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                   Colon Detox                                                        TM

                                       When it’s time to clean house

THE NUMBERS                           and environmental toxins that are     testinal tract in the digestive sys-
                                      often the by-product of manufac-      tem, wondrous and complex
                                      turing and new agricultural tech-     processes take place continually to
     More than 125 million
                                      niques. All these are compounded      break food down, absorb nutri-
     Americans have at least one
                                      by the stress of daily living and a   ents, process harmful elements for
     chronic condition caused by
                                      diet high in processed and refined    disposal, and bundle up what's left
     some type of toxic poisoning
                                      foods, and low in fiber. In short     as waste. It's an efficient and
     The water in most American
                                      order, the body is quite simply       hardworking system. When it's in
     cities contains over 700
                                      overloaded. And when these tox-       optimal condition, it forms a solid
                                      ins are not removed from the          foundation for our good health.
     Americans are exposed to
                                      body, they can cause irritation or    However, when something inter-
     some 50,000 chemicals in
                                      inflammation of cells and tissues,    feres with that optimal function-
     their lifetimes
                                      blocking normal bodily functions.     ing, a variety of health problems
                                                                            are not far away.
THE BAD NEWS IS, IT'S                   A wide variety of conditions can
A TOXIC WORLD                         result from this build-up. Cancer,       The colon is one of the key
                                      cardiovascular disease, arthritis,    players in the digestive system.
   Toxins can be defined basically    allergies, obesity, skin problems,    You can think of it as the last leg
as any substances that create irri-   headaches, fatigue, body pain, and    in a relay race -- no matter how
tating or harmful effects on the      gastrointestinal problems are just    fast the other runners have been,
body. We are exposed to many of       a few.                                if the last runner doesn't turn up
these toxins by the very world we                                           the speed and bring it home, the
live in, by breathing them, ingest-     The body seeks to rid itself of     race is lost. So it is with the
ing them, or through any type of      the toxins through neutralizing       colon. By the time digested food
physical contact. To make matters     them, transforming them, and/or       reaches the colon, many metabolic
worse, our own bodies produce         eliminating them. The liver and       processes have already done their
toxins through normal daily func-     the colon are the primary players     jobs, utilizing the power of major
tioning: biochemical, cellular, and   in this process.                      organs like the liver, pancreas, and
bodily activities generate sub-                                             stomach. It's up to the colon to
stances that need to be eliminated.   THE GOOD NEWS, WE                     wrap things up -- to absorb water,
Free radicals, for example, are                                             bind up toxins, and eliminate
                                      HAVE A MIGHTY COLON
biochemical toxins.                                                         waste.
                                      ON OUR SIDE
   The human body is amazingly                                              WHAT HAPPENS WHEN
designed to protect itself from         The good news is, our bodies
                                      have an amazing system in place       THE SYSTEM BREAKS
these toxins. . . when it is func-
tioning optimally. However, in        to absorb what is needed from the     DOWN?
today's world, the natural toxins     food and liquids we take in and
we produce are joined by an           then eliminate the waste. All           There's an old saying, "Death
increased exposure to radiation       along the route of the gastroin-      begins in the colon." While that
sounds a bit dire, the truth of the    working in top condition. As we        tion when it comes to food metab-
matter is, what happens in the         know, that is rarely the case.         olism. It's much healthier than
colon is a sort of "make or break"     Toxicity occurs when we are            putrefaction -- basically rotting --
metabolic process or group of          unable to process and eliminate        which produces many metabolic
processes. A digestive system not      the toxin load we are exposed to.      toxins.
up to par leads to conditions like
chronic constipation, diverticular     DETOXIFICATION:                          Colon Detox contains not only
disease (colon herniations), hem-      SPRING CLEANING                        fiber, but also a tremendous mix
orrhoids, irritable bowel syn-                                                of natural ingredients designed to
                                       FROM THE INSIDE OUT
drome, ulcerative colitis, and                                                cleanse, soothe, and detoxify the
Crohn's disease. But doctors have                                             colon. Let's examine some of the
                                         Our bodies detoxify us daily.
linked a number of other health                                               ingredients:
                                       We can help this process along by
problems to the colon as well: dia-
                                       drinking more purified water, eat-
betes, gall stones, kidney stones,                                            Apple pectin
                                       ing more fruits and vegetables,
gout, hypertension, varicose veins,
                                       and exercising more.
rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and                                            Every year, doctors and
                                       Detoxification is basically the
even obesity.                                                                 researchers find more and more
                                       process of clearing the built-up
                                                                              truth in the old adage, "An apple a
                                       toxins from the body. Because the
   When toxins -- either those                                                day keeps the doctor away."
                                       world today is full of environmen-
from the outside world or those                                               Apples can help regulate the
                                       tal toxins in everything from our
produced by the body's own meta-                                              digestive system, keeping consti-
                                       air to our food and water, and
bolic processes -- are not properly                                           pation and diarrhea under control.
                                       because high stress and poor diets
eliminated from the body, every                                               They can even clean the teeth!
                                       serve both to make our bodies
system in the body is impacted in
                                       produce more toxins and decrease
some way. These toxins can build                                                 From the point of view of
                                       our bodies' effectiveness in elimi-
up in the nervous system, causing                                             detoxification, apples are rich in
                                       nating toxins, we need help. And
irritability and depression.                                                  pectin, a water-soluble fiber that
                                       we need to focus on the colon as a
Allergy-type reactions and                                                    forms a gel when mixed with
                                       crucial site for both toxin build-up
increased sensitivity to things like                                          water. It helps increase acidity in
                                       and elimination.
perfumes and cleaning agents can                                              the digestive tract, which leads to
occur. The toxins can cause                                                   more food being metabolized by
                                         A good dietary supplement
blotchiness and irritation on our                                             fermentation rather than putrefac-
                                       detoxifier will both cleanse our
skin. They can leave us feeling                                               tion, resulting in fewer metabolic
                                       digestive tract and soothe it. Fiber
weak, fatigued, full of aches and                                             toxins being produced. Pectins
                                       plays a key role in any detoxifica-
pains, and just not up to par.                                                also help decrease cholesterol and
                                       tion regimen. We've all probably
                                                                              fat absorption by binding with bile
                                       heard about the need for more
  But the impact of toxins on the                                             acids in the intestine. Apple
                                       fiber in our diets. Increasing fiber
human body can be much more                                                   pectin can help the body eliminate
                                       has numerous health benefits,
serious. Cancer and cardiovascu-                                              lead, mercury, and other heavy
                                       including promoting colon health.
lar disease -- two of the leading                                             metals. Japanese research is even
                                       While the body itself doesn't
causes of death in America today -                                            showing a link between apple
                                       digest fiber, the trillions of
are, in many cases, a direct result                                           pectin and a decrease in the
                                       "friendly" intestinal bacteria or
of exposure to toxins in the body                                             chances of developing colon can-
                                       microflora that call our bodies
and in the environment. While                                                 cer.
                                       home can use it for fermentation
the human body is designed to
                                       and to produce fatty acids that the
deal with average daily exposures                                             Montmorillonite clay
                                       cells of the intestine can use as an
to toxins, that ability hinges on
                                       energy source. Fermentation is
the body being able to function                                                 It's been used for centuries by
                                       kind of the flip side of putrefac-
optimally -- all systems ready and                                            healers and medical practitioners
for its capacity to help increase      slippery substance when com-           Activated willow charcoal
stamina and energy, and improve        bined with water. It was used by
overall health and longevity.          19th century midwives as a lubri-         Medical practitioners have
According to satellite recoinas-       cant and to facilitate labor. It is    known about the beneficial char-
sance, there are only five deposits    rich in nutrients and easy to          acteristics of activated charcoal
of it in the world: the Himalayas,     digest. George Washington and          for centuries, using it for every-
the Urals, Caucasus (Russia),          his troops lived on Slippery Elm       thing from seasickness to a poison
Andes, and Wasatch in Utah. It's       gruel for several days during the      antidote. Today, it is the standard
called Montmorillonite clay, and it    bitter winter at Valley Forge.         treatment in emergency rooms for
appears to have beneficial health                                             acute poisoning. In modern times,
impacts on a number of body sys-          Slippery Elm inner bark helps       its use has also been expanded to
tems. Montmorillonite clay con-        draw out impurities and toxins         include household tasks like
tains more than 60 essential and       from the body, and it soothes the      deodorizing and purifying. Like
trace minerals in their natural col-   irritated tissues of the entire gas-   Montmorillonite clay, activated
loidal form. This means they are       trointestinal tract.                   charcoal is highly adsorbent -- it
easily taken up and used by the                                               can attract thousands of sub-
body. These minerals enhance           Marshmallow root                       stances to its own surface and
enzyme production in the body.                                                hold them there. In fact, one tea-
                                         A native of most European            spoonful has a surface area of
   Montmorillonite clay has a real-    countries, and also found in the       more than 10,000 square feet!
ly useful chemical characteristic:     western U.S., marshmallow has          That creates a lot of area for
it's adsorbent (as opposed to          been used for thousands of years       harmful substances to adhere to.
absorbent). This means its mole-       for both food and healing. Like
cules adhere to other molecules --     Slippery Elm inner bark, marsh-           What that means in terms of
in a sense, collect them -- so they    mallow root has a high mucilage        colon detoxification is that acti-
can be carried off and eliminated.     content, making it helpful in          vated charcoal can adsorb thou-
This is one of the reasons adsorp-     soothing irritated mucous mem-         sands of times its own weight in
tive surfaces help prevent allergic    branes.                                harmful, toxic chemicals like
reactions. They capture allergens                                             heavy metals and poisons, effec-
before they have a chance to inter-    Fennel seed                            tively rendering them harmless
act with body cells. You can think                                            because they won't be absorbed
of adsorbents as a kind of biologi-       The seeds of the fennel plant are   into the body. Other helpful
cal Velcro™. This means                well known to most cooks as a          effects of activated charcoal
Montmorillonite clay grabs up          flavorful addition to many dishes,     include shortening the time it
many toxins like heavy metals and      from meats to soups. This com-         takes toxins to leave the body and
other impurities, and keeps them       mon herb is often used to promote      lessening the detoxification work-
from being absorbed by the body.       good digestion. It is known as a       load on the liver. It has also been
                                       carminative, which means it helps      shown to adsorb many of the tox-
Slippery Elm inner bark                relieve intestinal gas and cramps.     ins produced by candida albicans,
                                       One of fennel's major constituents     one of the most prevalent yeast
  A popular herbal ingredient in       -- terpenoid anethole -- seems to      infections in humans. It seems to
natural throat and cough lozenges,     inhibit spasms in smooth muscles,      suppress the growth of intestinal-
Slippery Elm helps soothe the          such as are found in the digestive     based yeasts in general.
mucous membranes of the entire         tract. This may be what lends
digestive tract. The inner bark is     itself to fennel's carminative repu-   Psyllium seeds and husks
the part of the plant that is used     tation.
for health purposes. It contains                                                Psyllium is primarily a bulk-
mucilage (a polysaccharide, or                                                forming laxative high in fiber and
long chain of sugars) that makes a                                            mucilage. This soluble fiber
comes from a shrub-like herb           CAUTIONS                               SOURCES
called plantain that grows world-
wide. The laxative properties of          Clay and charcoal can be a little   Ody, Penelope. The Complete
psyllium are due to the swelling       constipating, so it is really impor-   Medicinal Herbal.
of the husk when it comes in con-      tant to make sure your bowels are
tact with water. The seed husks        activated before beginning detoxi-     Duke, JA. The Green Pharmacy.
can absorb 7-15 times their weight     fication. Many people think colon      1997, Rodale Press.
in water. In fact, the ground-up       detoxification means you'll be
seeds are one of the highest                                                  Anderson JW, Smith BM, Gustafson
                                       spending the day in the bathroom       NJ. Health benefits and practical
sources of dietary fiber to be         with diarrhea, when actually the       aspects of high-fiber diets. American
found in any food.                     opposite is more likely to occur.      Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1994
                                       Colon Activator should be utilized     May; 59 (5 suppl): 1242S-1247S.
  Psyllium also provides intestinal    to gain proper bowel activity (one
bulk that absorbs toxins and bac-      bowel movement today for each
teria, which is one of the ways in     meal consumed yesterday) before
which it helps in a detoxification     starting Colon Detox. And
regimen. Additionally, psyllium        remember - Colon Detox cleans
works as a detoxifier because it       everything out, so after the detox
helps speed food processing            is finished, it's important to imme-
through the intestines, limiting the   diately begin taking a good probi-
amount of time toxic waste is in       otic supplement (like Allipro) to
contact with the colon walls.          properly replenish the gastroin-
                                       testinal microflora.
TOGETHER                                 These statements have not been
                                       evaluated by the FDA. This prod-
  The human body in top shape          uct is not intended to diagnose,
has natural and powerful detoxify-     treat, cure, or prevent any disease,
ing capabilities. It is able to        but rather is a dietary supplement
ingest and process and eliminate       intended solely for nutritional sup-
many toxins both from the envi-        port.
ronment and those produced by
the body's own metabolic process-

  Keeping the digestive tract, the
colon in particular, functioning
smoothly and efficiently goes a
long way toward keeping the body
healthy and toxin-free. A regular
schedule of colon cleansing and
detoxification is a powerful step
toward overall good health. It's a
good idea to do an intestinal
cleanse 2-4 times a year. Most of
us bathe the outside of our bodies
daily or every other day. The
inside needs to be cleaned as well
(although not as often).

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