Beavers Termly Consent Form by 80gLZ8xd


									                              Information & Consent Form
This form must be completed by the person with parental responsibility (under 18) or participant (over 18). Complete all sections
highlighted in bold & sign. It will cover normal session nights and most offsite activities. Any activity that is deemed as
‘hazardous’, involves an overnight stay or extended time will have require an additional ACTIVITY consent form.
Event               Spring Term 2010                                             Dates           Jan to April 2010
Confirmation                  I confirm I have received and read the Information Sheet.

(by signing                   (Under 18s) I confirm that I have parental responsibility for the participant. S/he is in good health and I
                               agree to his/her participation in the programme detailed in your letter. I acknowledge the need for
the form you                   obedience and responsible behaviour on his/her part and that the Activity Leader reserves the right to
confirm these                  send any participant home.
things)                       I give permission for the leaders to seek medical help in the event of any emergency. In the event I
                               cannot be contacted, I give general consent to the treatment (including the use of anaesthetics) advised
                               by the medical authorities. Note: the Medical Authorities can insist on parental authority before
                               treatment commences.
                              I agree to photographs being taken and used on displays/scout website. (delete if you do not agree)

Personal            Full Name
Details about
                    Address                                                             Doctor Name
participant                                                                             Surgery &
                    TOWN                                                                Phone No

                    Postcode                                                            Date of Birth               /         /
                    Participant                                                         Email

                    Next of kin 1                                                       Next of kin 2
                    and                                                                 and
                    relationship                                                        relationship
                    Contact Nos.                                                        Contact Nos.

                    Other Contact     Name:                                             Phone No

Medical             Medical           Does the participant suffer from:                 Allergies        Does the participant suffer from any
                    Conditions        Asthma, Bronchitis, Diabetes,                                      allergy e.g. food, medication?
Details about
                                      Epilepsy, Fits/Fainting/Blackouts,
the                                                                                                      NO         YES (detail overleaf)
                                      Headaches, Heart Conditions or any
participant                           other condition?                                                   Does the participant have any
                                                                                                         disabilities or special needs?
Please give                           NO         YES (detail overleaf)
full details                                                                                             NO         YES (detail overleaf)
when                Dietary           Does the participant have any special             Medical          Is the participant receiving medical
indicated                             dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian,             Treatment        treatment or taking medicines at the
including                             gluten free etc.                                                   present time          NO       YES
                                                                                        If YES give
medication &                          NO         YES (detail overleaf)                  details          Are there any occasions you would
doses +                                                                                 overleaf.        not wish the participant to receive
                                                                                                         medical treatment NO            YES
doctors letters
or medical          Medications       May the participant be offered                    Other            Has the participant had …
leaflets where                        paracetamol in the event of minor                 Information
                    (under 18s)                                                                          Tetanus injection (last 10 yrs) N Y ?
                                      aches and pains NO             YES
available.                                                                              ? = Not sure
                                                                                                         Contact with any infectious disease in
                                      Are there any other medications you
                                                                                        If YES to last   last 2 weeks N      Y
                                      will be providing for use on your
                                                                                        2 questions,
                                      young person (e.g. creams)                                         Is there any other information (e.g.
                                                                                        give details
                                                                                                         bedwetting, sleepwalking …) you
                                      NO         YES (detail overleaf)                  overleaf.
                                                                                                         would like use to know? N       Y

Specific            Swimming Events ONLY (under 18s)                                    Air Rifle Shooting Events ONLY (Under 18s)
Activities          I give permission for my son/daughter to take part in               I give permission for my son/daughter to take part in
                    swimming/water activities ( )                                       the following shooting activities:
                    He/she can swim … _____m / 50m in clothes ( )                       Air Rifle Shooting ( ) Laser Clay Shooting ( )
                                                       Parent (<18) Participant (>18)   Date

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