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By Introduction Why use games and activities in the esl classroom? Well it's a fact that students learn more whilst engaged in something they really like doing. Using games and activities in your lesson will not only promote learning, it will make your lessons at lot more fun. Thus creating an atmosphere that is conducive to language acquisition. Here are three games that I've used in my esl lessons time and time again, they have served me well and my students really enjoyed them. Now it's your turn!

Simple Simon says game. This is a very easy game that kids love. You can virtually use any kind of vocabulary you like with it, or you could simply use commands, whatever way you choose you'll find it adds sparkle to your esl classes. 1. Put the kids into two teams, team A and Team B. Then start by saying SIMPLE SIMON SAYS... TOUCH YOUR NOSE! STAND UP! SIT DOWN! Etc. 2. Give the team that gets it right first a point. 3.The team with the most points are the winners.

Sentence string game Another very easy game that concentrates on vocabulary building and spelling. 1. Split the students up into two teams. 2. Write a word on the board.... TEACHER 3.Invite a student from one of the teams to add to the word....TEACHERATAXI etc. 4.Give the teams one point for each letter in the word.


The reverse sentence game 1. Split the students into two teams 2. Make sure you've already prepared the sentences beforehand. 3.Give the students an example... My name is john then reverse it john name is my 4. Now start with the sentences you've already prepared. 5. For example read out... live i England in. The first student to call out I live in England gets a point!

That's all for now but keep an eye out for more free esl games and activities ebooks that I'll be bringing out soon :-) Further resources you could check out in the meantime include... esl jobs Teaching English in Thailand free ebook guide Tefl teaching report free ebook

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