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A Day of House Visiting in Montego Bay


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									A Career in Psychiatric Nursing

Nursing is a very good profession. There is demand, the pay is quite good, the health benefits are okay, and
there are a lot of specializations that you can go to in case you get tired of being stuck in one practice. One
interesting opportunity is a career in psychiatric nursing.

What is a psychiatric nurse? This is a nurse that works in the psychiatric ward or mental health department
of a hospital or medical facility and whose primary function is to take care and evaluate patients who display
conditions and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Also included in their scope are conditions brought about
by substance abuse problems. So you can see that the scope of a psychiatric nurse’s job is not as limited as
the title signifies.

Together with the doctors in the department, it is often part of the psychiatric nurse’s responsibilities to
create a series of treatment plans that would help manage the conditions of each patient in the ward. Aside
from the regular work of nurses, there are opportunities to work as researchers and even consultants on the
field of psychiatry and psychiatric treatments. Often, they also serve as buffer or a support pillar for the
families of the patients, explaining to them the conditions and the treatments involved.

There are certain steps that one has to undertake if he/she wants to be a psychiatric nurse. Because of the
responsibilities involved, a psychiatric nurse is often required to take more courses as preparation to the
tasks they will be handling. A masters degree or even a doctorate can be sometimes required or if not will
definitely become handy in landing a better position.

To be more specific, the delegation of tasks can be divided into basic and advanced. The basic
responsibilities of an entry level psychiatric nurse include working with the patients, their families, the
community if possible and the support groups. It is also a basic requirement that nurses will be able to
assess the mental health of patients, create nursing plans of action, and can put the necessary treatment plans
into practice.

The next level would be the advanced level where an advanced level of education is necessary. This is
where the masters degree specializing on psychiatric nursing will be required. With their education and
experience, psychiatric nurses in the advanced level are expected to diagnose and treat patients and their
families that manifest psychiatric disorders. They also do some important administrative work by keeping in
touch with researchers, colleagues in the private sector in order to develop programs that would be agreeable
to the general regulations of the hospital.

In this field nurses can still choose a specialization. There are still different fields of study in psychiatry.
There’s psychiatric nursing for the elderly, for teens, and for children. There’s also the field of substance
abuse and, of course, the field of forensics.

If we’re going to talk about the remunerations involved in a psychiatric nursing, the amount really depends
on the skills, education and experience of the nurse. The location and kind of hospital is also part of how
much a career in psychiatric nursing will make.

Nurses with more education and experience under their belt will normally earn more. Psychiatric nurses will
continue to be in demand in the near future.

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