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									 THE VOICE OF THE                                                                         BUILDING TRADES


 VOL. 86          NO. 6                                                             USPS 905,000                  SINGLE COPY 50 CENTS                         NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

Trades talk
One set of political battles
ends, but more fights ahead
          John Schlagheck                   and	TV	as	well	as	he	did	is	remark-
        Executive Secretary/                able.	
         Business Manager                   	     His	 opponent	 claimed	 to	 be	
            NWOBCTC                         with	us	until	push	came	to	shove	
	     If	you	spoke	to	your	friends,	        and	 he	 showed	 his	 true	 colors.	
family	 members,	 neighbors,	 co-           Shaun	 is	 one	 of	 us.	 The	 wrong	
workers	 or	 acquaintances	 about	          man	won.	Councilman	Craig	was	
the	 importance	 of	 voting	 in	 the	       sweating	and	he	got	lucky.	
November	 8th	 election,	 I	 thank	         	     If	 you	 think	 that	 we	 are	 all	
you.	If	you	volunteered	in	any	way	         done	and	can	now	relax,	you	could	
for	Labor-friendly	candidates	or	a	         not	be	more	wrong.	
school	levy	or	No	on	Issue	2,	I	re-         	     Everything	 started	 all	 over	
ally	thank	you.	                            again	Wednesday	morning.	OK,	so	
	     If	you	attended	the	AFL-CIO	          they	 waited	 until	 noon	 on	Thurs-
party	hosted	by	the	Teamsters	on	           day.	That	is	when	a	group	calling	
election	night,	you	know	we	had	a	          themselves	Ohioans	for	Workplace	                              How Progressives Won the Labor Rights Showdown in
good	time	celebrating	our	victories	        Freedom	held	a	press	conference	in	                            Ohio
and	a	not-so-good	time	commiser-            Columbus	and	announced	they	had	
ating	over	our	defeats.	                    filed	to	collect	petitions	to	place	on	
	     We	did	bat	over	.500	that	night	      the	ballot	a	constitutional	amend-
by	retaining	Lindsay	Webb,	Paula	           ment	to	make	Ohio	a	right-to-work	
Hicks-Hudson	and	Mike	Collins	on	           state.	
Toledo	City	Council.	Tyrone	Riley	          	     November	2012	is	already	the	                                                                                                  Cartoon via
won	a	seat	on	Council	and	was	sup-          next	 “most	 important	 election	 of	
ported	by	some	of	our	Locals.	We	
are	excited	about	Michelle	Wagner	
                                            our	lives.”		This	election	cycle	will	
                                            decide	the	U.S.	President,	all	of	the	
                                                                                        Issue 2: The people of Ohio ‘decided public
who	will	be	an	excellent	Municipal	
Court	Judge.	Of	course	defeating	
                                            U.S.	House,	one	third	of	the	U.S.	
                                            Senate,	all	of	the	Ohio	State	House,	
                                                                                        service workers’ rights were worth preserving’
Issue	2	was	huge	to	say	the	least.	         over	half	of	the	Ohio	Senate,	many	                    By Amy Dean                  Booth	is	executive	assistant	to	Ger-      workers’	rights	were	worth	preserv-
	     The	candidate	I	was	the	most	         County	 Commissioners,	 County	                               ald	 McEntee,	 the	 longtime	 presi-      ing.”
proud	of	was	our	own	Shaun	En-              Sheriffs,	 Judges,	 countless	 issues	      	    Last	 month,	 the	 labor	 move-    dent	 of	 the	American	 Federation	       	     His	answer	seemed	consistent	
right.	This	 young	 man	 from	 East	        and	now	right-to-work-for-less.             ment	and	its	allies	scored	a	major	     of	 State,	 County,	 and	 Municipal	      with	 the	 common	 “overreach”	
Toledo	and	IBEW	Local	8	stepped	            	     Issue	 2	 was	 a	 mini-version	       victory	with	the	repeal	of	Ohio	Is-     Employees	(AFSCME).	                      analysis.	 Many	 commentators	 ar-
up	 and	 ran	 one	 helluva	 race	 for	      of	 RTW.	 	 In	 it	 was	 a	 provision	      sue	2/Senate	Bill	5	(SB5),	a	piece	     	    But	 he	 is	 also	 an	 organizing	   gue	the	Ohio	vote	is	symptomatic	
Toledo	City	Council.	Taking	on	an	          to	 eliminate	 fair	 share	 payments	       of	anti-union	legislation	signed	by	    legend	outside	of	the	labor	move-         of	 a	 widespread	 backlash	 against	
incumbent	is	always	difficult.	For	         from	employees	who	did	not	want	            Republican	Gov.	John	Kasich.            ment.	In	the	1960s,	Booth	served	         Republican	 governors	 who	 ex-
a	first-time	candidate	to	come	out	         to	belong	to	a	union.	They	would	           	    In	a	referendum	that	gave	vot-     as	national	secretary	and	vice	presi-     ceeded	 their	 electoral	 mandates	
swinging	as	Shaun	did,	unafraid	to	         receive	 the	 same	 representation	         ers	a	chance	to	speak	on	the	issue,	    dent	of	Students	for	a	Democratic	        by	ramming	conservative	agendas	
hold	press	conferences	or	to	go	to	         and	benefits	as	union	members	but	          Ohioans	 resoundingly	 rejected	        Society	 (SDS),	 and	 in	 the	 1970s	     through	statehouses.
all	the	political	functions,	parades	       would	 not	 be	 required	 to	 pay	 for	     the	law,	which	would	have	gutted	       he	 was	 a	 prominent	 figure	 at	 the	   	     “I’m	 cautious	 about	 ‘over-
and	 festivals	 tirelessly	 or	 to	 give	   them.	Freeloaders.	                         the	 bargaining	 rights	 of	 350,000	   Midwest	Academy,	 an	 influential	        reach,’”	 Booth	 countered.	 “We	
interviews	to	radio,	the	newspaper	                      (Continued on Page 4)          public-sector	 workers.	 In	 a	 land-   training	ground	for	organizers.	He	       stuck	Kasich	and	his	people	with	
                                                                                        mark	defeat	for	Republicans,	voters	    has	 worked	 for	AFSCME	 since	           that	characterization,	but	as	a	fac-
 Check us out on the web...                                                             turned	 out	 in	 large	 numbers	 and	
                                                                                        voted	61	percent	to	39	percent	to	
                                                                                                                                	    Delving	into	the	Ohio	victory,	
                                                                                                                                                                          tual	matter	overreach	is	the	wrong	
                                                                                                                                                                          word.	Because	what	they	did	was                                                                         strike	down	Issue	2.
                                                                                        	    To	 understand	 how	 progres-
                                                                                                                                I	 opened	 with	 a	 simple	 question:	
                                                                                                                                “Why	did	we	win?”
                                                                                                                                                                          right	out	of	their	game	plan.	They	
                                                                                                                                                                          had	 electoral	 success	 in	 Novem-
                                                                                        sives	 pulled	 off	 this	 remarkable	   	    “The	people	of	Ohio	decided	         ber	2010.	And,	in	order	to	thwart	
 The Northwest Ohio Building                                                            win,	I	spoke	with	Paul	Booth,	one	      that	this	was	as	a	power	grab	by	the	     everything	that	we	stand	for,	they	
 and Construction Trades Council                                                        of	the	chief	strategists	behind	the	    governor	 and	 his	 people,”	 Booth	      wanted	 to	 cash	 that	 in	 as	 quickly	
                                                                                        campaign	to	repeal	SB	5.	Currently,	    said.	“They	decided	public	service	                  (Continued on Page 6 )
PAGE 2                                                                          VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                          NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

                                            	     Brothers	&	Sisters,                    be	able	to	put	you	to	work.	More	            Walmart:
                                            	     Finally	the	political	season	is	
                                            past	 us	 and	 thankfully	 SB5	 was	
                                                                                         importantly	you	will	be	on	the	list	
                                                                                         in	case	unemployment	calls.                  Big corporation,
                                                                                                                                                                                       THE VOICE OF THE
                                            defeated.	 But	 our	 work	 is	 not	
                                            done.	Our	politicians	in	Columbus	
                                                                                         	    Lastly,	 it	 is	 once	 again	 the	
                                                                                         Holiday	 	 season.	 On	 behalf	 of	          with a tiny heart                                BUILDING TRADES
                                            that	 don’t	 like	 us	 are	 looking	 at	     the	officers	of	Local	134,	I	would	                   By Jim Hightower                   Published	by	the	Northwestern	Ohio	
                                            Right	to	Work	language.	This	is	all	         like	 to	 wish	 everyone	 a	 safe	           	     How	small	can	a	giant	corpo-         Building	&	Construction	Trades	Council
                                            in	an	effort	to	break	Unions.	They	          and	 enjoyable	 Holiday	 season.	            ration	get?	I	don’t	mean	in	size,	but	                ISSN:	1057-1299
ROOFERS LOCAL 134                           are	underestimating	our	strength	            Please	 be	 vigilant	 while	 out	            in	spirit.                                    Published	Bi-Monthly	by	
                                            and	 desire	 to	 survive.	 When	 the	        celebrating	and	remember	those	              		 Once	again,	America’s	biggest	
         THE TAR                            time	comes	we	must	be	ready	to	              who	serve	in	our	great	nation’s	             commercial	empire	—	Walmart	—	
                                                                                                                                                                                         The	“Voice”	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                     The	Northwestern	Ohio	
                                            fight.                                       military	who	cannot	be	home	for	             is	 displaying	 its	 incredibly	 shriv-
         KETTLE                             	     Work	 remains	 very	 strong.	
                                            If	 you	 get	 laid	 off	 please	 contact	
                                                                                         the	holidays.
                                                                                         	    Best	wishes	and	peace	to	all.
                                                                                                                                      eled	ethical	center	by	whacking	the	
                                                                                                                                      already	meager	health	care	benefits	
                                                                                                                                                                                 Building	&	Construction	Trades	
                                            this	 office	 immediately.	 We	 may	         	    Mike	and	Eva	                           that	 hundreds	 of	 thousands	 of	 its	              Toledo,	Ohio	
                                                                                                                                      workers	count	on.                                  John	Schlagheck

                                                                                                                                      		 Just	 a	 couple	 of	 years	 ago,	              Business	Manager
                                                                                                                                      this	 $408	 billion-a-year	 retailing	               909	Front	St.
                                                                                                                                      colossus	 tried	 to	 hush	 critics	 of	       Toledo,	Ohio	43605-2120
                                                                                                                                      its	 Dickensian	 labor	 policies	 by	               (419)	693-7717
	     N W O B T C ’s 	 a t t o r n e y s	   injured,	 having	 someone	 in	 your	         be	specific	with	your	doctor	about	          ballyhooing	 a	 bare-bones	 health	
D’Angelo	 &	 Szollosi	 recently	            corner	 with	 Tony’s	 expertise	 is	                                                                                                       	Fax	(419)	693-2813
                                                                                         how	the	injury	occurred,	and	most	           care	plan	for	its	“associates.”	The	
hired	Anthony	E.	Turley	to	handle	          critical.                                    importantly,	focus	on	healing.”              insurance	 scheme	 had	 such	 high	         NEWSPAPER	COUNCIL:	Joe	
all	personal	injury,	product	liabil-        	     According	to	Tony,	“Pursuing	          	    TRUST.	Joe	D’Angelo	&	Matt	             deductibles,	 however,	 that	 barely	       Cousino,	Ted	Lewis,	Reggie	
ity,	and	medical	malpractice	cases.	        an	 injury	 claim	 can	 be	 confusing	       Szollosi	 has	 been	 in	 the	 trenches	      half	of	its	employees	bought	into	          Hohenberger,	Brian	S.	Outland,		
In	addition	to	being	a	partner	at	a	        and	difficult,	particularly	against	a	       fighting	for	Building	Trades	mem-            it.                                         Marty	Pedro,	Don	Huss,	Fred	
major	Toledo	law	firm	for	over	ten	         corporation	or	insurance	company	            bers	for	close	to	15	years,	and	they	        	     Now,	even	that	benefit	is	be-         Keith,	Jr.,	Phillip	Copeland
years,	 Tony	 served	 on	 the	 Ohio	        that	has	unlimited	resources	to	fight	       have	proven	results.	                        ing	 yanked	 from	 the	 40	 percent	
Academy	of	Trial	Lawyers	Board	             legal	 claims.	 Oftentimes,	 good	           	    Did	 you	 know	 there	 are	 65	         of	 Walmart’s	 employees	 who	 are	        Official voice	of	the	Toledo	Area	
of	Trustees	from	2003-2010.	                people	are	hurt	due	to	the	reckless-         pages	 of	 lawyers	 in	 the	 Toledo	         part-time	workers.	Also,	insurance	        AFL-CIO	unions,	organized	labor.	
	     EXPERTISE.	Over	the	years,	           ness	or	negligence	of	another,	but	          phone	book?	65	pages!	Don’t	roll	            premiums	 and	 deductibles	 are	           The	Northwestern	Ohio	Building	
Tony	 has	 taken	 on	 the	 insurance	       the	 insurance	 company	 doesn’t	            the	dice	on	your	family’s	financial	                                                    and	Construction	Trades	Council	
                                                                                                                                      being	 dramatically	 jacked	 up	 for	
companies	with	great	success.	His	          want	to	pay!	                                                                                                                        circulating	is	Allen,	Ashland,	Aug-
                                                                                         security,	 move	 forward	 with	 the	         thousands	of	full-time	workers.		          laize,	Crawford,	Clarke,	Defiance,	
cases	include	numerous	auto	and	            	     “When	 people’s	 lives	 are	           confidence	 of	 almost	 15	 years	 of	       	     For	 example,	 one	 full-timer	
trucking	 accidents,	 snowmobile/                                                                                                                                                Delaware,	Erie,	Fulton,	Hancock,	
                                            turned	upside	down,	and	they	can-            union	 member	 representation.	 In	          who’s	 paid	 only	 $12,000	 a	 year	       Hardin,	Henry,	Huron,	Knox,	
ATV	 injuries	 and	 medical	 mal-           not	 work,	 and	 the	 bills	 are	 piling	    addition	 to	 personal	 injury,	 the	        will	 see	 her	 premium	 more	 than	       Logan,	Lucas,	Marion,	Mercer,	
practice	 incidents.	Additionally,	         up,	 the	 last	 thing	 they	 need	 is	 to	   firm	also	handles	criminal	defense,	         double	to	about	$3,300	a	year	—	a	         Morrow,	Ottawa,	Paulding,	Put-
Tony	has	handled	construction	site	         try	 to	 fight	 a	 multi-billion	 dollar	    divorce/custody	and	domestic	rela-           fourth	of	her	income!	“I	won’t	be	         nam,	Richland,	Sandusky,	Seneca,	
injuries,	including	two	of	the	cases	       insurance	company	on	their	own.”             tions	 and	 all	 areas	 of	 civil	 litiga-   able	to	afford	the	insurance,”	she	        Union,	Van	Wert,	Williams,	Wood	
involving	 the	 workers	 who	 died	         	     If	you’re	hurt,	Tony	suggests	         tion.	 With	 D’Angelo	 &	 Szollosi,	         says,	“and	I	really	can’t	go	without	      and	Wyandot	Counties,	Ohio.	
on	the	I-280	bridge	project.	If	you	        “do	NOT	talk	to	the	insurance	com-           discounted	rates	apply	for	Building	         insurance,	because	I	have	a	heart	         Michigan:	Lenawee,	Monroe	and	
or	any	family	member	or	friend	is	          pany	until	you’ve	hired	a	lawyer,	           Trades	members.	                                                                        Hillsdale	Counties.
                                                                                                                                      		 Top	executives	and	the	board	
                                                                                                                                                                                 Endorsed	by	The	Northwestern	Ohio	
                                                                                                                                      of	 directors	 of	 this	 enormously	       Building	&		Construction	Trades	
                                                                                                                                      profitable	 corporation	 also	 have	

                                                                                                                                                                                 Council	and	the	Toledo	Area	AFL-CIO	
                                                                                                                                      a	 heart	 problem.	They	 are	 taking	      Council.
                                                                                                                                      advantage	 of	 America’s	 raging	          The	Publisher	reserves	the	right	to	
                                                                                                                                      unemployment	crisis	to	stiff	their	        refuse	or	discontinue	any	advertise-
                                                                                                                                                                                 ment	which	is	deemed	objectionable,	
                                                                                                                                      workforce,	since	these	low-wage,	
                                  D’ANGELO & SZOLLOSI CO., L.P.A.                                                                     non-union	employees	desperately	
                                                                                                                                                                                 Publication	of	advertisments	is	not	
                                                                                                                                                                                 to	be	construed	as	an	endorsement	of	
                                                                                                                                      need	the	jobs	and	have	no	power	           the	Northwestern	Ohio	Building	&	
           PROUD TO REPRESENT THE BUILDING TRADES AND ITS MEMBERS                                                                     to	 stand	 up	 to	 the	 corporation’s	     Construction	Trades	Council	or	any	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                 its	affiliates.
                                                                                                                                      	     A	Walmart	 PR	 flak	 says	 that	
                                                INJURED?                                                                              decisions	 to	 whack	 the	 workers	
                                                                                                                                      “were	 not	 easy,	 but	 they	 strike	 a	
                                                                                                                                                                                 POSTMASTER:	Please	send	change	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                 address	to:	The	Voice	of	the	Building	
                                                                                                                                      balance	 between	 managing	 costs	         Trades,	909	Front	Street,	Toledo,	Ohio	
    We are pleased to announce the addition of ANTHONY E. TURLEY to our                                                               and	 providing	 quality	 care	 and	        43605-2120
  practice. Tony has over 13 years of experience in serious injury and wrongful                                                       coverage.”
     death cases. If you or someone you know has been injured, aggressive,                                                            		 “Care	 and	 coverage”	 for	
  professional representation is required to fight the insurance industry for fair                                                    whom?	 Why,	 for	 the	 top	 execu-
                                                                                                                                      tives,	 of	 course.	 They	 get	 full	
                                  compensation.                                                                                       health	 care	 coverage	 from	 the	
                                                                                                                                      corporation.	How’s	that	for	boost-
     -    Wrongful Death / Auto – Truck – Motorcycle – ATV Accidents /                                                                ing	morale...and	for	morality?	For	            THE VOICE OF THE
          Construction Related Injuries / Injuries to Minors / Nursing Home                                                           more	 information,	 go	 to	 ForRe-             BUILDING TRADES
          Injuries / Animal Attacks / Birth Defects / Head – Brain trauma /                                                                        Published	by	the	Northwestern	Ohio	
          Defective Products / Mesothelioma & Asbestosis / Drug Recalls                                                               	     via               Building	and	Construction	Trades	Council

                                                                                                                                                                                 The	 upcoming	 publication	 date	
                                                                                                                                                                                 of	 The	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	
      DISCOUNTED RATES FOR BUILDING TRADES                                                                                                                                       Trades,	published	by	The	North-
            MEMBERS and their FAMILIES                                                                                                                                           western	Ohio	Building	and	Con-
                                                                                                                                                                                 struction	Trades	Council,	is:

                             NO FEES UNLESS YOU WIN                                                                                                                               Feb. 2, 2012.      The deadline
                                                                                                                                                                                  for all news copy shall be on the
                                                                                                                                                                                  first Thursday of each “even-
                                                                                                                                                                                  numbered” month of the year.
     CALL THE TRADES’ LAWYERS - 419.244.8989
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011                                                            VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                           PAGE 3

                                                                                                                                   nies	that	Ohio	is	not	ready	for	their	     members	and	our	families.

 ON THE BRIDGE                                                                                                                     union-busting	tactics.	It	was	hard	
                                                                                                                                   work	 to	 show	 the	 1	 percent	 that	
                                                                                                                                                                              	    To	 prepare	 for	 2012	 it	 is	
                                                                                                                                                                              imperative	 that	 everyone	 who	 is	

 IRON WORKERS                                                                                Cuttings                              they	 cannot	 negotiate	 the	 major-
                                                                                                                                   ity	of	Ohioans	out	of	their	right	to	
                                                                                                                                                                              eligible	to	vote	BE	REGISTERED	
                                                                                                                                                                              TO	VOTE.
                                                                                                                                   negotiate	the	terms	and	conditions	        	    The	Lucas	County	Democratic	
 LOCAL 55                                                                                                                          of	their	employment!                       Party	 is	 being	 hired	 to	 field	 staff	
                                                                                                                                   	     We	 cannot	 rest	 on	 a	 single	     to	 support	 our	 president	 for	 re-
	    Our	thoughts	and	prayers	are	          may	be	eligible	to	apply	for	lifetime	                                                 victory.	We	are	already	preparing	         election.	Applications	are	available	
with	the	family	and	friends	of	Gary	        membership.	Call	the	hall	or	send	                                                     for	 2012,	 which	 may	 bring	 right-      online	 at
DeLauter,	for	the	loss	of	his	father,	
William.	Our	sincere	condolences	
                                            DeeDee	 an	 E-mail	 at	 deedee@
                                  	and	she	will	send	you	an	              LOCAL 351                              to-work	 legislation	 and	 constant	
                                                                                                                                   attacks	 on	 our	 elected	 friends	 all	
                                                                                                                                                                              jobs.	 Call	 me	 if	 you	 need	 more	
                                                                                                                                                                              information	on	2012	elections	and	
to	the	family	and	friends	of	Emery	         application.                                                                           over	this	state	and	the	United	States	     issues.
Takacs	for	the	loss	of	his	brother,	        	    Please	 e-mail	 the	 hall	 at	          	    Hope	this	article	finds	all	our	     as	a	whole.	It	is	very	important	to	       	    Please	have	a	safe	and	happy	
Richard;	 may	 their	 souls	 rest	 in	 if	 you	 have	              members	 and	 their	 families	 well	      pay	close	attention	to	the	ISSUES	         holiday	season,	and	remember	our	
eternal	peace.		                            children	and/or	grandchildren	who	           and	ready	for	the	New	Year.               and	 WHO	 supports	 the	 constant	         union	meeting	on	the	3rd	Tuesday	
	    Under	Doctor’s	Care:		Diane	           are	involved	in	sports	and/or	extra-         	    Thank	you	to	all	who	helped	         attack	 on	 working	 class	 families	      at	7:30	p.m.	Watch	for	our	children	
Moore	(Manny	McCreary’s	mom),	              curricular	 activities,	 their	 names,	      “DEFEAT”	Issue	2,	Senate	Bill	5!	         everywhere.	 Our	 union	 will	 be	         as	they	are	out	to	play	during	the	
Herbie	Herzberg,	Robert	Sterling,	          ages,	schools	and/or	teams	that	they	        Again,	our	union	brothers,	sisters	       keeping	you	and	your	family	aware	         winter	breaks	from	school.
Don	Dubry	Sr.,	Russ	Eldridge,	Bill	         are	on	so	that	we	may	include	them	          and	 our	 labor	 friends	 showed	 the	    of		issues	and	candidates	that	either	     	    Fraternally,
Vas,	 James	 Blaze,	 Tony	 Santos,	         in	our	newsletter.                           Anit-Union	Governor	and	his	cro-          help	or	hurt	quality	of	life	as	union	     	    Ronald	Rothenbuhler
Bill	 Rubliatus,	 Eugene	 Ward	 Sr.,	       	    Journeyman Upgrading
Nebra	 Garmon	 (James	 Garmon	
wife,	 Jack	 Juhasz’s	 daughter),	
Lee	 Curtis,	 Pete	 Wenzler,	Annie	
                                            	    PLEASE	 CALL	 PAUL	AT	
                                            567-686-6063	 OR	 419-382-
                                                                                          Unions are business partners,
Wenzler,	 Gus	 Rahe,	 Matt	 Carver,	
Jim	Witt	Sr.,	Wally	Roloff,	Susan	
                                            3080	 TO	 SIGN	 UP	 IF	 YOU	
                                            WOULD	LIKE	TO	BE	PUT	ON	                      providing value, skills, assets
Miller	 (Frenchy’s	 wife),	 Robert	         A	LIST	FOR	ANY	UPCOMING	                     	    A	 major	 Republican	 talking	       	    “That	simply	isn’t	true.              something	it’s	not.
Reichert,	 Ella	 Hofmann	 (Mike’s	          CLASS.                                       point	 in	 the	 War	 On	 Workers	 is	     	    “West	 goes	 on	 to	 talk	 about	     	    “I	knew	from	my	time	on	the	
mom),	 Regina	 Jefferson	 (Marvin	          	    Certified	welders:	Please	DO	           that	the	National	Labor	Relations	        what	he	needs	to	run	his	shop	and	         other	 side	 of	 the	 desk	 that	 being	
McBrayer’s	 sister),	 Mary	 Crump	          NOT	forget	to	turn	in	your	welding	          Board	both	hurts	and	limits	small	        how	 Union	 workers	 have	 had	 a	         treated	with	respect	had	an	impact	
(Johnny	 Crump’s	 wife),	 Chuck	            work	reports	EVERY	SIX	months.	              businesses.	Politicians	are	having	       positive	effect	on	his	business.	So	       on	 the	 quality	 of	 my	 work.	 I	 re-
Rudd,	and	Kylee	Blaze.	                     If	you	let	them	lapse,	your	certifi-         a	conversation	about	the	future	of	       here’s	what	a	real	small	business-         member	how	paychecks	get	spent	
	    Here’s	 a	 get	 well	 to	 our	 sick	   cation	will	expire	and	you	will	be	          small	business	in	America	without	        man	 says	 he	 needs	 to	 succeed:	        on	school	clothes	and	sack	lunches	
and	disabled.                               forced	 to	 re-test.	 Call	 Paul	 at	 the	   letting	small	business	leaders	have	      talented	 and	 committed	 workers	         and	trips	to	the	doctor.	Now	that	I	
	    Family	 additions:	 Tim	 and	          school	to	find	out	when	you	are	due	         a	say	in	it.	                             with	a	voice	on	the	job.                   am	in	management,	I	can	see	that	
Amy	Topoloewski	welcomed	An-                to	turn	one	in.                              	    Enter	Willie	West,	the	founder	      	    “I	run	a	sheet	metal	company	         we	 aren’t	 going	 to	 climb	 out	 of	
astasia	Alicia	on	October	11.	She	          	    Please	 note	 that	 the	 correct	       and	 owner	 of	 a	 sheet	 metal	 com-     in	Sterling,	Va.,	where	we	fabricate	      this	recession	by	treating	workers	
weighed	in	at	8	lbs,	7	oz	and	is	21	        fax	number	for	the	6	month	ODOT	             pany	in	Virginia,	who	on	Oct.	26	         and	install	sheet	metal	duct	work	         worse.	Meager	wages,	long	hours,	
¼	inches	long.	Congratulations!	            Welding	 update	 is	 614-887-4123.	          gave	 his	 opinion	 on	 the	 NLRB	        for	 ventilation,	 air	 conditioning,	     and	 a	 lack	 of	 benefits	 aren’t	 the	
	    Food Baskets: Please	 note	            for	those	of	you	that	fax	your	own	          and	how	it	positively	affects	both	       and	heating	systems.	My	workers	           right	 thing	 for	 my	 community	 or	
that	the	procedures	have	changed	           reports	in.                                  workers	and	owners.	Here	are	some	        are	 an	 integral	 part	 of	 my	 busi-     my	business.
for	 our	 monthly	 food	 basket	            	    Apprenticeship Applica-                 highlights	from	his	piece:                ness	and	an	important	asset	to	its	        	    “It’s	time	that	America’s	real	
program.	 In	 order	 to	 be	 eligible	      tions.                                       	    “As	 a	 small	 business	 owner,	     success.	 They	 are	 my	 business	         small	 business	 owners	 speak	 up.	
to	 pick	 up	 a	 monthly	 food	 bas-        	    The	 Joint	 Apprenticeship	             I	 have	 an	 odd	 experience	 nearly	     partners,	not	a	line	item	on	my	ac-        Gutted	safety	standards,	huge	tax	
ket,	please	stop	by	the	hall	for	a	         Training	 Committee	 is	 accepting	          every	time	I	open	a	newspaper.	Day	       counting	forms.                            breaks	for	CEOs,	and	workers	with	
voucher	slip.	You	must	be	a	mem-            applications	for	the	apprenticeship	         after	 day,	 pundits	 and	 politicians	   	    “My	employees	are	members	            no	rights	or	benefits	won’t	help	me	
ber	of	Local	55,	and	LAID	OFF,	in	          program.	Applications	 are	 being	           –	 most	 of	 whom	 have	 no	 actual	      of	the	Sheet	Metal	Workers’	Inter-         and	they	won’t	help	my	business.”
order	to	receive	one.		Food	baskets	        accepted	 every	 Monday,	 Tuesday	           experience	 running	 a	 business	 –	      national	Association	Local	Union	          	    As	 for	 the	 witch-hunt	 of	 the	
are	available	the	third	Wednesday	          and	 Wednesday	 from	 9:00am	 to	            rattle	 off	 talking	 points	 on	 what	   100	and	collective	bargaining	helps	       NLRB,	it’s	nothing	more	than	the-
of	 every	 month,	 for	 members	 in	        3:00pm	at	the	training	center	until	         I	 supposedly	 need.	 It’s	 strange.	     us	 work	 together.	 Despite	 what	        atrics.	Working	people	and	middle	
need.	                                      further	notice.	There	is	an	applica-         Even	though	I’ve	never	hired	a	K	         you’ve	heard,	I’m	not	experiencing	        class	 families	 face	 real	 problems	
	    FYI	-	Local	55	holds	Alcohol-          tion	fee	of	$10.                             Street	consultant,	there’s	an	army	       any	undue	burdens	because	of	my	           each	day.	Rather	than	acting	as	Wall	
ics	Anonymous	 meetings	 in	 the	           	    If	you	have	an	announcement	            of	them	ready	to	speak	for	me.	The	       union	workforce.	Quite	the	oppo-           Street’s	hired	bully,	Congress	needs	
union	 hall	 every	 Friday	 evening	        you	 would	 like	 included	 in	 this	        free	public	relations	service	would	      site	–	when	I	hire	a	union	member,	        get	back	to	work	creating	jobs	and	
and	 is	 hosted	 by	 Ed	Alexander.	         newsletter,	 simply	 call	 the	 hall	        be	nice,	but	unfortunately	the	Wall	      I	 know	 I’m	 getting	 a	 qualified,	      serving	 the	 people	 that	 elected	
You	do	not	need	 to	be	a	member	            or	send	an	e-mail	and	we	will	be	            Street	rhetoric	doesn’t	match	Main	       well-trained	 worker	 who	 has	 un-        them.
in	order	to	participate,	everyone	is	       happy	to	include	it!                         Street’s	reality.                         dergone	 rigorous	 and	 thorough	                                    Chaz Bolte
welcome.                                    	    May	God	Bless	You	and	Your	             	    “Their	latest	claim	is	that	small	   skills	 training.	 Their	 union	 pro-                   WePartyPatriots blog
	    Members	who	are	65	years	and	          Family!	                                     business	 owners	 such	 as	 myself	       vides	an	educational	infrastructure	
older,	or	are	permanently	disabled,	        	    Joe	Blaze	III                           vehemently	 oppose	 the	 National	        that	 frankly,	 as	 a	 small	 business	
                                                                                         Labor	 Relations	 Board	 (NLRB).	         owner,	 I	 could	 not	 offer	 on	 my	
                                                                                         Since	 the	 1930s,	 the	 NLRB	 has	       own.	 Having	 these	 skilled	 work-
                                                                                         been	charged	with	regulating	union	       ers	means	my	workplace	is	safer,	
                                                                                         elections	 and	 protecting	 workers’	     which	 lowers	 costs,	 makes	 my	
                                                                                         rights	 against	 violations	 by	 both	    business	more	efficient,	and	helps	
                                                                                         employers	and	unions.	                    raise	profits.”
                                                                                         	    Rep.	 John	 Kline	 of	 Min-          	    West	finishes	his	argument	by	
                                                                                         nesota	is	the	latest	in	a	string	of	      reflecting	on	his	experiences	being	
                                                                                         lawmakers	 to	 introduce	 legisla-        on	the	worker	side	of	the	relation-
                                                                                         tion	that	would	limit,	weaken,	or	        ship	and	how	it	affects	his	decisions	
                                                                                         dismantle	the	NLRB	altogether.	           as	 an	 owner.	The	 voices	 of	 small	
                                                                                         Earlier	 this	 month,	 lawyers	 and	      business	 owners	 such	 as	 Willie	
                                                                                         anti-union	 spokesmen	 railed	            West	 are	 a	 refreshing	 addition	 to	
                                                                                         against	the	NLRB	in	Congressio-           the	 national	 debate	 on	 the	 future	
                                                                                         nal	hearings,	claiming	this	small	        of	unions	because	they	come	right	
                                                                                         agency	 is	 killing	 small	 busi-         from	 the	 source	 without	 having	
                                                                                         nesses	 and,	 to	 use	 Rep.	 Kline’s	     the	 messages	 manipulated	 by	 big	
                                                                                         phrase,	“wreaking	havoc”	on	the	          political	 money	 to	 create	 talking	
                                                                                         economy.                                  points	 to	 shape	 the	 debate	 into	
PAGE 4                                                                          VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                          NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

Trades talk                                                                              cept	Secretary	of	State.	We	need	to	
                                                                                         remember	that	there	was	a	lot	more	
                                                                                         union	density	in	the	workforce	in	
                                                                                                                                      FIRE	ALARM
Political battles ends,                                                                  1958	than	there	is	today.
                                                                                         	    Here	are	some	fun	facts	about	
                                                                                                                                       SPRINKLER	FITTERS
                                                                                         right-to-work	 states	 compared	 to	
                                                                                                                                       LOCAL	669
but more fights ahead                                                                    non-right-to-work	states.
                                                                                         	    •There	are	22	RTW	states	most-
                                                                                         ly	in	the	south	and	west.	That	repre-       	        Greetings	Members,                 Journeymen.	 They	 are:	 John	
(Continued from Page 1)                      have	that?	It	is	these	kinds	of	de-         sents	44%	of	the	U.S.,	however	those	       	 	 	 	 I	 hope	 everyone	 had	 a	 Happy	   K.	 O’Dell	 from	 Mantua,	 Ohio,	
	      That	is	what	happens	in	the	22	       ceitful	names	they	wrap	themselves	         same	22	states	are	home	to	only	40%	        Thanksgiving	 with	 family	 and	            Adam	 D.	 Wilkinson	 from	 Can-
right-to-work	states.	Unions	have	           in	 to	 disguise	 their	 actual	 intent.	   of	the	U.S.	population	according	to	        friends.	November	4th	was	a	great	          field,	Ohio	and	Edward	M.	Zupko	
fewer	 members	 which	 equates	 to	          They	do	this	to	get	uninformed	vot-         the	2010	U.S.	census.		                     day	 for	 Organized	 Labor	 in	 the	        from	Mineral	Ridge,	Ohio.	Con-
inferior	 bargaining	 power	 (beg-           ers	to	vote	for	causes	against	their	       	    •There	are	124,892,143	people	         State	of	Ohio.	We	were	successful	          gratulations	to	them	on	their	ac-
ging)	which	equates	to	less	money	           better	judgment.	Pay	attention.	The	        living	in	RTW	states.                       in	 defeating	 Issue	 2.	 	 Thank	 you	     complishment.
and	 poorer	 benefits	 for	 workers	         very	 name	 of	 this	 organization	 is	     	    •That	 leaves	 28	 non-RTW	            to	 everyone	 who	 understood	 the	         	       Effective	 January	 1st,	 2012	
which	equates	to	fewer	members,	             deceptive	by	design.	                       states	 located	 in	 the	 east,	 Great	     importance	of	this	issue	and	the	at-        Local	669’s	monthly	dues	rate	will	
and	 so	 on.	 Since	 politics	 is	 our	      	     The	people	behind	 this	 orga-        Lakes	 area,	 Midwest	 and	 West	           tack	on	Organized	Labor	and	voted.          increase	 to	 $22.00	 per	 month.	 If	
lifeblood	 and	 the	 unions	 in	 RTW	        nization	 are	 Maurice	 Thompson	           Coast.	They	represent	56%	of	the	           				The	last	Newsletter	article	there	      you	have	paid	your	dues	in	for	2012	
states	have	less	money	with	which	           and	Chris	Littleton.	These	are	the	         U.S.	 but	 60%	 of	 the	 population.	       were	17	Members	on	the	unemploy-            you	will	have	to	pay	the	difference	
to	expend	politically,	their	demise	         same	two	guys	who	put	Issue	3	on	           There	are	183,853,395	people	liv-           ment	 list.	 Today	 at	 the	 writing	 of	   ($2.00	extra	per	month)	check	your	
is	 inevitable.	 That	 is	 in	 fact	 our	    the	ballot	and	won.	Issue	3	was	the	        ing	in	non-RTW	states.	                     this	 article	 there	 are	 14	 Members	     paid	thru	date	and	the	months	for	
enemies’	eventual	goal.	                     “anti-Obama	Care”	amendment.	It	            	    •59,000,000	more	people	live	          on	the	unemployment	list	so	things	         2012	is	the	amount	due.	When	you	
	      They	have	wanted	to	destroy	          is	meaningless.	Federal	law	trumps	         in	non-RTW	states	where	all	work-           have	not	changed	a	whole	lot.	Three	        send	in	the	payment	make	a	note	
unions	 since	 there	 have	 been	            state	law.	Sorry.	The	point	is	that	        ers	enjoy	a	better	lifestyle	provided	      less	is	better	than	three	more.	I	have	     stating	the	payment	is	for	the	$2.00	
unions.	 They	 use	 terms	 such	 as	         these	guys	know	how	to	get	issues	          by	union	representation.	                   talked	to	two	of	our	contractors	this	      per	 month	 difference	 so	 they	 can	
“the	union”	and	“union	bosses”	and	          on	the	ballot	and	more	importantly	         	    Behold	more	statistics:	               week	and	they	tell	me	the	projects	         apply	it	properly.
“union	thugs”	attempting	to	show	            raise	enough	money	to	market	the	           	    •The	average	worker	in	RTW	            that	they	have	recently		bid	on	and	        	       If	 your	 marital	 status	 has	
unions	 in	 a	 bad	 light.	 Unions	 are	     issue	 effectively.	 They	 are	 to	 be	     states	earns	$5,333	a	year	less	than	       the	 upcoming	 projects	 to	 bid	 has	      changed	due	to	divorce	or	a	death	
not	separate	entities	apart	from	the	        taken	very	seriously.                       workers	in	other	states	according	to	       increased	so	that	is	somewhat	posi-         of	your	spouse	remember	to	contact	
members.	Unions	are	the	members.	        	   	     Partnered	 up	 with	 them	 at	        the	Bureau	of	Labor	Statistics.             tive.	I	also	see	this	when	I’m	on	the	      NASI.	It	is	important	for	them	so	
Our	 unions	 have	 elected	 leaders	         their	 news	 conference	 was	 Bryan	        	    •Also,	 there	 are	 21%	 more	         CNC	 website	 for	 upcoming	 con-           they	 can	 change	 your	 beneficiary	
who	come	from	within	to	speak	for	           Williams	 who	 is	 the	 director	 of	       people	without	health	care	and	the	         struction	projects	to	bid	in	our	area.	     on	 your	 records.	 If	 your	 ex-wife	
our	collective	voices.	So	just	who	          government	 affairs	 (lobbyist)	 for	       poverty	rate	is	20%	higher	in	RTW	          	        With	winter	coming	construc-       is	 drawing	 off	 your	 health	 care	
do	they	want	to	destroy?	                    the	Associated	Builders	and	Con-            states	from	the	Current	Population	         tion	 usually	 slows	 down.	 So	 let’s	     plan	and	you	don’t	know	about	it	
	      Many	Republican	leaders	na-           tractors	of	Ohio	(ABC).		As	we	all	         Survey,	Table	HI06.                         hope	for	the	best.	Please	keep	the	         or	didn’t	make	NASI	aware	of	the	
tionally	and	in	this	state	including	        know	the	ABC	is	the	union	of	non-           	    •The	 infant	 mortality	 rate	 is	     non-working	 members	 in	 your	             change	of	your	marital	status	you	
the	Governor,	House	Speaker	and	             union	contractors	to	keep	their	em-         16%	higher	and	shockingly	the	rate	         thoughts	 and	 prayers	 during	 this	       could	be	responsible	for	her	medi-
Senate	President	are	lukewarm	to	            ployees	from	forming	unions.	The	           of	workplace	deaths	is	51%	higher	          Holiday	Season.	These	are	terrible	         cal	costs.
the	 idea	 of	 having	 RTW	 on	 the	         ABC	 is	 arch-enemy	 number	 one.	          in	RTW	states	according	to	Death	           times	 and	 much	 more	 stressful	          	 	 	 	 The	 Local	 669	 Retirees	 in	
2012	ballot.	They	want	to	keep	con-          They	hate	unions.	They	have	a	lot	          on	the	Job:	The	Toll	of	Neglect.            when	 you	 have	 to	 deal	 with	 the	       Northwest	 Ohio	 will	 be	 meeting	
trol	of	the	House	and	Senate	here	           of	money	and	have	unlimited	ac-             	    •From	the	website	www.labor-           Holidays	without	a	job.	                    at	 Charlie’s	 Restaurant	 on	 Rt.	 2,	
in	 Ohio	 and	 they	 want	 the	White	        cess	to	money	from	untold	sources		more	employers	are	shift-         	 	 	 	 Our	 last	 District	 Union	 Meet-   Airport	Hwy.,	Swanton,	Ohio	the	
House	back	and	do	not	want	to	give	          from	God	knows	where.	This	is	the	          ing	health	care	costs	to	employees.	        ing	was	held	on	November	2nd	in	            first	 Tuesday	 of	 each	 month	 at	
us	a	reason	to	keep	motivated.		             proverbial	un-holy	alliance.	               The	 out-of-pocket	 costs	 to	 these	       Perrysburg,	 Ohio.	 There	 were	 27	        10:00	AM.	You	can	contact	Butch	
	      They	 realize	 that	 Issue	 2	 was	   	     The	only	time	RTW	was	on	the	         employees	 jumped	 63%	 between	            Members	 in	 attendance.	 Eastern	          Zimmerman	at	(419)	822-4375.
soundly	defeated	61%-39%	and	that	           ballot	 in	 Ohio	 was	 in	 1958.	 That	     2003	and	2010.	                             Regional	 representative	 Robert	           	       In	closing	have	a	Merry	Christ-
the	current	Governor	only	got	49%	           was	before	most	people	in	today’s	          	    •The	 highest	 premiums	 were	         “Bobby”	Cooper	did	an	excellent	            mas	and	a	Happy	New	Year	with	
a	year	ago.	The	reason	was	that	all	         labor	 movement	 were	 born.	 This	         paid	by	employees	in	Texas,	Flori-          job	chairing	the	meeting	and	giving	        family	and	friends.	Work	smart	and	
of	organized	Labor	worked	together	          initiative	 was	 sponsored	 by	 the	        da,	and	Virginia	which	are	all	RTW	         the	National	Officers	reports.              work	safe	your	family	depends	on	
in	a	way	that	has	not	been	seen	in	          Ohio	 Chamber	 of	 Commerce.	 It	           states.	The	lowest	premiums	were	           	        There	 are	 several	 Members	      you	 returning	 home	 in	 the	 same	
perhaps	generations.	They	have	dis-          was	defeated	by	a	margin	of	63%-            in	 Michigan,	 Montana,	 and	 Ver-          who	 have	 completed	 the	 JATC	            shape	you	left	in	the	morning.
turbed	the	hornet’s	nest.	Regardless	        37%.	 That	 year	 the	 Republicans	         mont	which	are	all	non-RTW	states.	         Program	 recently	 and	 became	             Respectfully,	Ted	Lewis
if	it	is	on	the	2012	or	2013	ballot	we	      who	 campaigned	 hard	 for	 RTW,	           	    So,	 Ohioans	 for	 Workplace	
must	remain	motivated	and	united!            including	 Governor	 C.	 William	           Freedom	want	us	to	have	the	free-
	      Ohioans	for	Workplace	Free-
dom.	What	does	that	even	mean?	
                                             O’Neill,	 who	 	 lost	 his	 re-election	
                                             bid.	They	lost	a	U.S.	Senate	seat,	
                                                                                         dom	to	earn	less	while	working	in	a	
                                                                                         more	dangerous	environment,	pay	
                                                                                                                                            WALBRIDGE DENTAL
We	all	want	freedom	in	the	work-
place	don’t	we?	Don’t	we	already	
                                             control	of	the	Ohio	House	and	Sen-
                                             ate	and	every	statewide	office	ex-
                                                                                         more	 for	 healthcare,	 and	 struggle	
                                                                                         harder	to	keep	out	of	poverty	while	                  ASSOCIATES
                                                                                         more	children	die.	What	a	deal.	
                                                                                         	    Now	is	the	time	to	stay	alert.	           Matthew	D.	Freytag,	D.D.S.	•	Jody	E.	Freytag,	D.D.S.
                                 Timothy Grosteffon, Agent                               Educate	yourselves	on	topics	you	                     403	N.	Main	St.	Walbridge,	OH	43465
                                                                                         do	 not	 understand	 and	 share	 that	
                                24/7 BAIL BONDS                                          knowledge	with	others.	Pay	atten-
                                                                                         tion.	These	 people	 mean	 us	 great	                              419-666-1776
                                    AGENCY                                               harm.	 Destroying	 us	 is	 their	 holy	
                                                                                         grail.	We	in	organized	labor	are	the	
                                                                                         only	thing	between	them	and	total	
                                                                                         political	and	financial	control.	
          Payment Plans • Bond Approval By Phone                                         	    We	must	stick	together	as	we	
                                                                                         have	done	with	Issue	2.	We	have	
  415 N. Michigan                                                                        proven	 that	 together	 we	 can	 win	
  (across	from	Lucas	                                244-8899
                                    Free	Collect	(419)
                                                                                         when	we	have	the	will	to	do	so.	A	
  County	Common	
  Pleas	Court)
                                    Toll	Free	1-888-445-8899                             new	trust	and	respect	for	each	other	
                                                                                         has	been	realized	through	this	ef-
                                                                                         fort.	Let	us	not	lose	that	trust	and	
                                                                                                                                          $10 OFF ANY SERVICE
  P.O. Box 9295                                                                          respect	but	build	upon	it.                             Cannot be used with any other offer.
  Toledo, OH 43697                                                                       	    If	 you	 value	 our	 way	 of	 life,	               Present coupon at time of service
                                                                                         please	join	us	in	this	fight	to	keep	it!
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011                                                           VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                            PAGE 5

                         PIPELINES                                                           Laborers Local 480                                                                MSHA	Class	at	the	Local	Decem-
                                                                                                                                                                               ber	 19,	 2011,	 8:00am	 –	 4:00pm,	

  Plumbers, Pipefitters &
                                                                                              What’s Happening                                                                 anyone	 interested	 please	 contact	
                                                                                                                                                                               the	 Local	ASAP.	We	 will	 also	 be	
    Service Mechanics                                    Local 50                         	    HAPPY	HOLIDAYS!                       	    25	years:	David	Elswick,	Dean	
                                                                                                                                                                               offering	STP	class	January	20-21,	
                                                                                                                                                                               2012,	 remember	 this	 needs	 to	 be	
                                                                                          	    Dear	 Brothers	 and	 Sisters	 of	     Cox,	Alvin	 Barber,	 Mark	Young,	         renewed	every	5	years,	contact	the	
	     Hello	Brothers	and	Sisters,	            be	 employable.	 Local	 50	 has	 a	         Local	480,	work	is	winding	down	           Jonathon	Kline,	Matt	Johnson,	Tim	        Local	to	sign	up.	If	there	are	any	
	     I	hope	everyone	is	enjoying	the	        good	reputation	of	having	a	highly	         in	the	area	with	the	out	of	list	work	     Cheek,	                                   other	classes	you	may	be	interested	
joyous	holiday	season.                        trained	work	force	and	we	need	to	          starting	to	grow,	List	1	is	at	55	and	     	    30	 years:	 Robert	 Kluding,	        in	please	contact	the	Local	to	get	
	     Now	 that	 elections	 are	 com-         continue	improving.	Call	the	Train-         List	2	is	at	11.	                          Derek	 Sampsell,	 Dennis	 Hauler,	        signed	up	ASAP.
plete	 and	 certified,	 we	 move	 into	       ing	Center	to	sign	up	for	upcoming	
                                                                                          	    We	would	like	to	congratulate	        Tom	 Fries,	 Tommie	 Lynn,	 Steve	        	    Let’s	make	sure	your	monthly	
the	next	chapter	of	politics.	2012	is	        classes.	Ask	about	any	classes	that	
a	huge	year	for	the	election	process.	        you	are	interested	in,	if	there	is	not	     the	 following	 members	 for	 their	       Vollmar	Sr.,	                             dues	are	up	to	date	as	new	mem-
I	know	everyone	is	looking	forward	           one	scheduled.                              years	of	service:                          	    35	years:	Glen	Gildenmeister,	       bership	cards	will	be	coming	soon	
to	 a	 break	 in	 politics,	 but	 that	 is	   	     There	 are	 two	 more	 great	         	    10	years:	Wade	Nickoli,	Wayne	        Kenneth	Nickoli,	Kurt	Sartor,		           and	make	sure	addresses	and	phone	
when	the	wedge	is	driven	in	deeper	           sources	 for	 financial	 education	         Chaffee,	Todd	Gillett,	Shane	Stan-         	    40	years:	Elmer	Gruber,	Rich-        numbers	are	up	to	date	also	as	we	
to	 break	 up	 the	 labor	 movement.	         with	 Local	 50	 having	 affiliation	       difer,	Dave	Dunham,	Andy	Horn,	            ard	Hahn,	Robert	Hammond.	                will	 be	 using	 batch	 dialers	 to	 get	
Your	job	depends	on	it.	                      with	 Trust	 Company	 of	 Toledo	           Brad	Simon,	and	Ray	Barber,	               	    A	 BIG	 THANK	YOU	 to	 all	          out	 important	 information	 to	 the	
	     There	has	been	more	reaction	           and	 Sun	 Federal	 Credit	 Union.	          	    15	 years:	 Ruben	 Cruz	 Jr.,	        who	helped	to	KNOCK	DOWN	IS-              membership	when	needed.
by	the	labor	than	action.	We	need	            Investopedia	is	an	online	source	for	       Robert	Stevens,	Charles	Bille,	Kim	        SUE	2.	Please	remember	the	fight	is	      	    Congratulations	 to	 newly	 re-
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be	a	voice,	but	be	a	leader	in	our	           nancial	terms	to	tutorials	and	stock	       Brandon	 Ellis,	 Nancy	 Cameron,	          battle	against	SPECIAL	K	who	is	          	    We	regret	to	inform	everyone	
community.	 Run	 for	 a	 director’s	          trade	 simulators.	 Go	 online	 and	        Sue	Menkhoff,	Nick	Kuharcheck,	            totally	nuts	and	low	in	moral	fiber,	     Union	 Brother	 (65-year	 member)	
position	 or	 a	 seat	 on	 council.	We	       check	 it	 out.	 Sun	 Federal	 Credit	      Cliff	Barker,	Gary	Daniel,	Robert	         (you	 know	 who	 we	 are	 talking	        Mathew	 Ianiro	 has	 passed.	 Our	
need	to	be	the	decision	makers	that	          Union	 offers	 online	 education	           Warner,	James	Leboda,	James	Cul-           about)	and	his	Wall	Street	Cronies	       deepest	thoughts	and	prayers	go	out	
promote	our	ideology.		                       and	tutorials	as	well	as	individual	        len,	Matt	Meisler,	Jarrett	Marinis,	       that	 are	 out	 to	 get	 the	 working	    to	his	family	and	friends,	God	bless.
	     Work	 in	 our	 area	 has	 slowed	       counseling	 sessions.	 You	 work	           	    20	years:	Mike	Eaton,	Robert	         Middle	Class.                             	    WISHING	 OUR	 UNION	
down	 a	 little	 with	 Davis	 Besse	 and	     hard	for	your	money	so	take	time	           McDonald,	 Frank	 Wise,	 Donald	           	    Okay	 a	 little	 note	 about	        BROTHERS	 AND	 SISTERS	
The	 Hollywood	 Casino	 	 finishing	          to	educate	yourself	and	you	can	put	        Dress,	Dennis	Sitterly,	Mark	Loudy	        TRAINING.	 The	 new	 Training	            HAPPINESS	AND	PROSPERITY	
up,	 but	 the	 out-of-work	 lists	 have	      your	money	to	work	for	you.                 Sr.,	Andrew	Frazier,	James	Good,	          schedule	 is	 out	 and	 it’s	 time	 to	   THROUGHOUT	 THE	 COMING	
been	 rotating	 manpower	 with	 BP’s	         	     December	 is	 a	 busy	 month	         Lazaro	Garcia	Jr.,	Donald	Baum,		          TRAIN	 UP.	 We	 will	 be	 having	         YEAR!
Reformer	 III	 Project	 and	 Protec	 in	      with	the	Dinner	Dance,	Local	50	

                                                                                          U.S. construction activity remains tepid
Leipsic	 starting	 to	 ramp	 up.	 These	      Elections	as	well	as	the	Health	Fair,	
both	are	long-term	projects	and	will	         and	the	Children’s	Christmas	Party.	
help	 members	 pull	 out	 of	 the	 eco-       Make	 sure	 you	 keep	 up	 on	 your	
nomic	downfall	we	have	experienced.	      	   dues;	 it’s	 easy	 to	 forget	 and	 fall	   	     Construction	 employment	            from	18.8	percent	a	year	earlier,	the	    but	 was	 unchanged	 year-over-
	     Jeep	has	announced	$500	mil-            behind	with	the	holiday	activities.         shrank	 for	 the	 second	 straight	        lack	of	industry	job	growth	means	        year.	Heavy	and	civil	engineering	
lion	expansion	at	the	North	Assem-            I-9	 ID	 is	 required	 to	 be	 hired	 by	   month	in	November	as	residential,	         former	 construction	 workers	 are	       construction	–	representing	public	
bly	Plant.	This	is	good	news	for	not	         one	 of	 our	 signatory	 contractors.	      nonresidential	building	and	heavy	         finding	work	elsewhere	or	leaving	        works	contractors	–	lost	7,000	jobs	
only	our	industry,	but	our	region	as	         You	can	contact	the	hall	for	a	list	        construction	segments	remained	in	         the	 workforce	 altogether.	 That’s	      in	 November	 and	 2,900	 over	 the	
well.	Northwest	Ohio	has	been	rec-            of	acceptable	forms	of	ID	to	meet	          low	gear,	according	to	an	analysis	        ominous	 for	 future	 construction	       year.
ognized	as	having	a	safe,	productive	         this	requirement.                           of	 new	 federal	 employment	 data	        hiring.”                                  	    Association	 officials	 warned	
workforce	and	manufacturers	want	             	     I	would	like	to	wish	everyone	        released	Dec.	2	by	the	Associated	         	     Total	 construction	 employ-        that	 the	 decline	 in	 public	 works	
to	bring	more	jobs	here.                      a	 safe	 and	 happy	 holiday	 season	       General	Contractors	of	America.		          ment	 now	 stands	 at	 5,522,000,	        employment	 will	 intensify	 un-
	     The	 upcoming	 year	 looks	             from	your	elected	officers	and	staff.	  	   	     Association	 officials	 said	 the	   down	12,000	or	0.2	percent	from	a	        less	 lawmakers	 promptly	 pass	
fairly	promising	for	work,	but	you	           	     Fraternally,	Scott	Lopez,	Busi-       employment	 drop	 reflects	 con-           month	earlier	and	only	18,000	(0.3	       long-term	 highway	 and	 aviation	
need	 to	 keep	 your	 training	 up	 to	       ness	Representative,	UA	Local	50            tinued	 declines	 in	 public	 sector	      percent)	higher	than	in	November	         spending	 bills	 that	 are	 now	 more	
                                                                                          investments.	They	added	that	con-          2010,	the	economist	said.	He	noted	       than	two	years	overdue.	The	con-
                Dimitri’s Red Wing                                                        struction	 employment	 could	 ben-
                                                                                          efit	 from	 increased	 transportation	
                                                                                                                                     that	industry	employment	was	actu-
                                                                                                                                     ally	11,000	lower	than	in	February	
                                                                                                                                                                               struction	 trade	 association	 also	
                                                                                                                                                                               urged	passage	of	funding	for	water	

                 Shoes & Repair                                                           investments	and	other	pro-growth	
                                                                                          measures	designed	to	boost	private	
                                                                                                                                     2010,	while	the	private	sector	as	a	
                                                                                                                                     whole	added	nearly	3	million	jobs	
                                                                                                                                                                               infrastructure	and	public	buildings.
                                                                                                                                                                               	    “Holding	up	these	bills	is	forc-
                                                                                          sector	demand.                             in	that	time.                             ing	all	levels	of	government	to	de-
   10% discount                                                                           	     “Industry	 employment	 has	          	     Residential	building	and	spe-       fer	needed	overhauls	and	improve-
                                                                                          remained	 virtually	 unchanged	            cialty	 trade	 contractors	 combined	     ments,”	said	Stephen	E.	Sandherr,	
    to all union                                                                          since	early	2010	despite	a	pickup	         had	 no	 change	 in	 employment	          the	 association’s	 chief	 executive	
     members                                                                              in	some	private	construction,”	said	       for	 the	 month	 but	 added	 20,400	      officer.	 “The	 lack	 of	 funding	 is	
                                              •	Professional	Shoe	Fitters                 Ken	 Simonson,	 the	 association’s	        workers	 over	 the	 year,	 Simonson	      driving	 many	 workers	 out	 of	 the	
  Open 7 Days                                                                             chief	 economist.	 “Although	 the	         observed.	Nonresidential	building	        industry,	perhaps	permanently,	and	
                               •Only	Location	in	Maumee                                   construction	 unemployment	 rate	          and	 specialty	 trade	 employment	        is	making	the	eventual	cost	of	infra-
  Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 8 p.m. •2,000	Pairs	in	Stock                                      fell	 to	 13.1	 percent	 in	 November	     slipped	 by	 4,700	 in	 November	         structure	spending	much	higher.”
  Sat. 9:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.      •Life-Time	Maintenance
  Sun. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.         (excludes	soles	&	heels)

              209 Conant St., Downtown Maumee
                            (419) 893-8647
PAGE 6                                                                      VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                          NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

The people of Ohio ‘decided                                                            THE HOT LINE...
public service workers’ rights
                                                                                                                                                                               ON THE
                                                                                        ELECTRICAL                                          BRICK
were worth preserving’                                                                   WORKERS                                                                               LEVEL...
(Continued from Page 1)                                                                   LOCAL 8                                                                              CEMENT MASONS &
and	thoroughly	as	possible.	They	
wanted	to	change	the	rules	of	the	
                                              Union strategy going                                                                         CHATTER                               PLASTERERS...
                                              forward: “Unity. Disci-
game	 for	 2012.	 They	 view	 next	
year’s	elections	as	their	last	best	          pline in both organi-                                                                                                                  LOCAL 886
hope	 for	 throwing	 Obama	 out,	             zation and message.                                                                                                             OSHA-30	CLASSES
taking	back	the	Senate,	and	final-                                                     	     Hello	Brothers	and	Sisters,                                                      	     We	 will	 be	 putting	 on	 an-
izing	everything	they’ve	worked	              Boldness. We have to                     	     I	 would	 like	 to	 start	 out	 by	        International	Union                   other	OSHA-30	Class	in	Febru-
for	 in	 the	 last	 40	 years.	 So	 this	     make sure not to get                     personally	thanking	every	member	              of	Bricklayers	&	Allied                 ary.		Call	the	Local	#886	Office	
was	 reach,	 not	 overreach.	 They	                                                    who	voted	in	our	recent	elections.	                 Craftworkers                       now	 to	 get	 your	 name	 on	 the	
did	 exactly	 what	 they	 thought	            scared, but to get back                  With	our	hard	work	and	persever-                                                       list.	 	 This	 is	 the	 only	 time	 this	
they	had	to	do.	In	the	context	of	            and fight, fight, fight.”                ance,	we	defeated	the	very	contro-                    LOCAL 3                          class	 will	 be	 offered	 during	 the	
everything	 they’ve	 been	 trying	                                                     versial	SB	5/	Issue	2.		Issue	2	was	                                                   calendar	 year	 2012.	 	 This	 class	
to	 do	 for	 the	 last	 40	 years,	 it	 is	   than	its	Wisconsin	counterpart.          voted	down	by	63%	of	the	voters.			         	     The	 winter	 months	 are	 here	      is	 now	 a	 mandated	 requirement	
essential	 for	 them	 to	 cripple	 the	       	     “In	 Wisconsin	 the	 only	         	     Governor	 Kasich	 announced	          and	as	it	happens	every	year	work	         for	employment,	even	for	cement	
voice	of	working	people.”                     means	 available	 to	 us	 [for	 op-      after	the	election	that	he	will	push	       will	begin	to	slow	down.		This	has	        masons	working	under	the	Heavy	
	     An unprecedented scale.                 posing	Gov.	Scott	Walker]	were	          to	 make	 Ohio	 a	 Right-to-Work	           been	 an	 exceptional	 year	 and	 we	      &	Highway	Contract.
	     I	asked	Booth	about	the	nature	         partisan	 elections,”	 Booth	 said.	     state.	 So	 brothers	 and	 sisters,	 the	   can	only	hope	that	next	year	will	         	     NEW	ADDITIONS.
of	 the	 field	 campaign	 that	 labor	        “In	recall	elections,	you	have	to	       fight	is	just	beginning.	Please	keep	       be	prosperous	for	all	of	us.		             	     Congratulations	 to	 Philip	
and	other	progressives	waged	on	              overcome	the	bias	against	recall-        these	thoughts	in	the	back	of	your	         	     This	 year’s	 annual	Awards	         &	 Casey	 Krieger	 on	 the	 birth	 of	
the	ground	in	Ohio.                           ing	sitting	officials.	And	because	      mind	when	it	comes	time	to	elect	a	         Banquet/Holiday	 Banquet	 took	            their	 son,	 Brent	 Merlyn,	 born	 on	
	     “It	 was	 an	 immense	 out-             of	 the	 constitutional	 framework	      new	governor,	and	remember	your	            place	 on	 December	 8,	 2011.	        	   Wednesday,	October	5th,	at	Toledo	
pouring	of	energy	and	work,”	he	              in	Wisconsin,	we	could	only	run	         vote	DOES	count.                            The	 event	 was	 well-attended	            Hospital.		He	was	21-1/2”	long	and	
said.	 “The	 gathering	 of	 300,000	          recalls	in	districts	that	had	been	      	     The	 work	 situation	 has	 been	      by	many	members	that	enjoyed	              weighed	9#,	7oz.		Baby	Brent	was	
signatures	 was	 almost	 entirely	 a	         won	by	the	Republicans	in	2008,	         holding	 steady	 with	 calls	 coming	       good	 food	 and	 the	 opportunity	         welcomed	home	by	his	big	brother,	
volunteer	 effort.	 That’s	 never	            not	the	swing	districts	they	seized	     in	 almost	 daily.	 The	 numbers	 on	       to	see	friends	that	they	may	have	         20-month	old,	Jacob	Lloyd.
been	 done	 before	 for	 anything,	           in	2010.	So	it	was	a	heavier	lift.	      the	 book	 still	 hovers	 around	 200.	     lost	contact	with.		The	members	           	     Congratulations	 are	 also	 in	
anywhere.	 Tens	 of	 thousands	               In	Wisconsin,	a	very	high	percent-       With	Cherne	starting	to	hire	for	the	       that	 were	 recognized	 this	 year	        order	 to	 Ron	 &	 Shirley	 Sieja	 on	
of	people	burnt	up	shoe	leather	              age	of	the	people	who	voted	for	         Reformer	at	BP,	the	FDG	project	at	         for	their	years	of	service	are	as	         the	birth	of	their	third	grandchild,	
going	 door	 to	 door.	 The	 GOP	             Walker	voted	against	the	recall	of	      Monroe	 Power	 House	 scheduled	            follows:                                   who	happens	to	be	their	first	grand-
put	 out	 a	 last-minute	 fundrais-           their	state	senators.”                   to	start	around	the	first	of	the	year,	     	     50	Years	 of	 Service:	 Richard	     daughter.	Ziva	Rayne	was	born	to	
ing	appeal	where	they	said	with	              	     Ohio,	Booth	noted,	presented	      and	the	anticipated	fast	paced	Jeep	        L.	Kubicki                                 Keith	&	Heather	Sieja	on	Tuesday,	
great	pride	that	their	people	had	            a	different	situation:	“Doing	a	bal-     project	coming	in	the	future,	hope-         	     25	Years	of	Service:	Arthur	J.	      October	 11th,	 at	 Wood	 County	
knocked	on	100,000	doors.	Our	                lot	measure	is	a	non-partisan	ex-        fully	the	numbers	on	the	books	will	        Apostle,	Harry	J	Baldwin,	Steven	          Hospital.	 	 She	 was	 21”	 long	 and	
organization	 had	 done	 200,000	             ercise.	So	30	percent	of	the	people	     drop	to	the	lowest	we	have	seen	in	         R.	Blue,	Michael	D.	Clark,	Richard	        weighed	7#,	13	oz.
door	 knocks	 in	 a	 single	 day:	            who	 voted	 for	 Kasich	 in	 2010	       a	few	years.                                P.	Crouch,	David	A	Cygnor,	Gerald	         	     NEWLYWEDS.	 Congratu-
Saturday,	Nov.	5.”                            voted	 ‘no’	 on	 the	 referendum.	       	     With	 the	 holidays	 fast	 ap-        W.	 Dearsman,	 James	 J.	 Dubry	           lations	 to	 Mike	 &	 Priscilla	 (Jo)	
	     “Most	petition	drives,	includ-          While	 we	 split	 the	 independent	      proaching,	mark	your	calendars	for	         Sr.,	 Lawrence	 E.	 Duerk,	 Joseph	        Lojewski.		They	were	married	on	
ing	 those	 launched	 by	 organized	          voters	 in	 the	 Wisconsin	 recall	      some	upcoming	events	for	you	and	           A	 Gazarek,	 David	 W.	 Harnica,	          Sunday,	 November	 6th,	 at	 Hope	
labor,	are	done	by	paid	signature	            elections,	we	got	a	solid	majority	      your	family.	The	Children’s	Christ-         Terry	A.	Hedges,	Joseph	E.	Lewis,	         Ministry	in	Toledo,	Ohio.
gatherers,”	 Booth	 continued.	 “In	          of	them	against	Senate	Bill	5	[in	       mas	 party	 will	 be	 held	 Saturday,	      Michael	J.	Maag,	Robert	E.	Reed,	          	     DEEPEST	 SYMPATHIES.	
this	case,	we	mobilized	a	volunteer	          Ohio].”                                  December	10	at	Splash	Bay	Water	            Deborah	D.	Sparks,	Jeffrey	T.	St.	         The	officers	and	members	of	Local	
army	for	a	citizens’	veto	petition	           	     Concluding	 our	 conversa-         Park	from	noon	to	4pm.	The	annual	          John,	Kenneth	M.	Vaughan	Jr.               #886	recently	lost	three	long-time	
drive.	Nobody	has	ever	done	any-              tion,	I	expressed	concern	that,	in	      Member’s	Christmas	party	will	be	           	     Congratulations	to	these	men	        members.		We	wish	to	extend	our	
thing	this	big.”                              spite	of	the	latest	victory,	Repub-      held	 immediately	 following	 the	          for	their	service	and	dedication	to	       deepest	 sympathies	 and	 sincere	
	     What	about	the	role	of	Work-            licans	have	forced	us	into	wars	of	      normal	meeting	on	December	19.	             this	great	organization.                   condolences	to	the	families	of:
ing	America,	the	community	affili-            attrition,	and	wondered	how	we	          Both	events	are	well	attended	and	          	     Please	 mark	 your	 calendars	       	     Paul	Wingate,	Sr.	–	a	plasterer	
ate	of	the	AFL-CIO,	in	this	drive?	           could	go	on	the	offensive.               a	 good	 time	 with	 fellow	 brothers	      for	 February	 15,	 2012.	 	 The	          member	with	over	55	years	mem-
The	 organization	 is	 designed	 to	          	     “They	are	making	us	spend	         and	sisters.		                              International	 Masonry	 Institute	         bership
engage	 working-class	 people	                our	 money,”	 Booth	 answered,	          	     With	 the	 winter	 weather	 fast	     (I.M.I)	will	be	in	town	to	conduct	        	     Tom	Jacobs	–	a	plasterer	mem-
who	 are	 not	 already	 represented	          “but	 you	 just	 have	 to	 do	 what	     approaching,	please	remain	vigilant	        a	Flashing	Upgrade	and	Grouting	           ber	 with	 over	 60	 	 years	 member-
by	 unions.	 In	 this	 case,	 Booth	          you	 have	 to	 do.	 We	 have	 to	        in	 keeping	 a	 safe	 work	 environ-        Certification	 seminar.	 	The	 class	      ship,	and	former	business	agent
believes	 they	 were	 essential	 in	          dig	deeper.	Ultimately	we	are	a	         ment.                                       will	 take	 place	 at	 the	 Northwest	     	     Dan	Anderzack	 –	 a	 cement	
expanding	labor’s	reach.                      popular	 movement.	 The	 loyalty	        As	always	work	safe.                        Ohio	 Construction	 Education	             mason	member	with	over	53	years	
	     “In	 Ohio,	 Working	America	            of	 our	 members	 is	 rock	 solid.	 I	   Happy	Holidays,                             Center	 4535	 Hill	 Ave.	 Toledo,	         membership
reaches	 a	 million	 members	 not	            don’t	think	they	can	wipe	us	out	        Bryan	Emerick,	Press	Secretary              Ohio	43615.			 	                           	     These	men	were	all	outstand-
included	in	actual	labor	unions,”	            with	these	means,	but	it	certainly	                                                  	     If	you	do	not	have	these	classes	    ing	 craftsman	 and	 assets	 to	 our	
he	 said.	 “That’s	 more	 than	 the	          puts	a	lot	of	stress	on	us,	and	you	                                                 yet	 I	 highly	 recommend	 that	 you	      Local.		They	will	be	deeply	missed.
membership	of	all	the	Ohio	unions	            never	know	what	is	going	to	hap-                                                     attend.		It	is	written	in	many	of	the	     	     WALLEYE	HOCKEY	GAME
combined.	It	was	an	indispensable	            pen.”                                                                                job	specs.	that	masons	must	have	          Call	the	Local	#886	Office	to	get	
piece	 of	 the	 picture.	 We	 cannot	         	     “We	 understand	 that	 these	                                                  these	 classes	 in	 order	 to	 work	 on	   your	name	on	the	list	for	tickets	to	
afford	 to	 enter	 into	 any	 of	 these	      are	battles	in	the	war,	not	the	war	                                                 the	projects.		It	would	be	a	shame	if	     the	 January	 13th	 Walleye	 Game.	     	
fights	 without	 all	 of	 our	 tools	         itself,”	Booth	said.	“There	will	be	                                                 you	were	kept	of	a	job	because	you	        This	 game	 happens	 to	 be	 “Union	
available.	We	have	to	use	them	all,	          more	battles	when	the	legislature	                                                   needed	this	certification.		The	class	     Night”	 and	 members	 from	 vari-
and	even	when	we	use	them	all	we	             reconvenes	and	during	the	elec-                                                      if	free	to	all	B.A.C.	members,	the	        ous	 unions	 will	 be	 in	 attendance.	 	
aren’t	guaranteed	a	victory.	We	are	          tions	next	year.”                                                                    registration	deadline	is	February	9,	      Deadline	to	order	tickets	is	Friday,	
up	against	a	very	formidable	array	           	     His	 prescription	 for	 going	                                                 2012.		                                    December	16th.
of	opposition	power.”                         forward	was	clear:	“Unity.	Dis-                                                      	     I	 have	 registration	 forms	 in	    	     We	extend	our	sincere	wishes	
	     Going on the offensive.                 cipline	in	both	organization	and	                                                    the	office.		If	you	would	like	to	get	     for	happy	and	safe	holidays	to	all	
	     Booth	 and	 I	 next	 discussed	         message.	 Boldness.	 We	 have	                                                       signed	up	either	stop	by	or	give	me	       our	 members	 and	 their	 families.	    	
why	the	Ohio	movement	had	been	               to	make	sure	not	to	get	scared,	                                                     a	call.                                    May	2012	be	a	prosperous	year	for	
more	 successful	 in	 rejecting	 the	         but	to	get	back	and	fight,	fight,	                                                   	     Happy	Holidays,                      all.
Republicans’	anti-union	initiatives	          fight.”                                                                              	     Don                                  	     Jim,	Jeff	O.,	Mike	&	Sally
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011                                                             VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                            PAGE 7

                              SNIPS                                                       How about starting a new tradition this
                                    FROM                                                  Christmas: support your local businesses
                       LOCAL 33                                                           	     (This	is	e-mail	floating	around	
                                                                                          cyberspace.	Its	author	is	unknown,	
	    Greetings	Brothers		&	Sisters,          year	for	our	members.                        but	if	we	find	out	who	wrote	it	we	
	    We	hope	everyone	had	a	safe	            		 Tickets	for	the	Lights	Before	            will	let	you	know).
and	 enjoyable	Thanksgiving	 with	           Christmas	 at	 the	 Toledo	 Zoo	 are	        	     As	the	holidays	approach,	the	
family,	friends,	food,	and	football.         on	 sale	 at	 the	 Union	 Hall.	Adult	       giant	Asian	 factories	 are	 kicking	
		 We	would	like	to	thank	all	the	           tickets	are	$5.00	and	Child/	Senior	         into	high	gear	to	provide	Americans	
members	 who	 volunteered	 their	            tickets	are	$3.00,	and	are	good	until	       with	 monstrous	 piles	 of	 cheaply	
time	helping	to	defeat		Issue	2,	and	        December	31st	2011.                          produced	goods	–	merchandise	that	
also	 getting	 local	 labor-friendly	        	    The	 Toledo	 District	 meeting	         has	been	produced	at	the	expense	of	
candidates	elected	on	Nov.	8th.              for	December	is	cancelled	as	in	the	         American	labor.	This	year	will	be	
		 With	the	work	at	the	new	ca-              past,	but	we	are	looking	forward	to	         different.	This	year	Americans	will	
sino	winding	down,	the	announce-             seeing	you	next	year	at	the	January	         give	the	gift	of	genuine	concern	for	
ment	about	the	Jeep	additions,	and	          24th	 meeting.	 We	 wish	 everyone	          other	Americans.
work	 at	 G.M.	 Defiance,	 Pro-Tec,	         a	Merry	Christmas	and	a	safe	and	            	     There	is	no	longer	an	excuse	
and	 Johnson	 Controls	 could	 not	          Happy	New	Year.	                             that,	 at	 gift-giving	 time,	 nothing	      SUPPORT YOUR local merchant with locally bought gifts and ser-
have	come	at	a	better	time.	Maybe	           	    –Don	 Hafner,	 John	 Russell,	          can	 be	 found	 that	 is	 produced	 by	      vices – at Christmastime and throughout the year.
2012	 will	 be	 a	 more	 prosperous	         and	Matt	Cherry                              American	hands.	Yes	there	is!		
                                                                                          	     It’s	 time	 to	 think	 outside	 the	   the	 fancy	 eatery	 sort,	 what	 about	    And,	 how	 about	 going	 out	 to	 see	
                         The Mud Box                                                      box,	people.	Who	says	a	gift	needs	
                                                                                          to	 fit	 in	 a	 shirt	 box,	 wrapped	 in	
                                                                                                                                       a	half	dozen	breakfasts	at	the	local	
                                                                                                                                       breakfast	joint?	
                                                                                                                                                                                  a	play	or	ballet	at	your	hometown	
                                                                                                                                                                                  theatre.	 Musicians	 need	 love	 too,	
                                                                                          Chinese	produced	wrapping	paper?	            	     Remember,	folks	this	isn’t	about	    so	 find	 a	 venue	 showcasing	 local	
                                                                                          Everyone	–	yes	EVERYONE,	gets	               big	national	chains	–	this	is	about	sup-   bands.	
                                                                                          their	hair	cut.	How	about	gift	cer-          porting	 your	 hometown	Americans	         	     Honestly,	 people,	 do	 you	
                                                                                          tificates	from	your	local	American	          with	their	financial	lives	on	the	line	    REALLY	need	to	buy	another	ten	
                                                                                          hair	salon	or	barber?	Gym	member-            to	keep	their	doors	open.		                thousand	 Chinese	 lights	 for	 the	
                                                                                          ship?	 It’s	 appropriate	 for	 all	 ages	    	     How	many	people	couldn’t	use	        house?	When	you	buy	a	$5	string	

                  Heat and Frost                                                          who	are	thinking	about	some	health	
                                                                                          improvement.	 Who	 wouldn’t	 ap-
                                                                                                                                       an	oil	change	for	their	car,	truck	or	
                                                                                                                                       motorcycle,	done	at	a	shop	run	by	
                                                                                                                                                                                  of	light,	about	fifty	cents	stays	in	
                                                                                                                                                                                  the	community.	If	you	have	those	
                                                                                          preciate	getting	their	car	detailed?	        the	American	working	guy?	Think-           kinds	 of	 bucks	 to	 burn,	 leave	 the	
                Insulators Local 45                                                       Small,	 American	 owned	 detail	
                                                                                          shops	and	car	washes	would	love	to	
                                                                                                                                       ing	about	a	heartfelt	gift	for	mom?	
                                                                                                                                       Mom	would	LOVE	the	services	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                  mailman,	trash	guy	or	babysitter	a	
                                                                                                                                                                                  nice	BIG	tip.	
	     To	All	Our	Brothers	and	Sis-           vember	8th,	2011!                            sell	you	a	gift	certificate	or	a	book	       a	local	cleaning	lady	for	a	day.	My	       	     You	 see,	 Christmas	 is	 no	
ters,                                        	    It	was	a	great	Tuesday	evening	         of	gift	certificates.                        computer	could	use	a	tune-up,	and	I	       longer	 about	 draining	American	
      December 2011 union meet-              on	 November	 8th,	 2011	 to	 hear	          	     Are	you	one	of	those	extrava-          KNOW	I	can	find	some	young	guy	            pockets	 so	 that	 China	 can	 build	
ing: The	 December	 union	 meet-             that	Issue	2	was	voted	down	by	the	          gant	 givers	 who	 think	 nothing	 of	       who	is	struggling	to	get	his	repair	       another	 glittering	 city.	 Christmas	
ing	 will	 be	 held	 on	 Thursday,	          voters	in	the	state	of	Ohio.		“Thank	        plonking	down	the	Benjamin’s	on	a	           business	up	and	running.	                  is	 now	 about	 caring	 about	 US,	
December	 15th,	 2011	 at	 the	 Pipe	        You	All!”	for	supporting	working	            Chinese	made	flat-screen?	Perhaps	           	     OK,	 you	 were	 looking	 for	        encouraging	American	small	busi-
Fitters	Hall	located	at	7570	Caple	          families	 and	 for	 protecting	 our	         that	 grateful	 gift	 receiver	 would	       something	 more	 personal.	 Local	         nesses	 to	 keep	 plugging	 away	 to	
Boulevard,	 Suite	A,	 Northwood,	            rights	 to	 have	 collective	 bargain-       like	 his	 driveway	 sealed,	 or	 lawn	      crafts	people	spin	their	own	wool	         follow	 their	 dreams.	And,	 when	
Ohio	at	7:30	p.m.		At	the	December	          ing	 during	 contract	 negotiations.	    	   mowed	for	the	summer,	or	drive-              and	 knit	 them	 into	 scarves.	 They	     we	 care	 about	 other	Americans,	
2011	meeting	we	will	be	having	our	          We	are	very,	very	fortunate	and	we	          way	 plowed	 all	 winter,	 or	 games	        make	 jewelry,	 and	 pottery	 and	         we	 care	 about	 our	 communities,	
traditional	Christmas	dinner.		This	         will	be	challenged	again	on	other	           at	the	local	golf	course.	There	are	         beautiful	wooden	boxes.                    and	 the	 benefits	 come	 back	 to	 us	
year	our	dinner	will	be	catered	by	          worker’s	right	issues	in	the	future.	    	   bazillion	 owner-run	 restaurants	 –	        	     Plan	 your	 holiday	 outings	 at	    in	ways	we	couldn’t	imagine.	
Jed’s.		We	look	forward	to	seeing	           As	for	today,	we	have	much	to	be	            all	offering	gift	certificates.	             local,	 owner-operated	 restaurants	       	     THIS	 is	 the	 new	 American	
everyone	at	our	December	meeting.	       	   thankful	 for	 during	 this	 special	        	     And,	 if	 your	 intended	 isn’t	       and	 leave	 your	 server	 a	 nice	 tip.	   Christmas	tradition.
It’s	 a	 special	 time	 to	 get	 together	   holiday	season.		
                                                                                                                                                                                  itself	–	just	a	resolution	authorizing	
before	the	holidays	and	enjoy	each	
other’s	company.
                                             	    Insulators	 Local	 45	 Health	
                                             care	Plan:	During	2012,	there	will	
                                                                                          NLRB seeks to shorten union election                                                    drafting	language.		But	he	used	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                  occasion	to	justify	it.		
      January	2012	union	meeting:	
      Our	January	2012	union	meet-
                                             be	changes	made	to	our	Insulators	
                                             Local	 45	 Healthcare	 Plan.	 	 Our	
                                                                                          process, sending the right into a rage                                                  	     “The	vast	majority	of	NLRB-
ing	 will	 be	 on	 Thursday,	 January	       administrator,	 BeneSys	 Inc.,	 will	                                                                                                supervised	 elections,	 about	 90%,	
                                                                                          	    WASHINGTON	(PAI)	–	Par-                 to	end	some	of	the	endless	proce-
19th,	2012	at	the	union	hall	located	        be	 sending	 this	 new	 information	                                                                                                 are	held	by	agreement	of	the	parties	
                                                                                          tisan	politics,	courtesy	of	the	GOP,	        dural	obstacles	that	now	get	in	the	
at	4904	North	Summit	Street.                 out	to	our	members	in	the	coming	                                                                                                    –	employees,	union	and	employer	
                                                                                          turned	 a	 Nov.	 30	 National	 Labor	        way	of	scheduling	union	elections	
	     Newest	Journeyman-Mechan-              weeks.	 	 We	 will	 discuss	 some	 of	                                                                                               –	in	an	average	of	38	days	from	the	
                                                                                          Relations	 Board	 (NLRB)	 vote	 on	          and	 then	 counting	 the	 votes,	 ac-
ics:		January	2012:	In		January	2012	        the	 changes	 during	 our	 January	                                                                                                  filing	 of	 a	 petition.	 	 The	 amend-
                                                                                          rules	for	union	election	procedures	         cording	to	agency	chairman	Gaston	
we	will	be	having	eleven	appren-             2012	 meeting,	 so	 please	 attend	                                                                                                  ments	 I	 propose	 would	 not	 affect	
                                                                                          into	yet	another	Washington,	D.C.,	          Pearce.
tices	turning	out	to	be	our	newest	          your	union	meetings	so	you	will	be	                                                                                                  those	agreed-to	elections,”	he	said.
                                                                                          3-ring	circus.                               	    In	written	testimony	and	at	two	
journeyman	mechanics.		We	would	             informed	of	the	changes	coming.                                                                                                      	     Instead,	 they	 “apply	 to	 the	
                                                                                          	    Before	 the	 dust	 settled,	 the	       days	of	NLRB	hearings	this	sum-
like	to	extend	our	“Congratulations	         	    Work	Status:	Work	has	slowed	                                                                                                   minority	 of	 elections	 held	 up	 by	
                                                                                          lone	Republican	on	the	board	had	            mer,	unions	strongly	supported	the	
to	All!”	at	this	time.		The	names	of	        down	a	bit	locally.		Fermi	should	                                                                                                   needless	 litigation	 and	 disputes	
                                                                                          threatened	 to	 quit,	 a	 Democratic	        NLRB’s	proposals.		They	said	the	
our	graduates	will	be	in	our	Febru-          be	 putting	 on	 a	 few	 for	 the	 fire-                                                                                             which	 need	 not	 be	 resolved	 prior	
                                                                                          congressman	 warned	 of	 outside	            proposals	would	eliminate	some	of	
ary	2012	Mud	Box	Article.	                   wrap	job.		The	refineries	might	put	                                                                                                 to	an	election.		In	these	contested	
                                                                                          pressure	 –	 from	 the	 GOP’s	 Right	        the	delays	and	legal	hurdles	firms	
	     Per	 Capita	 Dues:	 Overall	 we	       on	 some	 when	 the	 weather	 gets	                                                                                                  elections,	employees	have	to	wait	
                                                                                          Wing	 –	 to	 get	 him	 to	 do	 so,	 web	     now	 use	 to	 frustrate	 –	 legally	 or	
are	doing	well	in	keeping	our	per	           colder.		Detroit	(Marathon)	should	                                                                                                  an	average	of	101	days	to	cast	a	bal-
                                                                                          headlines	 and	 blogs	 made	 that	           illegally	–	workers’	voices	on	the	
capita	dues	current.		We	still	have	         be	looking	for	some	travelers.		In	                                                                                                  lot.		As	several	employees	period	
                                                                                          pressure	 obvious,	 and	 the	 GOP-           job.	 	 Unions’	 biggest	 complaint:	
a	 few	 members	 who	 are	 running	          the	spring	there	will	be	two	nukes	                                                                                                  can	 be	 disruptive	 and	 painful	 for	
                                                                                          run	House	voted	on	party	lines	to	           The	NLRB	didn’t	go	far	enough.
behind.	 	 To	 help	 those	 who	 need	       going	down	for	refueling	–	Fermi	                                                                                                    all	involved.”
                                                                                          jam	through	a	bill	trying	to	halt	the	       	    Business	groups	just	as	strong-
reminders,	we	have	been	sending	             in	April	and	Davis	Besse	in	May.                                                                                                     	     Tactics	 that	 business	 uses	 to	
                                                                                          board’s	planned	action,	                     ly	opposed	NLRB’s	plan.		Business	
out	post	cards.		Please	mail	in	or	          	    IN	CLOSING:	We	wish	you	all	                                                                                                    delay	 and	 defy	 union	 organizing	
                                                                                          	    In	 the	 end,	 the	 board’s	 GOP	       lobbies	orchestrated	the	majority	of	
come	 into	 the	 hall	 with	 your	 per	      “A	VERY	MERRY	CHRISTMAS	                                                                                                             include	pre-election	appeals	to	the	
                                                                                          member,	Brian	Hayes,	stayed	put	             the	 65,000	 comments	 on	 the	 rule	
capita	dues.		It	makes	a	big	differ-         AND	A	HAPPY	NEW	YEAR!”                                                                                                               board	and	“raising	irrelevant	issues	
                                                                                          and	the	resolution	passed	on	a	2-1	          that	swamped	the	board.	On	Nov.	
ence	for	all	of	us	to	stay	current.          		 Fraternally	yours,                                                                                                                in	 pre-election	 hearings,”	 turning	
                                                                                          party-line	NLRB	vote.	                       30,	 Pearce	 wasn’t	 even	 offering	
	     Thank	You	for	Voting	On	No-            	    Mark                                                                                                                            the	 hearings	 into	 legal	 battles,	
                                                                                          	    At	issue	is	the	NLRB’s	effort	          the	 proposed	 union	 election	 rule	
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pearce	said.
PAGE 8                                                VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

                                                 RESIDENTIAL UNION CONTRACTORS

PLASTERERS                 ELECTRICAL, con’t             PLUMBERS &                       SHEETMETAL WORKERS              J & K Mechanical
Empire Builders                                          PIPE FITTERS                     Commercial Comfort Systems,     7505 Bluebush Rd.
(419) 304-2763             TAS, Inc.                     Cross Htg. & Clg. Inc.           Inc.                            Maybee, MI 48159
                           433 Dearborn Ave.             2731 Morocco Rd                  P. O. Box 8792                  (734) 587-3184
New Vision Construction    Toledo, OH 43605              Ida Mi 48140                     Maumee, OH 43537                Contact: Kyle Crossman
Services                   (419) 693-3353                (734) 856-2400                   Phone: (419) 481-4444
(419) 382-1273                                                                            Fax:    (419) 832-0126          M & M Heating & A/C
                           Regent Electric               Frische-Mullin                   Contact: Fran Lanciaux          610 Scott Street
Thourot Plastering, LLC    Kevin McCarthy                5132 Enterprise Blvd.                                            Toledo, OH 43620
(419) 335-1811             5235 Tractor Rd.              Toledo OH 43612                                                  Phone: (419) 243-3005
                           Toledo, OH                    (419) 726-4900                   Complete Heating & A/C          Fax:    (419) 243-0754
CEMENT MASONS              (419) 476-8333                                                 5520 Alger Road                 Contact: Mark Janiewicki
B & J Concrete                                           Geo. F. Peters & Son Inc.        Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 474-8096             Service Electric              2733 Glendale Avenue             Phone: (419) 882-0175           Okuley Heating & A/C
                           Paul Barber                   Toledo, OH 43614                 Fax:    (419) 882-0035          50 W. Sylvania Avenue
Scott’s Quality Concrete   404 N. Dean Rd.               419-382-1234                     Contact: Ken Newberry           Toledo, OH 43612
(734) 888-1788             Adrian, MI 49221              Contact: Fred Peters                                             (419) 478-4699
                           (517) 263-0409                Family owned & operated since    Cross Heating & Cooling, Inc.   (419) 754-2321
JAK CC                                                   1910                             2731 Morocco Road               Contact: Bob Okuley
(419) 263-7875             Transtar Electric                                              Ida, MI 48140
                           Dan Bolin                     Laroy Plbg. & Htg. Inc.          Phone: (734) 856-2400           Perfection Heating & A/C
J.M.B. Construction        867 Warehouse Rd. Ste. C      PO Box 552                       Fax:    (734) 856-2500          5249 Secor Road, Suite #3
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Quinn Concrete                                                                            Executive Mechanical            Fax 419-472-9433
(419) 476-3290             Transtar Electric             Merit Plbg. Inc.                 P. O. Box 256                   Contact: Rick Stachowski
                           Security & Technologies,      8432 W Central #1                Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
Rahe Construction          Dan Bolin                     Sylvania OH 43560                Phone: (734) 854-6054           Sieb Plumbing & Heating
(419) 262-8095             867 Warehouse Rd. Ste. C      (419) 841-3216                   Fax:    (734) 856-7089          303 B. Front Street
                           Toledo, OH 43615                                               Contact: Thomas Pant            Monroe, MI 48161
ELECTRICAL WORKERS         (419) 385-7573                Ott Plbg. Inc.                                                   Phone: (734) 241-8898
Barriger Electric                                        1749 Green Valley Dr.            Frische Mullin A/C              Fax:    (734) 241-9067
Tom Barriger               Zeiler Electric               Toledo OH 43614                  5132 Enterprise Blvd.           Contact: Rich Sieb
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Greg Krzyston                                            (419) 874-7163                   Fry Brothers Htg. & A/C         Fax:    (419) 472-9335
3156 Upton Ave.                                                                           1909 Tremainsville Road         Contact: John Crozier
Toledo, OH 43613           IRON WORKERS                  R.A. Rush Plbg. & Htg. Co Inc.   Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 480-1235             King Fence Co.                6880 Sylvania-Petersburg         Phone: (419) 472-1107
                           Temperance, MI 48182          Ottawa Lake MI 49267             Fax: (419) 472-7858
Northwest Electrical       e-mail:                       (734) 856-2489                   Contact: Jim Fry
Jody McCollum    
1617 Shanrock Dr.          Phone: (419)509-6227          Rowe Plbg. Inc.
Holland, OH 43528          Fax: (734)847-0672            3915 N Detroit Ave.
(419) 865-4557             Contact: Larry King           Toledo OH 43612
                                                         (419) 476-5663
Peak Electric
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(419) 392-1274

Residential Electric
Jerry Jensen
P.O. Box 352946
Toledo, OH 43617
(419) 865-8095
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011                                                     VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                                  PAGE 9

After defeating Issue 2, labor wary about what’s next from GOP
             John Celock                    collective	 bargaining	 for	 public	
           Huffingtonpost                   employees,	the	law	also	contained	
	     WASHINGTON	 –	 Ohioans	               provisions	 to	 require	 public	 em-
overturned	 a	 divisive	 anti-union	        ployees	to	contribute	to	their	health	
law	 on	 Election	 Day,	 delivering	        care	 and	 pension	 benefits,	 along	
a	significant	defeat	to	Republican	         with	pushing	merit	pay	for	teach-
Gov.	John	Kasich	and	a	victory	to	          ers	–	proposals	that	polled	well	in	
labor	unions.                               the	run-up	to	the	election.	
	     Ohio	voters	rejected	Issue	2,	a	      	     Ohio	 State	 Rep.	 Mike	 Foley	
ballot	referendum	on	Senate	Bill	5,	        (D)	said	the	Republican	leadership	
a	measure	that	restricts	collective	        in	 the	 legislature	 may	 try	 to	 pass	
bargaining	 rights	 for	 more	 than	        these	proposals	one	by	one	when	
360,000	public	employees,	among	            they	reconvene	in	January.
other	provisions.	Opposition	to	the	        	     “They	could	act	and	take	bits	
legislation	 inspired	 large	 protests	     and	pieces	of	it	and	try	a	new	bill	on	
from	residents	around	the	state	this	       teacher	merit	pay	or	health	care...or	
year.                                       any	of	the	parts	of	the	bill	that	they	
	     Issue	2	failed	by	a	vote	of	61	       think	they	can	get	passed,”	Foley	
to	39	percent.	                             said.	 “I	 don’t	 know	 if	 they	 will.	
	     Immediately	 after	 the	 results	     We’ll	have	to	see.	...	I	think	some	
came	 in,	 union	 officials	 sent	 out	     of	the	Republican	members	on	their	
statements	declaring	success.               side	of	the	aisle	are	going	to	start	
	     “One	message	rang	loud	and	           looking	at	their	leadership	funny	if	
clear	 tonight	 in	 Ohio	 and	 across	      they	come	back	with	another	col-
the	 country:	 those	 who	 spend	           lective	bargaining	bill.”
their	 time	 scapegoating	 workers	         	     “We	 certainly	 are	 going	 to	
and	 pushing	 a	 partisan	 agenda	          be	ready	for	that,	if	we’re	still	in	
                                                                                        ONE OF THE MANY public protests over Ohio’s Senate Bill 5/Issue 2.                                 Ohio AFL-CIO photo
will	only	strengthen	the	resolve	of	        the	 same	 kind	 of	 political	 situa-
working	 people,”	 said	AFL-CIO	            tion	of	them	controlling	the	state	         has	 been	 at	 odds	 with	 police	 in	      his	quick	embrace	of	the	bill	earlier	     a	referendum	raising	the	maximum	
President	Richard	Trumka.	“From	            legislature	and	governor’s	office,”	        Oakland,	 Calif.,	 and	 New	 York,	         this	year	made	him	the	law’s	public	       age	for	judicial	applicants	from	70	
the	very	beginning,	it’s	been	clear	        added	AFL-CIO	Political	Director	           Issue	 2	 served	 as	 a	 way	 to	 unite	    face.	Kasich	ran	a	statewide	cam-          to	75.	Normally	an	under-the-radar	
that	Gov.	Kasich,	and	indeed	many	          Mike	 Podhorzer.	 “We’re	 hoping	           the	 police	 and	 Occupy	 Cleveland	        paign	to	save	SB	5	in	the	run-up	to	       referendum	 subject	 matter,	 Issue	
politicians,	were	pushing	an	agenda	        the	 vote	 on	 Tuesday	 will	 have	         members.	 The	 local	 police	 union	        the	election.                              1	languished	in	anonymity	in	this	
that	was	about	politics,	not	about	         demonstrated	 this	 is	 enormously	         said	 that	 the	 officers	 recognized	      	     Political	experts	in	Ohio	told	      year’s	cycle,	and	was	defeated	by	
solving	 our	 nation’s	 problems	 or	       unpopular.                                  they	had	support	from	the	Occupy	           The	Huffington	Post	that	the	gov-          voters.
creating	jobs.”                             	     Kasich’s	 spokesman	 recently	        movement	on	Issue	2	and	sought	to	          ernor	will	not	turn	into	a	lame	duck	      	    A	spokesman	for	the	Interna-
	     “Even	 after	 John	 Kasich	           said	 the	 governor	 had	 not	 been	        work	with	the	protesters.	                  just	 yet,	 since	 he	 has	 three	 more	   tional	Association	of	Firefighters,	
locked	 the	 doors	 to	 democracy	          focusing	 on	 what-ifs	 in	 case	 the	      	     This	 included	 identifying	 at	      years	 in	 office	 and	 other	 issues,	    who	 was	 not	 authorized	 to	 speak	
and	shut	out	everyday	heroes	from	          referendum	was	defeated.                    one	 point	 which	 members	 of	 the	        including	 economic	 development	          on	 the	 record,	 hoped	 Tuesday’s	
the	Statehouse,	in	the	cold,	blister	       	     Opposition	to	Issue	2	brought	        Occupy	 movement	 officers	 ar-             and	the	budget,	could	be	the	ones	         victory	would	be	a	warning	to	other	
of	 February	 –	 working	 people	           together	a	broad	coalition	of	Ohio-         rested.	In	addition,	when	police	of-        to	define	him.                             conservative	governors	around	the	
never	lost	hope.	We	marched	in	the	         ans	–	as	well	as	a	significant	amount	      ficers	asked	the	Occupy	Cleveland	          	     Issue	2	was	one	of	three	refer-      country.
spring,	 circulated	 petitions	 in	 the	    of	cash.	With	just	under	two	weeks	         group	not	to	use	a	police	memorial	         endums	on	the	Ohio	ballot	this	year.	      	    “Kasich	 ran	 on	 a	 platform	
summer	and	now,	this	fall,	we	de-           to	go	until	Election	Day,	both	sides	       plaza	for	a	demonstration,	Occupy	          Voters	approved	Issue	3,	a	largely	        of	 growth,	 and	 his	 first	 thing	 is	
livered	a	win	for	all	working	people	       had	already	spent	more	than	$38.1	          leaders	cooperated.                         symbolic	 measure	 that	 sought	 to	       to	 give	 tax	 breaks	 to	 the	 rich,	
by	defeating	Issue	2,	repealing	Sen-        million,	 with	 those	 against	 Issue	      	     In	 the	 run-up	 to	 Tuesday’s	       amend	 the	 state	 constitution	 to	       increase	the	pay	of	his	staff	sig-
ate	Bill	5,”	added	Becky	Williams,	         2	 outraising	 their	 opponents	 by	        vote,	polls	showed	that	Issue	2	was	        prohibit	the	national	health	care	law	     nificantly	–while	at	the	same	time,	
president	of	SEIU	District	1199	in	         nearly	 4-to-1.	 The	 campaign	 saw	        headed	for	a	decisive	defeat.	              from	taking	effect	in	Ohio.	Written	       he’s	 trying	 to	 cut	 the	 firefight-
Ohio.                                       a	public	service	announcement	by	           	     SB	 5	 has	 defined	 Kasich’s	        by	 a	 conservative-leaning	 group,	       ers	 and	 police	 and	 teachers	 and	
	     Kasich	held	a	press	conference	       a	 former	 astronaut,	 shady	 tricks	       first	 year	 in	 the	 governor’s	 man-      the	measure	sought	to	influence	the	       nurses.	It’s	an	overreach,”	he	said.	
shortly	after	the	fate	of	Issue	2	had	      in	television	ads	and	a	right-wing	         sion.	While	the	Republican	did	not	         coming	battle	in	the	U.S.	Supreme	         “They	 went	 a	 little	 too	 far,	 and	
been	declared,	saying	it	was	time	          radio	 host	 taking	 the	 side	 of	 the	    mention	the	issue	in	his	campaign	          Court	over	the	future	of	the	national	     what’s	happening	here	in	Ohio	is	
for	him	to	“take	a	deep	breath”	and	        unions.	                                    to	unseat	former	Democratic	Gov.	           health	care	law.	                          another	step	in	what	happened	in	
figure	out	what	to	do	next.                 	     While	the	Occupy	movement	            Ted	Strickland	in	the	2010	election,	       	     Ohio	voters	also	faced	Issue	1,	     Wisconsin.”
	     “When	 I	 say	 it	 is	 a	 time	 to	
pause,	it	is	right	now,	on	this	issue,”	
he	said.	“The	people	have	spoken	                                   IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT “TEMPORARILY AWAY”
clearly.	You	don’t	ignore	the	public.	
Look,	I	also	have	an	obligation	to	          	    “Temporarily	Away”…when	              in	Florida	for	four	months,	I’m	on	         ily	away”	is	the	#1	reason	why	this	       	    If	you	would	like	to	guaran-
lead.	 I’ve	 been	 leading	 since	 the	      a	member	has	informed	the	post	            vacation	for	two	weeks,	I’m	away	           happens.	 	 When	 the	 paper	 is	 re-      tee	there	is	no	interruption	in	the	
day	I	took	this	office,	and	I’ll	con-        office	 they	 will	 be	 “temporarily	      on	 a	 job	 for	 several	 months.”	 	 It	   turned	with	the	big	yellow	sticker,	       delivery	of	your	paper,	you	must	
tinue	to	do	that.	But	part	of	leading	                                 away”,	the	      also	means	you will be deleted	from	        it will be deleted	from	the	Voice	of	      contact	 YOUR	 RESPECTIVE	
is	listening	and	hearing	what	people	                                  post	office	     the	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	 Trades	      the	 Building	Trades	 database	and	        LOCAL	and	inform	them	of	any	
have	to	say	to	you.”                                                   r e t u r n s	   database.	                                  doesn’t	 get	 back	 on	 the	 database	     updates	to	your	address	and	your	
	     Kasich	 signed	 SB	 5	 into	 law	                                this	 paper	     	    The	 Building	 Trades	 has	 no	        until	your	respective	local	indicates	     local	will	then	inform	the	Building	
on	March	31,	although	the	law	was	                                     b a c k 	 t o	   way	 of	 determining	 how	 long	 a	         for	us	to	do	so.                           Trades.
put	on	hold	during	the	referendum	                                     the	 Build-      member	is	“temporarily	away”	or	            	    The	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	        	    In	closing,	thanks	to	the	hand-
campaign.	The	labor-aligned	group	                                     ing	Trades	      even	if,	or	when,	that	member	will	         Trades	 sends	 out	 approximately	         ful	of	members	that	are	consistent	
We	Are	 Ohio	 organized	 the	 anti-                                    with	 a	 big	    return.		Every	month	the	paper	is	          9,000	 papers	 every	 month	 and	          in	keeping	their	address	updated	
Issue	2	effort,	and	Building	A	Bet-                                    y e l l o w	     returned,	 another	 postage	 fee	 is	       every	month,	stacks	of	papers	are	         when	they	“go	south	for	the	win-
ter	Ohio	led	the	pro-Issue	2	fight.                                    s t i c k e r	   charged.                                    returned	 indicating	 “temporarily	        ter”	 and	 also	 when	 they	 return.	 	
	     Tuesday’s	 defeat	 may	 have	          indicating	 “TEMPORARILY	                  	    Some	 members	 indicate	 to	           away”,	 so	 you	 can	 imagine	 how	        Those	members	are	guaranteeing	
nullified	SB	5,	but	parts	of	the	law	        AWAY”	along	with	a	return	post-            their	 local	 “I	 use	 to	 receive	 the	    costly	in	can	get	to	pay	the	postage	      there	 is	 no	 interruption	 in	 their	
may	not	be	dead	in	the	long	term.	           age	fee.		What	does	temporarily	           paper,	but	for	some	reason,	I	don’t	        to	initially	mail	the	paper,	and	then	     paper	service.
While	much	of	the	public	attention	          away	mean?		It	could	mean	“I’m	            receive	it	any	longer.”		“Temporar-         again	when	the	paper	is	returned.          	    Thank	you	for	your	attention.
has	 centered	 on	 the	 law’s	 ban	 on	
PAGE 10                 VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                             NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

               Union Bulletin Board

                                                    ELECTRICAL APPRENTICESHIP

                                                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS and
                                                        RESIDENTIAL (NEW PROGRAM)
                                                                (Men & Women)

                                          The Toledo Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee will be
                                          accepting applications on Mondays from 8:30am until 5:30pm, and Tues-
                                          days through Fridays from 8:30am until 4:00pm.
                                          YOU MUST APPLY IN PERSON AND SUBMIT A $20.00 APPLICA-
                                          TION FEE (payable by personal check, money order, MasterCard or Visa
                                          (no cash, please). Applications are take at:
                                          803 LIME CITY RD.
                                          ROSSFORD, OH 43460
                                          The following documentation is required to qualify for the apprenticeship:
                                                   •Copy of Birth Certificate (you must be 17 to apply)
                                                   •Official copy of High School Transcript. (cannot hand deliver)
                                                   •Copy of GED if not a HS graduate.
                                                   •Proof of successful completion of one (1) credit of Algebra.
                                                   Recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices is
                                          done without discrimination due to race, religion, color, national origin or
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011                                             VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES   PAGE 11

                                       Union Bulletin Board

             Ohio Carpenters JATC – Local #351
 There	are	two	way	to	apply	to	our	program.	

 We	take	applications	every	Tuesday	and	Thursday	at	10am.	
 Applicants	should	bring	with	them:
 1.	 Drivers	license	or	State	ID
 2.	 Birth	certificate
 3.	 High	School	diploma	or	GED
 Upon	completion	of	the	application,	the	applicant	will	be	given	a	list	of	contrac-
 tors	along	with	an	“Intent	to	Hire”	packet	and	instructions	as	to	the	next	step	in	
 the	process.

 The	second	way	to	apply	is	to	go	to	our	website	at	and	click	on	
 the	“Northwest”	tab.	From	there	anyone	may	submit	an	application	at	any	time.	

               Need to buy flowers?
   Please DO NOT do business with Monroe County Flowers
because they do not business with unions or union members.
   Monroe County Flowers has three locations to avoid:
   Monroe, Bedford, Toledo
 PAGE 12                                                                       VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                    NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011

                                                Building Trades

                                                                                                                                                                                       Return Service Requested

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Toledo,	OH	43605-2120
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   909	Front	St.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The	Voice	of	the	Building	Trades
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Northwestern	Ohio	Labor	Union	Newspaper
                                                Calendar of Events
   LOCAL	UNION	           	      	           MEETING	DAY	          	     TIME
   Asbestos	Workers	Local	45	 	              Third	Thursday	       	     7:30	p.m.
   Boilermakers	Local	85	        	           Third	Thursday	       	     7	p.m.
   Bricklayers	and	Tile	Setters	
   Local	3	        	      	      												Second	Thursday	      	     7:30	p.m.
   Carpenters	Local	351	 	       	           Third	Tuesday		       	     7:30	p.m.
   Cement	Masons	&
   Plasterers	Local	886	 	       	           First	Thursday		      	     8	p.m.
   Electrical	Workers	Local	8	 	             First	&	Third	Monday		      7	p.m.
   Elevator	Constructors	Local	44	           Ft.	Wayne	-	Second	Thursday	5	p.m.
   Elevator	Constructors	Local	44	           South	Bend	-	First	Tuesday	 7:30	p.m.
   Elevator	Constructors	Local	44	           Toledo	-	Second	Wednesday	 7:30	p.m.
   Glaziers	Local	948	 	         	           Second	Tuesday	       	     5	p.m.
   Iron	Workers	Local	55	        	           First	Tuesday	 	      	     7:30	p.m.
   Local	55	Executive	Bd.	Meetings:		 First	Tuesday			             	     6	p.m.	
   	       	       	      	      	           Third	Tuesday		       	     6:30	p.m.
   Laborers	Local	480	 	         	           Second	Thursday	      	     7:30	p.m.
   Laborers	Local	500	 	         	           First	Wednesday	      	     6:30	p.m.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  U.S.	POSTAGE	PAID
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NONPROFIT	ORG.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PERMIT	NO.	1328
   NWO	Building	&

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DETROIT,	MI
   Construction	Trades	Council	 	            Third	Wednesday	      	     6	p.m.
   Painters	Local	7	      	      	           Second	Wednesday	 	         6		p.m.
   Plumbers	&	Pipe	Fitters	Local	50	 First	and	Third	Tuesday	            7:30	p.m.
   Roofers	Local	134	 	          	           Third	Thursday	       	     8	p.m.
   Sheet	Metal	Workers	Local	33	             Fourth	Tuesday	       	     7	p.m.
   Sprinkler	Fitters	Local	669	 	            District	14	 	        	     7	p.m.
   	       	       	      	      	           Cuyahoga	Falls

Basic bargain is broken with American worker
         By Robert Reich                                                                                                        even	buying	back	their	own	shares	        term.	 Without	 enough	American	
  Fmr. U.S. Secretary of Labor               ‘When the economy becomes too lopsided –                                           of	 stock.	 This	 is	 a	 bonanza	 for	    consumers,	their	profitable	days	are	
	     For	 most	 of	 the	 last	 century,	    disproportionately benefiting corporate owners                                     CEOs	 whose	 pay	 is	 tied	 to	 stock	    numbered.
the	basic	bargain	at	the	heart	of	the	                                                                                          prices	and	it	increases	the	wealth	of	    	    After	all,	there’s	a	limit	to	how	
American	 economy	 was	 that	 em-            and top executives rather than average workers                                     other	shareholders.	But	it	doesn’t	       much	 profit	 they	 can	 get	 out	 of	
ployers	paid	their	workers	enough	           – it tips over.’                                                                   create	 a	 single	 new	 job	 and	 it	     cutting	American	payrolls	or	even	
to	 buy	 what	American	 employers	                                                                                              doesn’t	raise	the	wages	of	a	single	      selling	abroad.	European	consum-
were	selling.                               began	 collecting	 wage	 and	 salary	     porate	owners	and	top	executives	         employee.                                 ers	are	in	no	mood	to	buy.	And	most	
	     That	 basic	 bargain	 created	        data	in	1929.                             rather	 than	 average	 workers	 –	 it	    	    Nor	do	the	wealthiest	Ameri-         Asian	economies,	including	China,	
a	 virtuous	 cycle	 of	 higher	 living	     	     Meanwhile,	 corporate	 profits	     tips	over.                                cans	need	more	money.	The	top	1	          are	slowing.
standards,	 more	 jobs,	 and	 better	       now	constitute	the	largest	share	of	      	    In	other	words,	we’re	in	trou-       percent	is	already	taking	in	more	        	    We’re	in	a	vicious	cycle.	The	
wages.                                      the	economy	since	1929.	The	year	         ble	because	the	basic	bargain	has	        than	20	percent	of	total	income	—	        only	 way	 out	 of	 it	 is	 to	 put	 more	
	     Back	in	1914,	Henry	Ford	an-          1929,	by	the	way,	was	the	year	of	        been	broken.                              the	highest	since	the	1920s.              money	into	the	pockets	of	average	
nounced	he	was	paying	workers	on	           the	Great	Crash	that	ushered	in	the	      	    Yet	 incredibly,	 some	 politi-      	    American	businesses,	includ-         Americans.	That	means	extending	
his	Model	T	assembly	line	$5	a	day	         Great	Depression.                         cians	think	the	best	way	to	restart	      ing	 small-business	 owners,	 have	       the	payroll	tax	cut.	And	extending	
–	three	times	what	the	typical	fac-         	     In	 the	 years	 leading	 up	 to	    the	nation’s	job	engine	is	to	make	       no	 incentive	 to	 create	 new	 jobs	     unemployment	benefits.
tory	employee	earned	at	the	time.	          the	 Great	 Crash,	 most	 employers	      corporations	even	more	profitable	        because	consumers	(whose	spend-           	    Don’t	stop	there.	Create	a	WPA	
The	Wall	Street	Journal	termed	his	         forgot	Henry	Ford’s	example.	The	         and	 the	 rich	 even	 richer	 –	 reduc-   ing	accounts	for	about	70	percent	        to	 get	 the	 long-term	 unemployed	
action	“an	economic	crime.”                 wages	of	most	American	workers	           ing	 corporate	 taxes;	 cutting	 back	    of	the	American	economy)	aren’t	          back	to	work.	And	a	Civilian	Con-
	     But	Ford	knew	it	was	a	cun-           remained	 stagnant.	 The	 gains	 of	      on	 regulations	 protecting	 public	      spending	 enough.	 Consumers’	            servation	 Corp	 to	 create	 jobs	 for	
ning	 business	 move.	 The	 higher	         economic	 growth	 went	 mainly	           health,	worker	safety,	the	environ-       after-tax	 incomes	 dropped	 in	 the	     young	people.
wage	 turned	 Ford’s	 auto	 workers	        into	corporate	profits	and	into	the	      ment,	 and	 small	 investors;	 and	       second	 and	 third	 quarters	 of	 the	    	    Hire	 teachers	 for	 classrooms	
into	customers	who	could	afford	to	         pockets	of	the	very	rich.	American	       slashing	taxes	on	the	very	rich.          year,	 the	 first	 back-to-back	 drops	   now	 overcrowded,	 and	 pay	 them	
buy	Model	T’s.	In	two	years	Ford’s	         families	maintained	their	standard	       	    These	 same	 politicians	 think	     since	2009.                               enough	 to	 attract	 people	 who	 are	
profits	more	than	doubled.                  of	living	by	going	deeper	into	debt.	     average	workers	should	have	even	         	    The	 recent	 small	 pickup	 in	      talented	 as	 well	 as	 dedicated.	
	     That	was	then.	Now,	Ford	Mo-          In	1929	the	debt	bubble	popped.           less	money	in	their	pockets.	They	        consumer	spending	has	come	out	           Rebuild	 our	 pot-holed	 highways.	
tor	Company	is	paying	its	new	hires	        	     Sound	familiar?	It	should.	The	     don’t	 want	 to	 extend	 the	 payroll	    of	 their	 savings.	 Obviously	 this	     Create	a	world-class	infrastructure.
half	what	it	paid	new	employees	a	          same	thing	happened	in	the	years	         tax	cut	or	unemployment	benefits.	        can’t	 continue,	 and	 corporations	      	    Pay	for	this	by	hiking	taxes	on	
few	years	ago.                              leading	up	to	the	crash	of	2008.          And	they	want	to	make	it	harder	for	      know	 it.	 Consumer	 savings	 are	        millionaires.
	     The	basic	bargain	is	over	–	not	      	     The	 latest	 data	 on	 corporate	   workers	to	form	unions.                   already	at	their	lowest	level	in	four	    	    A	basic	bargain	was	once	at	the	
only	at	Ford	but	all	over	the	Ameri-        profits	and	wages	show	we	haven’t	        	    These	politicians	have	reality	      years.                                    heart	of	the	American	economy.	It	
can	economy.                                learned	the	essential	lesson	of	the	      upside	down.                              	    Get	 it?	 Corporate	 profits	 are	   recognized	 that	 average	 workers	
	     New	data	from	the	Commerce	           two	 big	 economic	 crashes	 of	 the	     	    Corporations	don’t	need	more	        up	right	now	largely	because	pay	         are	 also	 consumers	 and	 that	 their	
Department	shows	employee	pay	is	           last	 seventy-five	 years:	When	 the	     money.	They	have	so	much	money	           is	down	and	companies	aren’t	hir-         paychecks	keep	the	economy	going.
now	down	to	the	smallest	share	of	          economy	becomes	too	lopsided	–	           right	 now	 they	 don’t	 even	 know	      ing.	But	this	is	a	losing	game	even	      	    We	can’t	have	a	healthy	econ-
the	economy	since	the	government	           disproportionately	benefitting	cor-       what	to	do	with	all	of	it.	They’re	       for	 corporations	 over	 the	 long	       omy	until	that	bargain	is	restored.

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