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PHYSIATRIST                                                                                                November 2011 | Vol. 27 Issue 9

Academy Tools Assist With MOC/3 Exam Preparation
Your Academy has developed resources to help members                                complete each review course to earn up to 2 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
                                                                                    per course. The six clinical areas addressed in the MOC/3 Online Review
meet the requirements of the American Board of Physical
                                                                                    Courses are:
Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR) Maintenance
of Certification (MOC) program.                                                       •     Cancer and Cardiac Rehabilitation
                                                                                      •     Electrodiagnosis
If you are in years 7-10 of your MOC cycle, you need to take the ABPMR                •     Industrial Medicine
Primary MOC exam. ABPMR will hold the next one in February 2012.                      •     Joint and Connective Tissue
If are studying for this exam, be sure to check out the tools created by              •     Pediatric Rehabilitation
your Academy.*                                                                        •     Spinal Cord Injury
     For physicians who have not sat for a test in awhile, or those who want a
similar experience and format as the ABPMR Primary MOC Examination, the             The online review courses are purchased individually, with members receiving
MOC/3 Online Mock Examination is an excellent resource from which to                a discounted rate of $75. The courses vary in length from 1-2 hours long.
start. This study tool contains 160 questions that mirror the ABPMR Primary             All MOC/3 resources are available on acadeME® (,
MOC Exam. Questions address 16 content areas of PM&R and provide                    the Academy’s online educational resource. Additionally, members can learn
users with immediate feedback, explanation, and references for answers.             more about all Academy tools that can help you meet MOC requirements.
Users can answer questions, broken out by sub-topics, to assess areas of
weakness and knowledge gaps. Each question provides remediation and                 *The MOC|3 Online Mock Exam and the Online Review Courses are not
several topics also provide additional questions in PDF format. After               endorsed by ABPMR nor was ABPMR involved in the creation of these
completing a topic section, physicians can assess their knowledge in                study tools.
comparison with their peers using the Score and Detailed Report function.
     The Academy has also released a suite of MOC/3 Online Review
Courses. These six narrated slide lectures and video demonstrations address
consistent education gaps with regard to the exam and were developed by
Academy volunteers who are experts on each clinical topic. While the mock
exam provides a sample test environment, the MOC/3 Online Review
Courses builds knowledge to prepare for the MOC exam. Physicians can

The Specialty’s Online Resource is Coming Soon
The launch of the Academy’s latest initiative –           •   Cutting edge/emerging and unique
PM&R Knowledge NOW – is coming soon!                          concepts and practice
A resource developed and updated by PM&R                  •   Gaps in the evidence-based knowledge
physicians for PM&R physicians, PM&R
Knowledge NOW is an evolving, dynamic, and              In addition, to succinctly articulating clinical
detailed online resource that highlights the            content, the site will offer links to resources
breadth and depth of clinical topics in the             including:
specialty of PM&R. The PM&R Knowledge NOW                  • Practice guidelines                                         HELP DOCUMENT
will be organized by clinical topics relevant to
the practicing physiatrist. You will be able to find
                                                           • Related articles
                                                           • Educational content                                       THE KNOWLEDGE BASE
content and resources that apply to your daily
experiences as a practicing physiatrist. The launch
                                                           • Therapeutic information
                                                           • And more
                                                                                                                         OF THE SPECIALTY
of PM&R Knowledge NOW will feature roughly              If you are looking for a resource that defines what
                                                                                                                  PM&R Knowledge NOW is in the beginning stages
50 clinical topics. Over the next few years, the        you do as a practicing physiatrist, or articulates
topics will be enhanced and new ones added.             to other health care professionals the value of           of becoming the specialty’s all-encompassing resource
                                                        PM&R and how and when to utilize a physiatrist,           representing current practicing curriculum. Your
Each topic, built by volunteer content                  PM&R Knowledge NOW will be your resource.                 Academy is looking for the next group of volunteers to
developers, will be organized in a consistent           Stay tuned for more information from your                 assist in creating content for this resource. Stay tuned to
format to address the following subtopics:              Academy.
                                                                                                                  the Academy Web site ( to learn how
  •   Disease/disorder
                                                                                                                  you can apply to become a PM&R Knowledge NOW
  •   Essentials of assessment
  •   Rehabilitation management and treatments                                                                    content developer.

                                                       Academy Members Advocate for you                        The Academy Honors Several Members With 2011
                                                       in Washington. See what they said on page 3.            Awards. Read their profiles on pages 4-7.
In this issue                                          AAPM&R Members Have Been Introduced to Many
                                                       New Benefits. Review them on pages 10-11.
                           from the editor
     “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”
     Sitting in O’Hare Airport on a very dreary Sunday     real-time discussions of the clinical, administrative   At this meeting, the board
     afternoon, awaiting yet a fourth flight delay/        and business concerns of physiatrists. During this      also voted for Academy
     rebooking after the Fall AAPM&R Board of              weekend’s meeting, I had opportunity to see the         endorsement of the
     Governors meeting, it is a little difficult to        first steps in the Knowledge NOW initiative, which      national Partnership
     recapture my normal optimism. It is especially so     will offer online, up-to-date clinical information      for Patients (P4P)
                                                                                                                                                  BRUCE E. BECKER, MD, MS
     after reading today’s newspaper editorials,           on clinical care through the Academy Web site           initiative. The Partnership
     depicting a very grim picture of our nation’s         and will be of use both for daily clinical issues       for Patients brings togeth-
     prospects for prompt national resurgence as they      as well as patient education materials, hopefully       er an amalgamation of hospital organizations,
     seem to fade in the fog of political indecision,      driving a broader public understanding of the very      insurance organizations, physician specialty
     rancor, and increasing polarization.                  wide scope of physiatric practice. None of these        societies, nurses, and patient advocates along
          Yet I must say that when I focus on the          changes have come for free, but the Academy             with state and federal governments in a shared
     last three days of board meetings, I do not feel      has also greatly expanded our financial monitor-        effort to make hospital care safer, more reliable,
     despondent at all. To be certain, there is great      ing abilities and tools, so we may better provide       and less costly. The goals of this initiative are
     concern about the future of medicine across the       services in a very cost-effective manner and            ambitious: the prevention of hospital–acquired
     board leadership. The potential impacts of grim       project future needs with far greater accuracy,         illnesses and complications and a dramatic
     national statistics in health care cost escalation    while working to build a reserve that will allow a      reduction in hospital readmissions. Where this
     are deeply concerning to all, and the uncertainty     response capability for unforeseen sudden needs.        project will head to achieve these goals remains
     of the evolution of health care reform makes               At this weekend’s meeting, the board decided       uncertain but we can play an important role
     decision-making very difficult. Yet the current       to expand our monitoring capacity inside the            through incorporation of many of our team-based
     Academy structures comprise a quite remarkable        beltway by adding resources to increase our             models of care, such as reducing frailty during
     set of eyes and ears as to trends and directions      monitoring of health policy and adding the ability      extended stays, decreasing skin and musculosk-
     of forces affecting our membership. In response,      to take quick action when needed. Matters               eletal complications, assessing discharge safety,
     over the several years, the Academy has made          under current federal discussion need someone           etc. Being at the table is very important to our
     some very wise choices. Elsewhere in this edition     carefully watching for issues that might impact the     poorly understood specialty.
     of The Physiatrist you will see a graphic depicting   care of our patients, through attending committee            Outside O’Hare the rain continues harder,
     the many changes, projects, initiatives, and          hearings and meetings and getting to know key           while inside my gates continue to get moved,
     services that the Academy has begun during            staff players within the many offices that will play    my flights delay yet further and my chances of
     the past several years to cope with the future.       roles in our futures as physicians. We have             getting home tonight grow increasingly dim.
     I believe it comprises a very impressive listing,     high-level resources already in place already           In some ways this mirrors the world of health
     and some of these changes I will list for you.        through Powers, Pyle, Sutter, and Verville (the         care at present. It is reassuring that my personal
          Restructuring of the membership into the         Academy’s Washington legal representation)              microcosm today does not reflect the state of
     Council structures has facilitated an enhanced        and we will continue this relationship but this         your Academy, where there are emergency action
     ability to link us into communities of interest, as   new person will extend the Academy’s ability            plans in place, umbrellas open against the rain,
     our field has grown in breadth and scope. The         to have an expanded visibility and presence in          and talented individuals working in harmony to
     processes of Maintenance of Certification (MOC)       Washington, DC. It is critical for us to have active    create potential shelter from future storms.
     and Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) have driven        seismographs on the ground and contacts in              You should be proud of and take comfort in
     the current services of AcadeME® project to           place as this very unstable geology undergoes           their efforts.
     support you in your needs to stay licensed and        change, if we are to protect both our practices
     board certified. The on-line PhyzForum facilitates    and our patients in such a dynamic environment.

2|                               NOVEMBER 2011
                           advocacy update
        AAPM&R Members Advocate on Capitol Hill
        On September 23, 2011, the Academy’s Health Policy and Legislation                     “Equalizing” SNF & IRF Payment Rates
        (HP&L) Committee sponsored a targeted legislative fly-in to Washington,                Refrain from achieving the federal government’s objectives by equalizing the
        D.C. The committee serves as the Academy’s primary health policy advocate              payments for certain conditions (hip and knee replacements, hip fractures,
        on Capitol Hill and works closely with our Washington counsel. Since the               and certain pulmonary conditions) treated in both IRFs and SNFs
        Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (“Joint Committee”), authorized            depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. The evidence to date
        by the Budget Control Act of 2011, is charged with crafting a far-reaching             does not support the assumption that all joint replacement and hip fracture
        plan to reduce the national deficit by at least $1.5 trillion by November 23,          patients can be appropriately cared for in SNFs.
        the Academy’s fly-in was timely. In addition, your Academy is concerned that
        vital funding for Medicare and Medicaid services are at risk after analyzing           Medicare Outpatient Therapy Caps
        various proposals floated by independent groups, lawmakers, the president’s            Realize that a temporary fix is an imperfect solution jeopardizing the
        2010 bipartisan deficit commission, and others. The proposals include the              medically needy care of many Medicare beneficiaries. Support repeal of the
        administration’s plan to reduce reimbursement for inpatient rehabilitation             arbitrary “therapy caps” on Medicare Part B outpatient rehabilitation services
        facilities, thus making this a priority again for the Academy.                         (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology).
             Sam Wu, MD, MA, MPH, MBA, HP&L Committee Chair; Mike Andary,
        MD (Michigan); Charles Carnel, MD (Alabama); and Blaine Washington, III                Graduate Medical Education
        (Iowa) represented the Academy in meetings with congressional staffers of              Oppose GME cuts that will jeopardize the ability of medical schools to
        the chairmen and ranking members of the committees and subcommittees                   train physicians and other health care providers, and limit critical services to
        that have jurisdiction over health care issues as well as, where possible,             the community.
        members who are serving on the Joint Committee. Those panels include:
        House Energy & Commerce Committee; House Way & Means Committee;                        Medicaid Program Cuts
        Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee; Senate                    Oppose any modifications to programs that people with disabilities need for
        Finance Committee; Senate Appropriations Committee. The members                        their health care and that would result in reduced access to needed services
        advocated on key issues around the Joint Committee’s upcoming                          either through eligibility restrictions or benefit cuts, through inadequate and
        legislation as well as the recent Obama Administration’s Plan for                      unrealistic provider reimbursement rates.
        Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction.
             Meetings with members of Congress and their staffs are subject to                 Support Disability & Rehabilitation Research Funding
        strict time constraints. Below is a sample of the messages we believe our              Encourage support for disability and rehabilitation research programs across
        members were successful in getting across:                                             federal agencies which have been chronically underfunded for many years,
                                                                                               especially considering the magnitude of the growing need for rehabilitation
        Medicare Physician Payment System                                                      and disability services.
        Eliminate the SGR and enact permanent reform after nearly a decade of
        temporary patches. Current projections are for a nearly 30% cut to the
        physician fee schedule in January 2012 threatening beneficiary access to
        physician services. Congress must refrain from using a series of short-term                  AAPM&R Conducts Member Call-to-Action
        payment updates and replace the flawed payment formula with one that                         on Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
        provides adequate and stable annual updates.
                                                                                                     As the Academy ramps up its grassroots advocacy on a range
        Post-Acute Care                                                                              of key health policy issues around the Joint Select Committee
        Refrain from achieving budget and deficit goals by underfunding post-                        on Deficit Reduction and the Plan for Economic Growth and
        acute care provided in a various settings including inpatient rehabilitation                 Deficit Reduction – members were urged to contact their members
        hospitals and units (IRFs), long term acute care hospitals (LTACHs), and                     of Congress on the Medicare physician payment cuts, post-acute care,
        skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). This care enables Medicare and Medicaid                   the “60 percent rule” and other major topics. Thank you to those
        beneficiaries to achieve levels of function that make it possible to return to               who have contacted their senators and representatives. If you have
        their homes and communities after illness and injury, decreasing long term                   not yet participated, access the call to action at and
        care and other health costs.                                                                 type “Advocacy Action Center” in the search tool.

        60% Rule
        Reject proposals to turn back the clock on the progress made on the
        60 percent rule for inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units. After years
        of careful consideration, Congress reestablished the 75% rule threshold
        at 60% in order to achieve appropriate patient access to inpatient
        rehabilitation care.
                                                                                         MIDDLE: CHARLES CARNEL, MD; W. HUNTER WALTON, LEGISLATIVE
                                                                                         ASSISTANT TO SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS (AL).

                                                                                         MICHAEL ANDARY, MD, MS; AND SUZANNE BUTLER, AAPM&R STAFF.

                                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2011                                 |3
November 2011 | Special Issue

Award Winners
 AAPM&R has an awards program to recognize members who deserve the applause of their peers.
 Each year, Academy members are asked to submit awards nominations for pioneering physiatrists,
 clinicians, and researchers who have made significant contributions to both the specialty and to
 people with disabilities.

 Please join AAPM&R and the Nominating Committee in congratulating this year’s
 AAPM&R awards recipients, honored at the AAPM&R 2011 Annual Assembly.

The Frank H. Krusen, MD, Lifetime Achievement Award                                                                        GEORGE VARGHESE, MD

 The Academy’s highest honor is the Frank H. Krusen Award. It was established in 1972 in honor
 of Dr. Frank H. Krusen, a founding father and the fourth president of the Academy who was a
 leader in the development of the specialty of PM&R. Recipients of the Krusen Award are
 selected for their outstanding and unique contributions to the specialty of PM&R in the areas of
 patient care, research, education, literary contributions, community service, and involvement in
 Academy activities.

Dr. Varghese              retired in 2011 from his position as professor and      Dr. Varghese has received multiple awards including the AAPM&R
chairman of the department of PM&R at the University of Kansas Medical            Distinguished Clinician Award in 2004. He has won almost all of the major
Center (KUMC), and staff physician and medical director of the EMG Lab            teaching awards given by Kansas University and was repeatedly honored
at KUMC. He will continue to work part-time as the medical director of the        for his teaching skills by the departments of neurology, orthopedics, and
EMG Lab at VA Medical Center in Kansas City, MO, and will remain at               neurosurgery, and by the medical student assembly. The Varghese Learning
KUMC as professor emeritus. His clinical focus is musculoskeletal disorders,      Center (a departmental library/classroom attached to the KUMC Marc
electromyography, and burn rehabilitation.                                        Asher Comprehensive Spine Center) was dedicated in his honor in 2008.
    In the past, Dr. Varghese served as assistant dean for student affairs in     Kansas University established the George Varghese Endowed Professorship
the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He was also residency program        in Rehabilitation Medicine in his honor, upon his retirement in 2011.
director of KUMC from 1985-1991 and again from 2004-2010, and served two               Dr. Varghese received his MD from St. John’s Medical College in
years as interim chair of ophthalmology. His research focused on such topics as   Bangalore, India, in 1969. He completed an internship at Nazareth
pneumatic orthosis for ambulation of paraplegics, compression to reduce burn      Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and a PM&R residency at New York Medical
scarring, and body composition and nutrition in spinal cord injury.               College in New York, NY, in 1975. His wife, Molly, has been his life
    As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Varghese served on the Membership                  partner for 40 years. They have three children and five grandchildren.
Committee from 1981-1983 and on the Strategic Planning Committee from                  Of this honor, Dr. Varghese said, “To work 40 years doing what one
1991-1994. He is also a past president of the Central Society of PM&R and         loves is its own reward. And yet, as I prepare for retirement, I am humbled
a former member of the Kansas Chapter of National Head Injury Foundation          to find myself being recognized by the Academy for that body of work.
Board of Directors. He has authored numerous journal articles, abstracts,         I am truly honored to be considered worthy of such a prestigious award.”
and textbook chapters, and has lectured extensively to both national and
international audiences.

2011 AAPM&R Awards Committee
Alberto Esquenazi, MD, Chair, Awards Committee; Joseph T. Alleva, MD, Member, Awards Committee;
Joel M. Press, MD, Member Awards Committee; Deborah A. Venesy, Member, Awards Committee
  The Distinguished Member Award                                                                                                     SRIDHAR V. VASUDEVAN, MD

  The Distinguished Member Award was established in 1994 to honor AAPM&R members who
  have provided invaluable service to the specialty of PM&R primarily through participation in
  PM&R-related organizations other than the Academy.

Dr. Vasudevan is clinical professor of PM&R at the Medical                              terms as president of the Midwest Pain Society and president of the Waukesha County
College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee as well as clinical professor of orthopedics and      Medical Society; and is currently president elect of the Sheboygan County Medical
rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He is also medical director   Society and a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors.
of the St. Nicholas Hospital Center for Pain and Work Rehabilitation in Sheboygan,          Dr. Vasudevan has authored numerous publications including 18 textbook chapters
WI; medical director of the Community Memorial Hospital Center for Pain                 and his own book, Pain: A Four-Letter Word You Can Live With, now in its second
Rehabilitation in Menomonee Falls, WI; and a spine and pain rehabilitation              edition. He is an invited speaker both nationally and internationally and consulted
specialist at the Froedert & Medical College of Wisconsin PM&R Clinic in                on the creation of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides to Evaluation of
Menomenee Falls. His focus is the evaluation and management of sub-acute                Permanent Impairment from 1992-1994. He has received multiple awards including
and chronic muscular, mechanical, and neuropathic pain; electrodiagnostic               the AAPM&R Distinguished Clinician Award in 2007, the American Academy of Pain
studies; and non-operative spine care.                                                  Medicine’s Philipp Lippe Award in 1998, and the Commission on Accreditation of
    As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Vasudevan was elected to the position of                 Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Award of Dedicated Service in 1987.
member-at-large on the Board of Governors for two separate terms (1996-2000                 Dr. Vasudevan received his MD from Marathwada University Government Medical
and 2000-2003). He has also served on multiple Academy committees since 1994.           College in Aurangabad, India, in 1972. He completed a surgical internship at St. Francis
Dr. Vasudevan was founding president of the American Board of Pain Medicine and         Hospital in Honolulu, HI, and a PM&R residency at the Medical College
served on the American Pain Society Board of Directors from 1988-1991. He served        of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

 Forty-Third Walter J. Zeiter Lectureship                                                                                             GERARD E. FRANCISCO, MD

 The Walter J. Zeiter lectureship was established in 1961 to honor a physiatrist who has made
 consistent contributions to the specialty and has earned the respect and admiration of his or
 her peers for outstanding accomplishment in the field of PM&R. The lectureship is awarded to
 a physiatrist who shares the qualities of statesmanship, scholarship, executive leadership, and
 warm friendship of Walter J. Zeiter, MD, who served as executive director of AAPM&R and the
 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Dr. Francisco is chief medical officer, director of the motor recovery                  the board of directors for the Association of Academic Physiatrists; a member of
laboratory, chief of PM&R, and director of the Spasticity Treatment and                 the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) PM&R
Research Center at TIRR-Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX. He is                 Residency Review Committee; an associate member of the American Board of
also clinical professor, chairman, residency program director, and director of the      PM&R for Part 2 examination; and associate editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation
brain injury and stroke rehabilitation fellowship in the department of PM&R             Medicine. Dr. Francisco has authored numerous abstracts, journal articles, and book
at the University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School in Houston.             chapters, and is an invited lecturer both nationally and internationally.
In addition, he holds appointments as chief of PM&R at Memorial Hermann                     Dr. Francisco received his MD from the University of the Philippines College
Hospital-TMC in Houston; and as adjunct professor in the department of                  of Medicine in Manila in 1989. He completed an internship at Michael Reese
PM&R at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He is perhaps best known                 Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago in 1991 and a PM&R residency at
in recent months as the attending rehabilitation physician for Congresswoman            University of Medicine and Dentistry at New Jersey Medical School/Kessler
Gabrielle Giffords.                                                                     Institute for Rehabilitation where he was chief resident in 1994. He also completed
     As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Francisco currently serves as vice chair of             a post-doctoral fellowship in brain injury rehabilitation at the Baylor College of
neurological rehabilitation for the Program Planning Committee. He is also on           Medicine in Houston in 1995.

 Thank You for Nominating
 This year, we received more feedback than any other year on record. Thank you to all members who
 participated in awards nominations.

 Didn’t have a chance to nominate a colleague? Plan to participate in 2012. Stay tuned to for details.
  The Recognition Awards for Distinguished Clinicians

  The Distinguished Clinician Award is presented by the Academy to honor individual physiatrists who have achieved
  distinction on the basis of their scholarly level of teaching and their outstanding performance in physiatric patient
  care activities. Recipients of this award have contributed significantly to the advancement of the specialty through
  participation in Academy activities.

 GERALD J. HERBISON, MD                                                                                 ANTHONY E. CHIODO, MD

Dr. Herbison is professor in the Jefferson Medical College                            Dr. Chiodo is professor in the department of PM&R at the University
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU)            of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, and clinical director of its Spinal
in Philadelphia, PA, and has been director of clinical electrophysiology since        Cord Injury Program. He is also director of the Spine Program and Adult Spasticity
1970. In the past, he served as director of pediatric rehabilitation and director     Clinic, co-director of the Adult Assisted Ventilation Clinic, and spine consultant to
of research at TJU. He also held academic positions at Georgetown University          both University of Michigan Athletics and Eastern Michigan University Athletics.
Medical School and Temple University Health Sciences Center.                          His research focuses on electromyography, spine disorders, spinal cord injury, and
    As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Herbison first received the Distinguished              spasticity management.
Clinician Award in 1996 and was also awarded the Walter J. Zeiter Lectureship             As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Chiodo authored the Spinal Cord Injury
in 1983. He served on the editorial board of the Archives of Physical Medicine        Study Guide in 2006. He is completing his term as chair of the AAPM&R
and Rehabilitation for more than 20 years and served six years as its chair.          Pain Medicine/Neuromuscular Medicine Council and served as AAPM&R
He also served on the editorial board of Muscle and Nerve.                            representative to the AMA Pain Summit in 2009. He is also a member of the
    Dr. Herbison has published 100 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts           American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR) Board of
as well as 10 textbook chapters. He has appeared as a speaker at numerous             Directors and has served on committees of the National Institute on Disability
professional courses and meetings, both nationally and internationally. In            and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) SCI Model System Program Directors.
addition to his AAPM&R awards, he has been the recipient of numerous                      Dr. Chiodo has been a peer reviewer for multiple journals including
other honors including the American Association of Neuromuscular and                  PM&R, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Clinical
Electrodiagnostic Medicine Distinguished Physician Award and the 2009                 Neurophysiology, American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Lifetime Achievement Award (its highest honor). He also received the first            Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, and Disability and Rehabilitation. He has authored
Gerald J. Herbison Award for Mentorship from TJU’s Department of                      numerous journal articles, book chapters, and abstracts on PM&R topics, and has
Rehabilitation Medicine graduating residents.                                         lectured extensively on topics such as spinal cord injury and pain management.
    Dr. Herbison received his MD from Stritch School of Medicine of Loyola                Dr. Chiodo received his MD from the University of Connecticut Medical
University in 1962. He completed his internship at Charity Hospital in                School in Farmington, CT, in 1984. He completed a PM&R residency at the
New Orleans in 1963 and residency at Bronx Municipal Hospital Center                  University of Michigan Hospital, where he was chief resident in 1987. He also
in 1966.                                                                              completed a fellowship in neuromuscular disease and PM&R at the University
                                                                                      of Michigan Hospital in 1988.

The PASSOR Legacy Award and Lectureship                                                                                         MICHAEL FREDERICSON, MD

Established in 2008 to preserve the legacy and namesake of the Physiatric Association of Spine,
Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation (PASSOR), this award is meant to recognize an individual
in mid career who has advanced musculoskeletal physiatry through clinical care, education,
service, or scholarship (research).

Dr. Fredericson is professor and director of PM&R sports medicine                     numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters focused on an improved
in the department of orthopedics at Stanford University and fellowship director       understanding of overuse injuries, with a particular focus on running athletes.
for Stanford Sports Medicine. He has served as a head team physician with the         Dr. Fredericson has received a variety of awards for his efforts to develop and
Stanford Sports Medicine Program since 1992 and has worked at both a national         foster musculoskeletal education and research for medical students, residents,
and international level with USA Track & Field.                                       fellows, and post-doctoral scholars. His work has been recognized by citations
     A founding member of PASSOR, Dr. Fredericson is currently senior editor          in the Yearbook of Sports Medicine and Best Poster Awards from AAPM&R
for PM&R, AAPM&R’s official scientific journal. He is also a former member            and the North American Spine Society.
of the editorial board of The Physician and Sportsmedicine, former associate editor        Dr. Fredericson received his MD from New York Medical College in 1988.
for the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, and frequent contributor and              He completed his residency at Stanford University and a fellowship at Sports,
a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Runner’s World magazine.                Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Associates in Menlo Park, CA.
Dr. Fredericson has been a featured speaker at numerous national and
international sports medicine and rehabilitation symposia. He has authored
AAPM&R Outstanding Council Service Award
The AAPM&R Outstanding Council Service Award is designed to
recognize members who have contributed to the success of the
Academy, fulfilling its mission and serving members in ways not
limited to research, education, and product development.

                                                                                                   RICHARD D. ZOROWITZ, MD            CARISA K. PEARCE, MD

  SCOTT R. LAKER, MD            FAYE C. CHIOU TAN, MD            DAVID W. PRUITT, MD

                                                                                    has served as supporting physician for the University of Colorado Buffaloes,
Richard D. Zorowitz, MD                                                             University of Denver Pioneers, Veteran’s Administration Wheelchair games, and
Central Nervous System Rehabilitation Council
                                                                                    the Seattle Marathon.
Dr. Zorowitz is associate professor and chairman of PM&R
                                                                                        As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Laker served as guest editor of the PM&R
at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.
                                                                                    concussion supplement and chair of the Concussion Task Force that created
As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Zorowitz has served on the Program
                                                                                    the 2011 Concussion Symposium. He is also an invited reviewer for several
Planning Committee and Clinical Quality Improvement Committee, and as
                                                                                    professional journals, and has authored articles in several journals and chapters in
chair of the Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee. He is also the Academy’s
                                                                                    multiple textbooks. He lectures for local and national groups on sports medicine,
liaison to the National Quality Forum and served as the Academy’s appointed
                                                                                    physiatric, and spine care topics.
representative to the CARF International Standard Advisory Committee for
                                                                                        Dr. Laker received his MD from the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller
Stroke Specialty Programs. Dr. Zorowitz has participated on consensus panels
                                                                                    School of Medicine in 2003 and completed his residency and fellowship training
of The Joint Commission Primary Stroke Centers, the American Stroke
                                                                                    in sports medicine and spine at the University of Colorado in 2007.
Association Writing Group for Metrics of Comprehensive Stroke Centers,
the AMA Physician Workgroup on Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation (first and          Faye C. Chiou Tan, MD
second iterations), and the Departments of Veterans Affairs/Defense Stroke          Pain Medicine/Neuromuscular Medicine Council
Rehabilitation Clinical Practice Guidelines (2005). He has also published           Dr. Chiou Tan is professor in the department of PM&R at Baylor College of
numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, has written chapters about stroke      Medicine in Houston, TX. She is also chief of PM&R and director of the Center
rehabilitation internationally, and was co-editor of Stroke Recovery                for Trauma Rehabilitation Research at Harris County Hospital District.
and Rehabilitation (Demos Medical, 2008).                                               As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Chiou Tan helped to develop the MOC/3
     Dr. Zorowitz received his MD from Tulane University School of Medicine         Electrodiagnosis Online Review Course. She is an associate editor of PM&R
in 1985. He completed an internship in internal medicine at the Long Island         and a frequent presenter at the AAPM&R Annual Assembly. She has served
Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY, and a residency in PM&R                 as an invited associate editor and editorial board member for the American
at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago/Northwestern University.                 Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and edited the textbook EMG
                                                                                    Secrets (Hanley & Belfus, 2003). She is also a member of review panels for
Carisa K. Pearce, MD                                                                NIDRR, the Department of Defense, and the US Army Medical Research
Medical Rehabilitation Council
                                                                                    and Material Command.
Dr. Pearce completed a fellowship in cancer rehabilitation and interventional
                                                                                        Dr. Chiou Tan received her MD from Baylor College of Medicine in 1990.
pain in July 2011 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York,
                                                                                    She completed an internship in internal medicine at Scott and White Hospital
NY. In October, she joined the Palm Beach Cancer Institute in Palm Beach, FL,
                                                                                    in Temple, TX; a PM&R residency at Baylor College of Medicine, where she
where she will start a cancer rehabilitation program. Dr. Pearce has a particular
                                                                                    was chief resident in 1994; and a fellowship in electrodiagnosis at Baylor College
interest in diagnosing and managing the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and
                                                                                    of Medicine.
functional complications of cancer and its treatment; she also has experience in
diagnostic, interventional, and conservative pain management.                       David W. Pruitt, MD
    As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Pearce serves as facilitator of the Medical          Pediatric Rehabilitation/Developmental Disabilities Council
Rehabilitation Council’s Cancer Rehabilitation Forum on PhyzForum (www.             Dr. Pruitt is assistant professor of clinical PM&R and clinical pediatrics at the and as faculty for the AAPM&R 2011 Annual Assembly.                  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, OH; medical
Dr. Pearce served on the medical team for the New York City Marathon                director of its inpatient pediatric rehabilitation unit; and director of the Pediatric
in 2007 and 2008. She also lectures on cancer rehabilitation and has written        Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship Training Program.
several abstracts and journal articles on PM&R topics.                                   As a member of AAPM&R, Dr. Pruitt has served on the Pediatric
    Dr. Pearce received her MD from the Temple University School of Medicine        Rehabilitation/Developmental Disabilities Council Education Committee, as
in 2006 and completed a residency in PM&R at New York Presbyterian                  its representative to the AAPM&R Program Planning Committee, and as a
University Hospital of Columbia & Cornell.                                          pediatric contributor to Knowledge NOW. He is currently writing questions
                                                                                    for the ABPMR Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Subspecialty Certification
Scott R. Laker, MD                                                                  Examination. Dr. Pruitt has contributed multiple abstracts and chapters on
Musculoskeletal Medicine Council
                                                                                    pediatric rehabilitation, including a chapter in Pediatric Rehabilitation, 4th
Dr. Laker is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado-Denver. His
                                                                                    Edition (Demos Medical Publishing, 2010).
practice focuses on the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal problems,
                                                                                         Dr. Pruitt received his MD from Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School
with an emphasis on all aspects of sports medicine and spine care. He is also
                                                                                    of Medicine in Maywood, IL, in 1998. He completed a combined residency in
trained in interventional spine techniques and electrodiagnostics. In the past,
                                                                                    PM&R/pediatrics at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2003.
he was a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington, and
     Your Idea Could be the Next Annual Assembly Session
     Each year, the AAPM&R Program Planning Committee invites proposals
     for educational sessions for the upcoming Annual Assembly. Many of the
     educational sessions at the Annual Assembly started as great topic ideas
     from members like you. The committee selects the proposals that are most
                                                                                   5   Think about faculty. As you plan your content and invite faculty, remember
                                                                                       that faculty who are Academy members and all faculty who are physiatrists
                                                                                       receive faculty CME in addition to learner CME. The Academy has limited
                                                                                       funding for non-member, non-physiatrists.
     aligned with the identified needs of the physiatric audience.
         With a few simple steps, you can submit a session proposal that could         Other Considerations:
     become the next hit course or workshop at the AAPM&R 2012 Annual                     •     Have a valid e-mail address and full institutional contact
     Assembly, November 15-18 in Atlanta, Georgia. Physiatrists from the area                   information on-hand for each of your speakers before beginning
     surrounding Atlanta and the Southeast are especially encouraged to submit                  the submission process. If a speaker has participated in the
     proposals.                                                                                 Annual Assembly before, their information may be available in the
                                                                                                system; however we want to ensure that all information is correct
     Gather your ideas                                                                          and updated.
     The first step in any session proposal involves coming up with a topic.              •     Be prepared to provide financial disclosures and any FDA off-label
     Once you’ve chosen your topic, use these tips to guide the development                     use that will be discussed in your course/workshop.
     of your idea:                                                                        •     If submitting a hands-on workshop proposal, have available your full
                                                                                                set of needs for AV and special equipment. AV and special equipment
     Determine the track. The AAPM&R Medical Education and Program                              will be confirmed if submission is accepted.
     Planning Committees reorganized the tracks for 2012 to better align
     with Academy members and their interests. When submitting proposals,              Submit your proposal
     you can submit for one of five 2012 educational tracks:                           To submit a proposal, access the
        • Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine                                          AAPM&R online submission site at
        • Neurological Rehabilitation (includes TBI, stroke, SCI)            
        • Practice Management                                                          You will find detailed instructions listed
        • Pain and Spine Medicine                                                      within each step of the submission
        • General Rehabilitation (includes neuromuscular medicine,                     process. Note: The only way to submit

            pediatric rehabilitation, and medical rehabilitation)                      a proposal is online. If you created a username and password for last year’s
                                                                                       submission site, or if you received a login and password via e-mail, you may
     Choose the format. Think about the best format for your intended                  log in using the same information. If you cannot remember your login and
     audience. Your Academy seeks a mix of hands-on workshops and dynamic              password from last year, please create a new account. You will be required to
     courses. Hands-on workshops have limited attendance to allow participants         provide contact and disclosure information after logging in.
     to engage in small-group learning activities that are skills-based. Track             Online submissions opened October 3, 2011, and will close December 2,
     courses are open to a wider audience and include more didactic and discus-        2011, at 12 pm (CST). If you have questions regarding submission
     sion-based learning. All sessions should be learner-focused and interactive.      requirements or content, please e-mail

3    Stay within the mission. To stand out and enhance your chances of
     acceptance, review the Academy’s vision, mission, and core purpose
                                                                                       Mark your calendars: The Call for Abstracts opens January 2012.

4    Write learning objectives. What behavior are you trying to change?
     Learning objectives should be structured so that a change in learners’
     competence, performance, or patient outcomes can be measured.
                                                                                              Should my topic be formatted as a course
                                                                                              or a hands-on workshop?
                                                                                              If the objectives of your session include having physiatrists
                                                                                              learn a new technique or skill in performing physical
                                                                                              examination, manual medicine, electromyography or
                                                                                              ultrasound scanning, then a hands-on workshop is the
                                                                                              best format for your session.
                                                                                              The goal of the Annual Assembly hands-on workshop is to
     additional PHYSIATRIST to join our expanding Department of Physical                      provide attendees with an exclusive learning opportunity in a
     Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. Candidates must be board                    small-group environment. Workshop attendance is never more
     certified/board eligible in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. This is a                 than 40 participants and is ticketed.
     thriving outpatient practice with no inpatient responsibilities. Experience
     in musculoskeletal medicine, pain management, electrodiagnostic studies,                 Courses are usually set in a traditional learning environment.
     and/or interventional pain procedures is preferred but not required.                     Meant for larger groups, courses can utilize panel discussions,
        The Greater Baton Rouge region is home to six Ochsner Health Centers                  lecture, small group discussions and more to explore topics
     and Ochsner Medical Center Baton Rouge. More than 1,000 employees
                                                                                              pertinent to the PM&R specialty. This is the perfect format to
     serve our patients, including over 100 physicians and mid-level providers.
                                                                                              explore cutting-edge research, discuss clinical pearls, update
     Ochsner Health System is a physician-led, non-profit, academic,
     multi-specialty healthcare delivery system employing over 800 physicians.
                                                                                              attendees on changes in policy or discuss methodology.
     The system includes 8 hospitals and 35 health centers. We offer a generous
     and comprehensive benefits package. We also enjoy the advantage                           All sessions should engage the attendee, focus on a single
     of practicing in a favorable malpractice environment in Louisiana.                       theme, and fit into one of the following five tracks:
     Please visit us at                                                        • Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine
        Baton Rouge represents the best of Louisiana’s vibrant culture.                         • Neurological Rehabilitation (includes TBI, stroke, SCI)
     The community provides numerous cultural, educational, historical, and                     • Practice Management
     recreational activities and is known for friendly people and unique food.
                                                                                                • Pain and Spine Medicine
     The Baton Rouge metropolitan area has a population of 774,000 and is
                                                                                                • General Rehabilitation (includes neuromuscular
     home to Louisiana State and Southern Universities.
                                                                                                     medicine, pediatric rehabilitation, and medical
                 Please e-mail CV to:
              or call for information: (800) 488-2240. Ref. #APMRBR02.                               rehabilitation)

                     Sorry, no J1 Visa opportunities available.
                                                                                                Questions? Contact us at

8|                               NOVEMBER 2011
A Success Story: The AAPM&R and ISIS Collaboration
AAPM&R constantly strives to provide its members the best in PM&R education. Acknowledging a need to
advance our offerings in the area of spinal procedures, your Academy collaborated for the first time with the
International Spine Intervention Society (ISIS) to offer the pilot program: Lumbar Procedures Bio-Skills Lab.
    With rapidly changing technology, AAPM&R and ISIS worked together to incorporate years of learning with newly enhanced technologies.
The workshop, which took place September 16-18 in Colorado, featured the well-known, hands-on experience of an ISIS course, with a half-day
focused on the role of PM&R in spinal procedures. This first-of-its-kind event sold out, and was well attended by members of both AAPM&R and ISIS.
    Timothy Maus, MD, ISIS Chair of Education summed up the event for your Academy by stating, “The initial AAPM&R – ISIS collaborative lumbar
bio-skills course was well received by attendees and instructors alike. In such collaborations our societies can bring together focused expertise in varied
aspects of spine care to the benefit of spine care clinicians, and ultimately our patients.”
    AAPM&R would like to thank ISIS and all the volunteers who helped make this unique collaboration such a success!

                                                                   Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the                                               Inpatient/Outpatient Physiatrist
  Johns Hopkins University is seeking two full-time board-certified /                                          Good Samaritan Hospital
  board-qualified physiatrists for our growing department.                                                     Duties include: Attending Physiatrist on Comprehensive Integrated
                                                                                                              Inpatient Rehabilitation Program and outpatient clinics, focus on
  These extraordinary positions offer ample opportunity for patient                                           general PM&R and complex medical disability, located at Johns
  care, teaching, and research in a collegial environment of the highest                                      Hopkins-Affiliated Good Samaritan Hospital. Participate in our active
  caliber. Clinical and academic track appointments are available.                                            outpatient musculoskeletal and spine practice.
  Clinical experience, enthusiasm, strong communication skills,
  desire for collaboration and a commitment to quality are necessary.                                         For further information contact:
  Excellence in clinical teaching and the ability to effectively relate to                                    Kenneth Silver, MD
  patients and their families is expected. We offer competitive salary,                                       Vice-Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  productivity-based supplement, and outstanding benefits.                                                     Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                                              Smyth Professional Building, Suite 406
  Johns Hopkins rated America’s #1 hospital 20 years in a row                                                 5601 Loch Raven Boulevard
  U.S. News & World Report                                                                                    Baltimore, MD 21239

  Inpatient Consultation/Outpatient Physiatrist                                                               Send your resume to
  Johns Hopkins Hospital                                                                                      or (443) 444-4770 (Fax)
  Duties include: Attending Physiatrist for PM&R Inpatient Consultation
  Service and outpatient clinics, focus on general PM&R with a wide                                           Call us at (443) 444-4780
  variety of patients. Participate in our active outpatient practice.
  Join our superb multidisciplinary clinics in brain injury, cancer,                                          JOHNS HOPKINS IS AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
  and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.                                                                         AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER


   Our patients benefit from a fully operational disease-based care delivery system - all our doctors work side by side with the world-class surgeons and medical specialists who share their subspecialty
                                                   interests. In this environment, there is an unparalleled opportunity for learning and professional growth.
               The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is seeking applications from board certified/board qualified physiatrists with interest in the following subspecialties;

 Cardiac Rehabilitation                                                                                   Center for Neurological Restoration
 Responsibilities include integration of hospital consultation and outpatient services - working in       This Center has successfully incorporated the talents of neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, neuropsy-
 collaboration with the Heart and Vascular Institute, ranked #1 nationally in cardiovascular care for     chiatrists, and researchers, offering the latest medical and surgical treatments.A physiatrist with a
 17 years.                                                                                                career commitment in neurological rehabilitation will treat patients and align services throughout
                                                                                                          the continuum of care.
 Cancer Rehabilitation
 This position offers the opportunity to develop programming and direct rehabilitation services           Chronic Pain Management
 for the Taussig Cancer Institute, ranked one of the top cancer hospitals in the country.                 The Center for Pain is seeking a physician specialist to diagnose and treat pain from medical,
                                                                                                          behavioral, and rehabilitation perspectives.This is primarily a non-interventional position. Clinical
 Musculoskeletal and General Rehabilitation                                                               responsibilities may include the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program, the Neurological Institute’s
                                                                                                          Pain Consultation Service, and the outpatient pain management clinic. Candidates should be certi-
 The position balances inpatient and outpatient practice with teaching and research responsibili-
                                                                                                          fied or seek certification/CAQ from the American Board of Pain Medicine, the American Board of
 ties, jointly sponsored by the Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Institute and the Neurological
                                                                                                          Psychiatry and Neurology or the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Interest
 Institute.Academic and career mentorship is centered within our highly-ranked Department of
                                                                                                          in clinical work, teaching and research is essential. Opportunity for Center and program leader-
 PM&R.A variety of clinical opportunities is available to those with special training and qualifica-
                                                                                                          ship is available.
 tions, including musculoskeletal medicine, trauma, sports, arthritis, amputee, hospital consults
 and/or inpatient care. Opportunity exists for advanced training in musculoskeletal ultrasound.

                                                                   Cleveland Clinic offers a competitive salary and generous benefits package.
                     Interested candidates should apply online at under Clinic Careers / Physician Opportunities.
  Cleveland Clinic offers an integrated PM&R academic practice model connecting the main campus with 9 hospitals, 3 IRFs, 17 outpatient family health centers, skilled nursing facilities, and home care.
  Cleveland is a big-league city with a small town lifestyle.A welcoming, culturally diverse population takes advantage of superb entertainment, sports, music, and outdoor resources in the region. It is a
                                wonderful place to raise a family and build a career. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Smoke-free/ drug-free environment.

                                                                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2011                                           |9
             aapm&r member opportunities timeline
                                          2005                       2006                       2007                         2008
       Educating                                                    Live MSK Ultrasound
                                                                    L                            1 Course                  1 Course
                                                                      Courses debuted
                    Pain Course
                      debuted           2 Courses                   1 Course – NEW
                  2004 (1 Course)

                  Spine Procedures
                  Workshop debuted      2 Courses                                             3 Courses            5 Courses – 1 NEW
                                                                    2 Courses
                   1998 (1 Course)
                                                                                                                   Spasticity Course
                                                                                                                   debuted (1 Course)


                                                                                                             [online case
                                                                                                             podcasts, slide
       Connecting                                                                                            lectures, etc.]
                                         Job Board


                                                 Participation with National Center
       Advocating                          for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR)
                                                                                                                      Group expanded
                                                                                                                        to become
                                                                                           Launch Online               Disability and
                                                                                          Advocacy Center              Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                     Research (DRRC)*

                                                                National Representation of the Specialty at Governmental, Practice,

                                                                                      Participation in Physician          Member
       Supporting                                                                    Consortium for Performance        of Ambulatory
                                                                                        Improvement (PCPI)             Quality Alliance

       AAPM&R is keeping busy for you. Over the past several years, your Academy has invested in the advancement of the
       specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, promoted excellence in physiatric practice, and advocated on public
       policy issues related to persons with disabling conditions. We wanted to share our progress with you and provide a
       sneak peak at what is to come for 2012.

10 |                    NOVEMBER 2011
                  2009                               2010                               2011                              2012
                1 Course                       2 Courses – 1 NEW                  5 Courses – 1 NEW                  2 Courses

                                                                                                                 Risk Evaluation and Mitigation
                                                                                                                 Strategies Education

             3 Courses – 2 NEW                        1 Course                     ISIS Collaboration

                 1 Course                          1 Course                                                               Course
                                                                                                                           on ME

                                                                                CONCUSSION RESOURCES                  Expanded Pain
                                                                             [Phyzforum Group Discussion,             Content on ME
                                                                         Concussion Symposium, Advocacy Tools]

                                                                                 Fellowship Database*

                                                                                 Volunteer Match Tool

                                                                                   Mentor Program*

                                                                                     Find a PM&R

                                             New AAPM&R Web site
                                                                                    PM&R Awareness Video              Medical Student
                                             [Quick links, videos, improved
                                              search tools and navigation

             Member Council
           Information Letters
     [Neural Network, The Networker, Core,
       The Needler, Pediatric Passages]

                                                                                                                        State Forums

Quality, Reimbursement, and Medical Specialty Organizations.

                                              Joined National Quality                                            Practice Management
                                                  Forum (NQF)                                                          Resources

                                                                                                                            * Expansion on existing product

                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2011                         | 11
       Continue the Concussion Discussion
       By now you’ve seen many of the Academy’s new concussion resources:            What’s next?
         •   The Concussion supplement delivered with the October                    Log on to Phyzforum ( to start an online discussion
             issue of PM&R                                                           about concussion topics and share resources. The concussion
         •   The new Concussion self assessment exam for practitioners               discussion group is open to all Academy members. Simply log on to
             (SAE-P) tied directly to the supplement                                 PhyzForum, Click the “Groups” tab, select “Concussion/Mild TBI”
         •   A full day Concussion Symposium during the 2011                         and hit the button that says “Join This Group.”
             Annual Assembly                                                            If you would prefer to interact with the Concussion/Mild TBI group
         •   Advocacy tools to work toward passage of legislation                    via e-mail, log in to and click “My Mailing Lists”
             protecting young athletes                                               in the left navigation to update your e-mail preferences. You can choose
                                                                                     between the “Immediate,” “Daily,” and “Weekly” settings for your updates.
       In addition to these resources from your Academy, the Centers for             AAPM&R’s concussion activities are supported by an educational grant
       Disease Control has just launched a Concussion course that Academy            from Mayo Clinic.
       member volunteer experts reviewed. The “Heads Up to Clinicians:
       Addressing Concussion in Sports among Kids and Teens” online course
       is designed to provide health care professionals with an overview of what
       they need to know about concussion among young athletes. The goal of              DEPARTMENT CHAIR
       this course is to prepare health care professionals to diagnose and               PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION
       manage concussions on the sidelines, in their office, training room, or in
                                                                                            OCHSNER HEALTH SYSTEM in New Orleans is searching for a
       the emergency department, in order to help improve patient outcomes.
                                                                                         board-certified CHAIR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE
       The course is available at no cost and features interviews with leading
                                                                                         & REHABILITATION to lead our thriving, five physician department.
       experts, dynamic graphics, and case studies. The course provides access           The department’s physicians are involved with outpatients, acute inpatient
       to additional concussion information, videos, fact sheets, and other tools.       consultations, and a 29-bed general inpatient rehabilitation unit which is
       If you’re interested in more information about this course                        CARF certified and has CARF specialty certification for stroke treatment.
                                                                                         Along with clinical practice and leadership/administrative responsibilities,
       (or want to view it,) visit
                                                                                         the position involves teaching and clinical research. Prior leadership
                                                                                         experience is desirable but not required. Salary offered will be competitive
                                                                                         and commensurate with experience and training.
                                    Mark Your                                               Ochsner Health System is a physician-led, non-profit, academic, multi-

                                    Calendar                                             specialty healthcare delivery system dedicated to patient care, research,
                                                                                         and education. Ochsner employs over 800 physicians representing all major
                                    for 2012                                             medical specialties and sub-specialties. We conduct over 300
                                                                                         ongoing clinical research trials annually. We also enjoy the advantage
       The AAPM&R 2012 Annual Assembly will be held November 15-18                       of practicing in a favorable malpractice environment in Louisiana.
       at the Hilton/Marriott/World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.                 For additional information, please visit our website at
                                                                                         Interested physicians should send curriculum vitae for review to:
       Don’t Forget to Claim Your 2011 Annual Assembly CME
                                                                                            Joseph R. Dalovisio, MD, Associate Medical Director for Medical
       If you attended the 2011 AAPM&R Annual Assembly in Orlando this
                                                                                         Specialties. Email:, Ref. # APMRC02.
       month, don’t forget that you have one year to claim your CME credit.
                                                                                         Information: (800) 488-2240.
       Visit and claim your credit for the meeting before
       November 17, 2012.                                                                                           advertisement

                                                                                             Key factors to our success include the Moss
                                                                                             Rehabilitation Research Institute, which
                                                                                             advances improvements in human function

        #1 REHAB
                                                                                             and adaptation to disability. Additionally,
                                                                                             we’re often the first to utilize advanced
                                                                                             technologies in therapeutic applications like

         HOSPITAL IN PA                                                                      the ReWalk-I ™ We are also proud to have one
                                                                                             of the most distinguished residency programs

         AND TOP TEN                                                                         in the nation that consistently produces leaders
                                                                                             in the field of physiatry. These factors and more

         IN THE U.S.
                                                                                             have contributed to our surpassing national
                                                                                             outcomes for most disabilities we treat.
                                                                                             At MossRehab, we push ourselves as hard as
                                                                                             our patients. Challenge Accepted.

                                                                                             To learn more about how we can help your patients,

                                                                                             please contact us by calling 1-800-CALL MOSS

                                                                                             or visiting

12 |                              NOVEMBER 2011
                                                       awarded until you have claimed the CME.
End-of-the-Year                                        View your CME transcript

CME Checklist                                          Visit ME to view your free personal CME
                                                       transcript online. Your transcript includes data for
                                                       all educational activities that you have completed
Are you ready for the end of the year? Check
                                                       with AAPM&R and is sufficient documentation
to make sure you have claimed continuing
                                                       for proof of credit for a variety of organizations,
medical education (CME) credit for:
                                                       including American Board of Physical Medicine
                                                       and Rehabilitation (ABPMR), state licensure,              If you need to earn more CME credits before
       Any live event you attended within
                                                       the American Medical Association (AMA), and               the end of the year, you can complete any
       the past year
                                                       other institutions.                                       of the 2011 self-assessment examinations for
       Any educational activity you want to                                                                      practitioners (SAE-Ps) and earn up to 8 AMA
       appear under 2011 activities on your            To view or print your CME transcript:                     PRA Category 1 Credits.™ In addition to
       CME transcript                                    •   Visit ME at and log in             providing CME credit, Academy SAE-Ps also
                                                             using your AAPM&R Web site login.                   meet the Part II Self Assessment requirements
Remember, under the new CME claiming process             •   Click on “My Portfolio” in the left navigation.     of ABPMR Maintenance of Certification
mandated by ACCME, after you complete all                •   Click on “My Transcript” in the left                (MOC). ABPMR diplomates are required to
required elements of an activity, on acadeME,®               navigation, and then click “View My                 complete an average of 8 AMA PRA Category 1
you must enter the number of credits that                    Transcript” on the center of the next page.         Credits™ per year in their 10-year MOC cycle.
correlates with your amount of participation in          •   A pop-up box will appear; click “Open” and          Available 2011 SAE-Ps include:
the activity before your CME claim is complete.              a PDF document will open displaying your
Instructions for claiming CME for live and                   AAPM&R CME credit history.
online activities are available on ME:
                                                       In addition, to help you find an uncomplicated            2011 SAE-P: Diagnostic Musculoskeletal
Go to: > click “FAQs and Help         way to navigate and meet the requirements of                          Ultrasound: In-Depth
Requests” in the left navigation > see “Claiming       the ABPMR Maintenance of Certification (MOC)                          Introduction to Uses and
CME…”                                                  process, your transcript is organized by MOC                          Techniques
                                                       requirement. Specifically, the transcript breaks out      2011 SAE-P: Principles of Manual Medicine
Claiming CME for live events                           activities that are approved by ABPMR to meet             2011 SAE-P: A Framework for Rehabilitation
Don’t lose the CME credit you earned by attend-        Parts II and IV of MOC. Activities that meet those                    Focused Biologics
ing a live event. All CME earned from attending        parts will be organized under the following               2011 SAE-P: Diagnostic and Interventional
a live event must be claimed on acadeME® (ME;          headings in your transcript:                                          Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the and must be claimed within              • Part II: Lifelong Learning                                       Lower Extremity
one year of the course date or the credit will be         • Part II: Self Assessment                             2011 SAE-P: Sports Medicine
forfeited. See the following table for the CME            • Part IV: Practice Performance Improvement                        (Subspecialty Board Review)
expiration date for specific live events.                                                                        2011 SAE-P: Concussion and Mild Traumatic
                                                       If your transcript lists the activity, you have claimed               Brain Injury: Current and
Document CME credits in 2011                           CME for it. If you do not see an activity on your                     Future Concepts
If you need documentation of CME credit earned         transcript, CME is still pending for that activity.
in 2011 for licensure, credentialing, or Mainte-       In that case, click “My Portfolio” in the left            Visit acadeME at to find
nance of Certification – your CME credit claim         navigation of ME. Check your activities in the            these SAE-Ps as well as SAE-Ps on other clinical
must be processed by December 31, 2011. If you         “My Courses” table in the center of the page,             topics. Click “Self Assessments and Study
wait until 2012 to claim, your CME credits will be     make sure you have completed all necessary                Guides” in the left navigation.
applied to 2012 without exception. CME credits         components of the activity and claim CME.
for completed activities and live events will not be   Once you have claimed CME, the status circle

                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2011                            | 13
 The Physiatrist Advertising                                                                                Hershey, Pennsylvania: The Penn State Hershey Medical Center is seeking a board certified or
                                                                                                            board eligible physiatrist to join our group of six physiatrists. The position includes inpatient
                                                                                                            rehabilitation as well as a mix of inpatient consults, outpatient consults, procedures, EMGs
 Want More Job Opportunities?                                                                               and/or pain management depending on your interests. The Hershey Medical Center is a 500
 Visit the AAPM&R Physiatrists’ Job Board at to post your                         bed tertiary care teaching hospital and level 1 trauma center with 700 physicians and growing.
                                                                                                            Hershey is a suburban community of 20,000 in a metropolitan area of 400,000 in one of the
 resume, find new opportunities, and connect with employers.
                                                                                                            fastest growing regions in the state. It is approximately twelve miles from Harrisburg, the state
                                                                                                            capital and largest employer in the Commonwealth. Interested applicants should send resume to
 Positions Available                                                                                        attention of Dr. Brenda Mallory at, or by telephone at: 717-531-4263.
                                                                                                            Job Requisition #28108. Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and
 EAST                                                                                                       the diversity of its workforce. EOE-AA-M/F/H/V
 New Hampshire: Motivated in-patient/out-patient Physiatrist to join group of six physiatrists in
 New Hampshire beautiful seacoast. Please submit resumes to Dawn O’Keefe, Seacoast Area                     West Springfield, United States: Private Practice Opportunity. - Large private practice                                                                          physiatry group seeks associate for unique opportunity. Position may include general physiatry,
                                                                                                            EMG, inpatient related and/or sports medicine depending on candidate’s interests. Training
 Brick, New Jersey: Well established well respected orthopedic group in Ocean County NJ seeking
                                                                                                            in interventional procedures is available. We will help you grow professionally and reach your
 a second BC/BE physiatrist. Current physiatrist is a partner and has been with the practice for 8
                                                                                                            potential. Our practice is well established in a very collegial medical community and offers a rich
 years since fellowship. Practice is with 10 current orthopedic surgeons and expanding. Position
 consists of outpatient setting only with evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and
                                                                                                            lifestyle. We have eight (8) offices in a beautiful region of southern New England within easy
 electrodiagnosis with emphasis on spine. Fellowship training in interventional spine preferred. In house   reach of Boston, New York, Providence, beaches and skiing. Our offices are located in college
 procedure suite in place in addition to physician ownership in multiple surgery centers. Partnership       towns and small cities with many cultural and recreational activities. Competitive salary, benefits,
 track. For more information on the practice please visit us at Interested            bonus, and partnership potential. Contact Geoff Elia, Chief Of Operations at or
 candidates should submit their cv either by fax or email to: Randy Hagen, CEO Fax: 732-840-2088            413-785-1153 x6910.
                                                                                                            Lynchburg, Virginia: Multi-specialty musculoskeletal practice is seeking physiatrist to join
 Freehold, New Jersey: Six surgeon orthopedic practice in Freehold, New Jersey is seeking an                spine team. Our eighteen physicians (two interventional physiatrists, thirteen orthopaedists,
 experienced Physiatrist for acute and chronic pain patients. Experience in private practice and            two rheumatologists, and sports-trained family physician) practice in Lynchburg, home to an
 out/inpatient care is required. Please send your CV to                   excellent medical community and an extensive patient draw of approximately 250,000. Our
 See our website for practice specifics at                                      physician team enjoys the support of a large group of PA’s and physical/occupational therapists
                                                                                                            as well as a host of competent administrative and clinical personnel. Our team enjoys a new
 Metuchen, New Jersey: An outpatient Pain Management and Rehabilitation practice in                         building, electronic medical records, digital imaging systems, MRI, in house EMG and injection
 northern New Jersey is seeking a qualified physiatrist to join the practice. Qualified candidates          as well as extensive therapy services. Ideal candidate would be interested in the diagnosis and
 should be proficient in EMG/NCS and musculoskeletal medicine. The practice will teach the                  treatment of back and neck pain using the full complement of services available in a multi-
 incoming physician procedures involving spinal pain management and diagnostic ultrasound                   disciplinary team. Competitive salary and benefits package offered with productivity element.
 guided injections. This opening offers a generous salary with included benefits and incentives.            Interested candidates should contact Karen Simonton at 434.401.1705 or Karen.Simonton@
 Fluent speaking ability of the Spanish and/or Chinese languages will add a great bonus to        
 a candidate’s application. If interested, please fax your CV to 732-516-1015 or email it to Also, feel free to call us at 732-516-1055.                                             MIDWEST
                                                                                                            Peoria, Illinois: IPMR has a great opportunity for a personable, energetic (BC/BE) physiatrist
 Wayne, New Jersey: Busy spine practice with offices in Northern NJ and New York City seeking               to take over the practice of a retiring physician. Well-established, free-standing CARF accredited
 a motivated BC/BE physiatrist to join our spine team for a full-time position as the primary pain          rehabilitation facility includes outpatient and inpatient services, with PA to assist in inpatient
 management physician and physiatrist for the practice. Applicant should be fellowship trained              service. Practice includes electrodiagnostic studies, injections, IMEs, general physiatry care, and
 in interventional and outpatient pain management. Candidate would be expected to have strong               pain management. Potential to grow interventional practice - C-arm owned and on site. Located
 foundation in pain-management and physiatry. Their practice would encompass interventional                 in Central Illinois, our community offers something for everyone: exceptional cultural events,
 pain management, management of oral pain medications, EMGs etc. with flexibility and                       diversified athletic and leisure activities, excellent schools and universities, affordable living, and
 opportunity to learn and implement new treatment modalities Excellent opportunity to establish             nationally recognized medical facilities and medical school. See more at
 and build own pain management and physiatry practice. Our comprehensive spine practice is                  about-peoria-illinois. Excellent salary and benefit package available. Learn more about IPMR
 composed of three board certified spine surgeons and a nurse practitioner dedicated                        at Interested applicants should send CV via email to or fax to
 to patient centered care for all spinal pathology, including tumors, deformity and scoliosis.              309.692.8673. EOE. Visit us at the 2011 AAPM&R Job Fair in Orlando!
 We are growing and a physiatrist trained in pain management would be a welcome addition.
 If interested, please email C.V. to or fax to 800-503-1628.                 Menasha, Wisconsin: Affinity Medical Group, an integrated health care organization, is seeking
                                                                                                            a BC/BE Physiatrist to join our Neuroscience Department at our clinic location in Menasha,
 Poughkeepsie, New York: Private, pain practice seeking a FT interventional pain management                 Wisconsin. Practice with our neurologists and neurological surgeon, along with a team of nurses,
 physiatrist, BE/BC, with fellowship training in pain management. Skilled in chronic                        physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians and psychologists to
 pain evaluation, experience with implantable devices, guided spinal injection and medical                  help our patients enjoy the highest possible level of function and quality of life. Benefit from
 management. This is a 100% chronic pain position, there is no anesthesiology. Our practice is              an industry leading salary and benefits package. The Fox Cities (Appleton, Neenah/Menasha,
 located in Poughkeepsie, New York. We are surrounded by some of the richest historical/cultural            Oshkosh) offer a unique quality of family oriented living, all-season recreation, a nationally
 sites of our country. The area offers many beautiful and growing communities in which to raise             acclaimed educational system, and a host of cultural opportunities. For more information,
 a family and enjoys year round recreational activities. If interested, please email your CV to Ruth        please contact: Sara Roth, Affinity Physician Recruitment; Phone: 920-727-4348;
 Little at, or fax to: 845 452-0550, phone: 845 452-2054                               Fax: 920-727-4350; E-mail: Visit our website at:
                                                                                                            Not a J-1 opportunity.

                                                                          Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
                                                                      Bayview PMR Inpatient-Outpatient Attending
   The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the                                             We offer extraordinary opportunities in general PM&R, burn and wound
   Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is seeking a full-time                                        care, arthritis rehabilitation, chronic pain, and brain injury rehabilitation.
   board-certified / board-qualified physiatrist for our growing department.
                                                                                                             For further information contact:
   This extraordinary position offers ample opportunity for patient care,                                    Richard Zorowitz, MD
   teaching, and research in a collegial environment of the highest caliber.                                 Associate Professor and Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
   Clinical and academic track appointments are available. Clinical                                          Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
   experience, enthusiasm, strong communication skills, and a                                                4940 Eastern Avenue,
   commitment to quality are necessary. Excellence in clinical teaching                                      Building AA, Level 01, Room 1654
   and the ability to effectively relate to patients and their families is                                   Baltimore, MD 21224
   expected. We offer competitive salary, performance-based supplement,
   and outstanding benefits.                                                                                  (410) 550-5299 – Office
                                                                                                             (410) 550-1345 – Fax
   PM&R Inpatient/Outpatient Attending                                                                       (443) 632-4784 – Cell
   Duties include: Attending Physiatrist for Comprehensive Integrated                               – E-mail
   Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, physiatric consultation on medical
   and surgical patients, and participation in our active outpatient practice.
   This position is located at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center,
   a member of the Johns Hopkins Health System.


14 |                                    NOVEMBER 2011
           about members

ZASLER Honored with BIAA Award
                         Nathan D. Zasler, MD, of Richmond, Virginia, was recently named the recipient of the Sheldon Berrol Clinical
                         Service Award from the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). The award recognizes the individual who, through a long

                         service career, has made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of care, professional training and/or education in

                         the field of brain injury. Dr. Zasler is the medical director of the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, as well as Tree of Life

                         Services. Dr. Berrol was one of Dr. Zasler’s primary and early professional mentors whom he strove to emulate.

                                                                                The University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Physical
                                                                                Medicine and Rehabilitation is seeking a full-time board-certified/board-
                                                                                eligible physiatrist for a general rehabilitation position at the Assistant or
                                                                                Associate Professor level. This individual will thrive in a team
                                                                                environment, relate effectively with colleagues and patients, and possess
                                                                                strong teaching skills and research interests. Clinical responsibilities
                                                                                include general inpatient services (12 bed acute rehabilitation unit and
                                                                                inpatient consults), consultation services at long-term acute care facilities,
                                                                                and general outpatient clinics. Teaching responsibilities include
                                                                                participating in the education of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                                                                residents, medical students, and allied health care professionals.
                                                                                Research responsibilities include active pursuit and participation in
                                                                                research activities as well as mentoring residents and other faculty in
                                                                                research endeavors.

                                                                                Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the level of expertise and
                                                                                academic credentials.        Review of applications will commence
                                                                                immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.

                                                                                The University of Colorado offers a full benefits package. Information on
                                                                                University benefits programs, including eligibility, is located at

                                                                                All applications must be submitted through Jobs at CU,
                                                                                Posting number 814620.

                                                                                For further information please contact:

                                                                                Audrey Thornburg

   Relaxed lifestyle, rewarding environment,
   and an opportunity of a lifetime.
                                                                                                                          Physicians of Rehabilitation,
    This is a unique opportunity for you to join a        practicing exclusively Physiatric Medicine.                     Industrial & Spine Medicine P.C.
    well-established and expanding physiatric group.
                                                          Our practice is located in one of “The Top                      The Center for Spine & Pain Care
    You will be an integral part of a highly successful
    and progressive practice.                             Places to Live” with close access to Philadelphia,
                                                          Baltimore, New York and Washington, D.C. This                   A Spectrum of Medical Services
    Due to continued growth, we are looking for           convenient location is also close to many scenic                to Restore the Quality of Life:
    an individual who has a strong interest in both       recreational destinations which makes for a high
    outpatient and inpatient care.                        quality, low cost of living, and relaxed lifestyle.
    Our large outpatient practice is primarily            To learn more about this unique opportunity
    Musculoskeletal Medicine, Non-Surgical Spine          forward your C.V. to:                                           Michael F. L
    Care, Pain Management, Electrodiagnosis, and                                                                          William A. Rollé, J
    Industrial Medicine.                                            Timothy S. Reed, MHA, CMPE                            William A. P
                                                                    Practice Administrator
    This includes a state-of-the-art Spine Center
    within the practice with provides the continuum                 PRISM                                                 175 Lancaster Boulevard
    of conservative spine care in one setting.                      175 Lancaster Boulevard                               Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
                                                                    P Box 2028
    Our inpatient services are provided in                          Mechanicsburg, PA 17055                               Bloom Building, Suite 106
    contemporary acute, subacute, and long term                     Fax 717.790.8504                                      4310 Londonderry Road
    acute care rehabilitation settings.                                                      Harrisburg, PA 17109

    A significant support staff including Physician                                                                        Phone 717 691-3755
    Assistants dedicated to PM&R will assist you in
Submit Your Research to PM&R
                         PM&R is the Academy’s monthly, scientific,       The Academy is encouraging submissions for PM&R. Submit your papers
                         peer-reviewed journal – created specifically     today – it’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:
                                                                          1. Review the requirements at
                         for the specialty of PM&R. PM&R em-
                                                                          2. Under the “For Authors” drop down, click “Submit manuscript.”
                         phasizes principles of injury, function, and     3. Log in using your PM&R username and password to submit online.
                         rehabilitation, and is designed to be relevant
                         to practitioners and researchers in a variety    Learn more about the Academy’s purple journal at
                                                                          and submit your manuscripts today.
                         of medical and surgical specialties and
                                                                              PM&R is also looking to expand its pool of peer reviewers. Interested
                         rehabilitation disciplines. Topics include       in volunteering? Send an e-mail to
                         acute and chronic musculoskeletal
disorders and pain, left neurologic conditions involving the
central and peripheral nervous systems, rehabilitation of
impairments associated with disabilities in adults and children,
and neurophysiology and electrodiagnosis.

                                                           The First FDA-Cleared Class 1 Traction Device
                                                           for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                               • The NEW tool for treating CTS conservatively by                                                         9

                                 providing traction to the Carpal Ligament.                                                              8
                                                                                                            Average Pain, Tingling and

                               • 70% of patients surveyed didn’t need surgery
                                                                                                            Numbness Levels VAS

                                 after 4 weeks of using C-TRAC.
                               • Visit our website for links to the research and                                                         4
                                 abstract published in the Journal of Hand Therapy                                                       3
                               • C-TRAC is used for 5 minutes, 3 times a day                                                             1
                                 for 6 weeks.                                                                                            0
                                                                                                                                             Evaluation    1      2           3    4
                                                                                                             Average Weekly
                                                                                                             Pain Level                        8.53       4.89   2.68     1.47    1.05
                                                                                                             Average Weekly
                                                                                                             Tingling Level                    8.16       3.84   2.63     1.37    0.95
                                                                                                             Average Weekly
                                                                                                             Numbness Level
                                                                                                                                               8.47       4.16   2.63     1.58    0.95
Easy to use on either hand,
C-TRAC provides traction to
                                               Carpal Doctors, LLC
                                                                                                                                     Graph from the study published
   the Carpal Ligament.  • 866-401-1213                                                               in the Journal of Hand Therapy.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Pain Management Practice in East Central Wisconsin is looking to                     Miami, Florida: The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Miami
hire a musculoskeletal physiatrist interested in EMG, Botox and joint injections. This is a              is seeking a full-time BC/BE physiatrist with expertise in brain injuries and/or brain injury
small independent physician group that enjoys a collaborative relationship with the hospital             fellowship training to join our department. Seeking a physiatrist to direct the Neurorehabilitation
administration. Practice is integrated with newly developed spine and brain center. There is             Service at our major teaching hospital Jackson Memorial Hospital, a level I Trauma Center.
opportunity for a medical directorship of the chronic rehabilitative pain program incorporating          Responsibilities include supervising our residents on the inpatient service, staffing the TBI clinic
PT, OT and pain psychology. Beautiful lakefront community is a great place to raise a family,            and performing consultations. The candidate is expected to possess a strong commitment to
with excellent public/private schools, dining, and cultural activities. Base salary plus production      teaching and research interest desirable. Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest
bonus, top notch retirement plan and typical benefits plus no call. For information please contact       and CV to: Diana D. Cardenas, MD, Professor and Chair,
Sherry Lynch, Executive Director at:, or call 920-223-1941. Our                   C/O Vivian Figueroa at
website is
                                                                                                         Melbourne, Florida: PAIN MANAGEMENT PHYSICIAN -Full time position for
WEST                                                                                                     interventional and office based physician in sunny Florida specializing in pain management!
Encino, California: Physiatrist with interest in Orthopedic Medicine and Pain needed for                 Located on the Central East Coast of Florida, The B.A.C.K. Center specializes in neck and spine
an expanding clinic in Encino (Los Angeles), California. The clinic cares for patients with              injuries and illnesses. The ideal candidate will be a board certified/board eligible physiatrist,
orthopedic conditons, musculoskeletal pain, multiple interventional procedures and EMG/NCS               have excellent communication skills and a dedication to quality patient care. Florida licensure
including EPIDURAL injections are done under fluroscopy and ultrasound guidance. Personal                a definite plus! Competitive salary and benefit package available. EOE. Please visit www.
injury and workers compensation patients as well as insured and Medicare patients are seen.     or to learn a little about the area and www.
Candidate must have good foundation in musculoskeletal examination, and documentation.          to learn a little about The B.A.C.K. Center. Interested physicians are invited to
Good sound reports and dictations are needed. Proficiency in spine interventional pain                   contact Cathy Bird at (321)723-7716, ext. 1510 or via e-mail at
management is not required. California Medical License, is needed. Experience in workers
comp and personal injury is a plus. No calls, No weekends. Salary depends on candidate’s
abilities and experience. Send CV by email to:

San Francisco, California: We offer a competitive salary with a full benefit package including                Create your legacy.
vacation, CME, malpractice coverage, and health insurance .Applicants must have completed
an accredited physical medicine and rehabilitation or neurology residency training program, be
board eligible or board certified, and eligible for licensure in California. Responsibilities include
inpatient care at freestanding rehabilitation facility and PMR consult service at Highland General            The Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel is currently recruiting for a BE/BC Pediatric
Hospital a Level 1 trauma center, UCSF teaching program. Acute inpatient team includes                        Physiatrist to work with our growing Pediatric Rehab and Development team, currently includ-
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine and full-time nurse practitioner. No                  ing three Pediatric Physiatrists. This program is a full–service pediatric adolescent rehab program,
                                                                                                              including inpatient service, outpatient service, electrodiagnostics, inpatient consultation with
weekend or evening call. Please contact Lance Stone at 619-840-6297 or at                  opportunities to develop outreach clinics and some potential for clinical research. Candidates
                                                                                                              should be BE/BC in Pediatrics and Physical Medicine or BE/BC in Physical Medicine with comple-
Salt Lake City, Utah: UNIVERSITY HEALTHCARE – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation                            tion of a fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation.
– The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Utah is offering an
excellent opportunity for those interested in a clinical, teaching and research career at a rapidly           The Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel receives nearly 100,000 patient visits every year - and
                                                                                                              over the past 100 years, we’ve become Oregon’s largest provider of pediatric inpatient and trauma
growing academic health system. This position will coordinate and perform PM&R consults
                                                                                                              services. So now, we’re building a new home for The Children’s Hospital. This new home, now
with all acute care service lines within a tertiary care academic medical center consisting of 450            under construction next to Emanuel Medical Center’s Emergency Department, is a state-of-the-
acute beds. Additional responsibilities include a general outpatient practice. University of Utah             art, nine-story, 334,000+ square-foot tower, every inch of which is designed exclusively for the
Rehabilitation serves patients from a multi-state region and is located in beautiful Salt Lake                special health care needs of children.
City at the foot of the spectacular Wasatch Mountains. Salt Lake City boasts internationally
renowned cultural venues as well as collegiate and professional sports teams. Outdoor recreational            When the doors open in early 2012, the new Children’s Hospital building will feature a dedicated
                                                                                                              Children’s Emergency Department (CED), twice the size of the current CED, a new Neonatal Inten-
opportunities are unparalleled. Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills. Salary is                 sive Care (NICU) with private rooms and sky bridge access to Labor and Delivery and the Family
competitive and benefits are excellent. Candidates need to be board certified/board eligible.                 Birth Center and a 24-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with large private rooms so parents
Please apply for this position at: The University                  and family can remain with their children and work closely with physicians and other caregivers
of Utah is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate based                   during treatment.
upon race, national origin, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression,
disability, or status as a Protected Veteran. Upon request, reasonable accommodations in                      As we consider qualified candidates, we are committed to building a culture that values diversity
                                                                                                              and is reflective of those we care for.
the application process will be provided to individuals with disabilities. To inquire about the
University’s nondiscrimination policy or to request disability accommodation, please contact:                 Applications are required and can be accessed at A CV can be inserted
Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, 201 S. Presidents Circle, Rm.                   into the application. For additional information, please contact Vicki Owen at 866-888-4428
135, (801)581-8365. The University of Utah values candidates who have experience working                      ext. 6 or via email at
in settings with students from diverse backgrounds, and possess a demonstrated commitment to
                                                                                                              Follow us on Twitter @legacyrecruits
improving access to higher education for historically underrepresented students.
                                                                                                              Visit us at the AAPM&R Job Fair on November 16th, 2011.
Salt Lake City, Utah: MAKE AN IMPACT At the University of Utal Hopsitals and Clinics – If
you’re seeking a truly unique opportunity to take your career to the next level it just arrived!
The University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics has an exciting opportunity for an experienced                   AA/EOE
Physician to become part of our health care team in our rapidly growing Division of Physical
Medicine and Rehab. This is an excellent opportunity for an Physician who is interested in
inpatient consulting and general outpatient practice and in working for a cutting edge Healthcare
Organization that is #1 in Quality in the nation and the only Academic Medical Center in the
region. The University of Utah is the place to work! University Rehabilitation serves patients
from a multi-state region and is located within a tertiary care academic medical center consisting
of 450 acute care beds. This position will coordinate and perform PM&R consults with all
acute care service lines, including neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedic and trauma. Additional
responsibilities include outpatient clinics, supervision of medical students and residents, lectures
and other scholarly activities. Applicants should have comprehensive knowledge of rehabilitation
medicine. Strong interpersonal skills are essential. Salary is competitive and benefits are excellent.
Come Check us out or contact Heather Molyneaux at 801-
581-2542 or

Tacoma, Washington: The Northwest Center for Integrative Medicine is an outpatient
multidisciplinary rehabilitation practice located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are
seeking a physiatrist wishing to join our team in treating a diverse array of acute, sub-acute and
chronic musculoskeletal, work-injury and pain conditions. This position calls for establishing
definitive diagnoses and treatment plans, and serving as the attending physician following cases
to completion. This role complements our other services and programs which include physical
therapy, CARF-accredited interdisciplinary pain management, and behavioral medicine.
Preferred qualifications include board certification (qualified considered), strong diagnostic
and functional ability rating skills, and team-orientation. Base salary, incentive, and benefits are
competitive, based upon experience, qualifications, and productivity. Direct inquiries to Jeff
Okey, Ph.D., Director, Northwest Center for Integrative Medicine, 2702 South 42nd St.,
Suite 310, Tacoma, WA 98409. (253) 472-7844 or (253) 472-8474 (fax),,

Altamonte Springs, Florida: The Spine Center Altamonte has a multi-disciplinary program
with services offered in spinal care, physical therapy, pain medicine, imaging and research.
Our facility is an affiliate of Florida Hospital Altamonte and we extend the hospital’s holistic
approach to healing by placing an emphasis on conservative care offering surgical and non-
surgical options. The physiatrist/PM&R physician who joins our team of highly accomplished
specialists will be responsible for performing the following duties: -Out-patient evaluations
-In-patient consultations -Injections -EMGs. We seek to identify a qualified physiatrist who has
completed both a Pain Fellowship and PM&R Residency to help fulfill our goal of providing
comprehensive care to our patients. Contact - or 407.303.2614

                                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2011                                          | 15
                                                                                                                                                  y                  y     f         NON-PROFIT
                                                                                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO 6585
                Published 10 times a year as a service to the                                                                                                                        CHICAGO IL
                members of the American Academy of Physical
                Medicine and Rehabilitation.

                PRESIDENT, AAPM&R
                Michael F. Lupinacci, MD

                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                Thomas E. Stautzenbach, MA, MBA, CAE

                Bruce E. Becker, MD, MS

                The Physiatrist:

                Subscription rate for members is $20, which is included
                in the dues. Send address changes to The Physiatrist,
                9700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 200, Rosemont, IL 60018-5701
                or Or update your member profile
                online at
      learn about spasticity & dystonia –

                                                  AAPM&R offers two educational                                          Go to: > click “Self Assessments and

                                                  opportunities on the topic — Choose                                    Study Guides” in the left navigation > click “Self-Assessment
                                                                                                                         Examinations for Practitioners (SAE-P)”
                                                  the educational format that meets
                                                  your learning preference.
                                                                                                                         Learn From Home - Online
                                                  Test Your Knowledge with an SAE-P                                      Online spasticity course
                                                  MOC/2 2010 SAE-P: Advanced Assessment                                  This educational online course provides updates on the
                                                  and Management Skills for Spasticity, Dystonia,                        assessment and treatment of spasticity, dystonia, and other
                                                  and Related Motor Disorders                                            related motor disorders. Activity includes adapted slide lectures,
                                                  This SAE-P contains 60 questions on the assessment and                 audio, and videotaped demonstrations from a live hands-on
                                                  treatment of motor disorders commonly seen in physiatric               workshop as well as featured articles on the subject published
                                                  practice, including spasticity, dystonia, and other related            in PM&R. Claim up to 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ upon
      your way

                                                  conditions. Emphasis is on the practical aspects of managing           completion of the online course.
                                                  these conditions instead of the theoretical. Claim up to 8 AMA
                                                  PRA Category 1 Credits™ and help fulfill the Part II Self              Go to: > click “Lifelong Learning (CME)”
                                                  Assessment requirement of ABPMR Maintenance of                         in the left navigation > click “Online Courses”
                                                  Certification® (MOC). Activity includes immediate
                                                  remediation and comprehensive commentary.

                                                                     Register for the February
                                                                     Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course

 Your Academy continues to recognize the importance musculoskeletal                                                  •     Perform a systematic musculoskeletal ultrasonographic examination
 ultrasound can play in patient care and the value it can add to your practice.                                            of the hip, knee, foot and ankle
 To help you fully prepare for integrating the technology into your practice, the                                    •     Perform ultrasound-guided lower extremity procedures including
 Academy is proud to offer you: Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal                                              injections and percutaneous needle tenotomies
 Ultrasound of the Lower Extremity, February 10-12, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.                                         As an added bonus, you will also have the opportunity to practice your
                                                                                                                   skills with two additional hours of independent scanning time.
Physiatrists who have learned the basics of musculoskeletal ultrasound
can move on to this advanced-level course. Through lectures and                                                    To view the complete agenda and to register, visit
hands-on diagnostic scanning, you will:                                                                            and type “MSK ultrasound” into the search tool. Do not hesitate to
  •   Identify muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints, and more                                               register; your Academy’s advanced-level musculoskeletal ultrasound
      using musculoskeletal ultrasound                                                                             courses sell out quickly!
  •   Recognize pathologic conditions in the lower extremity using
      musculoskeletal ultrasound

                                            If you are unable to join us in February, take your musculoskeletal                  •   2011
                                                                                                                                     20 SAE-P: Diagnostic & Interventional Musculoskeletal
                                            knowledge to the next level by visiting acadeME® (ME;,
                                                                                                                org),                Ultrasound of the Lower Extremity
                                            your Academy’s online educational tool. We offer musculoskeletal                     •   20 SAE-P: Diagnostic & Interventional Musculoskeletal
                                            education anytime and anywhere, all at a discount for Academy members.
                                                                                                                s.                   Ultrasound of the Upper Extremity
                                              •   20 SAE-P: Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound:
                                                  2                                                                              •   Online Course: Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
                                                  In-depth Introduction to Uses & Techniques
                                                  In-                                                                                for
                                                                                                                                     fo the Physiatrist: An Introduction

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