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									Arion Communication Co.,Ltd
Company Presentation

2010. March
Arion Communication co., Ltd ® 2010

       - 1/19 -

  1. Introduction
  2. Company Profile
  3. Company History
  4. Business Area
  5. Our Strength
  6. Our Organization
  7. Technical Development
  8. Contact us

- 2/19 -
                                       1.1 Introduction

 Arion Communication Co., Ltd.
 is the best Satellite Communication Service Provider for maritime and land mobile users.

                      We have concentrated on providing secure satellite communication services to internal and
                      external governments, broadcastings, shipping companies and mobile users for maritime and
                      land. Since the establishment of Arion Company Ltd. 2001, Arion Company Ltd. had been
                      making an effort to provide the reliable and high quality satellite services and we Arion
                      Communication Co., Ltd. was born for specializing the satellite communication services
                      separating from Arion Company Ltd., Mar. 2004.

We are the first company in Korea which provides web based Shipping21 Messaging System for shipping
industries. Shipping21 has been proved its efficiency and convenience by customers making users to do the all of
communication works in one integrated solution (Web & Email) unlike existing complicated and inconvenient
communication system methods. Especially Shipping21, Vessel Monitoring System(AKA, VMS) which was
commercialized in 2005, is a leader of maritime tracking service with its advantages and innovative technologies.

We have made partnership with Vizada, a global satellite communication company, and other main providers in
various fields and been offering stable one-stop satellite communication services to maritime and land mobile users.

                                                       - 3/19 -
                                     1.2 Introduction

                                                                        The 4th Inmarsat Satellite
                                                                        BGAN, FleetBroadband,
                                                                        SwiftBroadband Services

Since Inmarsat announced the launch of the world’s first mobile communication service, Broadband Global
Area Network (BGAN) service in Dec. 2005, we expanded our business area and have been offering our
service to the locations with pool communication infrastructure proposing small portable terminals offering
satellite communication service through BGAN and actively promoted the sales of BGAN terminals and
airtimes in Broadcast media, Construction, Government, Oil and Gas.

We offer one-stop service to our customers and guide them from choosing suitable BGAN terminals to using
stable satellite communication services. We do our best to make them satisfied.

As a result of our hard efforts for providing best solutions, Arion Communication Co., Ltd. is now rapidly grew
to serve more than 350 customers including major shipping companies and broadcastings and so on. We will
keep working hard for satellite communication services on land and internal and external shipping companies’
developments and also being acknowledged as a top service provider in our country.

                                                    - 4/19 -
                       2. Company Profile


   Company        Arion Communication Co.,Ltd ( Registration No.107-86-47974)

   President      Yong Bum, Park (Mr.Tony Park)

                  Satellite Services, Satellite messaging services, Vessel Monitoring
Main Business     Service(VMS), Consulting for satellite communications, Satellite
                  communication terminals sales and Maritime SW development

                  1-624 ACE Hi-tech City, 54, Moonrae-dong 3ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu,
                  Seoul, Korea

                  Seoul office Tel    02-6309-6800      Pusan office Tel     051-463-7517
                              Fax     02-6309-6809                  Fax      051-463-7519

Foundation Date   15 Mar, 2004

    Capital       USD 450,000 (KRW 500,000,000)

                                         - 5/19 -
                                3. Company History
2009. 10 Contracted Distribution Partnership with Saab Transponder Tech, Sweden.
2009. 10 Contracted Inmarsat Products Distribution Partnership with JRC, Japan.
2009. 04 Host FleetBroadband Technical seminar with Inmarsat and Stratos at Pusan, Korea.
2009. 03 Inno-Biz(Innovation Business) approval – KIBO Technology Fund
2009. 10 Contracted Thuraya Satellite Service wholesale with AP System.
2009. 02 Contracted LRIT Partnerships with Satamatics
2009. 01 Contracted LRIT Partnerships with Transas Telematics Ltd
2008. 12 Appointed as an ASP for LRIT Conformance Test by Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs
2007. 09 Established new subsidiary Marine Electronic Company “Sealink
         Electronics Co.,Ltd” at Pusan, Korea (Capital 1.5 Bill Won)
2007. 04 Acquire Office in Ace Hi-tech City Building and Removal
2006. 12 Organized Bgan Training Course for KT(Kumsan) with Inmarsat
2006. 10 Participated in Venture National Defense Mart 2006 Exhibition
2006. 06 Provided BGAN service to MBC, SBS, YTN and Yonhap news agency at the World Cup
2006. 02 Provided BGAN service to KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
         at the Philippines’ Mudslide disaster as the 1st BGAN Case
2005. 06 Acquired Privileged Communication Enterprise License
2005. 07 Authentication as Venture Company by KIBO Technology Fund
2005. 10 Launch of Web-based Vessel Monitoring System
2004. 09 Provided satellite communication for Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute
2003. 11 Opened Pusan branch office
2002. 03 Commercial Launch of Shipping21 service

                                                     - 6/19 -
4. Business Area

       - 7/19 -
           4.1 Business – Mobile Satellite Services

“ Arion Communication Co., Ltd provides worldwide mobile satellite solutions to customers in the
Corporate, Media, Government, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Offshore sectors. As one of the largest
Inmarsat satellite service providers in Korea, we are able to offer the widest selection of terminal
equipment and airtime tariffs, back by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year sales support. ”

                       We provide alternative communication methods to the location where is in at belligerency
                       with cutting off of all communication and especially demands communication security highly
 Government            such as, armies, government agencies and laboratories. We provide Thuraya, Bgan Service
                       to Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Military Units.

                       With World’s best quality, we supply Maritime satellite communication services to domestic
                       and foreign maritime users. These services includes basic satellite communication services
 Maritime              such as voice, fax and data, various value added services like Ship Email Services, Vessel
                       monitoring system, SSAS ALARM, weather information

                       Mobile Office offers mobile users who want reliable broadband communication access and
                       are in low communication infrastructures. Main customers are overseas construction
 Mobile Office         companies, NGOs, explorers and so on.

Media                  From the launching of BGAN service in Dec. 2005, we have been offering this service for the
                       first time in Korea with prompt service supports, high quality and variety application which
(Broadcasting)         meets the media customers’ needs to all of major broadcastings and newspaper companies.

                                                  - 8/19 -
4.2 Business – Satellite Equipments Distribution

                   Thrane & Thrane is the world´s leading manufacturer of equipment and
                   systems for global mobile communication based on sophisticated satellite
                   and radio technology. T&T has established a strong position within global
                   mobile communication solutions based on the Inmarsat system, and today
                   Thrane & Thrane provides equipment for maritime, and land-based use.

                   Voice, fax, weather, high speed data, video, Internet... Sea Tel's patented
                   stabilization systems provide the most reliable satellite communications.
                   From C-Band to Ku-Band, you'll see the difference in more stable signal
                   levels, fewer acquisition losses, lower bit-error rates, even in storm

                   Satamatics is a global telematics company providing customized tracking
                   and monitoring solutions that are used throughout the world. Satamatics
                   offerings enable land transport, maritime, and oil and gas organizations to
                   locate, track and communicate with mobile assets, safeguard fleets and to
                   monitor fixed assets in the most hostile or remote terrains in the world.

                   JRC plays an integral role in the lives of seafarers, delivering reliable and
                   innovative communication, navigation and acoustic equipment, suiting all
                   types and tonnages of vessels from small workboats to the largest ocean-
                   going ships and supports them equally for many years.

                                 - 9/19 -
4.3 Business – Maritime Software Development (I)

            Shipping21 Messaging Services
            Shipping21 Messaging Services provide total integrated shipping communication
            system which offers transferring Inmarsat, Telex, Fax, SSAS Alerts and SMS based
            on internet. You can send the messages through either your own Shipping21 website
            or e-mail S/W.

            * Main customer: about 300 ship owners, management and agents including Hyundai
            Merchant Marine Co.,Ltd, Daeyang Shipping Co.,Ltd.

            Shipping21 VMS
            Shipping21 VMS is a integrated vessel monitoring service that makes you can
            search the real time positions, speeds, voyage plans of vessels.

            There are has two systems of tracing vessel’s position. One is AUTOTRACK system
            which use Inmarsat C/D+ terminal via satellite communication service. The other one
            is GPS EmailTrack system which use your own GPS receiver. Which method you
            choose, you won’t be asked to install extra equipment for this service. With
            Shipping21 VMS, you will be able to make your sailing more safe, accurate and
            manage your vessels efficiently.

                                 - 10/19 -
4.3 Business – Maritime Software Development (II)

             LRIT Conformance Test Services
             Arion Communication Co., Ltd. was appointed as a conductor of LRIT Vessel
             Equipment Conformance Testing by MLTMA this on 2008. With long experience of
             Vessel Monitoring System and professional technology, we offer prompt and stable
             LRIT Conformance Test Services.

             Support Platform : InmarsatC/ Mini-C/ D+ (IsatM2M)/ Iridium

             Vessel Automation System
             Vessel Automation ERP System(VAS) is a maritime work supporting system integrating
             multiple vessels’ PMS, maintenances, store&spare, safety quality, crews, educations,
             budget control and accounts and guide you to control these data in your hands.
             Particularly, based on unity frame works, ship to shore communications(S2S) and online
             work circumstances, it consists of unit work systems, Basic & Master systems which
             support the unit work system and makes it possible to conduct the work actively.

                                  - 11/19 -
4.3 Business – Maritime Software Development (III)

              Ship Networking Services
              We Arion Communication Co.,Ltd. provide the most progressive, customized
              services for vessel network designs and constructions to internal and external main
              shipping companies and shipyards, offer the best suited vessel network systems for
              VSAT/Inmarsat and application of satellite communication.

              Ship’s Network, Anti-Virus Solution, Ship Email, VSAT Network,
              VSAT backup Network configuration, Maritime PC/Hub/UPS Supply

              Main customers : BP Shipping(UK), V-ship(Germany), V-ship(Cyprus), Japan

                                 - 12/19 -
         4.4 Business – Maritime Electronics Services

                                                           For newly purchased vessel,
For GMDSS,RADAR,GYRO,VDR and                               vessel undertaking,
other varieties of Communication and        Consulting     Ship Conversion and
Navigation Equipments and providing                         Newly shipbuilding.
Major Class Survey.

                         Repair &                            Install &
                        Inspection                             Retail

           Application and Modification
           on Radio Station License for
           National Flag and convenient
           Flagged vessel
           ( Panama, Malta, Cyprus etc.)

                                               - 13/19 -
                                                     5. Our Strength

                              Indisputable Market Share No. 1!!

     Nationwide Sales Network                             ARION ERP System                              Expertise and Experience
 Hold main regional distributions internally   ERP System integrating all of work process and   Professionalism and abundant experiences
                                                one of important sales tool.
 Secure stable service dealers                                                                   Offer best suited satellite communication
                                                CRM/KMS/Accounts/Quotations/Outstanding          services
 Establish partnership based on faith          Control system.
                                                                                                  Prompt support services and solutions at    on
 30 partners in the whole nation               Online basis: Simultaneous connections (Seoul,   time
                                                Pusan office)
                                                                                                  With about 150 overseas partners, provide cost
                                                                                                  effective services
                                                                                                  Global service & repair centers

                                                                    - 14/19 -
                                           6. Our Organization
                                                            박용범 대표이사
                                                             아리온통신 대표이사
                                                             씨링크전자 대표이사
                                                             쉬핑21 서비스 기획
                                                             VMS 서비스 기획
                                                             LRIT 서비스 기획

           SALES                 GENERAL AFFAIR           SOLUTION             TECHINICAL            SUPPORT
           고진민 과장                        현정환 대리             팀장 김록수               김정교 부사장              이은호 대리
               작합성시험팀 팀장                 정산/회계팀 팀장           솔루션 사업팀 팀장            씨링크전자 부사장           씨링크전자 부사장
               엘렉스컴퓨터 기술영업               맥슨텔레콤 구매팀 근무        삼성전자TAMS 프로젝트         해운기술경력 12년          해운기술경력 12년
               네트워크컨설팅                   비텔컴 회계괸리팀 근무                              KR/NK 등록기술자         KR/NK 등록기술자
                                                             LG-엔시스 지적재산권 관리
               위성통신기술영업                  드림바이오스기획관리          시스템 수행

서울사무소                 부산사무소                                 정동민 대리               허정호 기술팀장             김재은 대리
                                                             쉬핑21시스템 개발            해운기술경력 10년          총무, 세무, 회계 담당
 조 형경 대리                김재승 소장                               VMS 시스템 개발            KR/NK 등록기술자         인보이스, 청구서 담당
                                                             JSP,Java 개발경력8년       INMARSAT-C/SSAS     고객관리
  DNID 등록 관리                 위성통신컨설팅7년                       CSP Netwroking        SEATEL 인증기술자        각종 인헌가 업무
  CSP업무커뮤니케이션                위성통신기술지원
  CSP 네트워크 관리                위치추적기술지원
  위성통신 컨설팅 3년                선박네트워크컨설팅
                                                            최혜영 디자이너             김대진 과장
                                                             VMS사이트 디자인            해운기술경력 8년
                                                             하나로텔레콤 근무             KR/NK 등록기술자
 박 정훈 대리                안기석 대리                               LRIT 사이트 개발           INMARSAT-C/SSAS
                                                             FBB 사이트 개발
  위성통신장비 담당                  위성통신컨설팅3년
  위성통신기술지원                   위성통신장비 담당
  CSP 파트너 관리                 위성통신기술지원
  고객지원서비스                    선박네트워크컨설팅
                             고객지원서비스                                             전성익 과장
                                                                                   해운기술경력 5년
                                                                                   KR/NK 등록기술자
                                                                                   NERA 인증기술자

                                                        - 15/19 -
       7. History of Growth and Technical Development

     Jumping to professional satellite service business

                                                        Discover core business of future and technical in advance
Arion Communication                                     Prepare the next generation growth foundation
   Into the market                                      through holding technique

                   Sales of 2008 achieved up to
                   USD 2 million in air time sales
                                                                                   Military and Government Broadband,
                   2004. Shipping21 launching                                      Aero Communication Services
     2005          2005. VMS service launching                                     Vehicle Tracking, VSAT, IP Phone
                   2006. New Technology (NT)
                                                                 Inno-Biz(Innovation Business) approval
                         approval                                (KIBO Technology Fund)
  Development of
    Shipping21                                                   Inmarsat Military &Government Seminar Hosting

  Major business : Maritime Inmarsat Services             Main force business : Satellite Services
                                                          New business : Aero Comm & Defense
                                                          Base business : Maritime Inmarsat Services

                                                     - 16/19 -
8. 2009 Arion Activities

                           - 17/19 -
                                    8. Contact us

Arion Communication co.,Ltd. - Headquater in Seoul
1-624 Hi-tech City B/D, 55-20, Moonrae-dong 3ga,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel. 82 2 6309 6800 / Fax. 82 2 6309 6809
Customer Service. 8280 377 2121
Contact. James Ko(6804), Grace Cho(6807),
        Lauren Park(6806)

Pusan office
Room No.101 Daejung B/D, 1162-5,
Choryang 3dong, Dong-Ku, Pusan, Korea
Tel. 82 51 463 7517~8 / Fax. 82 51 463 7519
Customer Service. 080-377-2121
Contact. Tommy Kim, Peter An

                                               - 18/19 -
            Thank you.
      Arion Communication Co.,Ltd.

- 19/19 -

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