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					             Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Manchester, Iowa
                Monday, January 24th, 2011                                         5:00pm

1.     Call meeting to order
Mayor Kramer called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.

2.       Roll Call
Roll call of members present: Dean Sherman, Tony Broghammer, Dan Stelken, Connie Behnken, Ron Struble.
Absent: None.

3.     Motion to approve the agenda
Motion by Sherman, seconded by Struble to approve the agenda as presented: ON CALL OF ROLL: AYES:
Sherman, Struble, Behnken, Broghammer, Stelken. NAYS: None.

Consent Agenda
4.     Approval of the minutes of the January 10th, 2011 City Council meeting
5.     Motion to adopt R-013-2011 – Resolution Approving Payment of Bills
6.     Acknowledge receipt of: the minutes of the January 13th, 2011 Library Board meeting; the minutes of
       the December 19th, 2010 Street Committee meeting; the minutes of the December 20th, 2010
       Water/Sewer Committee meeting; the 2010 Aquatic Center Final Report
7.     Approve renewal application for Off Premise Class E Liquor License with Class B Wine Permit & Class
       C Beer Permit for Fareway Stores Inc. #594
8.     Motion to adopt R-014-2011 – Resolution Approving Agreement for §403 Essential Assistance
       Demolition Services with ECIA (465 South Tama Street)
9.     Motion to adopt R-015-2011 – Resolution Approving Contract for Mowing Services (Simon’s Lawn
       Care & Maintenance)
10.    Approve payment of the following claims to ECIA:
       FEMA Buyout Grant                        Grant Administration                     $2,047.57
       2010 CDBG Housing Grant                  Grant Administration                     $678.33
       FEMA Buyout Grant                        Demolition Administration                $1,479.83
       FEMA Buyout Grant                        Grant Administration                     $1,773.01
       FEMA Buyout Grant                        Grant Administration                     $1,300.42
       2010 CDBG Water Grant                    Grant Administration                     $1,197.58
11.    Motion to adopt R-016-2011 – Resolution Approving Change Order #1 (Well #6 Improvement
12.    Motion to adopt R-017-2011 – Resolution Approving Contract (2011 Street Improvement Project)
13.    Motion to proceed with the third consideration and final adoption of Ordinance 006-2010 - An
       Ordinance Fixing and Establishing Grades on Several Streets as listed in this Ordinance in the City of
14.    Approve payment of the following claims to TeKippe Engineering:
       2010 Street Improvements                                                          $76.75
       2010 Street Improvements – Special Assessments                                    $1,002.51
       Well #6 Nitrate Reduction – Construction                                          $1,346.34
       2010 Flood Buy Outs – Additional Properties                                       $269.70
       Well #4 & #5 Improvements                                                         $12,100.80
       West Marion Street Extension                                                      $5,321.94
15.    Motion to adopt R-018-2011 – Resolution Approving Additional Funding for the Downtown Incentive
16.    Motion to adopt R-019-2011 – Salary Resolution (Streets)
17.    Motion to adopt R-020-2011 – Resolution Awarding Contract for Asbestos Removal for Public
       Assistance Demolition for the HMGP Acquisition Grant (516 Williams Street)
18.    Motion to adopt R-021-2011 – Resolution Awarding Contract for Asbestos Removal for Hazard
       Mitigation Grant Program Demolition for the HMGP Acquisition Grant (512 Williams Street & 700
       East Union Street)
19.    Motion to adopt R-022-2011 – Resolution Awarding Contract for Asbestos Surveying for Hazard
       Mitigation Grant Program Demolition for the HMGP Acquisition Grant (409 West Main Street & 248
       River Street)
Mayor Kramer reviewed the Consent Agenda with the Council.

Motion by Sherman, seconded by Behnken to approve the Consent Agenda. ON CALL OF ROLL: AYES:
Sherman, Behnken, Broghammer, Stelken, Struble. NAYS: None.

Bills approved for payment:
      VENDOR                             DESCRIPTION                        AMOUNT
      ACCENT LASER                       TONER CARTRIDGES                   $      459.65
      AFLAC                              PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $      431.94
      AL GRIMM TRUCKING                  SNOW REMOVAL TRUCKING              $      675.00
      ALLIANT UTILITIES                  MONTHLY ELECTRICITY                $   17,411.12
      ALLIED SYSTEMS, INC                DIAPHRAGM                          $      128.72
      AUDIO ADVENTURES                   LIBRARY MATERIALS                  $      188.60
      BAKER & TAYLOR BOOKS               LIB: PERIODICALS                   $      884.81
      BALDWIN, TRACEY                    DISPATCH UNIFORM                   $       27.26
      BAUMGARTNER GATE FACTORY           WWTP: PLATES FOR LIFT STAT         $        6.00
      BLACK HILLS ENERGY                 MONTHLY GAS CHARGES                $    4,337.96
      BOB STEPHEN MOTORS                 FIRE: VEHICLE BATTERY              $      164.28
      BOOK FARM                          LIB: PERIODICALS                   $      876.48
      BOUBIN TIRE                        #11 TIRES                          $       46.40
      BROWN SUPPLY CO                    VEHICLE REPAIRS, SUPPLIES          $    1,012.50
      CDW GOVERNMENT                     LIBRARY: COMPUTER EQUIP            $      561.28
      CENTER POINT                       LIB: PERIODICALS                   $      126.42
      CHICAGO TRIBUNE                    2011 SUBSCRIPTION                  $      210.60
      CITY LAUNDERING                    SUPPLIES, MAINTENANCE              $      377.96
      CITY OF MANCHESTER                 CELL PHONE REIMBURSEMENT           $       22.50
      CITY OF MANCHESTER-FLEX            PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $    2,131.34
      COLLECTION SERVICE CENTER          CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT              $      470.51
      CORKERY, KATHY                     DISPATCH UNIFORM                   $       17.49
      DEL CO RECORDER                    RECORDING FEES                     $       64.00
      DEL CO SOLID WASTE                 DEC 2010 LANDFILL                  $      827.60
      DELAWARE SERVICE CENTER            PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $    2,620.00
      DELL                               LIB: SUPPORT                       $      294.66
      DEMCO                              LIB: OFFICE SUPPLIES               $      110.25
      DENMAN & COMPANY, LLP              ANNUAL AUDIT                       $    2,900.00
      DON & WALT, LLC                    SUPPLIES                           $      506.62
      DON'S TRUCK SALES                  GASKETS                            $       16.54
      ECIA                               GRANT ADMINSTRATION                $    4,400.28
      EDGEWOOD AUTO & TIRE               STREET TIRE REPAIRS #16            $      185.22
      EFTPS - FED,FICA,MEDICARE          PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $   13,851.72
      F & W SERVICE COMPANY              HOIST REPAIRS                      $      256.00
      FAIR MANUFACTURING                 SNOW REPAIRS #59                   $    2,185.40
      FANGMANN, LINDA                    DISPATCH UNIFORM                   $       22.18
      FAREWAY STORES                     SUPPLIES                           $      143.97
      FARM & HOME PUBLISHERS             LIB: PERIODICALS                   $       38.10
      FINK, MARK                         SNOW HAULING                       $    1,787.50
      FIRST STATE BANK                   PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $      100.00
FISH SHACK                         LIB: MAINTENANCE            $       75.00
GEORGEN AUTO                       VEHICLE REPAIRS             $      504.15
GRAINGER                           SUPPLIES                    $      239.05
GUDENKAUF TILING & EXCAVATING      SNOW RENTALS                $      337.50
HACH CO                            LAB TESTS                   $       56.18
HENDERSON TRUCK EQUIPMENT          SNOW REPAIRS                $      408.00
HERITAGE PRINTING                  CARDS, LABELS               $        4.50
HOULIHAN SANITATION                GARBAGE                     $   21,572.87
HYGIENIC LABORATORY                LAB SUPPLIES                $      608.00
IA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY           DISPATCH: 6 MO BILLING      $    1,281.00
IA LAW ENF ACADEMY                 DISPATCH TRAINING           $        5.00
IDNR                               WWTP: LAB CERTIFICATION     $      400.00
IMFOA                              ANNUAL DUES                 $       45.00
INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES            LIB: PERIODICALS            $       46.55
IPERS                              PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS        $   17,602.82
ISU                                FD: TRAINING                $    1,035.00
JAMES T. PETERS                    LEGAL FEES                  $      864.00
K & A FARM EQUIPMENT               EQUIPMENT REPAIRS           $        9.92
KMCH                               HOLIDAY LIGHTING CONTEST    $      100.00
KRAMER, MILT L                     MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT       $       41.82
LAWSON PRODUCTS                    STREET OPERATING SUPPLIES   $       88.82
LILA'S FRAME SHOP                  FIRE: LETTERING             $       64.80
MAIN STREET MARKET                 FIRE ANNUAL MEETING         $      112.75
MAIN STREET REPAIR                 BATTERY 78-60               $       80.91
MANCHESTER AREA CHAMBER            MEMBERSHIP, MEETING         $      547.34
MCNAMARA, CARRIE                   DISPATCH UNIFORM            $       41.71
MES - MIDAM                        FIRE SUPPLIES               $      580.97
MID-STATES ORGANIZED CRIME INFO    2011 ANNUAL DUES            $      100.00
MIDWEST FIRE EQUIP & REP           SERVICE TRUCKS              $    2,031.57
MIDWEST TAPE                       LIB: PERIODICALS            $      662.30
MONKEYTOWN                         SUPPLIES                    $      730.65
NE IA TELEPHONE SERVICE            OPERATING SUPPLIES          $      550.78
NEWS PUBLISHING CO                 PUBLICATION EXPENSE         $      794.65
NORTH AMERICAN SALT CO             STREET SALT                 $    4,948.97
ONEIDA NAMEPLATE                   FIRE: HELMETS               $      171.00
PAYROLL ACCOUNT                    PAYROLL WAGES               $   43,864.94
PITNEY BOWES                       POSTAGE                     $    1,598.85
RECKER, MARGIE                     DISPATCH UNIFORM            $        8.01
RICKLEFS EXCAVATING                PAY #1: WELL 6 IMPR         $   43,462.69
ROWLEY EQUIPMENT                   STREET REPAIRS #16          $      557.53
SPEER FINANCIAL                    WATER BOND FEES             $    5,445.65
SUNSHINE BOY WINDOW CLEAN          LIB: MAINTENANCE            $       40.00
T & W GRINDING                     COMPOST CONTRACT            $    7,287.00
TEAMSTERS LOCAL 238                UNION DUES                  $      428.00
THE GALE GROUP                     LIB: PERIODICALS            $      249.53
UPSTART, INC                       LIB: PROGRAMS & EVENTS      $      174.60
US 20 ASSOCIATION                  ANNUAL DUES                 $      100.00
US CELLULAR                        MONTHLY CELL                $      605.79
      VANTAGE TRANSFER AGENTS                     PAYROLL WITHHOLDINGS               $        423.44
      VICK, TIMOTHY J                             MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT              $         80.07
      W.S. DARLEY & CO.                           WEBBING                            $         89.05
      WELLMARK                                    HEALTH & DENTAL INS                $      3,783.02
      WINDSTREAM                                  MONTHLY PHONE BILL                 $      1,253.18
      WINTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY                    SNOW REPAIRS                       $        932.75
      **PAYROLL EXPENSES                          1/10/2011 - 1/24/2011              $     64,094.58
                                          TOTAL                                      $    304,070.36

                                                  FUND TOTALS
                                                  GENERAL FUND                       $    155,308.16
                                                  ROAD USE TAX                       $     43,138.26
                                                  EMPLOYEE BENEFITS                  $         19.73
                                                  TAX INCREMENT FINANCING            $         21.29
                                                  LIBRARY GIFT & TRUST               $        561.28
                                                  CDBG HOUSING GRANTS                $        938.41
                                                  STREET PROJECTS                    $        157.20
                                                  FEMA CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS          $      7,711.87
                                                  SEWER CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS         $        400.00
                                                  WATER FUND                         $     69,431.13
                                                  SEWER FUND                         $     26,383.03
                                                  GRAND TOTAL                        $    304,070.36

20.    Public Hearing on the proposal to enter into a Loan Agreement related to constructing water
       system improvements
Mayor Kramer opened the Public Hearing at 5:10pm.

City Manager Vick informed the Council this loan would be for funding for the Well 4 & 5 Project.

Council Member Broghammer stated he was concerned about the project cost and whether the project
was needed right now.

The Council discussed the project cost.

Council Member Sherman stated he is supportive of the project because of the grant funding the City
has received for both this project and the Well 6 Project. Council Member Sherman further commented
that the City isn’t required to fix the well yet but may have to in the future and East Howard Street does
need to be redone.

Council Member Stelken commented the cost to complete just the Well 4 repairs alone is high and the
City would not receive grant funding if just did that portion of the project. Council Member Stelken also
stated that he felt the Water Department needed a central location for their equipment and office.

There being no further oral comments to be heard and no written comments on file, Mayor Kramer
closed the Public Hearing at 5:21pm.

Motion by Stelken, seconded by Struble to adopt R-023-2011 – Resolution Taking Additional Action to
Enter into a Loan Agreement. ON CALL OF ROLL: AYES: Stelken, Struble, Behnken, Sherman.
NAYS: Broghammer.

23.     Hartwick Husky’s Ski Team
Parks & Recreation Director Doug Foley informed the Council that the Hartwick Husky’s had approached the
City about the possibility of using Schram Pond for their team’s practices and shows this summer. Foley noted
the Parks & Recreation Commission had reviewed the request and both he and the commission were supportive
of allowing them to use the pond.

The Council discussed with City Staff and representatives from the Hartwick Husky’s the use of the pond, the
needs of both the ski team and the City, insurance coverage, the team’s schedule for the summer, signage, the
size of the pond, and the facilities at Schram Park.

City Attorney Jim Peters advised that the Council would need to pass an ordinance to allow the park to be used
for this purpose, as well as approve a lease agreement with the Hartwick Husky’s.

Motion by Behnken, seconded by Broghammer to direct the City Attorney to draft an ordinance & lease
agreement to allow the Hartwick Husky’s to utilize Schram Park. ON CALL OF ROLL: AYES: Behnken,
Broghammer, Sherman, Stelken, Struble. NAYS: None.

21.    Approval of the purchase of a used 1992 Aerial Ladder Truck (110’) from the City of West Des Moines
       at a cost of $160,000
Mayor Kramer referred the Council to 21 letters of support from area businesses and industries for the Fire
Department’s purchase of a used aerial ladder truck from the West Des Moines Fire Department.

Fire Chief Dennis Meisgeier informed the Council that the aerial truck would be purchased with $153,000 from
the Fire Truck Reserve Fund and $7,000 from the Fire Association Fund. Chief Meisgeier also noted that any in-
service costs would be paid from the Fire Association.

Following discussion, motion by Sherman, seconded by Struble to endorse the Fire Department’s purchase of
the 1992 Aerial Ladder Truck from the City of West Des Moines. ON CALL OF ROLL: Sherman, Struble,
Behnken, Broghammer, Stelken. NAYS: None.

22.     White Water Park – Budget Request
Ryan Wicks, representing the Riverfront Sub-Committee of Good to Great, addressed the Council regarding the
proposed White Water Park Project and requested a budgetary commitment from the Council in the amount of
$200,000 for the next three years for this project.

The Council discussed the project and budget request with the Riverfront Committee. The Council agreed to
consider the project as they went through the budget process.

24.      Motion to adopt R-024-2011 – Resolution Restricting Firearms & Dangerous Weapons on Public
Motion by Broghammer, seconded by Behnken to adopt R-024-2011 – Resolution Restricting Firearms &
Dangerous Weapons on Public Property. ON CALL OF ROLL: AYES: Broghammer, Behnken, Sherman,
Stelken, Struble. NAYS: None.

25.     City Attorney
City Attorney Peters updated the Council on the case regarding the placement of a fence in the right-of-way.

26.      City Manager
City Manager Vick informed the Council that there will be budget work sessions on January 31st and February 7th
starting at 4:00pm. City Manager Vick also informed the Council that there will be a Good to Great community
meeting on March 2nd and that RDG will be in Manchester again on February 9th and 10th.

27.   City Clerk
28.     City Council Member
Council Member Ron Struble commented that the contractor meeting went well and the City received good
feedback from those present.

29.   Mayor

Motion by Behnken, seconded by Stelken that the meeting be adjourned at 6:55pm. ON CALL OF ROLL:
AYES: Behnken, Stelken, Broghammer, Sherman, Struble. NAYS: None.

ATTEST:                                                     Milt L. Kramer, Mayor

Erin Rempe, City Clerk