A Double by lewisculbreath


									A Double-sided Coin
I have two questions for you. How do you feel about yourself? How well organized are you?
Notice that if you feel fairly well organized then you probably feel rather good about yourself, i.e. your self-
esteem is probably high.
In fact, if you are reading personal development books, listening to audio programs or attending seminars on
personal development and self-esteem, then chances are you're caught in a circle.
You do some personal development, and you feel better, and you get on with life, but the disorganization of
your life catches up with you and so you go back to doing a bunch of personal development.
Self-esteem and personal organization are essentially two sides of the same coin. The coin that opens those
gateways to all success. You can focus on either of those sides separately, but in the end organization
depends on self-esteem, and vice versa, self-esteem depends on getting organized in your career
development and personal life.
By emotionally getting involved with taking extra control of your personal areas at work and home you will
start feeling proud of your surroundings, and ever more competent at getting organized.
Focusing intellectually on how to get organized, and emotionally super-charging that effort for all the
positive emotions that come from being organized, will boost your self-esteem. And that provides ever more
fuel to get organized even more.
Self-esteem and Getting Organized create a self-supporting positive feedback mechanism. The more you
improve on one of them, the more the other will improve.
Your two pronged attack is to work on both, be mindful of both, understand how they both inter-relate, and
ultimately combine as two sides of the same coin. The coin that affords your every desire, and inevitably
brings you all that you deserve

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