T. Wambold               Judith A. Jessup                      Glenn Kemeny
  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
                                                                Mr. William Patrick Jessup             Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Baran
    J. Bembenek                  Jennifer Marie Henry
                                   Mr. Brian Meier            Marie F. Jindra                       City of Milwaukee, Building
Dorothy Grove
                                                                Ms. Ellen M. Romans                 and Fleet Operations Division
  Ms. Adeline Brocchausen        Arthur Herzer
                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. John July
  Ms. Mary L. Burac                Ms. BarBara Ladd           Ervin A. Johns
                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas
                                                                Ms. Elaine M. Bezie
Marion Hamburg                   Mary Higgins                                                            R. Klink
  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph              Mrs. Nancy J. Eastberg     Stanley Jones                            Mr. and Mrs. Howard Neidert
    Domrzalski                                                  Ms. Janet J. Jones                     Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pelt
                                 Joan M. Hodnik                                                        Ms. Marion L. Rueden
                                                                Mrs. Janet Wyger
Larry Hamilton                     Ms. Debbie Dziadowicz                                               Mr. and Mrs. William
  Mrs. Patricia Hamilton                                      Wayne Jurgens                              C. Sauter
                                 Joan M. Hodnik
                                                                United Space Alliance, SOD             Ms. Marion L. Von Rueden
Clifford Hansen                    Ms. Laurie Hodnik
                                                                  and Constellation                    Mr. Paul R. Williams
  Mrs. Alice Hansen
                                 Shirley Hogan                    Program Office                       Mr. Clarence Zastrow
John Hansen                        Mrs. Joyce Morey
                                                              John Just                             Margaret Keske
  Mrs. Lois E. Hansen
                                 R. E. Houston                  Mrs. Jean E. Sobon                     Ms. Carrie Ann Peksa
Katherine Ida Hansen               Mrs. Carole Houston
                                                              Elaine F. Kaminski                    Joshua E. Kestelman
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald
                                 Jean Hulse                     Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bartley           Mrs. Selma A. Kestelman
    W. Dawson
                                   Ms. Jody Hulse               Mr. Brian J. Downes
Jennie Harter                                                   Friends and Family of Elaine        Frank Kiedrowski
  Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Mach      George Hundt                   Mrs. Ann T. Hintzke                    Donald J. Chrzan M.D.
                                   Mrs. Cynthia J. Hundt        Mr. and Mrs. John Pendzick
Thomas Hawley
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ruzick
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Yahr       Lowell Hunsche
                                                                Ms. Sheri A. Schneiberg
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                                                Mr. Ruth Stempski
                                     L. Fountaine
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
                                                                  C. Zablocki

                                                                                         T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 45
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Robert L. Kight                         Frank Kintop                             John Kowalewski, Sr.                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
   Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Atwell              Ms. Linda L. Doudna                      Mr. John J. Kowalewski               J. Olejniczak
   Ms. Sandy Beupre                        Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Olzinski
                                                                                 Fred E. Kroening
   Mr. and Mrs. Donald                        Friedrichs                                                                     Mr. Richard Pearson
                                                                                    Mrs. Mary L. Kroening
     E. Bradish                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard                                                              Mr. Mike Pearson and Family
   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Breen                   W. Hennecke                        Harold Krohn                                Mrs. Patricia Rosman
   Mr. and Mrs. David                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Kintop              Mr. and Mrs. Raul                        Ms. Irene Searing
     I. Chycinski                                                                     L. Correa, Jr.                         Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stevens
                                        Jay Klemstein
   Mr. Mark Colett                                                                  Mr. Henry T. Harris                      Ms. Pearl Todryk
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
   Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cooper                                                       Mrs. Virginia I. Krohn                   Ms. Elaine Wallenberger
   Gruman Construction                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Lukas              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walters
   Mr. and Mrs. Donald                  Norris Knight                               Mr. James I. Mielke                      Ms. Betty Weger
     J. Jorgensen                          Scott W. Charmoli , D.D.S.               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey                     Ms. Marilyn Wellen
   Ms. Marjorie A. Kight                   Ms. Ann E. Conrad                          A. Mielke
                                                                                                                         Ms. Teri Welytok
   Ms. Mary Ann Kight                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas                      Mrs. Dorinda Miller
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs, Logan Wenger
   Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Kulas                 F. Gengler                            Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Nielson
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Todd Berens
   Mr. Jerome Kultger                      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gruszka                 Mr. and Mrs. David
   LaFarge North America                   Mr. and Mrs. Eugene                        L. Pischke                         Darwin Kucker
   Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lubin                   A. Haasch                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas                                                           Ervin Krolikowski
                                           Mr. and Mrs. James                                                                  J. Bembenek
     H. Luepke                                                                      Mrs. Cecelia M. Krolikowski
                                              P. Huppert
   Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Nord                                                                                            Kathleen Kuehl
                                           Mrs. Jane Knight                      Robert Krysinski
   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phelps                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Randall
                                           Mr. David Lowe                           Mrs. Althea Krysinski
   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald                                                                                                         E. Rakow
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Schulze
     F. Reinders                                                                 Carole Kubenik
                                                                                                                         Emily A. Kuhagen
   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Scott          St. Francis Bank                            Ms. Lorraine Bennetts
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. R. Brueggeman
   Mr. John E. Selck                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald                      Mr. and Mrs. Todd I. Berens
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. A. Heffner
   Mr. and Mrs. Francis                       A. Zellmer                            Ms. Jeanne Berndt
   M. Spencer III                                                                   Ms. Irene A. Campbell                Gary D. Kuhlman
                                        Frederick E. Kober
   Mr. and Mrs. Garold                                                              Ms. Lisa Carey and Family                Mrs. Sally A. Kuhlman
                                           Mrs. Nancy Kober
   M. Stewart                                                                                                                Ms. Susan A. Lesperance
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Leroy J. Ciske
   Mr. and Mrs. Michael                 Louise M. Kojis                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Pascale Meyran
                                                                                    Ms. Marvel Dix
     B. Tims                               Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mora
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greiten
   Mr. Raymond Vredenbregt                    H. Menzl                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Repp
                                                                                    Mr. Al Groves
   Wisconsin Transportation
                                        David Konieczny                             Ms. Merry Heimel                     Jane Kulas
   Builders Association
                                           Ms. Johanna Gumieny                      Ms. Ann Herda                            Mr. Todd Kulas
   Gerry Kilma
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William
   Mrs. Frances S. Betz                 Ernest Konives                                                                   Edna Langtimm
                                                                                      F. Hinkforth, Jr.
                                           Mrs. Hannah Konives                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sedlak
Duane Kimpel                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kane
   Mrs. Mary M. Schick                  Edna Kordus                                 Ms. Dinah H. Krause                  Irving C. Larsen
                                           Ms. Donna Schroeder                      Mr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Lane               Acaia Theatre
                                                                                                                             Mrs. Carol J. Larsen
                                        Rachel Kowalewski
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Randall
                                           Mr. John J. Kowalewski
                                                                                                                             M. Peterson

46 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Richard Leavitt                 Catherine Maas                  John Meka                           John R. Nault
  Ms. Linda Dostalek              Mr. Walter B. Maas              Mr. and Mrs. Robert                  Mrs. Donna Heden
                                                                  R. Schwingshakl                      Ms. Phyllis Nault
Douglas Leffler                 Aldo Thomas Madrigrano
  Mrs. Nancy J. Eastberg          Mr. and Mrs. Randall E.       Leonard Michalski                   Loretta Nault
  Ms. Bernadine B. Volkmann         Hellestad and Family          Mr. Bruno Burkle                     Ms. Mary Nault
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gawin
Orlo Lemke                      Joe Magestro                                                        Roy B. Nault
  Ms. Mary Nault                  Ms. Laurel Wilson             Julian Mirzejwski                      Ms. Mary Nault
                                                                  The M. Burac Family
Robert Levister                 Herb Mahler                                                         Roy H. Nelezen
  Mrs. Clarice A. Levister        Mrs. Linda A. Kropp           Frank Morafcik                         Mrs. Donna Heden
                                                                  Mrs. Hazel Morafcik
Robert Lewandowski              Nada Mahler                                                         Richard Nelson
  Mr. and Mrs. Mathias            Mrs. Linda A. Kropp           Mark Morey                             Mrs. Marilyn L. Graves
    G. Kraker                                                     Ms. Joyce A. Morey
                                Betsy Makela                                                        Charles S. Newton
Howard N. Liebscher               Dr. and Mrs. Joel Smukowski   Nancy Morris                           Mrs. Virginia L. Newton
  Mr. James Bell                                                  Jewish Community
                                Frank Malko                                                         Edwin Niedziejko
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert                                               Foundation of Milwaukee
                                  Mrs. Deborah Malko                                                   Mrs. Sophie Niedziejko
    N. Berkopec
                                  Mr. Tom Peterson              Dorothy Moss
  Mrs. Connie M. Caitai                                                                             Patricia Nording
                                  Mr. Jim Sappenfield             Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hochrein
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Paul
                                  Mr. Ed Sully
    G. Carlson                                                  Robert E. Mueller                        J. Rykwalder
                                  Mr. Brad Williams
  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel                                             Mrs. Helen J. O. Mueller
    Czarnecki                                                                                       Dorothy Olejniczak
                                Jeffrey Manson
  Ms. Vicki Hassi                                               Sharon Murphy                          Mr. and Mrs. Todd Berens
                                  Mr. and Mrs. David
  Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lynch                                     Mrs Betty J. Aldrich
                                    Hoffmann                                                        Dell Olszewski
  Mrs. Dorinda Miller
                                                                Wendell Murphy                         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rykwalder
  Ms. Debra Mutza and           Lawrence L. Marinkovick
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward
  Friends of Quarles & Brady      Mr. and Mrs. Roland                                               Grace Olszewski
                                                                    J. Miller
  Ms. Delores J. Raffaele           G. Kiefer                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rykwalder
  Robert Baird & Co., Inc.                                      Mark Musich
                                Hedwig Masset                                                       Harvey A. Otto
  Mrs. Sandra J. Schmitz                                          Mr. and Mrs. Howard
                                  Masset Group, Inn of the                                             Mrs. Marguerite E. Otto
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stram                                         W. Fidler
                                    Hawke, Inc.
  Mr. Ronald J. Wambach                                                                             Patricia Palmer
                                Dawn M. Maze                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian
Theresa E. Lipinski                                               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Maze                                            M. Odegaard
  Mr. Donald C. Krebs                                               R. Szczech
                                  Ms. Kathy A. Stack                                                   Ms. Heather Sullivan
Carol Ann Lothian                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard          James Napral
                                    W. Carlson                                                      Marion L. Paschke
  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sherin                                        Mrs. Sylvia Napral
                                                                                                       Ms. Mary L. Burac
Kathleen “Kathy” Lunow          Ruth McGaffey                   Donald Nault
                                  Mr. Jere D. McGaffey                                              Michael A. Payne
  Aurora Health Care’s Human                                      Ms. Mary Nault
                                                                                                       Ms. Mary A. Payne
    Resources Administration
                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Medina     Jack Nault
  Ms. Jean Streckelberg                                                                             Walter Peltz
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lafond     Ms. Mary Nault
                                                                                                       Mrs. Arleen Peltz
Jeanette Lychwick
                                Kenneth Meilahn
  Mr. Dominic B. Lychwick
                                  Mr. Theodore W. Meilahn

                                                                                         T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 47
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Marie Perszyk                           Robert Proechel                          Margaret Schaefer                        Larry Shively
   Mr. Bernard Perszyk                     Mr. Edward M. Heffner                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald                      Mr. and Mrs. William
                                                                                      J. Casper                                Bagguley
Earl Pfefferkorn                        Cecile-Marie Purdy
   Scheibel Halaska                        Mr. James A. Vitucci                  Emerich Schenk                           Dr. Richard Shore
                                                                                    Mrs. Anita Schenk                        Mrs. Arthur R. Poutray
Dorothy Philpott                        Robert Pyrzewski
   Mrs. Mary Ann Jurkowski                 Mr. and Mrs. William                  Janet Schick                             Mary A. Siewert
                                              Pyrzewski                             The J. Hammerschmidt                     Mr. Donald E. Siewert
Rosario “Charlie” Picciolo
   Mrs. Mary M. Schick                  Susan Quigley                                                                     Joseph Skowronski
                                           Mr. Jay R. Quigley                    Charles L. Schick                           Ms. Elizabeth J. Skowronski
Glen Pieper
                                                                                    Mrs. Mary M. Schick
   Mr. and Mrs. Donald                  Dennis Reed                                                                       Richard Skowronski
     J. Parker                             Ms. Donna Reed                        Robert Schmitz                              Ms. Elizabeth J. Skowronski
                                                                                    Mrs. Sandra J. Schmitz
David J. Placek                         Mary Reisenbuechler                                                               Delano S. Smith
   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gass                  Mrs. Grace K. Johemko                 Carol Schneider                             Mrs. Joan Smith
                                                                                    Mr. Stephen J. Schneider
Shirley Planinsheck                     Mary Reisenbuechler                                                               Glorianne H. Smogoleski
   Mr. James Robert                        Mr. E.J. Reisenbuechler               Harry Schraith                              Ms. Lula Smogoleski
     Planinsheck                                                                    Mrs. Janice E. Frey
                                        Augustine Renner                                                                  Wanda Smolenski
   Mr. James Robert
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Strelow          Floyd F. Schraufnagel                       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
                                                                                    Mrs. Norene Schraufnagel                   R. Truszynski
                                        Eugene Rezach
Owen E. Pool
                                           Ms. Mary Alexander                    Barbara Ann Schultz                      Gertrude Smukowski
   Dr. John L. Pool
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Groth             Mr. Jack G. Carini                       Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Robert F. Pool                             Mr. and Mrs. Greg Moranski               Mr. Robert Manak                           Smukowski
   Dr. John L. Pool                        Mr. and Mrs. Ron Reineck                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Nonhof
                                                                                                                          Ted Smukowski
                                           Mr. Kent Reineck                         Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Bradley Porchetta                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Dave
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reineck                 E. Pendzich
   Mr. and Mrs. Harold                                                                                                         Smukowski
                                           Mrs. Vaughn Rezach                       Mr. and Mrs. Al Rivard
     W. Anderson
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Darwin                      Ms. Debbie Schuetz                    Edwin Spears
   Mr. and Mrs. David
                                              F. Spaulding                          Mr. Allen J. Schultz                     Mr. and Mrs. Rober
     J. Beinlich
                                                                                    Ms. Lin Stauffer Luedtke                   O. Jaehnert
                                        Daniel J. Riley
Mr. and Dr. Gregory                                                                 Mr. Gerald L. Bitters
                                           Mrs. Donna Riley                                                               Ann M. Stecker
   P. Ehlenbach                                                                     Mrs. Mary Bitters
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mc Cue                Mr. and Mrs. Ed. A. Brook
   Mr. and Mrs. John                    Shirley A. Rinderle
                                                                                                                             Ms. Gertrude E. Carey
     M. Furlong                            Mr. and Mrs. Roland
                                                                                 Kathleen Scott Oelkers                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Elste
   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis                        G. Kiefer
                                                                                    Mrs. Barbara Sharpe                      Mr. Charles G. Emmrich
     J. Giaimo
                                        Donald Rintelman                            Mrs. Barbara Sharpe                      Ms. Mary F. Link
   Mr. and Mrs. Jim Juranitch
                                           Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hochrein                                                       Ms. Norma Martin
   Mr. and Mrs. Jody Merry                                                       Kay Sedlak
                                                                                                                             Mr. James R. Reit
   Ms. Janice E. Murphy                 Bob Roelle                                  Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sedlak
                                                                                                                             Ms. Evora Schendel
   Ms. Jean MB. Rautenberg                 Mr. David Fularczyk
                                                                                 Estilla Sherbert                            Ms. May Belle Schendel
   Mr. Paul Rogers
                                        Robert Rohles                               Mr. and Mrs. August Helm                 Mr. Roland Stecker
Mary Potts                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert
   Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kaufman                   Fountaine

48 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Leo Steele                          Antoinette E. Susalla               Scott Thompson, M.D.                  Allen Vandernack
  Ms. Marilyn L. Graves               Mr. Leonard J. Susalla              Mr. and Mrs. C. Frederick             Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mayer
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanzer                                                Geilfuss, II
                                    Nancy Sutphen                                                             Dusanka Vidakovich
James E. Stephenson                   Mrs. Jane D. Cullen               Violet Thonn                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert                                                     Ms. Charlene Waterman                   S. Fischer
                                    Diane E. Swanson
    P. Kowalski
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald               Agripe Toth                           Bobbie Voss
  Mr. Douglas C. Andersen
                                        E. Durick                         Mr. Donald Toth                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vilione
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bispala
                                      Ms. Ellen Henshaw
  Ms. Joan Bridge                                                       Kelly Trajkovski                      Kay Waelti
                                      Kat Logistics, Inc.
  Mr. and Mrs. James Davis                                                Mr. William J. Christman, Sr.         Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Kinney
  Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Gibson                                             Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Miller            L. Fountaine
                                      The Osterhout Family
  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Grey
                                      Mr. Thomas Rezza                  Chas Traywick                         Shirley Wagner
  Mr. and Mrs. Marty
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weiss          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth                  Mr. Raymond M. Wagner
  Marshall & Ilsley                                                         K. Redlin
                                    Alex Swiencicki                                                           Connie Walters
    Corporation                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Olive      Ervin Trepczyk                          Mr. and Mrs. James N. Wolter
  Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Musial
                                                                          Ms. Nancy Eastberg
  Mrs. Marie O’Brien                Bogdan Szczerda                                                           Ron Walters
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven                 Ms. Mary T. Szczerda              Carol J. Turchel                        Mr. David Fularczyk
    Raymonds                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
                                    Rosemary Tendick                                                          Richard R. Wanasek
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rich                  Thomson Realty                                                            Mrs. Marilyn L. Graves
  Mrs. Anne Schlecht                  Dr. and Mrs. Nick Turkal          Shirley Turnvall                          and Family
  Ms. Cheryl Skutevik                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rea
                                    Richard Tenner                                                            Richard Wangerin, Sr.
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stark, Jr.
                                      Mrs. Patricia Alles               Willard Ubbelohde                       Mr. and Mrs. August K. Helm
  Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Stieglitz
                                                                          Mrs. Bernice Ubbelohde
  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sweet          Richard Tenner                                                            Esther Warczyglowa
  Mr. and Mrs. William Tetting        C & H Distributors                Susan A. Urbanski                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Mach
  Mr. and Mrs. David Weber                                                Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. Wendler
                                    Richard Tenner                                                            Jack L. Weber
  Mr. Don Wyderka
                                      North Shore Bank                  Jesse Van Der Steer                     Mrs. Jean A. Weber
Christine Stevens                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald
                                    Richard Tenner                                                            Lillian Weinrich
  Ms. Lorraine H. Delikat                                                   J. Casper
                                      St. Luke’s South Shore                                                    Mrs. Frances M. Betz
  Ms. Pat Westbrook
                                        Hospital - Volunteer Services   Paul M. Van Haag
Arthur Stock                                                                                                  June Welch
                                                                          Ms. Mary L. Burac
                                    Loraine Termini                                                             Ms. Lauren Zarder
  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bevel
                                      Ms. Theresa J. Humfeld            Edmund Vanden Boom
Ron Stockstell                                                                                                Robert Wellenstein
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Vincent
                                    Michael J. Terranova                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack
  Ms. Jancie Stockstill                                                   F. Waltenberger
                                      Mrs. Alice Terranova                                                        A. Deppisch
Rade Stojsavljevic                                                      Loraine Vanden Boom                     Mr. and Mrs. George
                                    Barbara Tesmer
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent                    “Chip” Morris
                                      Mr. Bernard Tesmer
    S. Fischer                                                            F. Waltenberger
                                                                                                              Dorothy White
                                    Thomas E. Thoma
Susan Stollenwerk                                                       Daniel J. Vander Sanden                 Ms. Mary Nault
                                      Ms. Patricia A. Thoma
  Mr. George Stollenwerk                                                  Mrs. Sheila J. Vander Sanden

                                                                                                  T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 49
  The Tribute Fund
  Gifts received January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006
Edward Wickert                          Mike Williams
   Mrs. Kathleen A. Wickert                Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Hochrein

Joyce Wilde                             Chester S. Witkowski
   Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.
   Mr. and Mrs. David A.                   Krygiel
                                        Tom V. Wollner
   Mr. Dennis Cardarella
                                           Ms. Bernadine Wollner
   Mr.and Mrs. John R. Erickson
   Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence                Ray Wollner, Sr.
     S. Graham                             Ms. Bernadine Wollner
   Ms. Elsie M. Haight
   Ms. Delores M. Homelvig              Frank Wrzeski
   J.A. Frate Transport Services           Mrs. Lucille C. Wrzeski
   Ms. Dorothy A. Kasica
                                        Anne M. York
   Kitzinger Cooperage
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Frank York
   Mr.and Mrs. Arthur R. Maze           John V. Zacharski
   Ms. Jean A. Mueller                     Mrs. Jean M. Zacharski
   Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward
                                        Frances I. Zeller
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L.
   Salvation Army City Fund
   Schultz & Sons Transport
   Ms. Nada R. Sekulovich               Connie Zenner
   Mr. Daniel Wilde                        Ms. Mary Nault
   Ms. Dorothy A. Zahn
                                        Josephine Zuponcic
Robert J. Wilkins                          Ms. Kathy Kaska-Shaw
   Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mehring

50 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
  Lifetime Philanthropists
Members of Aurora                   Members                            If you have provided for Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in
St. Luke’s Medical Center
                                    Anonymous (5)                      your estate plans but are not among those listed, please let
Lifetime Philanthropists are
benefactors and friends
                                    Ms. Maya Abels and                 us know. We would be pleased to welcome you as a
who have made provision               Dr. Stewart Holmes               member of the Lifetime Philanthropists.
to support the hospital in          Mrs. Ruth Ambrosius
their estate plans or               Mrs. Merilee E. Bailie             For more information on becoming a member of the Lifetime
through life income gifts.          Mrs. Hope E. Barr                  Philanthropists, call or write Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
                                    James C. Barton, M.D.              Office of Philanthropy, P.O. Box 2901, Milwaukee, WI 53201-
Because of their generous                                              2901. Phone: (414) 649-7125.
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
commitment, the excellence
of health care available at           J. Bembenek
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical           Chaplain and Mrs. Harvey         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Luebke        Mr. and Mrs. Ricky B. Ross
Center will be sustained              M. Berg                        Mr. Aldo Madrigrano                  Mrs. Kelly W. Sachse
and enhanced for present            Mrs. Katherine Berggren          Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Maillard        Mrs. Mary M. Schick
and future generations.                                              Mr. Henry A. Maksimowicz             Mrs. Laverne A. Schmidt
                                    Mrs. Frances S. Betz
                                    Ms. Audrey Blumenfeld            Mrs. Loraine Marino                  Mrs. Leone L. Schoen

Charter Members                     Mrs. Sharon A. Bosanec           Mrs. Dorothy F. McMicken             Mrs. Elizabeth J. Skowronski
                                    Mr. Jonathan S. Braddock         Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Meier         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Slattery
                                    Mr. and Mrs. William             Stuart and Lynelle Merritt           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Staven
Mrs. Martha Albert
                                      I. Buckeridge                  Mrs. Ingrid Miller                   Mr. Edward H. Stech
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ball
                                    Ms. Mary Frances Bullamore       Randy and Cheryl Moss                Ken and Dorothy Stoll
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Bartels
Mrs. Betty Bates                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Byers     Mr. Joseph Norton                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivan

Mrs. Ruth M. Benduhn                Ms. Colleen Cauley               Mr. Walter A. Oestreich              Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tarrolly

Mrs. Loretta Brown                  Mr. Mark T. Davies               Ms. Judy K. Pankow                   Mrs. Beverlee J. Tomazin

Melvin Datka                        Mrs. Johanna B. Dobner           Mrs. Margaret Peet                   Trepte Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred U. Elser, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Merle Eggen         Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Powel          Dr. and Mrs. John A. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. John                   Mr. and Mrs. Timothy             Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Pruim         Mrs. Ann Wallen-Zekich

   G. Fleckenstein                    C. Ellis-Stigler               Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Rosenberg       Dr. and Mrs. James R. Warsh

Mrs. Ruth J. Fox                    Mrs. Joyce T. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Grede        Mr. Louis M. Galaska
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond                Mrs. Anna Gerschwiller
   D. Heitkemper                    Mr. and Mrs. Luther Graef
Mr. Harry G. Henke                  Mr. Fred A. Grube
Mrs. Carole F. Houston              Mrs. Agnes Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lang         Ms. Nicole Hardings
Mr. Willard J. Lange                Ms. Deanna Hartl
Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Langer          Ms. Donna Heden
Mrs. Virginia Levenhagen            Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Huck
Mrs. Mary Ann McNicol               Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. James
Mrs. Mary M. Nault                  Mrs. Muriel J. Jerele
Mr. Waldemar P. Schmitz             Mrs. Dorothy S. Johnson
Mr. Harold C. Vestrem               Mr. and Mrs. Carlton P. Kirst
Mr. Franc Vitale                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Krowas
                                    Mrs. Sally A. Kuhlman
Charles+ and Ann Wallen                                              (Left to right) James Schroeder and Patrick Farrell with
                                    Mrs. Anna Mae Lauber
                                                                     Paul Milakovich, Director of Philanthropy Operations
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Leutner
                                                                     at Aurora Health Care, at the 2006 Lifetime
                                    Mrs. Ruth M. Lewis               Philanthropists Luncheon
+ Deceased
                                                                                               T h e S p i r i t o f S t . L u k e ’ s 51
  Lifetime Philanthropists
                                                                                 Harry Hershoff                           Herman W. Schlemmer
                                                                                 Freada Hoermann                          Louis R. Schmaus
                                                                                 Raleigh Hubbard                          Elsie M. Seitz
                                                                                 Edward C. Huth                           Milton Sheffield
                                                                                 Rod Imholte                                 Revocable Trust
                                                                                 Esther E. Ingraham                       Ray E. Sherman
                                                                                 Marguerite Jahr                          Reginald L. Siebert
                                                                                 Lucille K. Johnson                       Theodore Siegmann
                                                                                 Ruth E. Johnson                          Sidney B. Slocum
                                                                                 Russell K. Kline                         Clara A. Speeter
                                                                                 Klara Kluge Trust                        Eleanor Spence
                                                                                 Herbert W. Kneisler                      Edna A. Stallman
                                                                                 Herman Korsitzke                         Minnie M. Stein
                                                                                 Lucille Kosharek                         Henry O. Stenzel
                                                                                 Erwin R. Lamp                            Opal A. Stiehm
                                                                                 James A. Lochschmidt                     Walter M. Stiemke
Lifetime Philanthropists Phyllis and Walter Landowski                            Albert Long                              A. Jerome Stoebe
with Dr. Judy Tjoe at the 2006 Lifetime Philanthropists                          Rose Luba                                Carl T. Swenson
Luncheon                                                                         Dominic B. Lychwick                      Sabin C. Taplin
                                                                                 Georgianna McFetridge                    Rosemary Tendick
Dr. John E. and                         Doris Boelter
                                                                                 Katherine R. McGill                      Elaine Thomas
   Reverend Holly Whitcomb              R. Fred Brenner
                                                                                 Carolyn S. McGregor                      Ray G. Tiegs
Mrs. Kathleen A. Wickert                Alicia Buchholz
                                                                                 Esther J. Mielke                         Charles Trinthammer
Mrs. Carol Williams                     Ruth F. Buchholz
                                                                                 Helen L. Mikol                           Henry Veit
Mr. Don Wood                            Margaret F. Butler
                                                                                 Trust of James B. Moore                  William W. Verhulst
Mrs. Marion R. Wunsch                   Helen Chase
                                                                                 Ernest H. Morgenroth                     George K. Viall
Mr. Chester S. Sajdel                   John C. Cleaver
                                                                                 August G. Mueller                        George L. Waetjen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Zellmer          Viola M. Clow
                                                                                 Rudolph Mueller                          Edward R. Wehr
                                        June B. Davis
                                                                                 William K. Murphy                        Sophia P. Weisfeldt
                                        Joan Dlugopolski
                                                                                 Lloyd G. Newman                          Arline M. White
In Memory                               Joy Dory
                                                                                 Alex F. North                            Eleanora A. Wilinski
In memory of Aurora St. Luke’s          Alex V. Dumas
                                                                                 Helen F. Ockerlander                     Stanley T. Wos
Lifetime Philanthropists whose          Anna P. Evanich
                                                                                 Charles D. Ortgiesen
bequests are living on to               Valentine Fina
                                                                                 Josephine Panich                         Italic print indicates 2006
advance the quality of health           Helen G. Fons
                                                                                 John C. Pazucha                          Aurora St. Luke’s Philanthropists
care at Aurora St. Luke’s               George L. French
                                                                                 Richard S. Piasecki                      Club Members
Medical Center.                         Herman Friedrich
                                                                                 Margaret Pochert
                                        Florence L. Furman
                                                                                 John L. Racanello
Anonymous (2)                           Sam B. Ginsburg
                                                                                 Adolph J. Ricker
Joyce J. Achtenhagen                    W. G. Gitchel
                                                                                 Jennie Riedel
Bernice C. Acorn                        Edna Goad
                                                                                 Edward Ropiak
Doris Albrecht                          Frederic T. Goes
                                                                                 Mary E. Rose
Doris Arnold                            Edward Gostomski
                                                                                 Pierce Rosenberg
Cassie Bach                             Arthur L. Grede
                                                                                 Cava Wilson Ross
Erika H. Baderman                       J. Edwin Habbe
                                                                                 Charles Rothweiler
Leonard L. Bartell                      Loraine C. Heinen
                                                                                 Ella Sadowski
Richard B. Benesch                      Byron A. Helfert
                                                                                 Edward H. Saemann
Sophia Biskupski                        Walter Helwig

52 W h e n w r i t i n g o r u p d a t i n g y o u r w i l l , p l e a s e r e m e m b e r A u r o r a S t . L u k e ’ s M e d i c a l C e n t e r .
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Rooftop Healing Garden
Become a permanent part of Aurora St. Luke’s history
The Rooftop Healing Garden will be a special place for many reasons, but the stories that will
emerge from every corner of its landscape will certainly be its most inspiring feature. We hope that
you will share your story with us by supporting the construction of the garden through one of the
many naming opportunities available.

4x8" Brick - $150 (3 lines, 20 characters per line)       Bench - $5,000


8x8" Brick - $250 (6 lines, 20 characters per line)


                                                          Chair - $1,000

12x12" Brick - $1,000 (9 lines, 24 characters per line)


                                                          You can now buy your brick online!

Naming opportunities range from bricks and benches to water features and special areas
of the garden. Please call us for more information: (414) 385-4732 or visit our website:
     “We were able to give back to St. Luke’s
      for the great care we have received while
      taking care of each other at the same time.”
        Robert and Olive Leubke made a generous gift to Aurora
        St. Luke’s Medical Center in the form of a Charitable Gift
        Annuity. They were able to give back to the place that had
        become very dear to them, while receiving an income for
        themselves in return. While their gift will help to support Aurora
        St. Luke’s mission to find better ways to treat patients, they are
        also taking care of each other by creating a guaranteed source of
        income that neither of them will outlive.

        To find out more about making a gift to Aurora St. Luke’s through
        a Charitable Gift Annuity, please contact Stuart Merritt at
        (414) 649-7008 or


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