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									                                            St. Barnabas Episcopal Parish
                                                     Denver, CO

                                             Vestry Meeting Minutes

       Date of Meeting:         Wednesday, May 26th 2010
                                 6.00 PM Marshall House
        Date of Approval:        Wednesday June 22nd 2010
        Certification by Clerk:                         Irene Shepard
        Wardens and Vestry: Conor Farley, Lynn Herlinger, Tori Meyers, David Millis, Jim Schefe, Jack
        Unruh, Jody Will, Meredith Wakelyn, Wills Long
        Apologies: Janet Manning, Sean Nesbit
        Vestry Clerk: Irene Shepard
        Rector: Paul Garrett
        Staff: Tina Clark
        Finance Committee Chair: Larry Volmert
        Treasurer: Becky Blanc
Dinner provided by Jodi, Tori and Wills.
Opening Prayer: Paul led Early Evening Prayers
 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6.30 pm by Paul Garrett.
Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes of the April meeting was proposed, seconded and
Family Ministry Report: Tina reported
      Sunday school ended last Sunday for this school year, with a picnic celebration. Everyone who volunteered in
       Family Ministry this semester was acknowledged and thanked at the 9:30 service.
      The Rite 13 Youth Group Auction item, “An Evening in Paris” went very well.
      Parents and kids from kindergarten up will participate in a survey around the “40 Assets” from the Search
       Institute. This information will then help her plan this fall’s parent retreat and a youth retreat on the same
       topic on the same day.
      A new model for Children’s Chapel during the summer holidays (see Summer 2010 schedule on website).
      Acolyte training is being scheduled for this summer with youth to begin serving soon after.
      Arts Camp June 21-27 planning and registrations are well underway, Rite 13 Youth Camp at Steamboat Lake
       July 5-9 is being planned with most youth already committed to attending.
      She will attend the Christian Formation Conference at Kanuga in NC June 13-16
      Information for the sale of peaches has arrived. They will be available 2nd week in August. Becky and Tina
       will work to plan a committee to oversee the sale this year.
 Finance Committee Chair report: Larry reported
     The Finance Committee proposed the following motion: Building Renovation funds currently
        invested with Charles Schwab and in UMB CDs should, when the current investment instruments
        mature, be invested in accordance with the following:
The $112, 433 currently with Charles Schwab should be deposited into the Colorado Episcopal Foundation’s
(CEF’s) Limited Maturity Income Fund.
The proceeds of the $50,000 UMB CD maturing at the end of June should be deposited in the CEF’s
Limited Maturity Income Fund
If UMB offers at least a 1.5% return on a new CD with a term no longer than 2 years, the proceeds of the
$100,000 UMB CD maturing at the end of June should be used to purchase a new CD. If the return is less
than $1.5%, the proceeds should be deposited in the CEF’s Limited Maturity Income Fund.
When the other two UMB CDs, each for $50,000, mature at the end of September and end of October,
respectively, if UMB offers at least a 1.5% return for CDs with a term no greater than one year, the proceeds
of the CDs should be used to purchase new CDs. If the return is less than 1.5%, the proceeds should be
deposited in the CEF’s Limited Maturity Income Fund. The motion was proposed seconded and

       Our bookkeeper Diana has suggested we get a copy of QuickBooks Soft ware for Carol for $160.
       Audit. Lynn is vestry rep for our internal Audit. She will set up a committee to do this. Judy Ward
        has provided guidelines.
Treasurer’s Report: Becky’s report is appended.
Deacon’s Report: Sally’s written report is appended.
Senior Warden’s report: Jodi reported.
     A short executive session at the end of the meeting will discuss Paul’s evaluation.
     Kneelers. Mary and Jodi will revisit this in the fall.
     The Committee of Committees will be reinstated this year.
     The wardens and vestry will work on ways to make the vestry visible in the Church and discuss its
        role in the parish.
Junior Warden’s Report: Jim reported.
        “Earlier in May a very large limb fell from our silver maple tree along 13th Avenue, right after the
rush hour. Fortunately, it fell on the sidewalk and did not injure anyone. The Denver Forestry Department
was called in to inspect the tree. While at this time we are required only to remove four major limbs, there is
no guarantee that we would not be required to remove the tree after any more damage, and, of course, we
would continue to assume the risks of property damage and personal injury. All things considered, the
safest and most cost effective approach is to remove the tree. A motion was proposed, seconded and carried
to remove the tree. The cost will be around $4,000. The good news is that there is a $6,000 Line Item
(3120) in our budget for such a contingency. Explanations will be made to the people of our parish as well
as to our immediate neighbors.”
Rector’s Report. Paul reported.
     It was noted that parking on 13th Ave is allowed only between 6.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the discretion
        of the police. Recent parking tickets were given for parking too far from the curb. There are plans to
        make a parking lane in the future.
New/Continuing Business:
      Tori reported on her meeting with the Outreach Committee. They were enthusiastic about the plan,
         and enough people had signed up to host gatherings. Jack offered to produce a spiffed up email
         about the gatherings which will be attended by both a vestry member and a member of the outreach

     Irene reported that the Soup Group had made just short of $7000 this past winter. Becky will be
       sending the money soon. It is very timely as the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the
       Middle East (FRRME) is very short of money this month,

Next Meeting: June 22nd:
    Dinner: Sally, Becky, Jodi
    Agenda items to Irene.

Closing Prayer and Adjournment: Vestry was adjourned at 8.00pm with a closing blessing.
APPENDED DOCUMENTS are in the Vestry Meeting Minutes file in Lukens Wing and available
online on the St. Barnabas website.
    1. St. Barnabas Parish Profit and Loss Actual versus Budget Jan 1 – March 31st 2010
    2. St. Barnabas Parish Balance Sheet 31st March 2010
    3. Treasurer’s report.
    4. Deacon’s Report.


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