Special Report The Southeast Florida Institute for Psychoanalysis by TylerShoemaker


									Psyche & Sol—Volume 16, Issue 1, Summer 2009                                                                                    Page 17

Special Report: The Southeast Florida Institute for
Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy (SEFIPP) Status and Update
By Antonio R. Virsida, Ph.D., ABPP                         two hour Saturday morning classes. This

           With renewed vigor, definition and pur-         series taught by three faculty members

pose, SEFIPP’s board has recruited new faculty             (Richard Steinberg, me and Donna Bentolila)

members, new visiting faculty members, is revising         who teach three classes each, has been very

the curriculum, training requirements and is offer-        well received. Twelve mental health profes-
                                                           sionals from Broward, Dade and Palm Beach
ing a wider range of training and educational pro-                                                                          SEFIPP
grams. We have recruited Daniel Schwartz, Lynne            counties enrolled and by all accounts are                    Contemporary
Harkless, Luly Caseres, Kirsten Kupferman, Debra           learning, enhancing their clinical skills and                Psychotherapy
                                                           enjoying the experience.                                     Case Seminars
Stein, Stefan Pasternak, Raymond Roitman (from
Sarasota) and Arnold Schneider (from Clearwater).                    The curriculum of the four year,                   Jan. - Dec. 2010
Helen Banta, Sonia Ionnides and                                              Training Program in Psycho-
                                                                                                                    •     New ways to
Fred Levine are rejoining us.                                                analysis (TPIP) is being re-                 think about
                                                                                                                          your patients
           SEFIPP’s visiting faculty                                         vised to include neurosci-
members now include prominent                                                ence, infant research and              •     Open up
                                                                                                                          avenues of
and some internationally known                                               more focus on comparative                    exploration
psychoanalysts; Donnel Stern,                                                study of the ever expanding
                                                                                                                    •     Increase
Joseph Lichtenberg, James                                                    theoretical and clinical per-                satisfaction in
                                                                                                                          your work
Fosshage, Darlene Eherenbeg, Frank Summers, Paul           spectives. We are reviving and revising the
Lippmann, Ghislaine Boulanger, Todd Essig, Susan           two year, Training Program in Psychoanalytic             •     Two supervisory
Kolod, Steven Tublin, Glenn Good, Brian Johnson,           Psychotherapy (TPIPP) and the two year Aca-
Alan Sugarman and Dorie Sorter, Neil Altman, John          demic Program in Psychoanalytic Psychother-              •     Eighteen hours
                                                                                                                          of CE credits
Auerbach, Marilyn Charles, Jack Novick and Kerry           apy (APIPP). The TPIPP is a clinical training
Kelly Novick . We will be extending invitations to         program with requirements of two supervised              •     Nine Saturday
several other psychoanalysts in the future.                psychotherapy patients and personal therapy,                   sessions
                                                           while the APIPP program is an educational
           Visiting faculty members may teach all, or
                                                           program with no requirements of supervision                    For more
parts of, courses by way of teleconference, and in                                                                      information,
the future by way of video conference. Currently
                                                           and personal therapy.                                     contact SEFIPP at
candidates may choose one of their two analytic
                                                                     The SEFIPP board is excited about               (954) 597-0820
case supervisors from among the visiting faculty
                                                           the all the changes and the renewed vitality of            or via email at
                                                           our institute We have received several in-               sefipp@gmail.com
                                                           quires regarding our training programs and
           SEFIPP will be offering a variety of training
                                                           are hopeful that we will continue to grow,
and educational programs in an attempt to accom-
                                                           thrive and offer richly diverse and quality
modate differing interests and time requirements.
                                                           training and education.
           In January, we launched a new educa-                      If you would like information
tional program, the Contemporary Psychodynamic             about SEFIPP, please contact me at
Case Seminars (CPCS), a series of nine, monthly            arvirsida@aol.com.

                                On the web at www.sefapp.org   Phone: 954-597-0820        Email: sefapp@gmail.com

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