Based on Atmel At9200 ARM9 CPU Embedded Sytem Design by bestt571


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									                                                Manucode Technology & Development Co.

                     Based on Atmel At9200 ARM9 CPU
                         Embedded Sytem Design

The Atmel AT91RM9200 is a complete system-on-chip built around the
ARM920T ARM Thumb pro-cessor. It incorporates a rich set of system and
application peripherals and standard interfaces in order to provide a single-chip
solution for a wide range of compute-intensive applications that require
maximum functionality at minimum power consumption at lowest cost.

Key Features:
• ARM9TDMI™-based on ARM® Architecture v4T
• Two instruction sets:
    _ARM® High-performance 32-bit Instruction Set
    _Thumb® High Code Density 16-bit Instruction Set
•   5-Stage Pipeline Architecture
•   16-Kbyte Data Cache, 16-Kbyte Instruction Cache
•   Write Buffer
•   Standard ARMv4 Memory Management Unit (MMU)
•   8-, 16-, 32-bit Data Bus for Instructions and Data
•   Integrates three External Memory Controllers: Static Memory
  Controller/SDRAM Controller /Burst Flash Controller
• Up to 8 Chip Select Lines
• 8- or 16-bit Data Bus
• Four operating modes: – Normal Mode, Idle Mode, Slow Clock Mode, Standby
  Mode 3.14 System Timer
• One Watchdog Timer, 16-bit programmable counter
• One Real-time Timer, 20-bit free-running counter
• Two hundred year calendar
• Compliance with Open HCI Rev 1.0 specification
• Compliance with USB V2.0 Full-speed and Low-speed Specification
• 10 and 100 Mbits Ethernet MAC Compatibility with IEEE Standard 802.3
• RS485 with driver control signal
•Two-pin UART for debug
• IrDA modulation and demodulation – Communication at up to 115.2 Kbps
• Compatibility with MultiMedia Card Specification Version 2.2
• Compatibility with SD Memory
  Card Specification Version 1.0
• Supports two slots: One slot for
  one MultiMedia Card bus (up to 30 cards)
  or one SD Memory Card
• Low power consumption

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