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					                        Southern California Inland Empire Chapter 106

                                                     July/August 2010

                                               The Wonderful World
            Mix at Six
    Thursday, August 26, 2010                  Wireless Real Estate
           5:30 pm Registration
              6:00 pm Mixer
                                                  September 15th, 2010
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your favorite Property Manager in a relaxed,
   casual setting of valuable networking.

     Champions Club @ The Retreat
        8007 Softwinds Drive
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                                                     David W. Moore
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 Contents: President’s Message - 2     HUD article-3      IT Maintenance – 4
           Golf Sponsors -6            Legislative - 11   Golf photos - 13
           Friends of IREM - 15        Calendar – 18
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IREM Inland Empire Newsletter July/August 2010                                 Page 2

                       President’s Message
                                                                By Kim Clark, CPM
                         There are over 71 Certified Property Managers (CPMs),
                        CPM Candidates, and Accredited Residential Managers
                        (ARMs) in the current membership of IREM Chapter 106.
                        There are an additional 29 Friends of IREM in our

                        Once per month for ten months of the year we hold meetings
                        or mixers in which we attempt to provide you with information
useful to our profession in a relaxed setting designed to give us opportunities to share
our experiences, decompress, network and socialize. We provide food and
refreshments. The timing of our events is varied, we’ve had lunch meetings,
breakfast meetings and after hours events as well.

What we are not getting however, is YOU! We need your participation to make our
events successful. You pay membership every year. Please take advantage of the
services and resources we are offering (and that your membership fees are paying
for) by participating. If there is something you’d like to see that we are not currently
offering we’d be happy to consider any suggestions you may have. We are here to
serve you.

Next week, Past President Judi Surbuts and I will be off to Chicago for the annual
IREM Leadership Conference. Hopefully we will return with additional ideas to
increase participation among our members.

In the meantime look out for our new Friends of IREM Directory which is in the
finishing stages and just about ready to go to print. We have compiled this directory
as another useful tool for you to use when looking for a new vendor or service for your
properties. Each vendor and service provider in the directory has met our strict
standards to become a Friend of IREM including verification of liability insurance and
licensing when required as well as references from at least two Certified Property

Again, we look forward to hearing from you on how we can better serve, and we hope
to see you at our next Mix at Six on August 26 at Champion’s Club @ The Retreat in

Kim Clark, CPM, 2010 President IREM Inland Empire- Chapter 106
      IREM Inland Empire Newsletter July/August 2010                                        Page 3

      IREM® Becomes a HUD-Approved Training Provider via Approval of its
                Sustainable Real Estate Management Course

Chicago, Aug. 2, 2010 –Thanks   to approval by the     sense, cost-effective ways to meet owner,
Department of Housing and Urban Development            tenant, and resident demand for “green” real
(HUD) of its course on “Sustainable Real Estate        estate and increase a property’s NOI through
Management” (SRM001), the Institute of Real            sustainable real estate management
Estate Management (IREM ) has become a                 techniques. Requiring eight hours to complete,
HUD-approved training provider. More                   it is available in classroom format through IREM
specifically, IREM’s “Sustainable Real Estate          chapters and in a self-paced, online format
Management” course fulfills core training              through the IREM Web site. In satisfying HUD’s
requirements for green property management as          8-hour core topics requirement, the course
part of HUD’s Mark to Market (M2M) Green               covers the following:
Initiative and its Green Retrofit Program
                                                          •   Green Building Principles and Practices
HUD’s green programs, administered by the                     Overview
                                                          •   Energy Efficiency
Office of Affordable Housing Preservation,                •   Water Efficiency
encourage owners and purchasers of affordable             •   Integrated Pest Management
                                                          •   Indoor Air Quality
multifamily properties to retrofit, rehabilitate and
                                                          •   Green Operations and Maintenance
operate their properties using Green Building
principles. These principles comprise                  For more information and to register, visit
sustainability, energy and water efficiency,           www.irem.org/green.
recycling, indoor air quality, and Integrated Pest
Management. The programs focus on                      ALSO ELIGIBLE FOR CREDIT TOWARD
properties within HUD’s Section 8, Section 202,        OTHER GREEN DESIGNATIONS
Section 811, and USDA Section 515 portfolios.          By virtue of its HUD approval, the “Sustainable
Owners awarded funding under HUD’s green               Real Estate Management” course becomes
programs must ensure that property                     eligible for elective credit for those pursuing the
management staff completes a minimum of 16             Credential for Green Property Management
hours of training in a set of required topics and      (CGPM) awarded jointly by the National
from an approved provider. IREM’s SRM001               Affordable Housing Management Association
satisfies the 8-hour core topics requirement.          and the National Apartment Association
                                                       Education Institute. The course also is eligible
MORE ABOUT THE COURSE                                  for elective credit toward the NATIONAL
“Sustainable Real Estate Management” was               ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR) Green
designed and developed with IREM Member-               Designation and continuing education credit for
experts in sustainable, or "green," real estate        U.S. Green Building Council LEED
management. The course focuses on common               Professionals.
IREM Inland Empire Newsletter July/August 2010                                                       Page 4

     Top 3 Reasons Why Information Security & IT Maintenance is Important
                                              ByEric Slade, Owner, ECNetserve

1)    Proving that your company has a secure and stable network assures your
     clients/customers that their information is safeguarded. Can your company withstand
     the costs and negative publicity that could occur if there is a security breach?

It is important to think of a security breach in terms of dollars lost in operations. Sales, customer
service, staff productivity and workflow could all be affected by the downtime that will occur. Even
after systems are restored, many times, additional checks need to be done to ensure that all
facets of the network are clean before business can return to a normal operational state.

The average cost of a data breach is on the rise. Costs went up by over 30% between 2006 and
2007. A study by the Ponemon Institute reports that the average cost to a company per record
compromised is approximately $200. In addition to these costs, the organization may also lose
customers from the negative publicity and may be subject to on-going security audits to ensure
the incident does not occur again.

        IREM Quick Links                              The cost of a security incident will almost always be
                                                      higher than the cost of its prevention. Your IT service
        Go to www.irem.org                            provider can help tailor a security plan to your risk
                                                      level, specific business needs, and financial budget.
IREMFirst                                                 2) Insurers are increasingly interested in how
Industry Resources and Online Communities                    companies secure their information assets.
                                                             It is often a consideration in renewal
Get Real.  Get Ready. 
Career Center                                         Since customers are beginning to do more of their
                                                      business online, this is one factor that will begin to
                                                      resonate with all companies – no matter how small or
Sustainability                                        large – and the trend will only continue to grow.
Resources for Going Green                             Insurance agencies are beginning to demand that
                                                      businesses protect consumer privacy. It is becoming
                                                      more and more common for insurers to ask for proof
IREMJobs.org                                          that sensitive information is secure and network
Find or Post a Job                                    security software is up-to-date.
                                                      If you maintain confidential client information on your
                                                      network such as social security numbers, credit card
                                                      numbers, and other financial data, you should to talk
Industry Professional Development Report              to your IT consultant about assessing the strength of
                                                      your firewall. A firewall can be described as a
                                                      gatekeeper to allow network actions from trusted
Troubled Properties                                   parties and keep out unauthorized users and harmful
Economic Impact Resources  
                                                      viruses. There are also several ways a firewall can be
                                                      configured and there are pluses and minuses to each.
Industry Events  
Features Chapter Signature Events  
IREM Inland Empire Newsletter July/August 2010                                      Page 5

IT Maintenance continued                       access rights and have your IT professional
                                               set up an automated procedure that requires
Depending on your security needs and           your employees to change their passwords
organizational structure, it may be best to    at regular intervals to further protect your
set up one integrated firewall to cover your   information assets.
hardware, software, and intranet or it may
be better to set up several independent
mechanisms with custom levels of               Things you should consider when
protection. Your IT professional can           assessing your network security:
configure the optimal solution for your
business.                                         -   When is the last time I upgraded my
                                                      virus protection? Am I using the latest
                                                      release to maximize security?
   3)    Having consistent security
        practices and IT maintenance              -   Is my network security and firewall
        procedures ensures a smooth road              configured in the optimal way to
        for business operations.                      protect my customer data?

You must ensure that your computer                -   Do all of my employees need access
network is securely configured and actively           to the same level of data?
managed against known threats. New
security threats are emerging every day –         -   Which individuals or departments
from malware programs that can be                     should have access to confidential
inadvertently installed on a user’s machine,          client information?
to phishing attempts that deceive employees
into giving up confidential information, to       -   Should certain programs be password
viruses, worms, and strategic identity theft          protected?
attempts. IT professionals are the first to
know about new threats. One of the benefits       -   How often should we require
of having a consistent technology expert on           password changes?
your roster is that they can offer a fast
reaction time and be proactive in                 -     Is the current password set-up too
safeguarding your IT system when new                  weak? (i.e. do you require
warnings first emerge.                                alphanumeric passwords of 6 or more
Your IT network professional can also help
your organization maintain a secure virtual       -     When is the last time you had an IT
environment by reviewing all computer                 professional review your network
assets and determining a plan for preventive          security?
maintenance. This includes routinely
cleaning up unnecessary or unsafe              For a free network assessment, contact East
programs and software, applying security       Coast Network Services at 1-888-356-7822,
patches (small pieces of software designed     info@ecnetserv.com or visit us online at
                                               www.ecnetserv.com .
to improve computer security), and
performing routine scans to check for
intrusions. You may also want to review
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Printing and
Commercial Art:
                              Top Legislative News
Tax Extenders Update, July 2010                        IREM members took this issue to their
Since the early months of 2010, IREM                   respective U.S. Congressional members
legislative staff has been monitoring Federal          during the 2010 Capitol Hill visits and
tax issues, including the controversial carried        participated in two concurrent Calls to Action
interest tax language. During the recent               urging elected officials to vote against this
recession, Congress focused on extending               provision. Your efforts and consistent
several tax cuts set to expire at the end of           involvement in the carried interest tax issue
2010. In order to fund these extensions,               have not gone unnoticed. In fact, because of
Congress sought other sources of revenue.              your swift action, the Carried Interest language
Included in the original legislation, H.R. 4213,       was completely removed from the “Tax
is a provision to change the tax treatment on          Extenders” bill (H.R. 4213, later changed to
carried interest from capital gains to ordinary        “The American Jobs and Closing Tax
income. Currently, the capital gains rate is           Loopholes Act of 2010”) before it passed the
15% and would jump to 39.5% if changed to              U.S. Senate on July 20. We are very grateful
ordinary income rates. Changing the tax                that our elected officials listened to the voices
treatment of carried interest would be                 of real estate and property management
detrimental to commercial real estate because          professionals, thus removing this damaging
taxing the general partner at an ordinary              provision from the bill. Despite the carried
income rate would create a disincentive for            interest tax issue being defeated four times,
real estate investment, further damaging an            we believe this issue may arise again in the
already fragile market.                                distant future. The IREM legislative staff will
                                                       continue to monitor this issue and report back
                                                       when necessary.

Final Rule – Lead Based Paint
On June 18, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an amendment to the
final Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule), effective April 22, 2010. The RRP Rule
requires that contractors who work in residential buildings built before the 1978 outlaw of lead based
paint be certified by a government-approved trainer and follow particular safety rules. The ruling aims
to reduce the amount of lead dust created during home renovation and repair, and affects tens of
millions of homes, including multifamily units.

The RRP Rule requires that certified firms engaging in repair, renovation, or painting activities that
disturb lead based paint be certified by the EPA. Some of the requirements outlined in the RRP Rule
include information distribution to building occupants to notify them of the work being conducted,
obtaining written certification from the adult occupant that the information has been received,
postage of signs defining the work area, isolation of the work area by covering all ducts with taped
down plastic, closing window and doors and covering them with plastic sheeting, covering the floor
with taped down plastic, negatively pressurizing the work space, storing daily waste under
containment that prevents the release of dust, disposing of the waste in a sealed bag approved by
the EPA, placing all waste in a lined container and disposing of it into an EPA approved site, etc.

Following an outcry from industry groups including IREM and CCIM Institute, politicians, and
homeowners, all claiming the new rule would drive up development costs and derail economic
recovery, the EPA postponed enforcement of the RRP Rule’s certification requirement until October
1, 2010. The EPA will also not enforce against individual renovation workers who have applied to
enroll in, or have enrolled in, a certification class no later than September 30, 2010. Renovators must
complete training by December 31, 2010.

You may access the RRP Rule Memorandum issued by the EPA through the following link:
IREM Inland Empire Newsletter Jan/Feb 2010                                                    Page 12

                                 Top Legislative News

Status of Tax Extenders Bill
Over the last several months, IREM and CCIM Institute members have lobbied their members of
Congress on the issue of tax treatment of carried interest. This issue is critical to both the recovery of
commercial real estate, as well as the overall economic recovery.

On May 5, 2010, 265 members of IREM and CCIM Institute participated in a joint visit to Capitol Hill
lobbying their federal lawmakers on issues affecting the commercial real estate industry. One of the
key issues members presented to lawmakers was the issue of tax treatment of carried interest.

Under consideration was a piece of legislation known as the “Tax Extenders Package” (H.R. 4213).
The bill aimed to extend certain Bush era tax cuts, as well as fund an extension of unemployment
benefits set to expire. However, the legislation also carried a price tag of $127 billion, and would
have added $84 billion to federal deficit over the next decade. In order to fund the extensions,
Congressional members included $43 billion of tax increases- including a provision to change the tax
treatment on carried interest from capital gains to ordinary income. This would raise the tax rate on
carried interest from 15% to as high as 39.5%, adding further stress to the already overburdened
commercial real estate industry.

On May 14, 2010 and June 2, 2010, IREM and CCIM Institute initiated a Call to Action, urging
members to contact their federal lawmakers and ask them to oppose the carried interest provision in
the Tax Extenders Package. Following the Calls to Action, IREM legislative staff received an
overwhelming number of emails and phone calls from members who had contacted their legislators
and expressed their opposition to the bill.

To date, lawmakers have held three votes on legislation concerning tax extensions and carried
interest. Each attempt to pass the legislation has failed. IREM legislative staff would like to stress
that the bill appears to be stalled, not defeated. It is likely that the measure will be taken up again.

IREM legislative staff would like to thank all who took action in contacting their members of Congress
and expressing their position on the carried interest issue. Your actions have served to educate
lawmakers regarding the negative economic impact posed by the legislation, preventing them from
passing this dangerous bill. Thank you for taking action on this important matter.

IREM legislative staff will continue to update you on any future developments regarding this issue.

IREM and CCIM Institute legislative staff will continue to monitor this issue, and will keep you
informed of any new developments.

IREM Legislative Affairs Staff
                                      Beth Price                             Megan Booth
Charles A. Achilles                   Legislative Liaison                    NAR
Staff Vice President                  (312) 329-6021                         Senior Policy Analyst
Legislation and                       (312) 410-7921 fax                     Washington, D.C.
Research                              bprice@irem.org                        (202) 383-1222
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(312) 661-1786 fax                                                           mbooth@realtors.org
           President                                     Judith Surbuts, CPM
           Kim R. Clark, CPM                             Balboa Management Group
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           E: kclark@lpc.com

                                                         Barbara Birkett
           Treasurer                                     Customer Service Manager
           Janet Epstein, CPM Candidate                  Park West Landscape Maintenance, Inc.
           Property Manager                              22421 Gilberto, Suite A
           Coreland Companies                            Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
           2363 Tahquitz Canyon Way                      Cell: 951-232-3914
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           E: jepstein@coreland.com

                                                         Association Executives
                                                         Yvonne Parker/ Kim Kahler
                                                         22421 Barton Road. #132
                                                         Grand Terrace, CA 92313
                                                         Phone: 909-953-9141
                                                         F: 909-222-4972
                                                         E: IREMchapter106@sbcglobal.net

                           The Ultimate Resource for Real Estate Managers

IREMFIRST (For Information, Resources, Solutions and Training ) is the ultimate “one-stop-shop” of real
estate management tools. Explore the wealth of knowledge available at IREMFIRST and gain the
industry expertise you need to move ahead in your career.

You can now search for IREMFIRST products by topic. You’ll find valuable tools such as IREM’s gold
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* Human Resources            *IREMjobs.org                       * IREM Resources

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                          we encourage you to utilize a “Friend of IREM.”

   Day-Lite Maintenance Company, Inc.
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             Anaheim, CA 92806
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Southern California Inland Empire Chapter No. 106

                 2010 Calendar of Events
      January                February                    March
Thursday, Jan. 7 -     Thursday, Feb. 4 -        Wednesday, March 10 -
 FOI Orientation        Snow Summit Skiing       Michael Gottlieb, Editor
                                                 CA Real Estate Journal
Wednesday, Jan. 20 -                             8:00 am
John Husing,                                     Board Meeting- 9:30 am

                                                 Wednesday, March 31 -
                                                 Wine Tasting
         April                   May                      June

Friday, April 30 -     Wednesday, May 12 -       Wednesday, June 23 -
Golf Tournament        LEED Building Tour -      Mix at Six- 6:00 pm
                                                 Ayres Hotel
                       8:00 am
                                                 Board Meeting-5:00 pm
                       Board Meeting-9:30 am

         July                  August                September

          Dark         Wednesday, August 26 -    Wednesday, Sept. 15 –
                       Mix at Six- 6:00 pm       David Moore, NAI Capital
                       The Retreat, Corona       Cellular leases
                                                 8:00 am Board
                                                 Meeting-9:30 am

      October               November                  December

          Dark          Tuesday, Nov. 2 -                  Dark
                        Board Meeting- 5:00 pm
                        Installation- 6:00 pm

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      Institute of Real Estate Management
        Southern California Inland Empire Chapter 106

                                IREM IE
                                        Mix at Six
                           Thursday, August 26, 2010
                                 Champions Club @ The Retreat
                                     8007 Softwinds Drive
                                      Corona, CA, 92883

                                     Registration 5: 30 pm
                                    Cocktail hour: 6 – 8 PM
 This is an excellent opportunity to sponsor your favorite Property Manager in a
 relaxed, casual setting of valuable networking. First drink is on us.

                                     Member:                $ 35
                                     Non Member:            $ 45

Company: _________________________________ Contact: ___________________________
Phone: ____________________ Fax: ___________________ Cell: ______________________
Email: _______________________________________________
# of Guest Attending: __________ Amount: ________________
Guest Names: ___________________________ ___________________________________
_______________________________________ ____________________________________
Credit Card number: ___________________________________ Exp Date: _______
Name on card: _______________________________________
Master Card ____ Visa ____ Discover ____ Am Express ____
                       If paying by credit card please include billing address.
Sponsorships Available:
Appetizer Sponsor: $ 500 - Company name displayed @ buffet table, displayed on all literature,
mentioned through the night
Drink Sponsor: $ 400 – Company name displayed @ drink table, displayed on drink tickets, displayed on
all literature, mentioned through the night
Prize Sponsor: AMS Paving, Inc. - Company card displayed on giveaways, displayed on all literature,
mentioned through the night
Registration Sponsor: $ 300 - Company name displayed @ registration table, displayed on all literature,
mentioned through the night
For further information about this event please contact the IREM office 909-953-9141.

                  Make Checks payable to: IREM Chapter 106
               22421 Barton Road, #132, Grand Terrace, CA 92313
Phone: (909) 953-9141 Fax: (909) 222-4972 Email: IREMchapter106@sbcglobal.net
                            Institute of Real Estate Management
                               Southern California Inland Empire Chapter 106

                                      IREM Inland Empire
                                                        The Wonderful World of
                                                         Wireless Real Estate
                                                          Presented by David W. Moore

                                                     Wednesday, September 15, 2010
                                                             The Frontier Project
                                                                  10440 Ashford Street
B                             ud
                                                              Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    David W. Moore                                                        909-953-9141
Senior Vice President                            Registration: 7:30 am            Breakfast meeting:        8:00 am

    Come join us for an informative presentation at the Frontier Project

    The Frontier Project is a LEED® Platinum education and sustainable
    resource facility located in the heart of Rancho Cucamonga. This
    complex facilitates the latest green methods and technologies in
    water, energy, and site conservation.
           LEED- Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Registration: (ALL forms, payments and attendee list must be in by September 13, 2010)

                                   Member:                        $ 35.00
                                   Non-member:                    $ 45.00
Company: ________________________________________ Contact: _______________________________________
Phone: _________________________ Fax: _____________________ Email: ________________________________
# of Guest Attending: __________ Amount: ________________
Guest Names: ___________________________ _____________________________ __________________________
_________________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________
_________________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________
Credit card number ____________________________________________ Expiration date ______________________

      For further information regarding the event or sponsorship please contact Yvonne Parker or Kim Kahler at (909) 953-9141.

                          Make Checks payable to: IREM Chapter 106 We now accept credit cards
                                      22421 Barton Road, #132, Grand Terrace, CA 92313
                    Phone: (909) 953-9141 Fax: (909) 222-4972      Email: IREMchapter106@sbcglobal.net