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					Want to cool your home in the summer and warm it in
the winter? Reverse cycle air conditioning is for you.
1 x Samsung MAX AQV09UWBN 3.5kW split system -
$1,750 including GST

 1 x Samsung MAX AQV09UWBN 2.5kW split system -
 $1,650 including GST
   Air conditioners by      Shop air
    TRANE provide an          conditioners,
    energy efficiency         heaters, ceiling fans,
    solution to all of        and more cooling,
    your home's air           heating, and air
    quality and central       quality. Save Money.
    air conditioning          Live Better.
Employing only full time staff we
can assure you that from your first
appraisal, to the final installation of
your new domestic or commercial
heating/cooling system, the process
will run like clockwork.
   Split system air conditioning is supposed for huge
    structures which have high number associated with
    occupants. These types of structures are mainly
    enormous structures that have workplaces,
    restaurants, resorts and many others.. Several
    years ago, installation of small version associated
    with air conditioning units within each of the space
    or work place is the best way to control the
    environment temperature inside a limited space.
    Nevertheless, they use a number of models to
    accommodate hallways as well as conference
    locations that are fairly large.
 Due to the hassle from tubes and duct
 function related to setting up
 traditional air conditioning units, the
 Split system ac has become well-liked
 by consumers these days. A Split
 system ac does not need any kind of
 duct work or even holes inside your
 walls simply to provide chillier air.
Are you building a new house and want to have
ducted gas heating installed? Email your house
plans to us at

Office Address
               1/53 Myoora Rd (cnr Tepko Rd)
               Terrey Hills NSW 2084

Phone: (02) 9948 9599

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Description: Northern Beaches Air primary goal is to give you the most ecologically sustainable, environmentally inert, ducted air conditioning system or centralised ducted gas heating system available today