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									                                                           GRADUATE APPLICATION

  If you would like to apply for the graduate position at Bibby Offshore Limited please complete the questionnaire below.
          We offer graduate programmes in our Commercial, Engineering and Asset Management Departments.

 Surname:                                                      First Name(s):
 Please state your degree(s) and grade or expected grade: (tick the box if this is only expected and not yet achieved)
 1st Degree                                                                        Grade

 2nd Degree                                                                                                      Expected
 (if applicable)

 Other                                                                             Grade

 Are you an EU              Yes          No
 Citizen:               If No, please advise visa status: _______________________________________________

Bibby Offshore delivers services focusing on two key areas: Subsea Construction / IRM and Offshore Operational and
Maintenance Support in the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide. The industry covers a broad range of disciplines, which of the
following disciplines interest you the most? Please select a maximum of 2 from the list below:

Commercial                 Asset Management                             Engineering

    Contracts                  Dive Systems Engineering                     Offshore Installation & Repair Engineering

    Tendering                  Reliability & Maintenance Engineering         Design & Analytical Engineering

    Legal                      Vessel Management                            Electrical Engineering

                                                                            Pipeline Engineering

Please answer the following question (maximum 50 words)

 What made you select the discipline you chose to study?

 What do you think the role of a graduate in Bibby Offshore involves?

 What is it that interests you about a career with Bibby Offshore, commencing via the Graduate Programme?

                                 Thank you for your time to complete the questionnaire.
                              Please return to with your CV.

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