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IT Consultant: Personality Traits for Success

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IT Consultant personality traits often predict their future success. In this article, see if you have what it takes
to be a great IT consultant.

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IT consultant skills vary widely. The successful ones will have the traits that help them deal with their

IT Consultant Traits: Can You Manage Employees?

Even in your first year of business there is a pretty good chance that you will have to have at least a few sub-
contractors that you work with long before you get to the stage where you can hire employees.

When that comes up, you are going to have to make hiring decisions and unfortunately what comes along
with that turf too is firing decisions. So you need to be decisive enough in those areas and take swift action.

IT Consultant Traits: Are You Diplomatic?

You need to be able to teach technology to people that are often times computer phobic and not make them
feel bad about that. That is really important among small businesses cause in a lot of ways.

If you are used to dealing with enterprising users that are a lot more sophisticated than the typical small
business end user. You need to be able to take and check your ego at the door.

You have to be able to put your ego on the back burner and think what is in the best interest of your client
and your business. Sometimes it is best to just walk away.

IT Consultant Traits: Are You Empathetic?
Can you feel your client’s pain, can you understand what they are going through so you can provide the best
solution? Often, the best thing to do is just listen, understand where they are coming from and calm them

You’ll need to do that a lot of times even before you can start treating the symptoms, working on the PC that
keeps locking up or the network drive that keeps disappearing and figuring out the cause.

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