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Wellness Ideas


Morning exercises, the morning after the exercise, corresponding with the evening practice is that people are one of the common forms of exercise.

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      Staff Wellness Ideas

      Walking Club

      Staff can start a daily walking club; they can have one during lunch and one after school to make
      sure everyone gets the chance to attend. Staff can bring a change of clothes and either walk
      outside around the campus or even through the school halls. Many schools like to start the day
      with an “all school” walking club for those who arrive early.

      Sack Lunch

      Staff can encourage each other to bring lunch from home at least 3 days of the week. To make
      this be an effective promotion, the packed lunches must also be healthy. A way to make
      everyone accountable for themselves is to have a show and tell of what everyone has brought
      to lunch. This will encourage staff to make healthier decisions.

      Morning Exercises

      If the school has already set up the morning exercise program before school starts, all staff,
      teachers and students should make an effort to participate in the morning exercises.

      Staff Sports Teams

      Staff sports teams are a great way to promote physical activity as well as a great team building
      strategy. Teams can be organized in various sports such as softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.
      The staff teams can compete against school teams, other schools or they can sign up a team at
      the local community centers.

      Nutrition Facts

      Many times, staff make it a habit to eat out for lunch and sometimes there is no other choice.
      For that reason, an effort should be made to make the best choice as to what restaurant to
      choose and what to order. To help with this choice, staff can have flyers posted in the teachers’
      lounge or in a booklet with nutrition information for all the restaurants in the area.
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      Water Bottles

      Teachers can be provided with school water bottles which they can use on a daily basis in the
      classroom. This will increase their water consumption instead of choosing unhealthy
      alternatives and will also serve as a positive role models for the students.

      Faculty Meeting
      Ask the district Registered Dietitian to speak at a Faculty Meeting. He/She can help you plan
      the meeting to include healthy breakfast and lunch ideas. And the RD can help you plan your
      campus wellness plan as well.

      Get the School Cafeteria Involved

      As part of your district wellness plan ask the Child Nutrition Department to review the snack
      policy. Healthy snacks available for both the teachers and students are a great way to role
      model healthy choices.
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      Healthy Event Ideas
      Health Night

      Invite parents to a Health Night where they are taught the goals of the Oliver Kids Team® - to
      make healthy choices. It’s the school’s chance to show the work that they are putting into the
      program and motivates parents to help continue these goals at home.

      Family Night at the Park

      Organize a weeknight where students, teachers, and parents spend an hour or two at the park.
      All kinds of games can be played such as horseshoe, volleyball, Frisbee, kite-flying. It is just a fun
      night to encourage families to get out of their homes and be active. Fruits such as oranges,
      apples, and watermelon can be served as snacks, plus water - which the parents can volunteer
      to bring.

      Cooking Demonstrations

      Parents and students can be invited to an in-school “healthy” cooking demonstration where
      they can learn simple and nutritious ways of cooking. It also gives them a chance to try foods
      they have never cooked, which will expand the healthy foods they can choose.

      This event can be done on its own or it can be organized as part of another event such as a
      PTA/PTO meeting, an Open House, or any other school event such as Math Night, Science
      Night or Health Night.

      We have included a few recipes to help get this event going. You will need a chef/cook or
      parent that can do “healthy” food cooking demonstrations. We recommend a
      “sampling/tasting” of the food for the participants, thus you will need extra staff for this food
      preparation. Preplanning is essential for success.

         - Chef Tim’s Chicken & Pasta Salad
         - Zucchini and Squash w/ Diced Red Peppers
         - Grilled Chicken Breast w/ pan gravy
         - Basic Brown Rice Pilaf
      I-5                                                                         Oliver Kids Team ®

      Field Day

      As a reward or just to have a health day, a Field Day can be organized. It can consist of a series
      of fun outdoor competitions, complete with an array of healthy snacks! We have provided a list
      of activities to help plan your school’s field day.

      Morning Exercises

      During the first five minutes of each day, students can do morning exercises to give them a little
      physical activity. Not only is this healthy for their bodies, but it will also wake up their brains
      and get them ready to learn!

      The school as a whole can do it together outside or via the intercom. If that’s not possible the
      teachers can also organize exercise individually in their own classrooms. Check out the Tools
      section for songs and exercises that can be used to set up this activity.

      After School Walking Club

      Why not exercise for 30 minutes after school and invite parents to join in. A walking club for
      teachers, students and parents can be organized. It can be an everyday activity or maybe just a
      few days out of the week. The walking can take place around the school track, playground, or
      basketball courts. It’s a great way to get some exercise and to have a few one-on-one moments
      for kids and parents.
      I-6                                                                           Oliver Kids Team ®

                                        Cafeteria Challenges
      Promotion of the Month

      Each month the cafeteria can promote one of the 7 healthy messages or CHOICES.

          -   To reinforce the benefits of choosing healthy foods (i.e. low fat dairy, water,
              fruits/vegetables, healthy snacks), students who choose and consume the chosen health
              food (fruit, water, etc.) receive a popsicle stick, which they are to turn into the cafeteria
              manager or teacher.
          -   Each day the sticks are counted and tallied up for each class.
          -   At the end of the set time frame (2-4 weeks) the class with highest count wins.
          -   The winning class can choose an activity (dancing, jump rope, basketball, etc.) to do for
              the next P.E. class period and can be labeled the “Healthiest Class”.

      Balanced Tray

      A picture of a “Balanced Tray” can be displayed in the cafeteria line. Every student that
      achieves the “Balanced Tray” can be given an extra incentive such as a sticker or small packet of
      Crystal Light for their water.

      Breakfast in School

      Challenge the kids to eat breakfast at school; it will help them feel energized and ready to start
      the day. Promote the healthy choices specifically, like whole grain bread and cereals, fruits, skim
      milk, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheese.

      Improve Cafeteria Suggestions

      Challenge students to come up with suggestions of how to improve the nutritious and healthy
      options available in the cafeteria. And ask them to write a letter to the Child Nutrition
      Director with their suggestions.
      I-7                                                                        Oliver Kids Team ®

      Lunch Box

      Just as students should strive for a “Balanced Tray” when in the cafeteria line, they should aim
      for a balanced lunch box. Teachers or cafeteria managers can check if students brought a well-
      balanced meal from home.

      To make it a competition, stickers can be given to students who achieve this and after a certain
      amount of time, the one with the most stickers can receive a prize, like a fun new lunch bag!

      Be Active!

      Encourage students to go out and play once they are done with their lunch. An incentive to get
      students active can be to increase the lunch/recess time the students have by 5 or 10 minutes
      for every student being active throughout the period.

      Promotion Poster

      Have a poster competition for that month’s promotion, the winners’ posters can be posted on
      the cafeteria walls and prizes such as water bottles or school gear can be given away.
      I-8                                                                         Oliver Kids Team ®

                           Healthy Food Options for School Events
      School events and meetings can also be turned into healthy environments. All it takes is some
      planning. Unless the events take place during a meal, try to avoid serving food and only have
      water and sugar-free beverages available. If snacks are preferred, fruit and vegetable platters are
      easy to serve. Another important thing to consider when planning the food for an event is the
      portion size. If at all possible, it is best to have pre-portioned foods so that attendees get the
      correct amount.

      Water- bottled or in a pitcher (Crystal Light packages can be offered with the water)
      Milk- Skim or 1%
      Creamer- fat-free, 1%

      Fruit, fresh or 100% fruit juice
      English muffins
      Whole-grain bread
      Yogurt- non-fat, fat-free
      Mini-bagels with fat-free cream cheese
      Mini-Muffins- whole grain

      Fresh cut-up fruit- with fat-free yogurt for dipping
      Vegetables- raw with fat-free dressing (Try blanching, or cooking in boiling water for 1 minute,
      then cooling with ice immediately. It brings out the color and natural sweetness of the
      vegetables.) Kids and adults like them this way.
      Sandwiches- on whole grain bread, low-fat cheese, no mayo, try mustard
      Salads with low fat or fat-free dressing on the side

      Snacks – remember the correct portion size
      Fruit                                                Whole grain crackers
      Vegetables                                           Water or Skim Milk
      Pretzels                                             Low-fat yogurt
      Popcorn, fat-free or air-popped                      Low-fat cheese
      I-9                                                                        Oliver Kids Team ®

                                   Healthy Fundraising Ideas

      Students can seek pledges for a variety of things such as:
      Bike-a-thon - for every lap the student bikes
      Jump Rope-a-thon- for every ten jumps
      Walk-a-thon- for every lap walked
      Read-a-thon- every 20 pages read

      Car wash

      Students can wash cars and ask for donations. A great time to do this could be right after
      school when parents are picking up the students. A car washing area can be set-up on one-side
      of the parking lot to make it easy.


      Community partners can be asked to donate merchandise/gift cards that can be raffled.
      Also, to promote healthy eating a subscription to a fruit of the month club can be another raffle


      Dances for the older students where tickets must be purchased to attend are a fun and fast way
      to fundraise and it promotes physical activity too!


      If a recycling program is not already in effect at the school, aluminum cans, paper and plastics
      can be recycled. Students can also be asked to bring in their recyclable materials from home,
      which would result in much more successful fundraiser. This is also a great activity to continue
      throughout the year with relative ease.
      I - 10                                                                        Oliver Kids Team ®


      Smencils are scented pencils made out of 100% recycled newspaper. Kids love them and there
      are many choices for fundraising, whether you want to sell them individually or in packs.
      More information can be found at

      School Spirit Gear

      Selling school spirit great is always a great choice and usually results in very successful
      fundraising. The spirit gear can include t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, water bottles, pens, pencils,
      key chains, etc.

      Kid’s Night Out

      Parents can organize a Kids’ Night Out once a month. In this event, a few parents volunteer to
      supervise the kids for four hours. The cost can be around $20 for the first child, $15 for the
      second and $10 for the third or whatever price your school decides. It can include a healthy
      snack for the children such as bananas and peanut butter with a glass of skim milk or
      sandwiches and fruit. The parents can organize games like Twister, dodge ball or story time for
      the younger ones.

      This is a great event because:
         - All the money goes directly to the school.
         - The kids get to hang out with their friends.
         - Parents get the night off without having to find a babysitter.


      A variety of donated items such as gift cards, healthy cookbooks, and tickets to events, as well
      as items made by the students and parents can be auctioned. A small event can be organized at
      the school where parents are invited to attend and bid on the items.


      Students can make recipe books in class and put them all together to make a large cookbook
      they can sell to family and friends. Students can be further involved by decorating it themselves.
      I - 11                                                                    Oliver Kids Team ®


      Students can be asked to draw one of the 7 healthy messages and they can be used as the
      pictures for each month. Parents will like the personal touch and healthy messages presented in

      Carnations for Valentine’s Day

      The week of Valentine’s Day, simple valentines with a carnation can be sold, which can be
      delivered on Valentine’s Day.

      Orange-clove Christmas decoration*

      During their art class, students can easily make orange-clove Christmas decorations and they
      can be sold to families. They make great Christmas presents because they fill rooms with a
      great Christmas aroma.
      * Directions on how to make them are in the Art Activities section.

      Water Bottles

      The PTO or parents can provide water bottles to teachers throughout the year to sell to
      students. It can be instituted as a fundraiser for PTO and each water bottle can be sold for
      $.75 to $1.00.
      I - 12                                                                      Oliver Kids Team ®

                                                 How to

      Choose 5-A-Day servings of fruits and vegetables!
          -    Be creative! It’s easy to get the right amount of fruits and vegetables by making small
               additions to your everyday meals.
                  o If you have spaghetti for dinner, add some vegetables to the sauce.
                  o Add fruits, like berries to your breakfast cereal or oatmeal.
          -    Keep it interesting! Add hot-sauce, low-fat Ranch, salsa, or peanut butter to vegetables
               and low fat flavored yogurt to fruit for a different taste.

      Have more water & less sugary beverages!
          -    Carry a water bottle with you, that way you will always have water readily available.
          -    Keep cold water in the fridge so it’s ready when you’re thirsty.
          -    Add a slice of lemon, lime, orange or cucumber to water or even mix in a little bit of
               your favorite fruit juice.
          -    Choose sugar-free beverages and water. Don’t keep sugary beverages around the
               house! If they’re not there, you won’t be tempted.

      Opt for healthy snacks!
          -    When shopping for snacks make sure to look at the nutrition label for foods that are
               high in calcium and low in fat.
          -    Prepare healthy snacks in advance. Cut up fruits and vegetables and keep the servings in
               air-tight bags in the fridge, ready to grab and go.
          -    Make sure you pay attention to the serving size and have only one of them.
          -    Celery and apples with peanut butter are a quick and healthy snack.
          -    Low fat cottage cheese and peaches are a great snack because you get your needed
               protein and calcium from the cheese and all the nutrients of the fruit.

      Increase active play & decrease screen time!
          -    Try not to stay seated for more than 30 minutes at a time.
          -    Walk or ride your bike to school.
      I - 13                                                                         Oliver Kids Team ®

          -    When you’re at home, instead of turning on the TV turn on some music and dance!
          -    Schedule after-dinner family walks three days a week.
          -    There are lots of activities that you can do at home without going outside.
                  o Do push-ups, do sit-ups, run up and down the stairs, play video games while
                      standing up, lift weights (we have included tip cards for ways to stay active while
                      at home).

      Choose 3-A-Day servings of low-fat dairy products!
          -     When having dairy products try to choose those with fat-free or low-fat milk.
          -     Make oatmeal with low-fat or skim milk instead of water.
          -     Milk is not the only way to get these servings.
          -     Low-fat cheeses (there’s a lot to choose from!)
          -     Low-fat Yogurt
          -     Low-fat cottage cheese

      Enjoy a healthy breakfast!
          -    Cereal is simple, tasty, and easy. Pick a cereal with whole grains instead of lots of sugar.
          -    If you don’t have time to sit down to breakfast, here are some tips for breakfast on the
               go… cereal bars, granola bars, yogurt smoothies, bagel with cream cheese, and orange
               or apple wedges.
          -    Remember to serve skim or low-fat milk.

      Serve a smart portion size!
          -    Use smaller bowls, plates, and cups.
          -    Do not go for seconds! But if you have to, choose to eat more fruits and vegetables.
          -    Make sure you pay attention to the serving size and have only one of them.
          -    Eat your fruits and vegetables first, that way when you get to the other parts of the meal
               that may not be as healthy you will not overeat.
          -    Eat slowly, it takes 20 minute to feel full.
      I - 14                                                                         Oliver Kids Team ®

                                    “Teaching Moments” Ideas
      Morning Exercises

          -    By enthusiastically participating in morning exercises with students for the first five
               minutes of the day, the students will be motivated to participate and have fun too!

          -    Tell them that exercise gets their brains going to start the classroom work and learn.

          -    After the exercise, teachers should let the students know that they have just done
               something really healthy for their bodies, emphasizing that it can be fun to be physically


          -    In the mornings, teachers can talk about the importance of breakfast.

          -    Ask students to write about what they ate this morning.

          -    Emphasize, that they should try to have a nutritious breakfast because it is the most
               important meal of the day and it fuels the body to start the day.

                   o It is easy to have something fast like a bowl of whole grain cereal with
                     strawberries and skim milk.

          -    The importance of milk can also be addressed.
                  o Students need 3 cups of low fat (skim or 1%) milk (or other calcium-rich foods)
                     a day to get the needed amount of calcium.
                  o Calcium is important because it helps make bones and teeth strong and healthy.

      Snack Time

          -    Praise students who have brought in healthy snacks, while giving healthy alternatives to
               unhealthy snacks.

          -    Have the students develop healthy snack ideas. These can be sent home as an “idea” list
               for packing healthy snacks for students and parents.
      I - 15                                                                     Oliver Kids Team ®

          -    Remind students that snacks are just as important as meals, because it keeps them
               energized in between meals and helps them eat healthier during the meals as well.

      Drinking Water

          -    The teacher can encourage students to bring in water bottles to class or take the
               students out for daily water breaks.

                  o Instead of walking to the nearest water fountain, take the class on a walk to the
                    farthest water fountain in the building.

          -    During this time, remind the students that their bodies are made up of mostly water, so
               they need to stay well hydrated in order for their bodies to function properly.

          -    Also, remind the students that drinking sugary beverages will only give them a short
               amount of energy and leave them even more tired once the sugar leaves their body.


          -    Before the students head out to lunch, teachers can remind students to make sure to
               eat a well-balanced meal.

                  o They should include fruits and vegetables, grains, low-fat or skim milk, and a
                    meat or protein.

          -     Another important thing to think about when eating healthy is to choose the right
               portion size, which means not getting seconds of the unhealthy foods.

      Perform this lunch chant with your students before they go to lunch…

                                        Eating a healthy lunch is cool
                                     Because I’ll be the best in school!
                                   Pick fruits and veggies for your lunch,
                                 And then you’ll have great things to munch!
                                     Choosing foods that are nutritious
                                  Make me strong, and they taste delicious!
      I - 16                                                                     Oliver Kids Team ®

          -    Encourage students to take advantage of their time by being active.

          -    Recess is a time when they can get their hearts pumping, making them stronger and
               keeping them more alert for the rest of the day.

      Between Lessons
          -    When transitioning from one lesson to another, have fun before beginning the next
               lesson or activity.

                  o    Act like a T.V. personality by saying, “and now a brief message from our
                      sponsors…” Create a short power point or read a short message on healthy
                      activities or behaviors.
      I - 17                                                                     Oliver Kids Team ®

                                 Non-food Reward Alternatives

                                             Individual Rewards

                                                   Line leader
                                               Teacher’s Helper
                                                   Going first
                                              Sitting with Friends
                          Play Money - earn play money they can turn in for fun prizes
                                               Extra recess time
                                                Computer time
                                         Bonus points on assignments
                                            “No-homework” passes
                                   Taking care of the class animal for a day
                                            Lunch with the teacher
               Treasure Box- students can take a look through and pick an item from the teacher’s
                      “Treasure Box” which includes small toys, erasers, pens, pencils, etc.

                                               Class Rewards

                                    Eating healthy foods in the classroom
                                             Music/dance break
                                         Healthy snack-making party
                                                 Game time
                                                  Field Day
                               Pedometer Competition with Principal or Teacher
      I - 18                                                                       Oliver Kids Team ®

                                           In-Class Activities
      Health Charades

          -    Play a quick game of health charades.
          -    Have a student or a group of students act out a healthy activity and allow the class to
               guess the activity.
                   o Examples; playing sports (choose specifics like baseball, soccer, etc.), drinking
                       water, gardening, etc.

      Healthy 20 Questions

          -    Play a game of healthy twenty questions. Example: “I am thinking of a healthy snack.”
          -    Encourage the students to ask helpful questions to try to “solve” the mystery of the
               word instead of just guessing.
          -    If the students struggle, give them clues such as, “my healthy snack is in the milk group.”

      Healthy Hangman

          -    Play a game of hangman using healthy sayings and reminders such as “drink plenty of
               water each day,” “eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day,” or “eat right and
               exercise daily.”

      One Minute Exercise Jar

          -    This is a great activity when you see that your students are starting to lag and are
               beginning to get that glazed over look in their eyes.
          -    Make small slips of paper with 1 minute exercises, place them in a jar.
          -    When students need an energy boost, ask a student to come up and pull a slip of paper
               out of the jar; then do that exercise.

      Cafeteria Manager Presentation

          -    The teacher can connect with the cafeteria manager and have her come into the
               classroom to explain the healthy promotion of the month in the cafeteria.
          -    This will help students understand why they are focusing on that specific food group or
          -    Teachers should discuss in the classroom, the food being promoted and encourage the
               students to try the “promo” food.
      I - 19                                                                      Oliver Kids Team ®

                                          Library Activities

      Investigating and Researching New and Exotic Foods

      Choose foods students may not be familiar with and assign students to find as much
      information about the food as possible. Students can work in groups or individually.
      Some of the information they can look for is the origin, history, where and how does it grow,
      where it fits into MyPyramid and how it is prepared.

      Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

      Have students search through nutrition websites for specific information such the definition of
      dehydration. It can be turned in for a grade or it can be made into a competition and the
      student that turns in the correct answers first wins a small prize. We have provided the
      Nutrition Scavenger Hunt along with the list of necessary websites under the Nutrition lessons

      Book Fairs

      During book fairs, books that are related to physical activity and healthy foods can be set in a
      separate section that could be decorated in a way that would catch the attention of the

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