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Shelly Fry
New Educational Milestones
Notice the new Reading and Writing Milestones – set to Met if TWASL for
Reading and Writing is not in Skyward
  WA State Transcript Changes
OSPI Bulletin 107-07 – Dated November 27, 2007

WAC 392-415 Secondary education – standardized high school

The 2007 legislative session postponed the requirement for students to
earn a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) or a Certificate of
Individual Achievement (CIA) by delaying the requirement that students
meet the state’s mathematics standard until 2013. (Students who first
entered 9th grade in or after 2004-05 must still meet the reading and
writing standards to be eligible for a diploma.)

The State Student ID number (SSID) has been added to the transcript.
The “State Assessments” section has been deleted.
The “Additional State Requirements” section has been reformatted
WA State Transcript Changes

The “Additional State Requirements” section will now display a value of
“Met” or “Not Met”, for all four of the following state graduation
requirements; Writing and Reading Standard can also show a status of

1.   Writing Standard
2.   Reading Standard
3.   High School and Beyond Plan
4.   Culminating Project
 WA State Transcript Changes

• An additional line will indicate “Certificate of Academic
  Achievement EARNED” or “Certificate of Individual Achievement
  EARNED” if either of the certificate requirements have been met.

• If the student has not met either requirement, nothing will be
  displayed regarding the student’s Certificate status.
WA State Transcript Changes

  Notice the SSID Printed in the transcript header
WA State Transcript Changes
  Additional State Requirements

 WA State Transcript Changes
1.   Reading Standard – This standard will show met if the student has a level 3 or
     greater on the TWASL for reading; or the Educational Milestone for Reading is set
     to Met.

2.   Writing Standard – This standard will show met if the student has a level 3 or
     greater on the TWASL for writing; or the Educational Milestone for Writing is set to

3.   High School and Beyond Plan – This requirement will show met if the student
     has the Educational Milestone for the High School and Beyond Plan set to Met.

4.   Culminating Project – This requirement will show met if the student has the
     Educational Milestone for the Culminating Project set to Met.

5.   Certificate of Academic Achievement - This Requirement will show earned if the
     student has level 3 or greater on the TWASL for reading, writing, and math; or the
     Educational Milestone for the CAA is set to Met. Certificate of Individual
     Achievement - will show earned if the Educational Milestone for the CIA is set
     Met. If neither the CAA or the CIA have been met this line will show as all
WA State Transcript Changes
   Waiving the reading or the writing

To Waive either standard, type the word ‘Waived’ in the
comments section for the Reading and the Writing Educational
WA State Transcript Changes
 Waiving the reading or the writing
    New Transcript Reports
     Transcript Status for Additional State Requirements By Range

This Report shows each student and their status for each of the additional state

SM/State Reports/Washington Transcript Report/Standardized High School Transcript
     New Transcript Reports
       Student TWASL Details if CAA status = Not Met - By Range

This Report shows each student and their status for each portion of the WASL
SM/State Reports/Washington Transcript Report/Standardized High School Transcript
Transcript Security
     New Reports
Transcript Security
 Educational Milestones
Shelly Fry
Obligations Presentation
The Student Obligations Module allows schools to
  track information that student’s need to provide to
  the school district.

2 District Level Tables must be set up:
• Obligation codes
• Obligation waivers

Obligations are assigned to students
• Individually
• In Mass
Student Management/Admin/Obligations/Codes/Obligation Codes
•   Click Add – the following screen will display

•   Enter an Obligation Code, up to 8 characters
•   Click the Obligation Type Financial or Other (only 1 financial
    obligation code per district)
•   Enter a short and long Description
•   Click OK
Sample Obligation Code for ASB Card
Student Management/Admin/Obligations/Codes/Waiver Codes
• Waiver Codes are optional
• Click Add – the following screen will display

• Enter a Waiver Code, up to 8 characters.
• Enter a short and long Description.
• Click OK.
Sample Waiver Code
                 Adding an Individual Obligation
Student Management/Admin/Obligations/Obligations

• Find a Student
• Click Select

May also be entered via:
Student Management/Student/Entity Tab/Obl
Click Add
•   Enter the Obligation Code
•   Verify the School Year (change if necessary)
•   Click Obligation Met Box if applicable
•   Enter a Waiver Code if applicable
•   Click Ok
Utilities for Mass Creating/Removing/Changing/
               Obligations and Waivers
   Student Management/Admin/Obligations/Utilities
            Student Management/Admin/Obligations/Reporting

There are 3 reports available, however the letters only function if Fee
Management is also being used.
Student Obligations Report
     Range Screen
Student Obligations Report Sample
Tied to Printing
Student Schedules

If your district is
using obligations
you must check
the box to:
Print Schedule
When Obligations
Not Met

The default is

See the Student Records Website for the
 complete Obligations Training Handout.


Juli Reed and Shelly Fry
   Displaying Classes for a Prior
• Gradebook default is set to display a list of the
  current classes. When the semester changes,
  the current classes are for Semester 2, but the
  teachers are still grading and posting for
  Semester 1.

• When entering My Gradebook, be sure to select
  the Blue lettered option “Show All Classes”.
  This displays the Semester 1 and Semester 2
Displaying Classes for Prior
Displaying Classes for Prior
            Grade Tab Options
             SM/ST/Grades Tab

Click the

Or the
                Grade Tab Options
                SM/ST/Grades Tab/More
• Courses can be sorted by
  Course Code or Period
• Dropped Classes can be
• Classes with no Grades can
  be displayed
• Comments can be displayed
• A blank line does not have to
  be displayed between each
• Course headers can be
  repeated                        If you like your changes they can be # Saved

• You can limit the Grade
  buckets displayed
Grade Tab Options
 SM/ST/Grades Tab
    Options changed
 Grade Tab Options
SM/ST/Grades Tab/Screen
  Saving to your Hard Drive
• Documents saved to your Citrix Desktop may disappear
  – they cannot be retrieved if this happens
• Best Practice is to Save to your Local Hard Drive
  File/Save As

                 Save to a folder on
                 C$ on ‘Client’ (V:)
  Saving to your Hard Drive
                What if you can’t write to your Hard Drive?

Check your Citrix Security Settings

          Doing this won’t help
 Saving to your Hard Drive
• On the Citrix Desktop Right Click on the
  icon in the upper left corner
                Choose File Security
              Change the Access Level
              to Full Access and click
 Saving to your Hard Drive
• If your security status is set to full access
  and you still can’t write to your hard drive
  contact your district tech support

• If you are using a Mac and you can’t
  access your hard drive contact ESD101
  Student Records Support.
   Student Range – Default Entity
For schools that share students and only want to
see the students assigned to their default entity.

Path: SM/ST
Select ‘Student’ button (upper left)

Select ‘Range’ button (upper right)
Student Range – Default Entity
                    Default Entity:
                    Yes to only see
                    students in this
                    default entity.
                    No to only see the
                    shared students.
                    Both (default) to
                    see both.
            Name Used As
For certain name types (listed below), you can see
  which students are attached to that name
• Guardians
• Emergency
• Health Professional
• Employer
• Select to ‘View All Names’ (bottom center)
• Highlight the name you want to view
• Highlight the Name Type (bottom right)
• Student attached to that name will be displayed
     Name Used As

Select the Name Used As button
       Name Used As



  This helps to find the Student(s)

•Select the correct printer
•Log off correctly to save the setting
Proper Log Off from
  2.Log Off

New NW Withdrawal Code
• New Enrollment status for CSRS – Used
  for students have not passed the WASL
  but have met all of the other graduation
• Stands for Needs WASL (NW).
• WESPaC software has not been updated
  for the new code. Once OSPI releases
  the bulletin regarding this change the
  CSRS logic will be updated.
Supplemental Entity 999 Records

Supplemental Entity 999 Records

                            Click Add
Supplemental Entity 999 Records
         IEP On-line Import
• Import Option now available for those districts who are
  interested (not required).

• Birth to 3 information must be updated in WESPaC – Not
  stored in IEP On-line.

• Contact ESD101 Student Records if interested.

• ESD101 will only be able to work with one district at a
  time. Priority will be on a first come/first served basis.
Crista Calderon
• Washington State WESPaC User Group
  – March 16th – 18th, 2008
  – Doubletree Hotel, Sea-Tac Airport
  – URL for more details: www.nwrdc.net – click
    on the WASWUG 08 link on the right hand
    side of the screen
  Note: There will not be any Food Service
    Sessions at this year’s conference.
• ESD101 Student Website
  – Training Materials
    • You should have received a Login and Password to
      access this information.
    • This presentation will be posted upon completion of
      the VTC.
  – FAQS
  – Calendar
           Thank You!
       Please e-mail the following to

•List of VTC attendees at your site

•Comments regarding this and future VTCs

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