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					                               Mass Profit Sites

                        Social Income Sites-Twitter

Mass Profit Sites Social Income

Today the World Wide Web 2.0 allows us to interact with others
and to communicate through website content endlessly across the globe.
Social media has given us the avenue to share content, media, conversation, build
relationships through online communities that can be accomplished in many different

In Mass Profit Sites Social Income, we are using these resources to build
relationships, personal bonds and trust with clients across the globe. This way when
you have a product your promoting they are more likely to take a moment and listen to
what you have to say.

The Mass Profit Sites is in essence, the “word of mouth” of the 21st Century.

The Cliché news travels “fast” has never been truer.

Methods of social media optimization can be achieved through many different sources,
for the purpose of building your business with the Mass Profit Sites; we will be
focusing on Twitter and Facebook and social media through blogging and Article

              Mass        Sites”
Based on the “Mass Profit Sites

What is Social Media?

 A messaging system from person to person
 Allows Real life’s basic needs to gather
 Gives a fair shake to all, even the little guy
 Top Social Media Sites
 Facebook with well over 355,000,00 users
 Twitter is doubling in size every 90 days 2011
                           Let discuss the power of Twitter!

What is Twitter?

 Micro Blogging Platform
 Everything is done in “Real” time
 It allows 100% deliverability

Why Twitter is Important

 Fast to Build
 You can refer to it anywhere
 It’s one of the fastest growing SMO

Getting Started on Twitter

When setting up your profile be sure to:
 Use your own name
 Smile in your photograph (Dress nice, but keep it casual)
 Write a killer bio and include an awesome link

Rules to Follow:

 Tweet at least 5 times before you follow people
 Show your value and personality
 Add humor
 Follow 50 people or 10% daily
 Follow people at night and weekends
 Use the search tool
                                                 that aren’t.
 Follow people that are talking, clean out those t
 Talk back to people
 Be unique 2011
Don’t know what to say? Here are some content sources:
 Google Alerts

How do you drive traffic from Twitter?

 YouTube Video’s
 Blog Posts
 Articles and Press Releases
 Encourage Commenting

Twitter Resource Tools

  Twitter Karma: See who is following you, plus it s a great tool to clean house, you
should do a bulk un- follow periodically to get rid of inactive twitter accounts and
individuals who are not following you back.
  Tweet Deck: Will show you everything you want to see at once, this will help
keep you organized as your Twitter account grows Simple and free service that makes updating your social networks

The Mass Profit Sites Secret to Social Media

Keep in mind that over three million pieces of content are generated on the internet
every second!

Blog posts, comments, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, status updates, reviews, viral
video’s, press releases and tons more.

Content is everywhere, the speed of information is what makes the information so
powerful. 2011
Use this power to grow your business with targeted profiles.

Effortlessly create daily content and find an audience so that you can build a one on
one relationship with your clients/readers, after all more connections means more

Most importantly have fun with it!!!! 2011

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