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Google Blog Alert Traffic Funnel

In this incredibly effective traffic funnel we re going to use Google Blog Alerts to get tons
of awesome backlinks in just a few minutes daily from targeted sites.

There are 5 reasons why I love this technique so much

1.The backlinks are going to be on blogs, and google loves blogs,

2. The blogs are “in your face” because the alerts come right into your email inbox,
you simply can’t ignore them so it forces you to do the work.

3. It takes less than 10 minutes to get 10, 20, even 30 backlinks daily,

4. This is incredibly simple to outsource,

5. It’s FREE!

Here’s the basic step by step way to get blog alerts sent directly to your email account
to build your Backlink Farm1

1. Search on Google for relevant blogs in your niche. Site: Sort the results by date, and add extra words to
narrow your results a bit.

2. Save time by setting up Google Alerts to have the results emailed to you by
clicking on the “Blogs Alerts” text link on the left hand column, then entering in
your email. Here you can specify what you want Google to send y     you. 2011
3. Spend five minutes a day going through these different blogs and posting quick,
relevant comments. Read a little bit about what they have here and put your
name, email, website, post a comment, post. Make absolutely sure that your
comments fall in line with the blog and the topic, remember that the owner of the
blog can quash your comment if it looks like a blatant backlink attempt.

Once you’re in there you’ll see that blog alerts aren t the only ones you can set up. You
                          ll                     aren’t
can get alerts for videos about the niche you ve chosen as well1but we only care about
blogs right now.

They are the easiest backlink out there, and as we mentioned above, google loves

Heck, google loves them SO much that they built this system for you to know each and
every time a relevant blog post is put up. Google is practically begging you to use this
system to get the spiders crawling like mad all over your site!

        ll                            it’s
As you’ll see in the technical video, it s an incredible simple way to get a flood of
backlinks on blogs that may hold a very high ranking and quite possibly have a torrent
of fresh new content each and every week! 2011

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