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Sr. No.      Symbol                 Security Name                   ISIN
   1    3IINFOTECH    3i Infotech Limited                      INE748C01020
   2    3MINDIA       3M India Limited                         INE470A01017
   3    AARTIDRUGS    Aarti Drugs Limited                      INE767A01016
   4    AARTIIND      Aarti Industries Limited                 INE769A01020
   5    ABAN          Aban Offshore Limited                    INE421A01028
   6    ABB           ABB Limited                              INE117A01022
   7    ABBOTINDIA    Abbott India Limited                     INE358A01014
   8    ABCIL         Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Limited   INE605B01016
   9    ABGSHIP       ABG Shipyard Limited                     INE067H01016
  10 ABIRLANUVO       Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited                INE069A01017
  11 ABSHEKINDS       Abhishek Industries Limited              INE064C01014
  12 ACC              ACC Limited                              INE012A01025
  13 ACE              Action Construction Equipment Limited    INE731H01025
  14 ACKRUTI          Ackruti City Limited                     INE703H01016
  15 ADANIENT         Adani Enterprises Limited                INE423A01024
  16 ADANIPOWER       Adani Power Limited                      INE814H01011
  17 ADHUNIK          Adhunik Metaliks Limited                 INE400H01019
  18 ADORWELD         Ador Welding Limited                     INE045A01017
  19 ADSL             Allied Digital Services Limited          INE102I01027
  20 ADVANTA          Advanta India Limited                    INE517H01010
  21 AEGISCHEM        Aegis Logistics Limited                  INE208C01017
  22 AFTEK            Aftek Limited                            INE796A01023
  23 AGCNET           AGC Networks Limited                     INE676A01019
  24 AHLUCONT         Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Limited      INE758C01029
  25 AHMEDFORGE       Ahmednagar Forgings Limited              INE425A01011
  26 AIAENG           AIA Engineering Limited                  INE212H01026
  27 AJANTPHARM       Ajanta Pharma Limited                    INE031B01015
  28 AJMERA           Ajmera Realty & Infra India Limited      INE298G01027
  29 AKZOINDIA        Akzo Nobel India Limited                 INE133A01011
  30 ALBK             Allahabad Bank                           INE428A01015
  31 ALCHEM           Alchemist Limited                        INE964B01033
  32 ALEMBICLTD       Alembic Limited                          INE426A01027
  33 ALFALAVAL        Alfa Laval (India) Limited               INE427A01017
  34 ALKALI           Alkali Metals Limited                    INE773I01017
  35 ALLCARGO         Allcargo Global Logistics Limited        INE418H01029
  36 ALOKTEXT         Alok Industries Limited                  INE270A01011
  37 ALPHAGEO         Alphageo (India) Limited                 INE137C01018
  38 AMAR             Amar Remedies Limited                    INE787G01011
  39 AMARAJABAT       Amara Raja Batteries Limited             INE885A01024
  40 AMBUJACEM        Ambuja Cements Limited                   INE079A01024
  41 AMRUTANJAN       Amrutanjan Health Care Limited           INE098F01015
42   AMTEKAUTO    Amtek Auto Limited                          INE130C01021
43   AMTEKINDIA   Amtek India Limited                         INE068D01021
44   ANANTRAJ     Anant Raj Industries Limited                INE242C01024
45   ANDHRABANK   Andhra Bank                                 INE434A01013
46   ANDHRSUGAR   The Andhra Sugars Limited                   INE715B01013
47   ANKURDRUGS   Ankur Drugs And Pharma Limited              INE238D01012
48   ANSALAPI     Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Limited   INE436A01026
49   ANSALHSG     Ansal Housing and Construction Limited      INE880B01015
50   APARINDS     Apar Industries Limited                     INE372A01015
51   APIL         Alstom Projects India Limited               INE878A01011
52   APOLLOHOSP   Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited         INE437A01016
53   APOLLOTYRE   Apollo Tyres Limited                        INE438A01022
54   APTECHT      Aptech Limited                              INE266F01018
55   AQUA         Aqua Logistics Limited                      INE544K01018
56   ARCHIES      Archies Limited                             INE731A01012
57   AREVAT&D     Areva T&D India Limited                     INE200A01026
58   ARSHIYA      Arshiya International Limited               INE968D01022
59   ARSSINFRA    ARSS Infrastructure Projects Limited        INE267I01010
60   ARVIND       Arvind Limited                              INE034A01011
61   ASAHIINDIA   Asahi India Glass Limited                   INE439A01020
62   ASHOKLEY     Ashok Leyland Limited                       INE208A01029
63   ASIANELEC    Asian Electronics Limited                   INE441A01026
64   ASIANHOTNR   Asian Hotels (North) Limited                INE363A01022
65   ASIANPAINT   Asian Paints Limited                        INE021A01018
66   ASSAMCO      Assam Company India Limited                 INE442A01024
67   ASTEC        Astec LifeSciences Limited                  INE563J01010
68   ASTRAL       Astral Poly Technik Limited                 INE006I01012
69   ASTRAMICRO   Astra Microwave Products Limited            INE386C01029
70   ATFL         Agro Tech Foods Limited                     INE209A01019
71   ATLANTA      Atlanta Limited                             INE285H01014
72   ATLASCYCLE   Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Limited              INE446A01017
73   ATUL         Atul Limited                                INE100A01010
74   AUROPHARMA   Aurobindo Pharma Limited                    INE406A01029
75   AUSTRAL      Austral Coke & Projects Limited             INE455J01027
76   AUTOIND      Autoline Industries Limited                 INE718H01014
77   AVENTIS      Aventis Pharma Limited                      INE058A01010
78   AXISBANK     Axis Bank Limited                           INE238A01026
79   BAJAJ-AUTO   Bajaj Auto Limited                          INE917I01010
80   BAJAJELEC    Bajaj Electricals Limited                   INE193E01025
81   BAJAJFINSV   Bajaj Finserv Limited                       INE918I01018
82   BAJAJHIND    Bajaj Hindusthan Limited                    INE306A01021
83   BAJAJHLDNG   Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited         INE118A01012
84   BAJAUTOFIN   Bajaj Auto Finance Limited                  INE296A01016
85   BALAJITELE   Balaji Telefilms Limited                    INE794B01026
86    BALKRISIND   Balkrishna Industries Limited         INE787D01018
87    BALLARPUR    Ballarpur Industries Limited          INE294A01037
88    BALMLAWRIE   Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited       INE164A01016
89    BALRAMCHIN   Balrampur Chini Mills Limited         INE119A01028
90    BANCOINDIA   Banco Products (I) Limited            INE213C01025
91    BANKBARODA   Bank of Baroda                        INE028A01013
92    BANKBEES                                           INF732E01078
                   Benchmark Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd.
 93   BANKINDIA    Bank of India                         INE084A01016
 94   BANKRAJAS    The Bank of Rajasthan Limited         INE320A01014
 95   BANSWRAS     Banswara Syntex Limited               INE629D01012
 96   BARTRONICS   Bartronics India Limited              INE855F01034
 97   BASF         BASF India Limited                    INE373A01013
 98   BATAINDIA    Bata India Limited                    INE176A01010
 99   BAYERCROP    Bayer Cropscience Limited             INE462A01022
100   BBL          Bharat Bijlee Limited                 INE464A01028
101   BEL          Bharat Electronics Limited            INE263A01016
102   BEML         BEML Limited                          INE258A01016
103   BERGEPAINT   Berger Paints (I) Limited             INE463A01020
104   BFUTILITIE   BF Utilities Limited                  INE243D01012
105   BGRENERGY    BGR Energy Systems Limited            INE661I01014
106   BHAGYNAGAR   Bhagyanagar India Limited             INE458B01028
107   BHARATFORG   Bharat Forge Limited                  INE465A01025
108   BHARTIARTL   Bharti Airtel Limited                 INE397D01024
109   BHARTISHIP   Bharati Shipyard Limited              INE673G01013
110   BHEL         Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited      INE257A01018
111   BHUSANSTL    Bhushan Steel Limited                 INE824B01013
112   BILPOWER     Bilpower Limited                      INE952D01018
113   BINANICEM    Binani Cement Limited                 INE042H01019
114   BINANIIND    Binani Industries Limited             INE071A01013
115   BINDALAGRO   Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited INE143A01010
116   BIOCON       Biocon Limited                        INE376G01013
117   BIRLACORPN   Birla Corporation Limited             INE340A01012
118   BLKASHYAP    B. L. Kashyap and Sons Limited        INE350H01024
119   BLUEDART     Blue Dart Express Limited             INE233B01017
120   BLUESTARCO   Blue Star Limited                     INE472A01039
121   BOC          BOC India Limited                     INE473A01011
122   BOMDYEING    Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company Limited INE032A01015
123   BOSCHLTD     Bosch Limited                         INE323A01026
124   BPCL         Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Limited       INE029A01011
125   BRANDHOUSE   Brandhouse Retails Limited            INE317J01011
126   BRFL         Bombay Rayon Fashions Limited         INE589G01011
127   BRIGADE      Brigade Enterprises Limited           INE791I01019
128   BRITANNIA    Britannia Industries Limited          INE216A01014
129   BSELINFRA    BSEL Infrastructure Realty Limited    INE395A01016
130   CADILAHC     Cadila Healthcare Limited               INE010B01019
131   CAIRN        Cairn India Limited                     INE910H01017
132   CAMBRIDGE    Cambridge Solutions Limited             INE692G01013
133   CAMLIN       Camlin Limited                          INE760A01029
134   CANBK        Canara Bank                             INE476A01014
135   CANDC        C & C Constructions Limited             INE874H01015
136   CANFINHOME   Can Fin Homes Limited                   INE477A01012
137   CARBORUNIV   Carborundum Universal Limited           INE120A01026
138   CASTROL      Castrol India Limited                   INE172A01019
139   CCCL                                                 INE429I01024
                   Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited
140   CCL          CCL Products (India) Limited            INE421D01014
141   CEATLTD      CEAT Limited                            INE482A01020
142   CENTENKA     Century Enka Limited                    INE485A01015
143   CENTRALBK    Central Bank of India                   INE483A01010
144   CENTURYPLY   Century Plyboards (India) Limited       INE348B01021
145   CENTURYTEX   Century Textiles & Industries Limited   INE055A01016
146   CESC         CESC Limited                            INE486A01013
147   CHAMBLFERT   Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited INE085A01013
148   CHENNPETRO   Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited INE178A01016
149   CHOLAFIN                                             INE121A01016
                   Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited
150   CIPLA        Cipla Limited                           INE059A01026
151   CLNINDIA     Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited      INE492A01029
152   CMC          CMC Limited                             INE314A01017
153   COLPAL       Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited       INE259A01022
154   CONCOR       Container Corporation of India Limited INE111A01017
155   COREPROTEC   Core Projects and Technologies Limited INE247G01024
156   COROMANDEL   Coromandel International Limited        INE169A01023
157   CORPBANK     Corporation Bank                        INE112A01015
158   COSMOFILMS   Cosmo Films Limited                     INE757A01017
159   COX&KINGS    Cox And Kings (India) Limited           INE008I01018
160   CRANESSOFT   Cranes Software International Limited   INE234B01023
161   CREWBOS      Crew B.O.S. Products Limited            INE514G01019
162   CRISIL       CRISIL Limited                          INE007A01017
163   CROMPGREAV   Crompton Greaves Limited                INE067A01029
164   CUB          City Union Bank Limited                 INE491A01021
165   CUMMINSIND   Cummins India Limited                   INE298A01020
166   DAAWAT       LT Foods Limited                        INE818H01012
167   DABUR        Dabur India Limited                     INE016A01026
168   DALMIACEM    Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited          INE495A01022
169   DBCORP       D.B.Corp Limited                        INE950I01011
170   DBREALTY     D B Realty Limited                      INE879I01012
171   DCB          Development Credit Bank Limited         INE503A01015
172   DCHL         Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited       INE137G01027
173   DCM          DCM Limited                             INE498A01018
174   DCMSRMCONS   DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited          INE499A01024
175   DCW          DCW Limited                               INE500A01029
176   DEEPAKFERT                                             INE501A01019
                   Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
177   DEEPIND      Deep Industries Limited                   INE677H01012
178   DELTACORP    Delta Corp Limited                        INE124G01033
179   DEN          Den Networks Limited                      INE947J01015
180   DENABANK     Dena Bank                                 INE077A01010
181   DEWANHOUS    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited INE202B01012
182   DHAMPURSUG   The Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited           INE041A01016
183   DHANBANK     The Dhanalakshmi Bank Limited             INE680A01011
184   DICIND       DIC India Limited                         INE303A01010
185   DISHMAN                                                INE353G01020
                   Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited
186   DISHTV       Dish TV India Limited                     INE836F01026
187   DIVISLAB     Divi's Laboratories Limited               INE361B01024
188   DLF          DLF Limited                               INE271C01023
189   DOLPHINOFF                                             INE920A01011
                   Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited
190   DREDGECORP   Dredging Corporation of India Limited     INE506A01018
191   DRREDDY      Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited          INE089A01023
192   DSKULKARNI   DS Kulkarni Developers Limited            INE891A01014
193   DWARKESH     Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited        INE366A01033
194   EASTSILK     Eastern Silk Industries Limited           INE962C01027
195   EASUNREYRL   Easun Reyrolle Limited                    INE268C01029
196   ECLERX       eClerx Services Limited                   INE738I01010
197   EDELWEISS    Edelweiss Capital Limited                 INE532F01047
198   EDL          Empee Distilleries Limited                INE180G01019
199   EDSERV       Edserv Softsystems Limited                INE889J01019
200   EDUCOMP      Educomp Solutions Limited                 INE216H01027
201   EICHERMOT    Eicher Motors Limited                     INE066A01013
202   EIDPARRY     EID Parry India Limited                   INE126A01023
203   EIHOTEL      EIH Limited                               INE230A01023
204   EKC          Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited            INE184H01027
205   ELDERPHARM   Elder Pharmaceuticals Limited             INE975A01015
206   ELECON       Elecon Engineering Company Limited        INE205B01023
207   ELECTCAST    Electrosteel Castings Limited             INE086A01029
208   ELECTHERM    Electrotherm (India) Limited              INE822G01016
209   ELGIEQUIP    Elgi Equipments Limited                   INE285A01027
210   EMAMILTD     Emami Limited                             INE548C01024
211   EMCO         Emco Limited                              INE078A01026
212   EMMBI        Emmbi Polyarns Limited                    INE753K01015
213   ENGINERSIN   Engineers India Limited                   INE510A01028
214   ENIL         Entertainment Network (India) Limited INE265F01028
215   ERAINFRA     Era Infra Engineering Limited             INE039E01020
216   ESABINDIA    Esab India Limited                        INE284A01012
217   ESCORTS      Escorts Limited                           INE042A01014
218   ESSAROIL     Essar Oil Limited                         INE011A01019
219   ESSARSHIP    Essar Shipping Ports & Logistics Limited INE282A01016
220   ESSDEE       Ess Dee Aluminium Limited                 INE825H01017
221   ESSELPACK    Essel Propack Limited                     INE255A01020
222   EUROMULTI    Euro Multivision Limited                  INE063J01011
223   EVEREADY     Eveready Industries India Limited         INE128A01029
224   EVERESTIND   Everest Industries Limited                INE295A01018
225   EVERONN      Everonn Education Limited                 INE678H01010
226   EXCELCROP    Excel Crop Care Limited                   INE223G01017
227   EXCELINFO    Excel Infoways Limited                    INE688J01015
228   EXIDEIND     Exide Industries Limited                  INE302A01020
229   FACT                                                   INE188A01015
                   Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited
230   FCH          Future Capital Holdings Limited           INE688I01017
231   FCSSOFT      FCS Software Solutions Limited            INE512B01022
232   FDC          FDC Limited                               INE258B01022
233   FEDDERLOYD   Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited         INE249C01011
234   FEDERALBNK   The Federal Bank Limited                  INE171A01011
235   FIEMIND      Fiem Industries Limited                   INE737H01014
236   FINANTECH    Financial Technologies (India) Limited    INE111B01023
237   FINCABLES    Finolex Cables Limited                    INE235A01022
238   FINPIPE      Finolex Industries Limited                INE183A01016
239   FKONCO       Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited           INE575G01010
240   FMGOETZE     Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited.     INE529A01010
241   FORTIS       Fortis Healthcare Limited                 INE061F01013
242   FSL          Firstsource Solutions Limited             INE684F01012
243   GABRIEL      Gabriel India Limited                     INE524A01029
244   GAEL         Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited            INE036B01022
245   GAIL         GAIL (India) Limited                      INE129A01019
246   GAMMNINFRA   Gammon Infrastructure Projects Limited INE181G01025
247   GAMMONIND    Gammon India Limited                      INE259B01020
248   GANESHHOUC   Ganesh Housing Corporation Limited        INE460C01014
249   GARDENSILK   Garden Silk Mills Limited                 INE526A01016
250   GARWOFFS     Garware Offshore Services Limited         INE446C01013
251   GATI         GATI Limited                              INE152B01027
252   GDL          Gateway Distriparks Limited               INE852F01015
253   GEECEE       GeeCee Ventures Limited                   INE916G01016
254   GENESYS      Genesys International Corporation LimitedINE727B01026
255   GEODESIC     Geodesic Limited                          INE371D01029
256   GEOJITBNPP                                             INE007B01023
                   Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited
257   GEOMETRIC    Geometric Limited                         INE797A01021
258   GESHIP       The Great Eastern Shipping Company LimitedINE017A01032
259   GHCL         GHCL Limited                              INE539A01019
260   GICHSGFIN    GIC Housing Finance Limited               INE289B01019
261   GILLANDERS   Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Limited INE047B01011
262   GILLETTE     Gillette India Limited                     INE322A01010
263   GIPCL        Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited   INE162A01010
264   GITANJALI    Gitanjali Gems Limited                     INE346H01014
265   GLAXO        GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited INE159A01016
266   GLENMARK     Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited           INE935A01035
267   GLOBUSSPR    Globus Spirits Limited                     INE615I01010
268   GLODYNE      Glodyne Technoserve Limited                INE932G01013
269   GLORY        Glory Polyfilms Limited                    INE408H01012
270   GMDCLTD                                                 Limited
                   Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation INE131A01031
271   GMRINFRA     GMR Infrastructure Limited                 INE776C01039
272   GNFC                                                    INE113A01013
                   Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Limited
273   GOACARBON    Goa Carbon Limited                         INE426D01013
274   GODFRYPHLP   Godfrey Phillips India Limited             INE260B01010
275   GODREJCP     Godrej Consumer Products Limited           INE102D01028
276   GODREJIND    Godrej Industries Limited                  INE233A01035
277   GODREJPROP   Godrej Properties Limited                  INE484J01019
278   GOENKA       Goenka Diamond and Jewels Limited          INE516K01016
279   GOKUL        Gokul Refoils and Solvent Limited          INE020J01029
280   GOLDBEES                                                INF732E01102
                   Benchmark Mutual Fund - Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme
281   GOLDINFRA    Goldstone Infratech Limited                INE260D01016
282   GOLDSHARE                                               INF789F01059
                   UTI Mutual Fund - UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund
283   GPIL         Godawari Power And Ispat limited           INE177H01013
284   GRANULES     Granules India Limited                     INE101D01012
285   GRAPHITE     Graphite India Limited                     INE371A01025
286   GRASIM       Grasim Industries Limited                  INE047A01013
287   GREAVESCOT   Greaves Cotton Limited                     INE224A01018
288   GREENPLY     Greenply Industries Limited                INE461C01020
289   GRINDWELL    Grindwell Norton Limited                   INE536A01023
290   GRUH         Gruh Finance Limited                       INE580B01011
291   GSFC                                                    INE026A01017
                   Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
292   GSKCONS      GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare LimitedINE264A01014
293   GSPL         Gujarat State Petronet Limited             INE246F01010
294   GSSAMERICA   GSS America Infotech Limited               INE871H01011
295   GTL          GTL Limited                                INE043A01012
296   GTLINFRA     GTL Infrastructure Limited                 INE221H01019
297   GTOFFSHORE   Great Offshore Limited                     INE892H01017
298   GUJALKALI    Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited INE186A01019
299   GUJAPOLLO    Gujarat Apollo Industries Limited          INE826C01016
300   GUJFLUORO    Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited            INE538A01037
301   GUJNRECOKE   Gujarat NRE Coke Limited                   INE110D01013
302   GUJNREDVR    Gujarat NRE Coke Limited                   IN9110D01011
303   GUJRATGAS    Gujarat Gas Company Limited                INE374A01029
304   GUJSIDHCEM   Gujarat Sidhee Cements Limited             INE542A01013
305   GULFOILCOR   Gulf Oil Corporation Limited               INE077F01027
306   GVKPIL       GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited        INE251H01024
307   HANUNG       Hanung Toys and Textiles Limited          INE648H01013
308   HARRMALAYA   Harrisons Malayalam Limited               INE544A01019
309   HATHWAY      Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited           INE982F01028
310   HAVELLS      Havells India Limited                     INE176B01026
311   HBLPOWER     HBL Power Systems Limited                 INE292B01021
312   HCC          Hindustan Construction Company Limited INE549A01026
313   HCIL         Himadri Chemicals and Industries Limited INE019C01018
314   HCL-INSYS    HCL Infosystems Limited                   INE236A01020
315   HCLTECH      HCL Technologies Limited                  INE860A01027
316   HDFC                                                   INE001A01028
                   Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
317   HDFCBANK     HDFC Bank Limited                         INE040A01018
318   HDIL                                                   INE191I01012
                   Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited
319   HEG          HEG Limited                               INE545A01016
320   HEIDELBERG   HeidelbergCement India Limited            INE578A01017
321   HELIOSMATH                                             INE674B01012
                   Helios And Matheson Information Technology Limited
322   HERCULES     Hercules Hoists Limited                   INE688E01024
323   HEROHONDA    Hero Honda Motors Limited                 INE158A01026
324   HEXAWARE     Hexaware Technologies Limited             INE093A01033
325   HGSL         Hinduja Global Solutions Limited          INE170I01016
326   HIKAL        Hikal Limited                             INE475B01014
327   HIMATSEIDE   Himatsingka Seide Limited                 INE049A01027
328   HINDALCO     Hindalco Industries Limited               INE038A01020
329   HINDCOPPER   Hindustan Copper Limited                  INE531E01026
330   HINDDORROL   Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited             INE551A01022
331   HINDNATGLS                                             INE952A01022
                   Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited
332   HINDOILEXP   Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Limited INE345A01011
333   HINDPETRO    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited INE094A01015
334   HINDUJAVEN   Hinduja Ventures Limited                  INE353A01023
335   HINDUNILVR   Hindustan Unilever Limited                INE030A01027
336   HINDZINC     Hindustan Zinc Limited                    INE267A01017
337   HINVDIR      HSBC InvestDirect (India) Limited         INE800B01013
338   HITACHIHOM                                             INE782A01015
                   Hitachi Home and Life Solutions (India) Limited
339   HMT          HMT Limited                               INE262A01018
340   HONAUT       Honeywell Automation India Limited        INE671A01010
341   HOPFL        House of Pearl Fashions Limited           INE940H01014
342   HOTELEELA    Hotel Leela Venture Limited               INE102A01024
343   HSIL         HSIL Limited                              INE415A01038
344   HTMEDIA      HT Media Limited                          INE501G01024
345   HYDRBADIND   Hyderabad Industries Limited              INE557A01011
346   IBN18        ibn18 Broadcast Limited                   INE886H01027
347   IBPOW        Indiabulls Power Limited                  INE399K01017
348   IBREALEST    Indiabulls Real Estate Limited            INE069I01010
349   IBSEC        Indiabulls Securities Limited             INE274G01010
350   ICICIBANK    ICICI Bank Limited                         INE090A01013
351   ICRA         ICRA Limited                               INE725G01011
352   ICSA         ICSA (India) Limited                       INE306B01029
353   IDBI         IDBI Bank Limited                          INE008A01015
354   IDEA         Idea Cellular Limited                      INE669E01016
355   IDFC                                                    INE043D01016
                   Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited
356   IFBIND       IFB Industries Limited                     INE559A01017
357   IFCI         IFCI Limited                               INE039A01010
358   IFGLREFRAC   IFGL Refractories Limited                  INE023B01012
359   IGL          Indraprastha Gas Limited                   INE203G01019
360   IL&FSTRANS   IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited INE975G01012
361   INDHOTEL     The Indian Hotels Company Limited          INE053A01029
362   INDIABULLS   Indiabulls Financial Services Limited      INE894F01025
363   INDIACEM     The India Cements Limited                  INE383A01012
364   INDIAGLYCO   India Glycols Limited                      INE560A01015
365   INDIAINFO    India Infoline Limited                     INE530B01024
366   INDIANB      Indian Bank                                INE562A01011
367   INDIANHUME   Indian Hume Pipe Company Limited           INE323C01022
368   INDOTECH     Indo Tech Transformers Limited             INE332H01014
369   INDOWIND     Indowind Energy Limited                    INE227G01018
370   INDRAMEDCO   Indraprastha Medical Corporation Limited INE681B01017
371   INDSWFTLAB   Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited             INE915B01019
372   INDUSINDBK   IndusInd Bank Limited                      INE095A01012
373   INFINITE     Infinite Computer Solutions (India) LimitedINE486J01014
374   INFOMEDIA    Infomedia 18 Limited                       INE669A01022
375   INFOSYSTCH   Infosys Technologies Limited               INE009A01021
376   INFOTECENT   Infotech Enterprises Limited               INE136B01020
377   INGERRAND    Ingersoll Rand (India) Limited             INE177A01018
378   INGVYSYABK   ING Vysya Bank Limited                     INE166A01011
379   INOXLEISUR   INOX Leisure Limited                       INE312H01016
380   INSECTICID   Insecticides (India) Limited               INE070I01018
381   IOB          Indian Overseas Bank                       INE565A01014
382   IOC          Indian Oil Corporation Limited             INE242A01010
383   IPCALAB      IPCA Laboratories Limited                  INE571A01020
384   IRB          IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited      INE821I01014
385   ISFT         Intrasoft Technologies Limited             INE566K01011
386   ISMTLTD      ISMT Limited                               INE732F01019
387   ISPATIND     Ispat Industries Limited                   INE136A01022
388   ITC          ITC Limited                                INE154A01025
389   ITI          ITI Limited                                INE248A01017
390   IVC          IL&FS Investment Managers Limited          INE050B01023
391   IVRCLAH      IVRCL Assets & Holdings Limited            INE414I01018
392   IVRCLINFRA   IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Limited INE875A01025
393   J&KBANK      The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited           INE168A01017
394   JAGRAN       Jagran Prakashan Limited                INE199G01027
395   JAIBALAJI    Jai Balaji Industries Limited           INE091G01018
396   JAICORPLTD   Jai Corp Limited                        INE070D01027
397   JAYNECOIND   Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited        INE854B01010
398   JAYSREETEA   Jayshree Tea & Industries Limited       INE364A01012
399   JBCHEPHARM   JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited INE572A01028
400   JBFIND       JBF Industries Limited                  INE187A01017
401   JETAIRWAYS   Jet Airways (India) Limited             INE802G01018
402   JINDALPHOT   Jindal Photo Limited                    INE796G01012
403   JINDALPOLY   Jindal Poly Films Limited               INE197D01010
404   JINDALSAW    Jindal Saw Limited                      INE324A01024
405   JINDALSTEL   Jindal Steel & Power Limited            INE749A01030
406   JINDALSWHL   Jindal South West Holdings Limited      INE824G01012
407   JINDCOT      Jindal Cotex Limited                    INE904J01016
408   JINDRILL     Jindal Drilling And Industries Limited  INE742C01031
409   JISLJALEQS   Jain Irrigation Systems Limited         INE175A01020
410   JKCEMENT     JK Cement Limited                       INE823G01014
411   JKIL         J.Kumar Infraprojects Limited           INE576I01014
412   JKLAKSHMI    JK Lakshmi Cement Limited               INE786A01032
413   JKPAPER      JK Paper Limited                        INE789E01012
414   JKTYRE       JK Tyre & Industries Limited            INE573A01034
415   JMCPROJECT   JMC Projects (India) Limited            INE890A01016
416   JMFINANCIL   JM Financial Limited                    INE780C01023
417   JPASSOCIAT   Jaiprakash Associates Limited           INE455F01025
418   JPINFRATEC   Jaypee Infratech Limited                INE099J01015
419   JPPOWER      Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited       INE351F01018
420   JSL          JSL Limited                             INE220G01021
421   JSWENERGY    JSW Energy Limited                      INE121E01018
422   JSWSTEEL     JSW Steel Limited                       INE019A01020
423   JUBILANT     Jubilant Organosys Limited              INE700A01033
424   JUBLFOOD     Jubilant Foodworks Limited              INE797F01012
425   JUNIORBEES                                           INF732E01045
                   Benchmark Mutual Fund-Nifty Junior Benchmark ETF
426   JUPITER      Jupiter Bioscience Limited              INE918B01013
427   JYOTHYLAB    Jyothy Laboratories Limited             INE668F01031
428   JYOTISTRUC   Jyoti Structures Limited                INE197A01024
429   KABRAEXTRU   Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited         INE900B01029
430   KAJARIACER   Kajaria Ceramics Limited                INE217B01028
431   KALECONSUL   Kale Consultants Limited                INE793A01012
432   KALPATPOWR   Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited    INE220B01014
433   KANSAINER    Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited           INE531A01016
434   KARURVYSYA   Karur Vysya Bank Limited                INE036D01010
435   KCP          KCP Limited                             INE805C01010
436   KCPSUGIND                                            INE790B01024
                   KCP Sugar and Industries Corporation Limited
437   KEC          KEC International Limited               INE389H01014
438   KEI          KEI Industries Limited                  INE878B01027
439   KEMROCK      Kemrock Industries and Exports Limited INE990B01012
440   KESORAMIND   Kesoram Industries Limited              INE087A01019
441   KFA          Kingfisher Airlines Limited             INE438H01019
442   KGL          Karuturi Global Limited                 INE299C01024
443   KIRIDYES     Kiri Dyes and Chemicals Limited         INE415I01015
444   KIRLOSBROS   Kirloskar Brothers Limited              INE732A01036
445   KLGSYSTEL    KLG Systel Limited                      INE799A01019
446   KNRCON       KNR Constructions Limited               INE634I01011
447   KOHINOOR     Kohinoor Foods Limited                  INE080B01012
448   KOLTEPATIL   Kolte - Patil Developers Limited        INE094I01018
449   KOTAKBANK    Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited             INE237A01010
450   KOTAKGOLD                                            INF373I01015
                   Kotak Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund
451   KOTAKNIFTY                                            ETF
                   Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund-Kotak Nifty INF174K01518
452   KOUTONS      Koutons Retail India Limited            INE406I01014
453   KPIT         KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited        INE836A01035
454   KRBL         KRBL Limited                            INE001B01026
455   KSBPUMPS     KSB Pumps Limited                       INE999A01015
456   KSCL         Kaveri Seed Company Limited             INE455I01011
457   KSK          KSK Energy Ventures Limited             INE143H01015
458   KSL          Kalyani Steels Limited                  INE907A01026
459   KSOILS       K S Oils Limited                        INE727D01022
460   KTKBANK      The Karnataka Bank Limited              INE614B01018
461   LAKSHMIEFL   Lakshmi Energy and Foods Limited        INE992B01026
462   LAKSHVILAS   Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited              INE694C01018
463   LANCOIN      Lanco Industries Limited                INE943C01027
464   LAXMIMACH    Lakshmi Machine Works Limited           INE269B01029
465   LGBBROSLTD   LG Balakrishnan & Bros Limited          INE337A01034
466   LIBERTSHOE   Liberty Shoes Limited                   INE557B01019
467   LICHSGFIN    LIC Housing Finance Limited             INE115A01018
468   LIQUIDBEES                                           INF732E01037
                   Benchmark Asset Management Company Private Limited
469   LITL         Lanco Infratech Limited                 INE785C01048
470   LLOYDELENG   Lloyd Electric & Engineering Limited    INE245C01019
471   LML          LML Limited                             INE862A01015
472   LT           Larsen & Toubro Limited                 INE018A01030
473   LUPIN        Lupin Limited                           INE326A01029
474   M&M          Mahindra & Mahindra Limited             INE101A01026
475   M&MFIN                                               INE774D01016
                   Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
476   MADHUCON     Madhucon Projects Limited               INE378D01032
477   MADRASCEM    Madras Cements Limited                  INE331A01037
478   MAGMA        Magma Fincorp Limited                   INE511C01014
479   MAHABANK     Bank of Maharashtra                     INE457A01014
480   MAHINDFORG   Mahindra Forgings Limited               INE536H01010
481   MAHINDUGIN   Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited INE850A01010
482   MAHLIFE      Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited INE813A01018
483   MAHSEAMLES   Maharashtra Seamless Limited             INE271B01025
484   MANAKSIA     Manaksia Limited                         INE015D01022
485   MANALIPETC   Manali Petrochemical Limited             INE201A01024
486   MANDHANA     Mandhana Industries Limited              INE087J01010
487   MANGCHEFER   Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers LimitedINE558B01017
488   MANGLMCEM    Mangalam Cement Limited                  INE347A01017
489   MANINDS      Man Industries (India) Limited           INE993A01026
490   MANINFRA     Man Infraconstruction Limited            INE949H01015
491   MARG         Marg Limited                             INE941E01019
492   MARICO       Marico Limited                           INE196A01026
493   MARKSANS     Marksans Pharma Limited                  INE750C01026
494   MARUTI       Maruti Suzuki India Limited              INE585B01010
495   MASTEK       Mastek Limited                           INE759A01021
496   MAX          Max India Limited                        INE180A01020
497   MAYTASINFR   Maytas Infra Limited                     INE369I01014
498   MBECL                                                 INE748A01016
                   Mcnally Bharat Engineering Company Limited
499   MBLINFRA     MBL Infrastructures Limited              INE912H01013
500   MCDOWELL-N   United Spirits Limited                   INE854D01016
501   MCLEODRUSS   Mcleod Russel India Limited              INE942G01012
502   MEGH         Meghmani Organics Limited                INE974H01013
503   MERCK        Merck Limited                            INE199A01012
504   MHRIL                                                 I
                   Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India LimitedNE998I01010
505   MIC          MIC Electronics Limited                  INE287C01029
506   MICROTECH    Micro Technologies (India) Limited       INE358B01012
507   MID-DAY      Mid-Day Multimedia Limited               INE747B01016
508   MINDTREE     MindTree Limited                         INE018I01017
509   MIRCELECTR   MIRC Electronics Limited                 INE831A01028
510   MIRZAINT     Mirza International Limited              INE771A01026
511   MLL          Mercator Lines Limited                   INE934B01028
512   MMTC         MMTC Limited                             INE123F01011
513   MONNETISPA   Monnet Ispat Limited                     INE743C01013
514   MONSANTO     Monsanto India Limited                   INE274B01011
515   MOREPENLAB   Morepen Laboratories Limited             INE083A01026
516   MOSERBAER    Moser-Baer (I) Limited                   INE739A01015
517   MOTHERSUMI   Motherson Sumi Systems Limited           INE775A01035
518   MOTILALOFS   Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited INE338I01027
519   MPHASIS      MphasiS Limited                          INE356A01018
520   MRF          MRF Limited                              INE883A01011
521   MRPL                                                  INE103A01014
                   Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
522   MSKPROJ      MSK Projects (India) Limited             INE625G01013
523   MTNL         Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited        INE153A01019
524   MUDRA        Mudra Lifestyle Limited                  INE311H01018
525   MUKANDLTD    Mukand Limited                           INE304A01026
526   MUNDRAPORT                                             INE742F01034
                   Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Limited
527   MUNJALAU     Munjal Auto Industries Limited            INE672B01024
528   MUNJALSHOW   Munjal Showa Limited                      INE577A01027
529   MURLIIND     Murli Industries Limited                  INE806B01028
530   MYSOREBANK   State Bank of Mysore                      INE651A01020
531   NAGARCONST   Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited INE868B01028
532   NAGARFERT    Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited INE580A01013
533   NAHARCAP                                               INE049I01012
                   Nahar Capital and Financial Services Limited
534   NATCOPHARM   Natco Pharma Limited                      INE987B01018
535   NATIONALUM   National Aluminium Company Limited        INE139A01026
536   NAUKRI       Info Edge (India) Limited                 INE663F01024
537   NAVINFLUOR   Navin Fluorine International Limited      INE048G01018
538   NAVNETPUBL   Navneet Publications India Limited        INE060A01024
539   NBVENTURES   Nava Bharat Ventures Limited              INE725A01022
540   NDTV         New Delhi Television Limited              INE155G01029
541   NECLIFE      Nectar Lifesciences Limited               INE023H01027
542   NELCO        NELCO Limited                             INE045B01015
543   NESCO        Nesco Limited                             INE317F01027
544   NESTLEIND    Nestle India Limited                      INE239A01016
545   NETWORK18    Network18 Media & Investments Limited INE870H01013
546   NEYVELILIG   Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited       INE589A01014
547   NFL          National Fertilizers Limited              INE870D01012
548   NHPC         NHPC Limited                              INE848E01016
549   NIFTYBEES    Benchmark Mutual Fund                     INF732E01011
550   NIITLTD      NIIT Limited                              INE161A01038
551   NIITTECH     NIIT Technologies Limited                 INE591G01017
552   NILKAMAL     Nilkamal Limited                          INE310A01015
553   NIRMA        Nirma Limited                             INE091A01029
554   NITESHEST    Nitesh Estates Limited                    INE639K01016
555   NITINFIRE    Nitin Fire Protection Industries Limited INE489H01012
556   NMDC         NMDC Limited                              INE584A01023
557   NOCIL        NOCIL Limited                             INE163A01018
558   NOIDATOLL    Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited         INE781B01015
559   NTPC         NTPC Limited                              INE733E01010
560   NUCLEUS      Nucleus Software Exports Limited          INE096B01018
561   NUMERICPW    Numeric Power Systems Limited             INE409B01013
562   OCL          OCL India Limited                         INE290B01025
563   OFSS         Oracle Financial Services Software LimitedINE881D01027
564   OIL          Oil India Limited                         INE274J01014
565   OILCOUNTUB   Oil Country Tubular Limited               INE591A01010
566   OMAXAUTO     OMAX AUTOS LIMITED                        INE090B01011
567   OMAXE        Omaxe Limited                             INE800H01010
568   OMNITECH     Omnitech Infosolutions Limited            INE810H01019
569   ONGC         Oil & Natural Gas Corpn Limited           INE213A01011
570   ONMOBILE     OnMobile Global Limited                 INE809I01019
571   OPTOCIRCUI   Opto Circuits (India) Limited           INE808B01016
572   ORBITCORP    Orbit Corporation Limited               INE628H01015
573   ORCHIDCHEM                                           INE191A01019
                   Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited
574   ORIENTABRA   Orient Abrasives Limited                INE569C01020
575   ORIENTBANK   Oriental Bank of Commerce               INE141A01014
576   ORIENTPPR    Orient Paper & Industries Limited       INE592A01026
577   PAGEIND      Page Industries Limited                 INE761H01022
578   PANACEABIO   Panacea Biotec Limited                  INE922B01023
579   PANTALOONR   Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited        INE623B01027
580   PAPERPROD    The Paper Products Limited              INE275B01026
581   PARAL        Parekh Aluminex Limited                 INE620C01013
582   PARSVNATH    Parsvnath Developers Limited            INE561H01018
583   PATELENG     Patel Engineering Limited               INE244B01030
584   PATNI        Patni Computer Systems Limited          INE660F01012
585   PBAINFRA     PBA Infrastructure Limited              INE160H01019
586   PENINLAND    Peninsula Land Limited                  INE138A01028
587   PERSISTENT   Persistent Systems Limited              INE262H01013
588   PETRONET     Petronet LNG Limited                    INE347G01014
589   PFC          Power Finance Corporation Limited       INE134E01011
590   PFIZER       Pfizer Limited                          INE182A01018
591   PGHH                                                 INE179A01014
                   Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited
592   PHILIPCARB   Phillips Carbon Black Limited           INE602A01015
593   PHOENIXLTD   The Phoenix Mills Limited               INE211B01039
594   PIDILITIND   Pidilite Industries Limited             INE318A01026
595   PIPAVAVYD    Pipavav Shipyard Limited                INE542F01012
596   PIRHEALTH    Piramal Healthcare Limited              INE140A01024
597   PLETHICO     Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited        INE491H01018
598   PNB          Punjab National Bank                    INE160A01014
599   PNBGILTS     PNB Gilts Limited                       INE859A01011
600   POLARIS      Polaris Software Lab Limited            INE763A01023
601   POWERGRID    Power Grid Corporation of India Limited INE752E01010
602   PRADIP       Pradip Overseas Limited                 INE495J01015
603   PRAENG       Prajay Engineers Syndicate Limited      INE505C01016
604   PRAJIND      Praj Industries Limited                 INE074A01025
605   PRAKASH      Prakash Industries Limited              INE603A01013
606   PRATIBHA     Pratibha Industries Limited             INE308H01014
607   PRISMCEM     Prism Cement Limited                    INE010A01011
608   PRITHVI      Prithvi Information Solutions Limited   INE700C01013
609   PROVOGUE     Provogue (India) Limited                INE968G01025
610   PSL          PSL Limited                             INE474B01017
611   PSUBNKBEES                                           INF732E01110
                   Benchmark Mutual Fund - PSU Bank Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme
612   PTC          PTC India Limited                       INE877F01012
613   PUNJLLOYD    Punj Lloyd Limited                      INE701B01021
614   PURVA        Puravankara Projects Limited               INE323I01011
615   PVP          PVP Ventures Limited                       INE362A01016
616   QGOLDHALF                                               INF082J01010
                   Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
617   RADICO       Radico Khaitan Limited                     INE944F01028
618   RAINCOM      Rain Commodities Limited                   INE855B01017
619   RAJESHEXPO   Rajesh Exports Limited                     INE343B01030
620   RAJOIL       Raj Oil Mills Limited                      INE294G01018
621   RAJSREESUG   Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Limited        INE562B01019
622   RALLIS       Rallis India Limited                       INE613A01012
623   RAMCOIND     Ramco Industries Limited                   INE614A01028
624   RAMCOSYS     Ramco Systems Limited                      INE246B01019
625   RAMSARUP     Ramsarup Industries Limited                INE005D01015
626   RANASUG      Rana Sugars Limited                        INE625B01014
627   RANBAXY      Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited               INE015A01028
628   RATNAMANI    Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited           INE703B01027
629   RAYMOND      Raymond Limited                            INE301A01014
630   RCF          Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers LimitedINE027A01015
631   RCOM         Reliance Communications Limited            INE330H01018
632   RECLTD       Rural Electrification Corporation Limited INE020B01018
633   REDINGTON    Redington (India) Limited                  INE891D01018
634   REIAGROLTD   Rei Agro Limited                           INE385B01031
635   RELCAPITAL   Reliance Capital Limited                   INE013A01015
636   RELGOLD                                                 INF733I01010
                   Reliance Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Fund
637   RELIANCE     Reliance Industries Limited                INE002A01018
638   RELIGARE     Religare Enterprises Limited               INE621H01010
639   RELIGAREGO                                              INF205K01361
                   Religare Mutual Fund - Religare Gold Exchange Traded Fund
640   RELINFRA     Reliance Infrastructure Limited            INE036A01016
641   RELMEDIA     Reliance MediaWorks Limited                INE540B01015
642   RENUKA       Shree Renuka Sugars Limited                INE087H01022
643   REPRO        Repro India Limited                        INE461B01014
644   RESURGERE    Resurgere Mines & Minerals India LimitedINE774I01015
645   RICOAUTO     Rico Auto Industries Limited               INE209B01025
646   RIIL         Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited INE046A01015
647   RNRL         Reliance Natural Resources Limited         INE328H01012
648   ROHITFERRO   Rohit Ferro-Tech Limited                   INE248H01012
649   ROHLTD       Royal Orchid Hotels Limited                INE283H01019
650   ROLTA        Rolta India Limited                        INE293A01013
651   RPGLIFE      RPG Life Sciences Limited                  INE105J01010
652   RPOWER       Reliance Power Limited                     INE614G01033
653   RSWM         RSWM Limited                               INE611A01016
654   RSYSTEMS     R Systems International Limited            INE411H01024
655   RUCHISOYA    Ruchi Soya Industries Limited              INE619A01027
656   SABERORGAN   Sabero Organics Gujarat Limited            INE243A01018
657   SADBHAV      Sadbhav Engineering Limited                INE226H01018
658   SAIL         Steel Authority of India Limited         INE114A01011
659   SAKHTISUG    Sakthi Sugars Limited                    INE623A01011
660   SANGHVIMOV   Sanghvi Movers Limited                   INE989A01024
661   SARDAEN      Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited          INE385C01013
662   SASKEN       Sasken Communication Technologies LimitedINE231F01020
663   SBBJ         State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur         INE648A01026
664   SBIGETS                                               INF200K01099
                   SBI Mutual Fund - SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme - Growth Option
665   SBIN         State Bank of India                      INE062A01012
666   SBT          State Bank of Travancore                 INE654A01024
667   SCI          Shipping Corporation Of India Limited    INE109A01011
668   SEAMECLTD    Seamec Limited                           INE497B01018
669   SELAN        Selan Exploration Technology Limited     INE818A01017
670   SELMCL       SEL Manufacturing Company Limited        INE105I01012
671   SESAGOA      Sesa Goa Limited                         INE205A01025
672   SGJHL        Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Limited     INE553K01019
673   SHANTIGEAR   Shanthi Gears Limited                    INE631A01022
674   SHARIABEES                                            INF732E01128
                   Benchmark Mutual Fund - Shariah Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme
675   SHILPAMED    Shilpa Medicare Limited                  INE790G01023
676   SHIVAMAUTO   Shivam Autotech Limited                  INE637H01016
677   SHIV-VANI                                             INE756B01017
                   Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Limited
678   SHLAKSHMI    Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn Limited              INE851B01016
679   SHOPERSTOP   Shopper's Stop Limited                   INE498B01016
680   SHREEASHTA   Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Limited INE538H01024
681   SHREECEM     Shree Cements Limited                    INE070A01015
682   SHRENUJ      Shrenuj & Company Limited                INE633A01028
683   SHRIRAMEPC   Shriram EPC Limited                      INE964H01014
684   SICAL        Sical Logistics Limited                  INE075B01012
685   SIEMENS      Siemens Limited                          INE003A01024
686   SIMPLEXINF   Simplex Infrastructures Limited          INE059B01024
687   SINTEX       Sintex Industries Limited                INE429C01027
688   SJVN         SJVN Limited                             INE002L01015
689   SKFINDIA     SKF India Limited                        INE640A01023
690   SKUMARSYNF   S. Kumars Nationwide Limited             INE772A01016
691   SMSPHARMA    SMS Pharmaceuticals Limited              INE812G01017
692   SOBHA        Sobha Developers Limited                 INE671H01015
693   SOLARINDS    Solar Industries India Limited           INE343H01011
694   SONASTEER    Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited       INE643A01035
695   SONATSOFTW   Sonata Software Limited                  INE269A01021
696   SOTL         Savita Oil Technologies Limited          INE035D01012
697   SOUTHBANK    The South Indian Bank Limited            INE683A01015
698   SPARC                                                  Limited
                   Sun Pharma Advanced Research CompanyINE232I01014
699   SPECTACLE    Spectacle Industries Limited             INE409H01028
700   SPMLINFRA    SPML Infra Limited                       INE937A01023
701   SREINTFIN    SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited      INE872A01014
702   SRF          SRF Limited                               INE647A01010
703   SRTRANSFIN   Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited INE721A01013
704   STAN         Standard Chartered PLC                    INE028L21018
705   STAR         Strides Arcolab Limited                   INE939A01011
706   STCINDIA                                               INE655A01013
                   The State Trading Corporation of India Limited
707   STER         Sterlite Industries ( India ) Limited     INE268A01049
708   STERLINBIO   Sterling Biotech Limited                  INE324C01038
709   STRTECH      Sterlite Technologies Limited             INE089C01029
710   SUBEX        Subex Limited                             INE754A01014
711   SUBROS       Subros Limited                            INE287B01021
712   SUJANATOW    Sujana Tower Limited                      INE333I01010
713   SUNDARMFIN   Sundaram Finance Limited                  INE660A01013
714   SUNDRMFAST   Sundram Fasteners Limited                 INE387A01021
715   SUNFLAG      Sunflag Iron And Steel Company Limited INE947A01014
716   SUNILHITEC   Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited            INE305H01010
717   SUNPHARMA    Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited INE044A01028
718   SUNTECK      Sunteck Realty Limited                    INE805D01026
719   SUNTV        Sun TV Network Limited                    INE424H01027
720   SUPPETRO     Supreme Petrochem Limited                 INE663A01017
721   SUPREMEIND   Supreme Industries Limited                INE195A01010
722   SUPREMEINF   Supreme Infrastructure India Limited      INE550H01011
723   SURAJDIAMN   Su-Raj Diamonds and Jewellery Limited INE664A01015
724   SURANAIND    Surana Industries Limited                 INE659D01019
725   SURANAT&P    Surana Telecom and Power Limited          INE130B01023
726   SURYAPHARM   Surya Pharmaceutical Limited              INE249G01012
727   SURYAROSNI   Surya Roshni Limited                      INE335A01012
728   SUZLON       Suzlon Energy Limited                     INE040H01021
729   SWARAJENG    Swaraj Engines Limited                    INE277A01016
730   SYNCOM       Syncom Healthcare Limited                 INE602K01014
731   SYNDIBANK    Syndicate Bank                            INE667A01018
732   TAJGVK       Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Limited          INE586B01026
733   TAKE         Take Solutions Limited                    INE142I01023
734   TALWALKARS   Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited INE502K01016
735   TANLA        Tanla Solutions Limited                   INE483C01032
736   TANTIACONS   Tantia Constructions Limited              INE388G01018
737   TARAPUR      Tarapur Transformers Limited              INE747K01017
738   TATACHEM     Tata Chemicals Limited                    INE092A01019
739   TATACOFFEE   Tata Coffee Limited                       INE493A01019
740   TATACOMM     Tata Communications Limited               INE151A01013
741   TATAELXSI    Tata Elxsi Limited                        INE670A01012
742   TATAINVEST   Tata Investment Corporation Limited       INE672A01018
743   TATAMETALI   Tata Metaliks Limited                     INE056C01010
744   TATAMOTORS   Tata Motors Limited                       INE155A01014
745   TATAMTRDVR   Tata Motors Limited                       IN9155A01012
746   TATAPOWER    Tata Power Company Limited                INE245A01013
747   TATASPONGE   Tata Sponge Iron Limited                  INE674A01014
748   TATASTEEL    Tata Steel Limited                        INE081A01012
749   TATATEA      Tata Tea Limited                          INE192A01025
750   TCI          Transport Corporation of India Limited    INE688A01022
751   TCS          Tata Consultancy Services Limited         INE467B01029
752   TECHM        Tech Mahindra Limited                     INE669C01028
753   TECHNOELEC                                              Limited
                   Techno Electric and Engineering CompanyINE470B01023
754   TEXMACOLTD   Texmaco Limited                           INE435C01024
755   TEXMOPIPES   Texmo Pipes and Products Limited          INE141K01013
756   TFCILTD      Tourism Finance Corpn of India Limited INE305A01015
757   THANGAMAYL   Thangamayil Jewellery Limited             INE085J01014
758   THERMAX      Thermax Limited                           INE152A01029
759   THOMASCOOK   Thomas Cook (India) Limited               INE332A01027
760   TIDEWATER    Tide Water Oil Company (India) Limited INE484C01014
761   TIL          TIL Limited                               INE806C01018
762   TIMETECHNO   Time Technoplast Limited                  INE508G01029
763   TIMKEN       Timken India Limited                      INE325A01013
764   TINPLATE     The Tinplate Company of India Limited INE422C01014
765   TITAN        Titan Industries Limited                  INE280A01010
766   TNPETRO      Tamilnadu PetroProducts Limited           INE148A01019
767   TNPL         Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited INE107A01015
768   TORNTPHARM   Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited           INE685A01028
769   TORNTPOWER   Torrent Power Limited                     INE813H01021
770   TRENT        Trent Limited                             INE849A01012
771   TRF          TRF Limited                               INE391D01019
772   TRICOM       Tricom India Limited                      INE771B01032
773   TRIL                                                   INE763I01018
                   Transformers And Rectifiers (India) Limited
774   TRIVENI      Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited INE256C01024
775   TTKPRESTIG   TTK Prestige Limited                      INE690A01010
776   TTML         Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited INE517B01013
777   TUBEINVEST   Tube Investments of India Limited         INE149A01025
778   TULIP        Tulip Telecom Limited                     INE122H01019
779   TV-18        Television Eighteen India Limited         INE889A01026
780   TVSMOTOR     TVS Motor Company Limited                 INE494B01023
781   TVTODAY      TV Today Network Limited                  INE038F01029
782   TWL          Titagarh Wagons Limited                   INE615H01012
783   UBHOLDINGS   United Breweries (Holdings) Limited       INE696A01025
784   UBL          United Breweries Limited                  INE686F01025
785   UCOBANK      UCO Bank                                  INE691A01018
786   UFLEX        UFLEX Limited                             INE516A01017
787   ULTRACEMCO   UltraTech Cement Limited                  INE481G01011
788   UNICHEMLAB   Unichem Laboratories Limited              INE351A01027
789   UNIONBANK    Union Bank of India                       INE692A01016
790   UNIPHOS      United Phosphorus Limited                 INE628A01036
791   UNITECH      Unitech Limited                           INE694A01020
792   UNITEDBNK    United Bank of India                      INE695A01019
793   UNITY        Unity Infraprojects Limited               INE466H01028
794   USHAMART     Usha Martin Limited                       INE228A01035
795   UTISUNDER    UTI Mutual Fund – Sunder                  INF789F01042
796   UTTAMSTL     Uttam Galva Steels Limited                INE699A01011
797   UTVSOF       UTV Software Communications Limited       INE507B01022
798   VALECHAENG   Valecha Engineering Limited               INE624C01015
799   VARDHACRLC   Vardhman Acrylics Limited                 INE116G01013
800   VARUN        Varun Industries Limited                  INE032G01012
801   VARUNSHIP    Varun Shipping Company Limited            INE702A01013
802   VASCONEQ     Vascon Engineers Limited                  INE893I01013
803   VENKEYS      Venky's (India) Limited                   INE398A01010
804   VENUSREM     Venus Remedies Limited                    INE411B01019
805   VESUVIUS     Vesuvius India Limited                    INE386A01015
806   VGUARD       V-Guard Industries Limited                INE951I01019
807   VIDEOIND     Videocon Industries Limited               INE703A01011
808   VIJAYABANK   Vijaya Bank                               INE705A01016
809   VINATIORGA   Vinati Organics Limited                   INE410B01029
810   VIPIND       VIP Industries Limited                    INE054A01019
811   VISAKAIND    Visaka Industries Limited                 INE392A01013
812   VISASTEEL    Visa Steel Limited                        INE286H01012
813   VITLINFO     Vishal Information Technologies Limited   INE108J01022
814   VIVIMEDLAB   Vivimed Labs Limited                      INE526G01013
815   VOLTAMP      Voltamp Transformers Limited              INE540H01012
816   VOLTAS       Voltas Limited                            INE226A01021
817   VSTIND       VST Industries Limited                    INE710A01016
818   VTL          Vardhman Textiles Limited                 INE825A01012
819   WABCO-TVS    WABCO-TVS (INDIA) Limited                 INE342J01019
820   WALCHANNAG   Walchandnagar Industries Limited          INE711A01022
821   WANBURY      Wanbury Limited                           INE107F01022
822   WELCORP      Welspun Corp Limited                      INE191B01025
823   WELSPUNIND   Welspun India Limited                     INE192B01023
824   WHEELS       Wheels India Limited                      INE715A01015
825   WIPRO        Wipro Limited                             INE075A01022
826   WOCKPHARMA   Wockhardt Limited                         INE049B01025
827   WSTCSTPAPR   West Coast Paper Mills Limited            INE976A01021
828   WWIL         Wire and Wireless (India) Limited         INE965H01011
829   WYETH        Wyeth Limited                             INE378A01012
830   YESBANK      Yes Bank Limited                          INE528G01019
831   ZANDUREALT   Zandu Realty Limited                      INE719A01017
832   ZEEL         Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited     INE256A01028
833   ZEENEWS      Zee News Limited                          INE966H01019
834   ZENSARTECH   Zensar Technologies Limited              INE520A01019
835   ZICOM        Zicom Electronic Security Systems LimitedINE871B01014
836   ZUARIAGRO    Zuari Industries Limited                 INE217A01012
837   ZYDUSWELL    Zydus Wellness Limited                   INE768C01010
838   ZYLOG        Zylog Systems Limited                    INE225I01018