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					Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers
         Walter Dean Myers
 Born August 12, 1937 in WV
 Mother died at early age
 Adopted and moved to Harlem
 Attended highly competitive HS but did not
 Became friends with dangerous group,
  narrowly escaped gang’s death threat
         Walter Dean Myers
 Joined army at 17
 Three years in army were uneventful
 New magazines focused on writings
of African Americans in early 1960s
 Myers submitted short stories and they were
 Published first novel in 1975
 Young adult author
           Historical Context
 French had military campaigns in Vietnam in mid
  -19th Century
 Vietnamese lived in poor conditions under French
 Japan took over Vietnam during WWII
 Communist leader Ho Chi Minh took over
 French wanted country back so Indochina War
  broke out
 US supported the French
         Historical Context
 Geneva Conference of 1954
  divided Vietnam into North and
  South at 17th parallel
 Ho Chi Minh controlled North
 Ngo Dinh Diem (conservative) –
 US supported Diem even through
  controversy; Diem assassinated
  in 1963
          Historical Context
 USS Maddox was attacked in the Gulf of
  Tonkin by North Vietnamese (1964)
 LBJ claimed a second ship was attacked but
  that proved to be false
 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution allowed LBJ to
  repel attacks against SE Asia
 US fought NVA and guerillas called Viet
  Cong (VC) (1965)
            Historical Context
 US troops not used to
  guerilla warfare
 South Vietnam covered by
 Americans couldn’t
  distinguish between South
  Vietnamese and VC – lots of
  civilian casualties as a result
 US would destroy entire
  villages because of a few VC
Historical Context
        Tet Offensive was supposed
         to be turning point in war
         but it failed (1967)
        Success for North Vietnam
         because it turned public
         opinion against US
        LBJ did not seek reelection
         b/c of war
        Peace agreement signed
         (1973) and US left
        North Vietnam continued
        South Vietnam
         surrendered (1975)
         Historical Context
 500,000 US
  troops fought in
 57,605 died
 303,700 wounded
 Hundreds of
  thousands of
  citizens were
Historical Context
        Antiwar protests became
         widespread, especially
         by college students
        Draft evasion and draft-
         card burning became
         forms of resistance to
        By 1971, 60% of
         Americans were in
         support of US
         withdrawing from war
 One of 500 novels about Vietnam War
 Written in memory of Myers’ younger brother
  who died in Vietnam
 Narrator – Richie Perry; 1st person
 Setting – before, during, and after Tet
  Offensive in Vietnam
 Episodic – short episodes tell story
 Themes - Randomness of War; Meaning of
  War; Loss of Innocence

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