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									                                                                                 Friday 2 December 2011

   The Kendall Chronicle
                                                                                       Volume 8 Issue 21

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At the Camden Haven Show held in March 2011, Miss
Alison McLachlan was selected as our local Showgirl
after spending a busy day presenting awards in the
Beef Cattle Section and lunching with officials.
Alison is 23 years old, completed a Bachelor of Educa-
tion last year and enjoys helping her parents run their
Angus cattle breeding program on the family farm at
Rollands Plains. She has had a very busy year teaching
at her local school, being Wheel of Cash girl for West-
port Club, as well as doing some modelling and appear-
ing in a television commercial for Port Macquarie
Mazda. One of the highlights of her year was present-
ing medals as Miss Showgirl at Iron man Port Mac-
Alison is excited to be representing Camden Haven at
the Zone Final of the Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Com-
petition to be held here in Laurieton on Saturday 10th
March 2012.
Meanwhile, applications are being encouraged for en-
trants for the next Local Showgirl. Alison recommends
the experience to any young lady between the age of
18 and 25 years.
For more information regarding the Showgirl
Competition, contact Jill Ramsay on 6559 4743 or 0403
877 175                                                            PICTURED ABOVE AND LEFT
                                                                       Miss Alison McLachlan
                                                                    Camden haven Showgirl 2011

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The Kendall Chronicle               Friday 2 December 2011               Volume 8 Issue 21                 Page 1
                                                                   The next issue of the Chronicle
The Camden Haven Choral Society gives several con-                      will be published on
certs throughout the year– around March, June and                        13th January 2012
September, but the December concert at Christmas
time is special. This happy season generally brings out
the best in everybody, with thoughts of family, giving        SEASON’S GREETINGS TO ALL
and receiving gifts, joining in the happy conviviality,
and the singing of carols. That’s why the Camden Ha-        As this is the last issue of the Kendall Chronicle for
ven Choir gives voice - on behalf of the Saint Vinnies’     2011, the Kendall Community Centre Reserve Trus-
Christmas Hamper Appeal. That’s why they “sing              tees wish all Kendall and district residents and our
Christmas”! The Choir will present a concert on Sun-        readers from the “other side of the highway” a safe
day 11th December at 2pm in the Laurieton School of         and relaxing holiday season. You have read in a pre-
Arts hall, where all proceeds are to support the pur-       vious Chronicle that the Department of Primary Indus-
chase and distribution of Christmas food hampers and        tries Crown Lands Division appointed additional Trus-
toys to less privileged residents of the Camden Haven.      tees to work alongside Janice de Rose, Wren Mathews
For many years now the dedicated band of Saint Vin-         and David Buchan. The enlarged Trust has held its
nies’ volunteer workers have brought comfort and            first meeting and has agreed to meet quite often to
cheer to many local families, and the Choir is proud        help the “newbies” get up to date with their responsi-
and privileged to be associated with their generous         bilities and the work of the Centre.
and compassionate work. Tickets at the door are $10         We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated staff
and include delicious afternoon refreshments. The           of volunteers who keep the Centre Office running
program is a variety of song, folk carols from the Mid-     smoothly and who provide our many services with a
dle Ages right through to the pop melodies of the 21st      smile and friendly attention. Bendigo Bank goes from
century, modern verse, and instrumental items –             strength to strength, supported by the wonderful
something for everyone. Why not come to “town” and          community of residents who utilise banking products.
join the Choir in celebrating with song?                    The Meeting Place continues to earn good dollars, all
                                                            of which are donated back to provide and upgrade
                                                            various aspects of the property – and we especially
                                                            thank those volunteers whose great recipes and cook-
                                                            ing ideas ensure there is always something tasty on
                                                            the menu on Thursdays. Their latest project is to re-
                                                            place the floor covering in the RTC building, as it is
                                                            wearing badly especially in the banking section, and
                                                            constitutes a safety hazard for the Bendigo Bank staff.
                                                            As anyone who has had to purchase any sort of floor
                                                            covering lately knows, this is a major cost, and not
                                                            something the Centre could afford without this gener-
             OPENING HOURS                                  ous contribution from The Meeting Place.
   MONDAY - THURSDAY 10AM -1PM                              The decision to change the Kendall Chronicle from a
                                                            fortnightly to a monthly newsletter was taken after a
       FRIDAY 10AM-4PM                                      great deal of soul-searching and financial advice. The
      CHECK OUT THE LATEST TERM                             costs of printing, assembling and mailing the Chroni-
                                                            cle was continuing to outstrip its income from adver-
            DEPOSIT RATES
                                                            tising, so that it was losing money for the Centre each
                                                            issue. Please rest assured that the Trust understands
           KENDALL AGENCY                                   and acknowledges that this decision may have disap-
                                                            pointed many people who anticipate each Chronicle
                  THIS IS OUR BANK!                         issue, to catch up on latest activities and community
   THE KENDALL COMMUNITY BENEFITS FROM                      news.
   EVERY NEW ACCOUNT OPENED AND EVERY                       At its next meeting the Trustees will be discussing
        DEPOSIT AND/OR WITHDRAWAL                           how best we can utilise and improve our Centre web-
                                                            site, so you will be able to catch up on “local doings”
                                                            online between newsletters. Stand by for more
 4 mths - $5,000 & over - 5.55% pa                          news about this early in 2012.
                                                NEW         Happy Christmas to all who celebrate that festival,
 6 mths - $5,000 & over - 5.55% pa
12 mths - $5,000 & over - 5.30% pa                          good health and happiness into the new year for eve-
24 mths - $5,000 & over - 5.40% pa                          ryone. With best wishes from your Centre Trustees.

The Kendall Chronicle              Friday 2 December 2011                Volume 8 Issue 21                    Page 2
       Books @ Bookends... a review by Michelle Lopert           While the family is torn apart by the stress of Glynis’s can-
                                                                 cer treatments, Shep’s father is ratcheting up bills in an ex-
                                                                 pensive nursing home. Poor Shep wavers between paying
                                                                 for his upkeep and farming him out to sub-standard public
                                                                 system to save the money for Glynis. The crippling cost of
                                                                 aged care doesn’t escape Shriver’s scrutiny.
                                                                 But if all these horrors aren’t enough, there’s a third major
                                                                 health catastrophe developing. Shriver gives us a hint of the
                                                                 embarrassing condition Shep is suffering but the true hide-
                                                                 ousness and tragedy are only revealed by the end of the
                                                                 Lionel Shriver, never afraid of confrontational material, al-
                                                                 lows us to watch the unravelling of two suffering families.
                                                                 The psychological trauma of modern medical treatment and
                                                                 dying is conveyed with a disquieting candour.
                                                                 The material is so heavy, the tragedy so black, Shriver pro-
             “So Much For That” by Lionel Shriver                vides some lightness and hope with a satisfactory ending.
                                                                 Whether you love or hate the book, you won’t be able to
 You are probably familiar with the author, Lionel Shriver.      put it down. It’s rivetting.
 She wrote the brilliant and confronting novel, We Need
 to Talk About Kevin, which is now a movie. Her latest           This book is available at the Port Macquarie Library.
 novel, So Much For That, is equally brilliant.
 In So Much For That, there’s no teenage boy called
 Kevin going off the rails. Instead, we witness the entire                 KENDALL CWA NEWS
 American health care system going off the rails, ruining
 millions of lives in its wake. Given that 50 to 65% of          Kendall CWA recently donated these antique baby scales to
 bankruptcies in America are due to medical expenses, this       the Kendall Heritage Society. The Kendall CWA initiated a
 novel is a hot topic.                                           Baby Health Clinic which was opened on 25th April 1955 at
 The plot is simple. Shriver concentrates on the two fami-       the War Memorial Centre which houses Kendall CWA. Sister
 lies of Shep and his best friend Jackson.                       Farthing saw 10 babies, which grew to approximately 67 by
 Good-hearted, discontented Shep sells his company for a         the end of May. The scales were bought with the assis-
 million dollars. In America this is not enough to retire on,    tance of CWA Headquarters and had been in use until
 but it’s worth a fortune in a third world country. There,       1992. Over the ensuing years many infants were weighed
 you can live on a dollar a day. With this money, he is          by these scales, and each month the CWA received a re-
 about to fulfil his dream to ditch modern society and fly to    port from the sister. The baby Health Clinic was continued
 a tropical paradise and live the simple life.                   until 2001, when Kendall CWA was damaged after a fire
 The day he announces that he has bought air tickets for         which completely destroyed the Kendall Services and Citi-
 the entire family, his wife, Glynis, calmly announces she       zens Club adjacent to the rooms. The money for the Baby
 has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer.          Clinic was raised by holding various fund raising nights,
 From here on, Shep’s plans go horribly wrong.                   mannequin parades, hoy, film and slide nights.
 In order for Glynis to afford treatment, she needs Shep’s       We look forward to seeing the scales on display at the
 employment medical insurance. So Shep has to go back to         Kendall Heritage Society, and are proud to assist in keeping
 work.                                                           memories from the past accessible to the public, so they
 The chapters start with a snapshot of Shep’s dwindling          can see what it was like in the "good old days".
 bank account to illustrate the toll on his savings. With
 each enormous medical bill, Shep is forced to confront the      Jenny Gaudry Publicity Officer Kendall Branch
 uncomfortable question: How much money is Glynis’s life
 Shep’s best friend, Jackson, has been dealing with the
 health care industry for years and has become a bitter,
 raving lunatic. His 16-year-old daughter suffers from a
 rare genetic disorder and resents the medical intervention
 keeping her alive. Meanwhile, their attention-starved sec-
 ond daughter is eating her way into obesity.
 Almost everyone in the novel is sick, angry or horribly dis-
 appointed by life. What ever happened to the American
 Lionel Shriver, an American expat who moved to London
 15 years ago, admitted that the novel was inspired by the
 death of her close friend from mesothelioma. She admits
 how cowardly most of us are in the face of terminal illness
 and what a devastating effect it has on human relation-

The Kendall Chronicle                   Friday 2 December 2011                  Volume 8 Issue 21                        Page 3
Again, this year was a great success with several entries in
all four categories. The winning exhibits were as follows:
Pre-School/Infants: Kendall Community Pre-School
Primary School:   Bryce Cawley
Secondary School: Camden Haven High School
Open Section:     Marion Woodnutt
The judge considered the standard at least equal to last
year, awarding a First Prize in each category, and three
Highly Commended awards. Presentation of the Exhibition
and Winners Certificates was on Friday night 18th November
2011. This year we introduced a change by having the exhi-
bition at our local Services Club. A new innovation for this
year was ‘Recycle Yourself’, a Dinner on Saturday 19th No-
vember, catered for at the local Services Club. The purpose
of this addition was to recycle clothing from our Op-Shop, or
clothing that you had forgotten about, buried in the Ward-
robe at home.
Being the first of such dinners, we attracted 30 people, all
being dressed in recycled gear. This was a fun dinner and a
huge success with all attendees participating in a positive
manner to the purpose of ‘Recycling’. The success of the
dinner gives the committee positive endorsement to pursue
a similar fun dinner next year. Of course the committee will
need to look closely at our presentation of this competition
in 2012, but, we have received such positive ‘feed back’ that
I feel we have opened a number of doors for extended de-                                   PICTURED ABOVE
velopment and innovation for 2012.
Warren Parkinson, Co-Ordinator Good Life in Kendall                                 Kendall Pre-school winning entry

                                                                                                  6559 4121
                                                                                                      We Put You First

                                                                            Jason       Natalie       John       Leanne     Martie   Cath

KENDALL         3       1     1                    AUCTION            ROSSGLEN                                                         $375,000
                                  On-Site 10th December @                                                            RIVER FRONTAGE
                                  42 Graham Street, Kendall                                                          40ha (100 acres)
                                  Inspect: Thurs & Sat 12.30 - 1pm                                                   A mix of pasture and bushland
                                                                                                                     Catch fish at your door
                                  702.7m2 block in Poets Village
                                                                                                                     Build your dream home
                                  Three bedroom timber cottage
                                                                                                                     13km to Laurieton, 38km to Port
                                  Ideal first home, great views

                                        Agent: Natalie Piper                                                               Agent: Jason Bignell
                                            0459 126 627                                                                       0409 594 036

UPSALLS CREEK 3              3     4                 $625,000         KENDALL       4             1          1                         $395,000
                                  PEACE AND QUIET                                                                    LOCAL ICON

                                  14.95ha (37ac) paradise                                                            1681m2 block
                                  Three bed plus office, two bath                                                    Four bedroom residence
                                  East aspect, full length verandah                                                  Retail space
                                  Three bay shed, double carport                                                     Carport and sheds
                                  Permanent creek, Lorne views                                                       Loads of potential

                                       Agent: Jason Bignell                                                               Agent: Jason Bignell
                                           0409 594 036                                                                       0409 594 036

The Kendall Chronicle                   Friday 2 December 2011                      Volume 8 Issue 21                                         Page 4
                  LONGNECK PACKS                                     GREAT CHRISTMAS
                                                                        GIFT IDEAS!
                POVERTY PACK - $7.00
              (1 LONG NECK + 1 STUBBIE)                             LOCAL GIFT BASKETS
                WORKERS PACK - $12                                 INCLUDES ALL LOCAL
              (2 LONGNECKS + STUBBIE)                               PRODUCTS & CAN BE
                 KENDALL PACK - $17                                  MADE TO SUIT YOU!
               (3 LONGNECKS +STUBBIE)                              COME IN & CHECK OUT
               SUCKING UP PACK-$20                                     THE SAMPLES.
            (3 LONGNECKS + 75OML WINE)                               ORDERS NOW BEING

                                          SANTA IS ARRIVING ON
                                          THE FIRETRUCK ON
                                          XMAS EVE AT 4.30PM
                                          LOLLIES FOR ALL KIDS!

                 LOTS OF SUMMER TIME                                  WE CAN CATER FOR
                        SNACKS                                       ALL YOUR CHRISTMAS
                                                                         PARTY NEEDS
                  OLIVES, CHEESES, BIS-                              TAKE THE WORK OUT
                  CUITS, LABNA, MARI-                                 OF IT & LET US DO IT
                 NATED FETA & DUKKAH                                        FOR YOU.
                                                                      WE CAN SUPPLY THE
                  FRESH BAKERY BREAD                                   CHEESE PLATTERS,
                       EVERY DAY                                     WINE & BEER ICED UP
                     $3.50 PER LOAF
                                                                       AND READY IN THE
                CARLTON MID 30PK CANS                                        ESKY!

The Kendall Chronicle               Friday 2 December 2011        Volume 8 Issue 21          Page 5
People travelled from far and wide plus our locals to hear      THE MEETING PLACE CAFE
from horticultural expert, Attila Kapitany, who had jour-
neyed from Melbourne to tell us about the beauty and use-
fulness of native succulent plants large and small which are    SERVING MORNING TEA AND
also drought and fire-resistant.                                LUNCH FROM 10.00AM TILL
His information about our native Bottle ‘Trees’ which are
actually succulents, introduced the audience to the idea of
                                                                2.00PM EVERY THURSDAY
growing them in their own gardens. The commonly named                GREAT COFFEE, GREAT FOOD, GREAT
Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris) found in
the drier areas of Central Queensland grows magnificently
on the streets of Roma. Attila showed a beautiful one
growing in his suburban Melbourne garden.                             EAT INDOORS OR OUT ON THE DECK
The other Bottle Tree, the Boab, Adansonia gregori grows in
WA. Attila told us that neither is a tree as they lack the           Meals on Wheels Vouchers - can be
woody heartwood and instead their trunk have a very fleshy
water storage tissue that expands and contracts depending
                                                                              redeemed here
on the available water.
Attila quickly dispelled the idea that there were only a few           AT KENDALL COMMUNITY
native succulents. There are endless varieties of shapes,
sizes and colours. They require minimal care and work                         CENTRE
wonderfully as a ground cover. Can be mixed with flowers,
bulbs and even vegetables.                                                               PLUS!
Attila and his wife Michele brought many plants with them
and these were quickly snapped up by the audience. They                     KENDALL BAZAAR
also donated some books on native succulents to the Kend-
all Garden Club library.                                        Selling fresh, local homegrown vegetables, herbs,
It was an exciting, informative talk enjoyed by all. The only   fertilizers, plants & seedlings, jams, honey, craft,
problem now is who will we have for our 2013 speaker!
                                                                                    jewellery etc.
                                                                     Stalls available at very reasonable prices
                                                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
                                                                     PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE CLOSED
                                                                               FROM DECEMBER 22
                                                                       AND WILL REOPEN ON JANUARY 12

                                                                                Dr Vaughan
                                                                will next be at Kendall Community Centre
                                                                on Tuesday 6th and 20th December.
                                                                Please ring the surgery at North Haven for
                                                                an appointment at Kendall on 6559 7341

                                                                     This issue’s SUDOKU is a medium one!

                                                                 7                   4                 8   6
                         HIGGINS            &        DIX         3     2   5
                         LAWYERS & CONVEYANCERS
                                                                                             1                  5

For professional and friendly advice with:                             5   4                       3
• Real Estate Conveyancing
• Estates, Wills, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship                        1         2       6     4   5
• Family Law and de facto Relationships                                              8                 4   2

                                                                 1                           9
73 Bold Street
                              Lake Cathie Village Centre                                               9   1    7
Laurieton 2443                        Lake Cathie 2445
6559 8845                                                              7   6                       1            4
                                              6585 5955
The Kendall Chronicle                  Friday 2 December 2011                  Volume 8 Issue 21               Page 6
                                                               Coming Events
We are now registered with ‘Fitness Australia’,                Saturday 3rd December
which means we are automatically recognised by            November/December Birthday Bash
most Health Insurers who offer rebates on Gym                New Members Welcome Night
Memberships!!!                                             Lots of fun, games, puzzles, great music
Very Exciting, now you can really smile while
                                                            and karaoke. Plenty of prizes to win
Looking & Feeling Great!!!
                                                                   Including Members’ Draws
ONE MONTH FREE!!! when you purchase a 6                             Commences at 7.30pm
month Membership when you mention this Ad-                        Bookings are essential
vertisement!!!                                                     For the Dining Room
HURRY!       offer ends Christmas Eve, don't               Sunday 4th December from 2pm
miss The Perfect Pressie!!!                                      Kendall Unplugged
                                                          Your chance to sing, dance, tell jokes or
ONLY $9.50 - Discounted Casual Visits Week               anything. Be game and perform on stage
Days between 11am-1pm                                               for a live audience

BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!                                            Saturday 10th December
Another Yogalates Class has started Tuesday                     CHRISTMAS TOY RAFFLE
nights at 5:45pm. You really don’t want to miss                  Over $2000 in prizes
this class, what a great way to finish the day.
                                                              Early bird tickets available up to
        Day/Time                      Class                         Friday 9th December
 Tues 5.45pm-6.45pm                                             (Early bird bonus of $5 free
 Thurs 9.30am-10.30am      YOGALATES/
                                                                  with every $5 purchased)

  Mon 9.30am-10.30am                                            Friday 16th December
  Mon/Wed 5.30pm-6.30pm               PUMP                     CHRISTMAS HAM RAFFLES
  Tues 9.30am-10.30am
                                                             Over $3000 worth of hams, roasts
  Thurs 5.30pm-6.30pm          CIRCUIT CLASS                      And all Christmas Fare
  Sat 9.30am-10.30am                                           Raffles on sale from 6pm
  Fri 9.15am-10.15am                                             Friday 23rd December
  Sat 8.15am-9.15am
                                                            MEMBER’S KIDS & GRANDKIDS
                                                                CHRISTMAS PARTY
ATTENTION!!! NEW A & B Grade Squash Comp                       Free Entry from 7pm
starting in January along with a Fun Racquetball
Comp. Register Today to avoid disappointment…            DINING ROOM will only be open on
                                                         Friday nights & to cater for pre-booked
36 Kew Road LAURIETON, Ph 02 6559 7559,                  functions until our new chef arrives.
                                                               Club Phone number: 6559 4207
                                                                Email: office

The Kendall Chronicle           Friday 2 December 2011             Volume 8 Issue 21                Page 7
                                                                                                                                   Your community book exchanges
                                                                                                                                  Monday            10am - 2pm
 It is hard to believe that another Christmas and festive sea-                                                                    Tuesday           10am - 2pm
 son is just weeks away!                                                                                                          Wednesday         10am - 4pm
 The Op Shop has a good supply of Christmas trees and                                                                             Thursday          10am - 2pm
 decorations for sale. Not all the trees can be displayed so                                                                      Friday            10am - 2pm
 ask to see the complete range if you are looking for some                                                                       Saturday         10am - 12noon
 great bargain. Whilst on the subject of Christmas – gift                                                       ** Get your autumn/winter reading organized!
 vouchers are available and you can nominate the value of
 the voucher. Op Shops are very popular with both young                                                         Bookclub @Bookends @Kendall
 and old and this may be the perfect Christmas gift!                                                                 1st Wednesday of each month @ 7pm
 There is a good stock of handmade coat hangers, another                                                             Get reading, come along & join in the discussions
 good gift idea.                                                                                                Bring some nibblies to share - All Welcome
 The weather is getting warmer and there is an ample sup-
 ply of ladies tops and blouses.
 Some of the Op Shop crew have put in a lot of time sorting
 through the buttons and patterns – all to make your selec-                                                         JOHN AND WENDY POWELL
 tion easier and faster. If you are thinking of making new
 outfits for the festive season you may well find the right
                                                                                                             Would like to thank the person or persons who
 pattern amongst the collection.
 The area displaying books, CDs, DVDs and videos has been                                                     cared for Polly our dog during the storms on
 reorganised and made more accessible – there are some                                                                   November 16th - 19th.
 great gifts amongst them.
 Bed linen, towels and curtains are still in great demand.
 The Op Shop would welcome any donations of these items.                                                                                  PUBLIC NOTICE
 Also shoes are a big seller and in demand. Please leave all
 donations of goods during business hours. If this isn’t pos-                                                People parking at the Kendall Community Centre/
 sible, contact the Op Shop by phoning: 6559 0084 to make
                                                                                                             R.T.C. please take care in reversing out as there
 alternative arrangements.
 The Op Shop team wishes to thank the community                                                               is often cars parked on the opposite side of the
 once again for your ongoing support.                                                                                               road.

                                                              KENDALL & DISTRICT
                                                       BUSINESS & SERVICES DIRECTORY

     BAKER’S LANDSCAPING                                              TIM LARKIN - your local plumber                                      Hand Crafted
     SUPPLIES - Soil Specialists                                                                                                              LEATHER
                                                                       All general domestic   Pumps                Treatment systems
                                                                       Commercial             Tanks                LP Gas fitting
  - Garden Soil - Top Dressing - Garden Conditioner - Veggie Mix
 (no “sewerage sludge” or garbage waste used in garden mixes) -
                                                                                              Septic tanks
                                                                                                                   3.5 ton Rubber track
   - Cow Manure - Fowl Manure - Mushroom Compost -
     - Sands, Gravels, Decorative Stone, Riverstone -                                                                                          Many designs & colours
             - Fresh Ti tree Mulch - Sawdust-                         Call Tim on 0418 652 695                                                CRAFTY SHOES of KENDALL
                                     PHONE DIRECT 1300 172                         or Fax 6559 0000
     Delivery all areas.
  FREE delivery to Kendall           891 or Mick on 0419 464 907
                                                                                                                                                  Phone 6559 4524

  TOO !
      LL        PLUMBING
        Plumber - Drainer - Gas Fitter
* Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations
* Maintenance Sewer * Storm water
* Hot water systems * Water tank installations
                       & Sales
                  Phone SCOTT
                Mobile 0419 270 035                                                               161 Nancy Bird Walton Drive, KEW

              Environmentally friendly
                                                                                                                                               WHY MYOB?
                   Fully licenced                                                                                                          ξ Learn the basics & how, with MYOB, you
     Spiders-Ants-Cockroaches-Silverfish                                                                                                     can keep business & home records
      Termite treatments & inspections                                                                                                     ξ Learn a simple payroll control method
       CALL PAUL & JACKIE: 6581 5838                                                                                                       ξ How YOU can prepare your own BAS
           MOBILE: 0433 420 014                                                                                                             Call Colin Parker on 6559 4151

The Kendall Chronicle                                              Friday 2 December 2011                                        Volume 8 Issue 21                              Page 8
Kendall Tennis Club                                          With the year ending the club has a number of Grand
2012 Summer Night Competition                                Finals and presentations scheduled. The new Friday
Starts Tuesday 31st January.                                 morning day competition has been a real hit and their
Registration Closes 23rd December, 2011                      presentation is on Friday 2nd December. The Friday
Tuesday or Thursdays- A, B & C Grade.                        junior competition which has seen over 95 children
6-30pm to 10pm.                                              get active will have their Grand Finals, Presentation
                                                             and Christmas Party on Friday 9th December. The
                                                             weekly night competition Grand Final will be played
2012 Junior Spring Competition                               on Tuesday 13th December followed by the end of
Starts Friday 10th February, 2012                            year presentation. Registration is now open for all
14 week competition (no school holidays)                     competitions in the New Year however get in early as
Juniors must register by 31st December, 2011                 numbers are limited. See advertisement for more de-
                                                             More Courts:
2012 Friday Day Competition                                  The club’s committee is still struggling to get more
Starts Friday     17th
                  February, 2012                             courts. Council is still trying to purchase the railway
Registration Closes 13th January, 2012                       land but there have been long delays and the pur-
9am to 11-30am for 12 weeks                                  chase has still not gone through. A concept plan is
(No school holidays)                                         also being prepared. The committee will continue to
                                                             liaise with council and push for more courts. In the
To register for any of these competitions by the due         meantime the committee will do their best to cater for
date phone Wendy on                                          everyone.
65594727 or 0419634848
Youth Group:

The committee will hold another youth group night on
Friday 23rd December from 6pm to 9-30pm and again
later in January to provide for those that have been
missing out on the youth activities. The Big Red Bus
will be in attendance and we invite members of the
community that have not seen inside this bus to take
this opportunity
whilst it’s in town.
See advertisement
this page.

Well done to Janel
Manns our wheel-
chair tennis player
who recently won
the Victorian
Wheelchair Open. It will be a month long Australian
summer of tennis for Janel playing international
ranked tournaments in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne
and Sydney. Also congratulations to our junior mem-
ber Lauren Brown who was recently selected to attend
the North coast Catholic school tennis trials in Lismore.

The Kendall Chronicle               Friday 2 December 2011                  Volume 8 Issue 21                   Page 9
                                                     KEN DALL & DISTRICT
                                                     BUSIN ESS DIRECTORY

                                                       Phone Alex Woodgate for all your rural and
                                                       residential real estate needs.
                                                        0427 863 588 or 6559 9137                                      Your Local Agent
                                                                                            “AT THE LIGHTS”
                                                                                                                         6559 4121

                    STYLE COUNTRY
       ECO HAIR PRODUCTS    KERRY TIPPER                                      Hair & Nail Professionals
        COLOURS & PERMS     Phone: 6559 4405
                                                                                    Ph: 6559 8644
            4 RIVER STREET, KENDALL                                                    61 Bold Street
                                                                                           Laurieton                                            6559 4839
                                                                                                           168 Kendall Rd, Kew

       KUPCAKE GIFTS                                                                                                      HAVEN TREE
     Exciting & Affordable                                                                                                     & GARDEN
   Giftware-Soft Furnishings
                                                                                                                           All TREE WORK
                Lots More!
     Shop 1/83 Bold Street Laurieton
                                                         PAUL SMITH                 3 Ton Excavator
                                                                                                                         STUMP GRINDING
           Phone 02 65598801                              0413 362 819                 763 Bobcat            Phone: 6559 7777
  Email                          AH: 6559 4662           200,300,400,600 Drills            or 0409 983 054

For a serious job …
                                                                          ENERGY                           DRUMDERG EXCAVATIONS
Call   HENSCHMEN - CONCRETING                                          AIR-CONDITIONING                               all types of excavation
                          - BLOCK WORK
                          - RENDERING
                                                                            SERVICE                                          Mick Rogers
                                                             “KEEPING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY                  Zero swing excavators (various sizes) - Bobcat & dingo +
                      - TEXTURE COATING                     WARM IN WINTER & COOL IN SUMMER”                attachments - Truck tipper & floats - Tilt buckets - Rock
                Quality workmanship guaranteed
                                                        Phone BRENDAN BURKE on 6585 4955                     saws for detail - Augers - Hammers - Compactors for
                MOBILE: 04 14 845 463                                                                                   trenching - Rock or tree grabs
                                        Lic 77919C
                                                                  or 0413 610 199
                                                                                                             Mob 0412 094 226 - Ph 6559 0105

                        558 OXLEY HWY PORT MACQUARIE PH/FAX 65810643
          OPEN: MON - FRI: 8AM-5.30PM - SATURDAY: 8AM - 1PM

                 HORSE FEEDS - SUPPLEMENTS                                               CATTLE DRENCH
                 DRENCHES - BUFFALO FLY                                                  VACCINES - LICK BLOCKS
                 SPRAYS - WORMERS                                                        BUFFALO FLY EAR TAGS
                 GARDEN MULCHES                                                          PET FOOD & SUPPLIES
                 POTTING MIX - LAWN & GARDEN                                             BIRD SEED - FRONTLINE
                               FERTILIZERS                                               WORMERS - FLEA CONTROL
                 CHEMICAL WEED CONTROL                                                   CHOOKS - DAY OLD CHICKS
The Kendall Chronicle                                Friday 2 December 2011                        Volume 8 Issue 21                                        Page 10
                                                                The Kendall Chronicle is published by the Kendall Commu-
MONDAY                                                          nity Centre, 19 Comboyne Street, Kendall, NSW.
Pilates with Daniel Kendall School of Arts 5.00-6.00pm          Contact us: Phone: 6559 0055 Fax: 6559 0025
0406154996                                                             Email:
                                                                       Post: PO Box 14, Kendall, NSW, 2439
2nd & 4th Mon: Kendall Kettles Craft Kendall School of Arts
9.30am: Elizabeth 6559 0258                                     Deadline for Advertising and Editorial strictly MONDAYS 9.00am.
3rd Mon: Kendall District Gardeners meeting Kendall S of A      Letters to the Editor are submitted on condition that the Kendall Community
10am                                                            Centre Reserve Trust, as the publisher of the Kendall Chronicle, may edit or reject
4th Mon: Camden Haven Landcare meeting Kendall War              any article and has the right to and license third parties to reproduce in electronic
                                                                form and communicate these letters. The views expressed in this publication are
Memorial Rooms 7.30pm with supper after meeting.                not necessarily those of the editor.
TUESDAY                                                         Disclaimer: The Kendall Community Centre and the Editor and volunteers of
Doctor’s visit Kendall Community Centre - Please see            this Newspaper have published any article herein in good faith and bear no re-
                                                                sponsibility in respect to the accuracy of the information contained in such arti-
Page 6 of this issue for details.                               cle. Any person or persons publishing material in this newspaper do so in the
Ladies Sports Kendall Services Club 10am                        knowledge that they shall personally accept any responsibility for the accuracy
Social Darts Kendall Services Club 6.30pm                       and correctness of such articles and also accept full responsibility for the legal
                                                                consequences if it be found that the article contains any inaccuracies in the content
Kendall Riding for the Disabled, Batar Ck Rd 9.30am-12.30       of any such articles.
Cathy 6559 9290
Lorne Rangers Craft Group Lorne Community Hall 10am-2pm
                                                                               WITH COMPLIMENTS FROM
Nicola 6556 9773
Camden Haven St John the Evangelist, Kendall Mass 9.00am                      LORNE RURAL FIRE BRIGADE
6559 8354                                                                        EMERGENCY:                       DIAL 000
2nd Tues: Lorne Rural Fire Brigade, Fire Stn Stewarts River     Fire Control, Wauchope:                               6586 4565
Rd 7.30pm Kathy 65569668                                        Captain: Bruce Barlin                                 6556 9656
3rd Tues: Kendall CWA Kendall War Memorial Rooms 10am           President: John Carter                                6556 9677
Sue Carter 6556 9677                                            Secretary: Kathy Mangan                               6556 9668
Dragon Boat Mtg. 3rd Tues - starting Feb at Kendall Club.       Permit officers -
WEDNESDAY                                                       Graham Nosworthy - 6556 9773
Kendall Riding for the Disabled, Batar Ck Rd 9.30am-12.30       Mike Hodges       - 6556 9652
Cathy 6559 9290                                                 John Oxborough    - 6586 3977
Kids Corner Playgroup Kendall War Memorial Rooms 9.30am
Lara 6556 9727
Pilates at Lorne Hall 6pm-7pm
                                                                        CAROLS AT KENDALL
Bingo at Kendall Services Club 7pm
1st Wed: Bookclub at Bookends 7pm. Just come along -            Due to unforseen circumstance we are sad to say
all welcome                                                               there will be no carols at the
3rd Wed: Camden Haven Rural Fire Brigade mtg, Kendall                 Kendall Community Centre this year.
Rd, Kew 7.30pm
Allan 6559 4038 or John 6559 4683
THURSDAY                                                        We are happy to announce that plans are already
‘The Meeting Place’ Kendall Community Centre. Morning teas/       underway for the event in December 2012.
lunches served.
Phone 6559 0055 for bookings.
Kendall Veggie Bazaar Kendall Community Centre. Phone
6559 0055 for details.                                                         YOGA BACK IN KENDALL
1st Thurs: Kendall Heritage Society Mtg. Kendall Services
Club 7.30pm                                                       If you are interested in yoga or like to register
4th Thurs: Camden Haven PAH&I Society Mtg. Kendall              your interest for classes in Kendall in 2012. Please
Showground 7.00pm
FRIDAY                                                                        call Linda on 6559 4389
Kendall Public School’s old ag plot 9am-12, Raymond St (off
Graham St)                                                       SOLUTION TO LAST MONTH’S FIENDISH SUDOKU
Pilates Ball Class with Daniel Kendall School of Arts    3        1        9          2         5        4         6         8         7
0406154996                                                       6        7        4          8         1        3         2         5         9
St Stephens Uniting Church, Kendall 10.00am. 6559 4037           8        2        5          7         6        9         1         4         3
Camden Haven St John the Evangelist, Kendall Mass 9.00am         7        4        6          9         8        5         3         2         1
6559 8354
Jnr Golf Coaching & Games at Camden Haven Golf Club              2        9        3          6         4        1         5         7         8
9.00am 6559 4596                                                 5        8        1          3         7        2         4         9         6
Kendall Showground Markets at Kendall Showground                 9        5        8          4         3        6         7         1         2
FUTURE:                                                          4        3        7          1         2        8         9         6         5
December 17: Lorne Hall Carols & Christmas Party
                                                                 1        6        2          5         9        7         8         3         4

The Kendall Chronicle                  Friday 2 December 2011                          Volume 8 Issue 21                                    Page 11
   CAMDEN HAVEN PONY CLUB NEWS                                                  CAMDEN HAVEN SWIM SCHOOL
                                                                                    HOLIDAY PROGRAMS
Camden Haven Pony Club has been very busy attending local
shows and competitions lately. Our Club was well repre-              10 DAY INTENTSIVE LTS Mon 9/1-Fri 20/1. COST $100 for
sented at Wingham for a wonderful day of competition re-             10 lessons. Kendall Pool: morning classes.
cently.                                                                           Laurieton: Afternoon classes.
Congratulations to all our members that attended with a spe-         5 DAY INFANTS & TODDLERS - COST $50. This is an in-
cial mention to three riders who have recently moved onto            troductory “hands on” skills & knowledge program for all
new horses and have been doing exceptionally well in all they        parents of Infant & Toddler aged children. Water Safety
are taking part!                                                     and CPR education & instruction included.
Great effort goes to Macey Wilkinson on her pony, Charlie,           Kendall: 9-12pm Jan 16-20.          Laurieton: Jan 9-13.
Courtney Hanlen on her horse Shiloh and Livinia Deutscher            Pool Opening hours during Daylight Saving:
on Duke.                                                             Mon-Fri 6am-7pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday 10am-6pm
We look forward to hearing all about more of your great re-          Phone: 6559 0151; Email:
sults in the near future!                                            School programs are in full swing for the next few weeks.
Pictured: Macey Wilkinson on her new horse Charlie -                 School programs at Kendall Pool are able to take advan-
What an awesome team!!                                               tage of the solar heating, entry ramp and u-beaut wading
                                                                     pool - ideal for beginners! Members of the general public
                                                                     are encouraged to ring ahead or check the foyer notice-
                                                                     board if wishing to avoid school programs and congestion.
                                                                     The website: is only a quick click
                                                                     away if you’re after information about Kendall and/or
                                                                     Laurieton and Wauchope Pools.
                                                                     People are really catching onto the pool membership swim
                                                                     passes and the convenience and savings they offer. It’s
                                                                     great to see. Remember a swim pass can be used at the 3
                                                                     pools: Kendall, Laurieton and Wauchope and are valid for
                                                                     parents and dependent children only. No credit is lost at
                                                                     the end of a season as it saves on your card ready or the
                                                                     next swim season.

                                                                      2VWHRSDWK\ LV D KDQGV RQ
                                                                     7KHUDS\ WKDW KHOSV UHOLHYH DFKHV
                                                                       $QG SDLQV DQG UHVWRUH EHWWHU
                                                                              %RG\ IXQFWLRQ
                                                                     3HJJ\ /DQGRQ KDV PRUH WKDQ
                                                                           \HDUV FOLQLFDO H[SHULHQFH

                                                                     ♦    1HZ SDWLHQWV ZHOFRPH
                                                                     ♦    'RFWRU V UHIHUUDO QRW UHTXLUHG
                                                                     ♦    *RYW DVVLVWHG &KURQLF 'LVHDVH
                                                                     ♦    0DQDJHPHQW SURJUDPV DYDLODEOH
                                                                     ♦      YLVLWV SHU \HDU
                                                                     ♦    +LFDSV &ODLP \RXU 3ULYDWH
                                                                          +HDOWK )XQG UHEDWH RQ WKH VSRW
                                                                          DQG RQO\ SD\ WKH JDS IHH
                                                                     ♦    (IWSRV DYDLODEOH
       Contact your local Osteopath: PEGGY LANDON
       Contact your local Osteopath: PEGGY LANDON
                 KendallPhone: 6559 4026
                 Kendal - Phone: 6559 4026
             158 Batar Creek Road, Kendall
        New Patients welcome - Doctor’s referral not required

The Kendall Chronicle                       Friday 2 December 2011                 Volume 8 Issue 21                    Page 12

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