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									“The Secrets of Fitting Hair Extensions At Home”

Hair Extensions DIY Guide-Features

How to buy hair extensions, it takes you through the; Quality, Quantity, Length, Texture, Tone, Depth. How to prepare your hair for the fitting process, showing you how to Wash, Blow Drying, and use a flat iron correctly. A extensive step-by-step process of the 2 featured hair extensions methods,included in this 2nd section is the removal guide for both methods.



5 Great Reasons To Get The Hair Extensions DIY Guide now!
1.It works!!! Thousands of people have fitted extensions using no other instructions but this DIY guide!!! 2. Saves You Money!!! – You already know how much the salons are going to charge you, save your money and DIY!!! Give it a go and surprise yourself!!! 3. Abolish the on going costs of Hair Extensions!!! Salons will continue to charge you to have the extensions checked / treated and re-fitted, with this guide you can do it all saving you thousands for years to come. 4. Buy as a gift, or start your own business!!! You can purchase this DIY guide as the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. You can even learn how to fit extensions and then charge your friends to fit them, you can start a business out of it!!! 5. It’s so much fun!!! Just wait to see the looks on your friend faces when you turn up to a night out looking like a celebrity, with a hair twice as long and full of volume and texture!!!

Get Hair Extensions DIY Now!

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