Answers for Comma Semi-Colon Review by changcheng2


									Answers for Comma/Semi-Colon Review:

  1. Carla often participated in school plays, but she always ended up playing minor roles.

  2. Each boy, alone, was generally well-behaved; the two of them together were trouble.

  3. Tony and Tina’s Wedding is a play that has been playing for many years. It's an unusual

     play, though, because members of the audience actually become the wedding guests.

  4. What did we like best about our vacation? We liked hiking in the Adirondacks, and we

     liked climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty; I guess you could say that we had
     ourselves a high time.

  5. I anticipate certain things when I hear the words "no problem" in a movie. They indicate

     that the leading character will encounter problems, obstacles, and pitfalls galore.

  6. It's often difficult to assess the value of a college education. (CORRECT)

  7. Some people use it to further themselves in their careers by gaining specialized

     knowledge in career-related fields such as accounting, counseling, or journalism.

  8. However, other people use college courses to fulfill their own interests.

  9. Still, others often older students choose to attend college because they feel that they

     missed something in the past; perhaps, they believe they missed the chance to learn
     something formally.

  10. Anyone who attends college, for whatever reason, often cannot assess the value of that

     education right away, no matter what his or her reason for attending.

  11. A college education, therefore, is an interesting phenomenon; people pursue it for

     different reasons, and it often ends up changing those reasons as it changes the student's
     ways of thinking about him or herself and the world.
12. The value of a college education, an education that helps a student learn how to question

   and think, often emerges in various and interesting ways, much later than the time of the
   actual education itself.

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