The Art of Cooking School 2011 - November - Festive Cooking

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					                                                THE ART OF cooking school

Festive cooking for
family & friends
November 24 - 27 2011
with Wieke, Horriah and Adelbert Nelissen,        Program
Karin Baank, Lander Zabalza Beñaran,
Jarka Adamcová and others                         Thursday
                                                  17.00 - 18.00   Registration
                                                  18.00 - 19.00   Welcoming Dinner
Entice your family and friends with a more        19.30 - 21.30   Lecture: Transition to a Macrobiotic
                                                                  Way of Life
healthy and elegant way of eating.
Discover how to replace meat, dairy and
sugar with tempting, delicious dishes to suit     Friday
everyone’s tastes, needs and health               08.00 - 09.00   Do-In morning exercises
                                                  09.00 - 09.30   Breakfast
                                                  10.00 - 12.00   Cooking Class: Quick and Easy to
                                                                  prepare Menus
                                                                  Dishes for everyone’s tastes and
Registration information                                          cravings. A complete, delicious meal
Time: from Thursday 17.00h till Sunday                            without struggle or stress
14.00h                                            12.00 - 13.00   Lunch
                                                  13.00 - 16.00   Free time
Place: The Kushi Institute of Europe,             16.00 - 18.00   Workshop:
Amsterdam                                                         International Culinary Cooking
Costs: € 425 per weekend, including all                           Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Far
meals, accommodations (limited) in 2-3                            Eastern traditional dishes which radiate
person room, and study material                                   joy, warmth and happiness
2 person = 10% discount, 10% discount             18.00 - 19.00   Dinner
in combination with 2 or more programs of
the Art of Cooking School
25% discount for Art of Life School back-
                                                  08.00 - 09.00   Do-In morning exercises
to-back students                                  09.00 - 09.30   Breakfast
Classes are English spoken                        10.00 - 12.30   Cooking Class: Strong Tastes for Meaty
                                                                  Partners and Friends
Your registration is final after receiving                        The secrets to improving your partner’s ,
your registration form and non refundable                         or other family members and friends,
down payment of 100 Euro.                                         health without the heavy discussions
In case of cancellation more than 2 weeks         12.30 - 13.30   Lunch
prior to a course, full refund is granted         13.30 - 15.30   Free time
except for the non-refundable down                15.30 - 16.00   Group discussion with Personal Health
                                                                  Recommendations / Menu planning /
payment. Less than two weeks prior to a                           Question and answer
course or if interrupting a course, no            16.00 - 18.00   Workshop: Tempura Festival
refund is possible                                                A variety of vegetable and sea vegetable
                                                                  tempuras, with dips and side dishes, with
Note! These courses have limited space,                           various cutting techniques for more
so register early!                                                beautiful results
                                                  18.00 - 19.00   Dinner

The Kushi Institute of Europe                     08.00 - 09.00   Do-In morning exercises or Nordic
Weteringschans 65                                                 Walking
1017 RX Amsterdam                                 09.00 - 09.30   Breakfast
The Nederlands                                    10.00 - 12.30   Workshop:
                                                                  Favourite Snacks and Desserts
tel.: +31- (0)20 – 625 75 13
                                                                  You can be sure that your guests and
fax: +31- (0)20 – 622 73 20                                       family members will love these hearty
e-mail:                                     snacks and sweet desserts                               14.00           Farewell lunch and departure

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